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Big Tits

This is the sequel to “New Rules 1”

Fred flew out of Sydney on Sunday morning. It was Tuesday night, Sydney time, early morning Tuesday, New York time before Fred and I managed to talk to each other using skype. By then I had a lot to tell him and I wondered if he might have something to tell me too.

Here’s what I had to tell.

After dropping Fred at the airport I drove straight to work still dressed like a slut. I did put on my high heels as soon as I got out of the car. On my desk was a note to see my boss ASAP, so I knocked on his door and went into his office.

“Hi Sally! This is Peter Frank. He is here to discuss the contract that you are about to start working on. Come in and join us.”

Peter was a good looking bloke, about my age. I wondered how he would interpret my slutty appearance today of all days.

“Delighted to meet you, Sally. Kevin tells me that you will be heading the team working on our project. I think that I’ll enjoy interacting with you.”

“And I with you. Pleased to meet you too.”

We discussed details of the new contract for about an hour. I was able to assure him that we had people with the right skills available to start work on the project in the very near future. My boss and he had already agreed on the financial aspects so it all looked good.

“Sally, I have another appointment in a few minutes. Could you take Peter out to lunch, and maybe then show him around Sydney for the rest of the afternoon. He’s flying back home tomorrow so today is his only chance to see a bit of our beautiful city. You can put lunch and any other expenses on your corporate credit card.”

“Hey! That’s great, if Sally doesn’t mind. However I’d like to invite you both to have dinner with me in the restaurant at my hotel tonight.”

We agreed on details and then Peter and I headed off to my favourite restaurant. Our conversation drifted from the new project to more personal topics. He had been divorced for about six months. He had started dating recently, but so far there was no one special.

“At the risk of embarrassing you, I have to ask you, Peter. How long since you’ve fucked someone?”

“The last time was a few months before she divorced me. About a year.”

“Oh my god! I complained bitterly because my husband is going to be away on a business trip for one month. I didn’t think that I could go that long without sex.”

“So what did your husband say?”

“He told me to get illegal bahis myself a lover. Then he told me about a list of escort agencies across America that he will be contacting.”

“He did? And how do you feel about that.”

“About finding a lover? I quite like the idea. How about you? Would you like to be one of my lovers? I don’t intend to confine myself to just one.”

I watched, enchanted, as a range of emotions played out on his face. First he was surprised, maybe even shocked, then he looked wistful, as if he wished that I really meant it, then a big grin grew on his face as he considered the idea that I might really mean it.

“You really mean that, don’t you?”

“Hell, yes. How about it.”

“OK. I’ll be back in Sydney often while you’re working on the contract. Let’s postpone the tourism to another trip. Will you come back to my hotel with me, or do you have somewhere else that you would rather go?”

“Your hotel is closest. Let’s go there.”

As soon as we were naked I took his cock into my mouth. He took all of 30 seconds before he was pumping his cum into my mouth. Peter was mortified.

“I’m so sorry Sally. It’s just that I haven’t been with a willing woman in over a year. And then I’ve never had sex with anyone other than my ex-wife. It was just all too exciting for me.”

“Hey! Peter! Relax. We’re meeting my boss at 7pm. That gives us plenty of time for you to recover and fuck me again, 3 or 4 times. Tell me about your sex fantasies.”

“Well, to be with a woman other than my ex is the first of my fantasies. That’s already happened with you. To have a beautiful woman give me a blow job and swallow my cum is another of my fantasies. That just happened too. My wife and I only ever made love in the dark which means that I don’t know what a vagina looks like. I’d love to look at your pussy.”

“Jesus! You’re easy to please. Please look at my cunt as much as you like. Look, touch, probe with your fingers and your tongue. Get acquainted with my cunt please. And Peter, it’s a cunt, not a vagina or a pussy. Let’s use the strongest words when we are together.”

“Did you really mean that I could explore your puss … cunt with my tongue? May I give you oral sex?”

“I certainly hope so! However look first, then feel me up, and finally you’ll be ready to lick my slit and suck on my clit.”

Peter was very enthusiastic about his new task. In no time he was running his tongue up and down my slit, illegal bahis siteleri poking his tongue into my love hole, then sliding up to my clit which he squeezed with his lips and rubbed his tongue across it. For a time the only sounds were a sucking noise and my moans. After 5 or 10 minutes of this my orgasm hit me. The wonderful feeling that swept through me was mind blowing.

When I came down from my orgasm I checked on Peter’s cock. It was magnificently erect again.

“You enjoyed giving me that orgasm didn’t you? I certainly am grateful. Please fuck my cunt now.”

Peter lay on his back and pulled me on top of him. He lifted me by my hips and skewered me on his cock. Then he held my hips up a little and lifted his lower body up and down, thrusting into me. This time he lasted maybe 5 minutes, before I felt him shooting his baby juice up inside my cunt. When I felt that I came again.”

“Thank you Peter. That was just what I needed. Tell me, do you have anymore fantasies? It adds to the fun being able to realise your fantasies.”

“No. Nothing that I could tell you about.”

“Don’t be silly, Peter. I can’t promise that I will do anything that you ask, but I can promise that I wont think any the worse of you, no matter what your fantasy is.”

To break down his resistance I was pressing my naked body against his and I was holding his flaccid cock in my hand. I put his hand into my cunt and invited him to play with my clit.

“Oh! Dear! What will you think? I’d really like to fuck your arsehole.”

“Great! I want that too. Let me work on getting you hard again.”

I went to work sucking his cock. When it was stiff again (I think that was made easy by his anticipation of fucking my arse) I asked him to put his erection into my cunt to get the mixture of my cum and his as lubricant, then he pushed against my anus. He was very tentative at first, until I reached behind me and pulled him forward into my arse.

“Are you OK, Sally?”

“Yes. Don’t be so fucking nervous. Fuck my arse.”

Soon he was pumping vigorously into me. He was playing with my nipples and I was frigging my clit furiously. We went on like that for at least 10 minutes this time before one hell of an orgasm hit me. That triggered Peter and I once again felt his cum being injected into my body cavity.

“Oh my god, Sally! I’ve never had such a great afternoon.”

We were again lying side by side with our naked bodies pressed canlı bahis siteleri together and our arms and legs about each other.

“So Sally, I’ve told you about my fantasies. But what are yours?”

“Well, one was to go to a hotel room with a man that I had just met and fuck his brains out. That’s just happened. Apart from that I’d really like to experience various combinations of group sex. How would you react if I suggested a threesome, tonight with you me and my boss? Is that something that would excite you?”

“Shit. I would never have been game to suggest that. Would you really do that? How would it work?”

“I would love to have one of you in my arse while the other fucked my cunt. What do you think?”

Then I looked at his very stiff cock and realised what he thought of that idea.

“Peter. I think that you had better put that weapon of yours back in my arsehole.”

Peter needed no second bidding and soon was pumping into me again. By the time that he finally pumped my bowel full of his cum for the second time, I had actually come twice.

When it was getting close to the time to meet up with my boss again, we showered together, dressed and went to the hotel bar to wait. We were a bit early, so I left Peter in the bar and went to a pharmacy nearby and bought a tube of KY lube. When I rejoined Peter he looked at me quizzically I showed him my purchase and explained that it was a lube. When my boss joined us in the bar we both looked well pleased with ourselves.

“So tell me, Peter, did Sally show you the sights of Sydney?”

“Well no actually. The only sights that I saw were Sally’s naked body from all angles.”

“Shit! I’ve been trying to get into Sally’s pants for weeks. What have you got that I haven’t got?”

“Well you wont be able to get into her pants tonight. She’s not wearing any. No panties, I mean.”

“Don’t be offended Boss. It’s just a matter of timing. The rules for my marriage were changed the night before last. Peter just happened to be the first to benefit from the new rules.”

“So what are your new rules?”

“While the husband’s away, the wife may play.”

“So does that mean … ?”

“Yes. My husband left this morning for a month in the US of A. I’m keen to experience several new cocks while he’s not here, but when he gets back I’ll become his faithful wife again. Peter and I have agreed that a threesome in his room tonight sounds like fun. Are you up for it?”

“What? Hell yes. I’ve never done anything like that, but if that is what you two want, I want it too.”

To be continued in “New Rules 3”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32