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Disclaimer: All individuals in the following work of fiction are over the age of 18.


Natalie Winters panted heavily as she set down the last of the boxes. At twenty-eight years old, she stood proudly in the bare living room of her recently purchased house. She was a first time homebuyer and was pleased to see this milestone in her life finally arrive. After most of her furniture was arranged, she paid the movers and thanked them for all their help. She was now alone as she walked around the house, thinking about the different ways she could decorate her new home. After coming up with an idea of what she wanted, Natalie started unpacking the boxes, taking her time, placing everything just right. Hours later, there was a knock at the door. Natalie, who was now sweating profusely from all the work, but mostly because the AC unit needed to be hooked up, walked towards the door.

“My first weekend is gonna suck,” Natalie thought as she smiled to herself, reaching for the door. Natalie swung open the door and was greeted by a middle-aged woman, smiling, and holding the proverbial dish of welcoming cookies.

“Hello,” Natalie said in a pleasant voice.

“Hi, I’m Janet, just dropping by to welcome you to our neighborhood, I live right next-door with my husband and son,” the woman greeted.

“Wow, thanks, that’s so sweet.”

“Don’t mention it,” Janet smiled, “Wow honey, it’s like a sauna in there,” she continued.

“Yeah, AC’s down and the summer heat doesn’t help,” Natalie replied, as she took the plate of cookies from the woman, “They’re coming in Monday though, so I only have to put up with it a couple days till they fix it,” she continued.

“Oh, okay, well, if you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask, I’m sure my son, Jacob, won’t mind” Janet said.

“Well thanks very much for the offer, I’ll let you know,” Natalie replied, genuinely thankful as she waved to Janet as she walked away.

Setting the plate down on the counter, Natalie hurriedly undid the saran wrap and sampled one of the cookies; it was the only thing she had eaten since her bagel and OJ breakfast.

After her snack, Natalie went back to unpacking. As the afternoon leaked into late evening, Natalie decided to stop for the day. She went out and picked up some chinese for dinner. Luckily, she had unpacked the kitchen stuff and was able to use real cutlery while eating. After cleaning up, she put the leftovers in the fridge and went upstairs.

Natalie walked into the master bedroom. Apart from a bed and empty dresser table, the room was bare. She switched on the light and looked around the room. As she was about to undress, it suddenly dawned on her that her windows had no curtains, and no blinds. She looked out her window; the only risk she noticed was from the house next door. Another room sat directly opposite hers, but she felt somewhat comfortable seeing that the lights were out and the curtains pulled. After her initial trepidation, Natalie went about her business.

Meanwhile, Jacob Stevenson, who had just turned nineteen, was about to go to bed when he noticed the light in house next door go on. He peeked through his curtains seeing his beautiful new neighbor, wandering around her room.

Unaware that she had an audience, Natalie began to undress for a shower. She fumbled with her shirt buttons and managed to get them undone. Underneath she was wearing a red push-up bra. She smiled at the deep cleavage it made with her breasts. Natalie unstrapped her bra from the back and let her breasts fall out of their restraints. She looked in the mirror, admiring her petite breasts. For some reason, Natalie was feeling frisky tonight, as she brought her hands up to her chest, gently rubbing them. Perhaps it was the six-month intimacy drought she was experiencing, but as soon as Natalie ran her fingers over her nipples, they became instantly erect. Her touch sent an immediate sensation through her body, and the decision was made as Natalie layed down on her bed. As erotic thoughts ran through her head Natalie began running one hand over her belly, gently with just the tips of her fingers. This caused goose bumps on her bare skin to rise in anticipation. She filled her head with thoughts of past sexual encounters and gently cupped a breast with her free hand. For a few minutes, she avoided the nipple, but it cried out to her, so erect, pink and perky. At first, she just rubbed it gently with her thumb but as her desires rose she began tweaking it gently and tugging it. Her other hand had by now found its way up her skirt and was running up and down the inside of her curvy smooth thighs. She felt wetness between her legs and knew that she soon must be satisfied. She put one hand down her matching red hipster panties and felt her shaven mound, which was equally as sensitive as her nipple. Briefly letting go of her chest, Natalie slid her panties down to her knees and continued.

Jacob couldn’t believe what he was seeing. As excitement ran through his body, he lowered his illegal bahis pajama pants and began stroking his cock through his boxers. Disregarding the chance of being caught, he pulled at the curtains, opening them more, to get a better view of the sultry brunette fondling herself.

Caught up with her own activities, Natalie took no notice of the movement across from her window. The only thing on her mind was the feel of her fingers slowly moving on her pussy. She gasped a little as one grazed her swollen left labia. Gently she teased one of her lips, then the other, never rubbing hard enough to really excite, just building up the sensation and letting her love juices flow. Soon however, the thoughts in her head and the aroma of her own arousal got the better of her and she began to stroke faster and harder, both lips and pink hole all at once. Her hand stimulated all parts of her external genitals, her clit rapidly poking out of its hood. She began to pull on her pouting cunt lips and lightly pinch her clit, lost in pleasure. Then when cum started dripping between her thighs, she quickly inserted three fingers into herself and started pumping them in and out of herself. She let out a cry of pleasure. Her pussy received little mercy from her eager hand, her fingers getting slicker and vaginal nerve endings more sensitive by the second. As well as heavy and rapid breathing, Natalie was now moaning aloud, her eyes closed. Then, her orgasm struck her like a lightning bolt. Back arched and toes curled Natalie’s precious treasure was spasming wildly around her fingers as cum seeped out of her. She cried out obscenities to herself in pleasure before collapsing in a heap as her orgasm subsided. As she rolled off her bed to go to the shower, Natalie was shocked as she noticed a figure from behind the curtains.

Jacob stunned at the woman staring back at him, quickly shut the curtains. He had lost concentration as his orgasm took control, seconds after seeing the woman climax. When he focused his attention once more, he was left wide eyed as he saw the woman staring at him.

Natalie ran to the bathroom. She wasn’t sure if to call the cops, or what to do. She decided to confront the situation in the morning. After composing herself in front of the mirror, Natalie had a shower and went to bed.

The next morning Natalie was up early. She knew she still had a lot of unpacking to do, but did not forget the events of last night. She walked down her driveway and over to her neighbor’s. Janet, who was out in the front yard doing some gardening, greeted her.

“Morning sweetie, how’s the move going?” Janet said with a smile.

“So far so good,” Natalie replied, casting her gaze over to the room where she had spotted her spy the night before. Following Natalie’s eyes, Janet saw that she was looking at her son’s room.

“Oh, are you looking for Jacob? Guess you decided to take me up on that offer for help,” she stated.

Natalie was slightly stunned, learning her spy was the neighbor’s son.

“Uhh,” Natalie said with a pause, before coming up with a reply, “Yes, that’s it, I think I need a little help,” she replied.

“No problem, I’ll send him over when he gets up, anything else?” Janet questioned, sensing some unease in the young woman’s eyes.

“Um, no, that’ll be fine, thanks so much,” Natalie responded before heading back to her house.

As she closed her door, Natalie mind was running wild, thinking about what she would tell the young man when he came over, and if she would confront him. After a minute’s pause, Natalie smiled to herself, and then set about to resume unpacking.

About an hour later, a nervous Jacob was walking up his neighbor’s driveway. After being forced by his mom, he was scared about what was about to take place.

Almost forgetting she was expecting him, Natalie jumped a little as the doorbell rang. She made her way downstairs and to the door. As Natalie swung open the door, a lanky blonde kid greeted her. He couldn’t be more than a year or two out of high school, she thought to herself. As she noticed the boy returning her stare, she looked down at her own self. She hadn’t realized that in an effort to dress for a day without AC, she had donned a rather skimpy outfit.

Jacob tried not to stare, but the sight before him made it almost impossible to peel his eyes away. His eyes wandered over the woman’s body, her daisy duke shorts looking as if they were painted to her hips, and her white shirt, moist with sweat, clinging to her chest.

“Umm, come in, you must be Jacob, I’m Natalie, please come in,” Natalie offered, holding the door open as the boy walked in.

“Yeah, my mom said you needed some help,” he replied in a timid voice.

“Yes, I need to move all those boxes upstairs, they’re filled with bedroom stuff,” Natalie replied, pointing to the numerous boxes spread around the living room. “Grab one and follow me, I’ll show you where to put them,” she continued.

Natalie watched as the young illegal bahis siteleri man grabbed one of the boxes off the floor, even though his frame was slim, she noticed the bulge of his forearm muscles press against his fitted shirt as he made his way over to her. She turned and slowly made her way up the stairs. She smiled, knowing Jacob was having quite the view of her.

Jacob’s loins stirred as he gazed upon Natalie’s ass, her jeans shorts, so tight, and the slightest hint of her firm cheeks peeking out from under them. He still couldn’t believe that he had witnessed the woman pleasuring herself last night.

At the top of the stairs, Natalie pointed to a room at the end of the hall, “There should be fine for now,” she instructed. Natalie started unpacking, while Jacob returned downstairs, retrieving more boxes. He grew excited every time he reached the top of the stairs with a box, seeing Natalie bending over into the boxes, or stretching up high to place items on shelves, each time was a teasing surprise. After an hour or so, Jacob was down to one box. He grabbed it and spun around to run over to the stairs. In his haste, Jacob hit his foot against the leg of the table and tumbled over. The contents of the box spilled out. As Jacob hurriedly tried to pack them back, he realized what he was packing. Jacob came to the realization that the box was filled with Natalie’s underwear. Jacob felt his cock twitch as he perused Natalie’s intimates. There were so many different kinds, lace, cotton, thongs, hipsters, bikini; Jacob’s imagination was running wild. He was suddenly brought crashing back to reality though, when he heard Natalie clearing her throat behind him.

“Ahem!” she coughed, “Seems you’ll just peep at anything that comes your way Jacob,” she continued.

Fumbling around, overcome with nervousness, Jacob realized Natalie had just acknowledged she had caught him last night.

“Um, I’m sorry, I was just putting them back in the box, I tripped, I didn’t mean to,” he rattled, in search of an explanation.

“Tripped uhh, and what about last night? Was that an accident too?” she questioned with a smile.

Jason just stood there, frozen. Natalie noticed the boy’s face go red, flushed with embarrassment, and beads of sweat begin to trickle down his forehead.

“There’s no need to worry Jacob, I won’t tell your mom, I just want to know what you saw,” Natalie comforted.

“Umm, well, I saw you, last night, in your room,” Jacob stuttered.

“Yes, and, what was I doing?” Natalie questioned.

“Um, uh, you were, um, master, uh, masturbating,” Jacob said in a soft voice.

Natalie surprised herself with a sudden unexpected feeling of embarrassment.

“What did you see, exactly?” she continued.

“You were, touching yourself, your privates,” the boy replied.

“My pussy?” Natalie encouraged.

“Yes, your pussy.”

“And how did you feel Jacob?”

“Umm, excited.”

“Did you masturbate as well?” asked Natalie.

“Uhh, yes,” Jacob responded hesitantly.

“How old are you?” she quizzed.

“Uh, eighteen, I mean, nineteen, I just turned nineteen,” Jacob nervously replied.

“Was that the first time you saw a girl, a woman, do that? And porn videos don’t count.”

Jacob just nodded in response.

Natalie paused before her next question, “Jacob, are you a virgin?”

Jacob nodded again, and then lowered head.

“Aww, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, you’re still young,” Natalie comforted.

Feeling at ease, Jacob looked up, “There is this girl, but I get so nervous, she’s already been with someone, I just feel like I don’t know what I’m doing,” Jacob pleaded.

“I see,” Natalie replied, as the cogs in her mind began to turn.

“Well,” she continued, “Seems we might be able to help each other out,” she offered.

Jacob looked at her inquisitively.

“I myself, have been going through something of a dry spell recently, sexually, so I wouldn’t mind helping you out, teaching you the things you want to know, but it would have to be our secret, you can’t tell anyone,” Natalie explained.

Enticed by the offer Jacob looked at her with a smile, nodding his head.

“Okay then, why don’t you put down that box, and we can go up to my room,” Natalie instructed, heading up the stairs and to her room. Jacob followed her, and found her standing at the end of her bed. She raised a finger, calling him over. Jacob nervously made his way over to Natalie.

“Okay, now, I want you to undress me. Take it slow, there’s no rush,” Natalie said in a sultry voice.

Jacob, taking his cue from Natalie’s instructions, raised a hand to her body, resting it lightly against her chest as he began to unbutton her shirt. With each undone button, Jacob’s eyes widened as more and more of Natalie’s bare skin was revealed to him. After the last button, Jacob slid the shirt off the woman’s shoulder allowing it to fall to the floor. Natalie stood there in her black canlı bahis siteleri lace bra, proudly sticking her chest out for Jacob to admire.

Jacob stared in awe at the sight of Natalie’s breasts, cupped firmly by the lace material, the round globes, glistening with sweat, before he was interrupted.

“Ahem,” Natalie fake coughed, tapping her finger on the metal button of her jeans shorts. Jacob tore his eyes away from Natalie’s chest and knelt down in front of her. He brought his trembling fingers to the button. The tightness of the shorts provided Jacob with some difficulty in getting it undone but he was eventually successful. He excitedly tugged at the zipper, pulling it down. When the zip would go no further, Jacob moved his hands to the bottom of the shorts, gently pulling at them as they slid down Natalie’s toned legs, Natalie wiggling her body to help him. When the shorts were pooled around her ankles, Natalie was left standing in front a kneeling Jacob in nothing but her black lace bra, and matching black thong. Jacob’s hands were resting on Natalie’s ankles and he decided to take some initiative. He slowly ran his hands up her calves, standing up; he allowed his palms to pass over the back of her thighs, finally letting them brush against the firmness of her exposed ass, before having a quick squeeze.

Natalie moaned aloud at his touch,

“Tell me how it feels,” she instructed.

“So nice, your skin is so smooth and warm,” he said trying to describe the pleasure he felt.

“Good,” Natalie replied, taking a step back, forcing Jacob to remove his hands. She in turn, lowered her hands to Jacob’s shirt, gripping the light cotton shirt at the base.

“Up!” she instructed, leading Jacob to raise his hands up in the air as she lifted the shirt over his head and off his body. Natalie took a few seconds to admire the young man’s bare chest before returning the favor, running her hands over his body, gently coating her palms in the moistness of his sweat. Natalie then lowered her hands to Jacob’s waist, yanking on his shorts and pulling them down. As she cast her gaze on his groin, Natalie saw the curve of his hardening penis, throbbing against his boxers. She looked into his eyes as she ran her fingers over his bulge, squeezing his member through his boxers. Natalie smiled when Jacob groaned in delight. She knelt down before him, peeling his boxers down his body, watching as his cock bounced in its newfound freedom. Natalie reached her hand out, taking hold of Jacob’s penis, excited at the feel of it, hardening in her palms. Now he was fully erect and Natalie began to slowly stroke him, sending waves of pleasure through Jacobs’s body.

Jacob looked down as Natalie moved her mouth near his cock; he could feel her warm breath on him. His anticipation was met by the soft, warm touch of Natalie’s tongue on the tip of his cock. He groaned in pleasure and almost lost it right then and there. Before long, Natalie had his entire shaft in her mouth as she skillfully sucked along its length. She set a steady pace, letting her tongue slide beneath his cock as she worked her magic. It was all too much for Jacob, and without warning,

“Ahh, gahh!!” he groaned as he climaxed in her mouth, his penis quickly going limp.

Hunched over her, Jacob felt so embarrassed.

“Oh, god, I’m so sorry Natalie, it’s just, I’ve never, it was all so . . . ” the boy stammered, ashamed of his early orgasm.

Licking her lips, Natalie interrupted him, ” Don’t be sorry Jacob, I was expecting it, it’s perfectly normal for a young man like yourself, a virgin no less, to cum so soon, you just need a little practice to build up your stamina,” she said with a smile.

Feeling comforted by Natalie’s words, Jacob looked at her as she stood up and walked around the bed. She layed down, resting her head on the pillow, sprawling her body out for Jacob to admire.

“While we wait for your friend to rejuvenate,” she said sarcastically, “There’s something you should learn to do, if you get good at it, you can drive girls mad,” she giggled. Natalie reached down and slid the skimpy garment that was her thong down her body, revealing her mound.

“Not all girls are shaved like this, some have lots of bush, some, cute little designs, it’s all a matter of preference really,” she informed, running her palm over her bare pussy. She sat up now, leaning her back against the bed head, with her feet crouched, holding her knees in her hands.

“Come here,” she instructed, as Jason slowly made his way onto the bed. He knelt before her, as she reached out her hand, “Give me your hand,” she continued. Jacob outstretched his hand as Natalie gently took it in hers. She lowered it to her crotch as she guided her eager student. Natalie held Jacob’s fingers open, and then brushed them against the lips of her pussy.

“Feel how wet I am?” she questioned, Jacob just nodding, “That’s so it’s easier for a penis to slide in and out, but that comes later,” Natalie continued.

“Feel that there,” she said, sliding Jacob’s finger up a little, running it over a slippery nub, buried in the folds of her lips, “That’s my clitoris,” she said in a tremble, as Jacob investigated further, rubbing it between his thumb and index finger.

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