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Never Enough
My phone buzzed as I was fixing lunch.

When my hands were free, I checked to see what the message had been. It was from a young guy by the name of Jeremy, around 23 or 24 years old. He’d started coming over to my glory hole earlier in the spring, and had been doing so fairly regularly ever since. He was what I suppose you could call a ‘skater.’ He had a girlfriend (so he claimed, and he was good looking enough that I had no reason to doubt his assertion), but, he’d mentioned before, with a degree of exasperation, that she was ‘Catholic’ (his word for it). She was worried about getting pregnant, and her Catholicism forbade her from using birth control of any kind, so…poor Jeremy was quite frequently very frustrated with this (and that was how he and I had begun our own little, and for him clandestine, visits to my glory hole!

Anyway, he’d texted me to see if he could drop by for yet another blow job (he’d already had a rather impressive ‘draining’ as I called it the day before)!

‘Got ANOTHER load?!’ I replied, along with a goofy smiley face emoticon.

A second later he replied: ‘YESSSS!!!!’

He had a very attractive cock; neither too long, nor too short (about six and a half to perhaps seven inches in length, and with a nearly perfectly shaped, and nicely circumcised cock head, and fairly thick and robust, with a slight upward curve to it that fit very nicely in my mouth). He also tuzla escort bayan always seemed to have some truly massive loads of cum; my very favorite thing of all; so I texted him back that if he could come by within the next half an hour, that I could help him out with neediness!

He was at the back gate, and through the side door of my back yard garage within less than ten minuets!

I was setting on the roll-about metal shop stool in front of the glory hole as he opened the side door and came in.

“Hey, there!” I said.

“Hey,” he replied, hurriedly unzipping his fly, and then yanking down his jeans and underwear.

I watched, excitedly, through the round hole as he did, and I could see his urgency in the way he moved. This, I knew, was going to be yet another nice blow job for us both!

He said he was in kind of hurry, so I knew I couldn’t tease Jeremy for too long. Not this time, at least! So, without another moment of hesitation, I smiled to myself as I saw his cock (already getting fairly hard, and I hadn’t even touched him yet) pushing through the glory hole. 

“Oh, Jeremy!” I said, admiringly, as I took his ample-sized balls in my left hand, and with my right hand I lifted up his cockhead towards my eager mouth. “I am VERY glad you called today. I never get tired of this truly beautiful cock of yours.” Then, I proceeded to work it over with my mouth with an exhilarating orhanlı escort sense of sudden urgency, that he responded to very favorably!

I gave Jeremy the best blow job I could that afternoon, but, of course, I did that for every guy that came by; but for Jeremy in particular, I really poured out my enthusiasm; and since he’d said he was in a hurry, I let his lustful energies boil over faster than I might otherwise have done—and for doing so, I was soon rewarded with a surprisingly large load of that hot, and sweet-tasting sperm of his!

He kept saying “Oh, GOD!” over and over again, as he pumped that massive amount of youthful cum into my waiting mouth, and I didn’t let a drop of it escape! As he came, I couldn’t help but think about his girl friend for some reason. Since she was scared she’d get pregnant by Jeremy, if she had actual intercourse with him, then I’d be glad take it instead! I wasn’t Catholic! I wasn’t going to get pregnant! So, the way I saw it, I was ‘helping’ Jeremy control his sexual frustrations while waiting to perhaps someday marry his girlfriend! This way, he could honestly tell her he’d never ‘cheated’ on her with another girl! With me? Well, that would be best left unspoken. I wasn’t interested in breaking them up; just interested in sucking Jeremy’s beautiful cock (and relieving him of that, as yet, unusable sperm that, one day, he’d end up, finally, depositing aydınlı escort into his young wife’s pussy)!

Jeremy’s cock remained fully erect, even after he’d come quite copiously, so I gave it some more loving attention by kissing the underside of it, as well his beautiful balls. Then, as he eventually started to loose his erection somewhat, I let go of it.

“Wow!” He said, appreciatively. “That was SO good! THANKS! I really needed that!”

“You’re very welcome, Jeremy,” I said by way of reply. “Your welcome to drop by anytime you feel the need, you know.”

“Yeah,” he said, as he stuffed his cock back into his pants and zipped up. “Thanks for that. I was feeling REALLY frustrated!”

“I could feel that!” I replied. “Better now, though, I hope!”

“Oh yeah! MUCH better! I always feel better after being here like this!”

I enjoyed hearing that from him.

“Well, just let me know if you need it again sometime,” I replied.

“Oh, I will!” He said. “I definitely will! Thanks again.”

Then he left.

I was about to leave the garage when my phone buzzed again. It was from another of my ‘regulars’, but this time, from an older guy than Jeremy. James was his name. He was hoping to drop by on the way home from work, which was in about an hour. I didn’t really have anything else going on that evening, so I texted him back to drop by!

In the mean time, I headed back to the house and did the lunch dishes, so that I’d have nothing else to do later than to suck yet another nice cock (and take another load of warm, fresh cum)! No one had been dropping by before this for about a month, and now, as the saying goes: When it rains, it pours!

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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