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It was early summer time around 3 weeks after I had moved to the city on a work placement year, when my roommates decided to show me around the clubs and bars. Claire and Kate always went out. I would hear them giggling at 3am with some new guy who had walked them home along the long city streets after a night on the town. We had only met recently; Kate had been a student on placement in the office Claire worked at as a secretary. We now all worked in the same building together. Claire was 42, but didn’t look a day over 30… she emanated youthful vitality and vigorously took hold of everything put before her. Kate was 24, 2 years older then me, but she giggled and bubbled everywhere like she was fresh out of high school, but with the full hour glass figure wrapped up in a lightly tanned creamy skin.

Claire let her spare room to me in the modern three bedroom apartment high above the busy city.

“Hannah? Are you coming out with us tonight?” Claire called up the open slatted stairs.

“Yes! Come out with us Han! It’s been nearly a month and we haven’t even got one tequila down you.” Kate giggled. Honestly I didn’t want to go out. I was never good in social situations. Though ever Friday night for the past month they had asked me.

“Uh… I have nothing to wear” I said as I peeped from behind my bedroom door as I pushed back my thick dark rimmed glasses onto my nose.

“I’ll lend you something of mine” Kate said bouncing up the stairs and into her room. Her large hazel eyes gleamed with excitement as she pulled out a short red dress.

“There! This with go perfectly with your blazing red hair!” Kate said bubbling with excitement as she testing it against Hannah’s young slender body.

“Umm…” I searched for an excuse as I looked down upon the small piece of fabric Kate held out in front of me. “Umm…I’m not even washed… I don’t have any make up and my hair is a mess” I said begging in my head that they would just leave it for another time.

“Oh… I think we can sort that can’t we Kate…” Claire said walking up the stairs. A naughty smile flashed across Claire’s mature face which still radiated youthful vitality. She winked at Kate before dragging me into her room.

“Umm… what are you doing?” I asked. I started to become a little worried as Claire dragged me into her lightly lit room.

“We are going to help you to get ready while we all get ready” Claire smiled with a glint in her eye I had never seen before.

“Umm… I can get ready myself” I said as I noticed Kate walk in with two dresses… the red strap dress and a short black halter neck on hangers. She placed them onto a chair before locking the door behind her.

“Were sorry Hannah, but the last time you told us that you just spent ages pretending to get ready so we would leave you behind” Claire replied as she gently pushed me down onto the bed.

“Now are you going to get undressed yourself and go into the shower with us or are we going to have to get you undressed?” Claire asked as she loomed over me, a tall figure with dark brown, almost black, hair.

“Umm…” I began to get worried as a looked over at the locked door and then back again towards the en-suite shower room. “Umm… But you’re here; I can’t get undressed in front of you.”

“Well we’re all women here. We will get undressed then may be you’ll feel more comfortable.” Kate giggled as she knelt beside me on the coffee coloured bedspread.

Before I knew it Claire had started to slowly unbutton her blue silk blouse. It glid open showing her firm breasts which were illegal bahis encased by a dark lacy bra. I watched as I lay on my back staring up at her as the blouse glid down her arms. Her soft nipples peaked out from between the holes in the black lace. I didn’t quite understand it, I was begging in my mind for her to slip that bra off as it toyed with me in my gaze. I didn’t understand it, it felt so wrong of me. I had never thought of Claire or Kate or any other woman like this before, but now each moment seemed to get slower and slower as I watched her slide her arms out of the bra straps.

My lips quivering as I watched her hands stroke down her body pulling her bra down releasing her soft delicious nipples. Watching her soft breasts, not too big but not too small, they would just fit perfectly into my hands, I thought, as I watched them bounce freely as Claire dropped the bra onto the floor. How I wanted to hold those soft breasts in my hand or feel her soft nipples touch and press against mine. I started to imagine in my head how good that would feel as she stripped off her skirt.

Something inside of me knew this was very wrong as I felt my pussy start to build up its warm juices inside of me. Claire pulled down her lacy thong which clung between her perfectly formed ass checks which clenched tight around it. I felt myself clench inside as Claire bent down to roll down her stockings and remove them. Her ass flashed in front of my face, aswell as a flash of her perfect pink wet lips. I blushed hard and I became wetter as I clenched up inside. I felt so embarrassed I didn’t want the others to see how much I was enjoying this… they would hate me or get upset I thought.

“Well?” Claire asked standing before me in all her natural naked beauty.

“Well are you going to get undressed or are we going to have to do it for you?” Kate asked as she loomed over me. Her large creamy breasts dangled and giggled in front of my face as she looked up. Kate must have got undressed behind me while I was infatuated with Claires curvy body before me.

Kate’s full figured but firm hour glass shaped body with its creamy skin dangled in front of me. Her firm hard nipples inches away from my lips. Something inside of me wanted Kate to fall, her hard nipple to plunge into my mouth so I could kiss or lick them even if only for a second. They looked so sweet and creamy, like large balls of toffee. Kate’s breasts were much bigger and more bouncy then Claire’s… Kate’s breasts bounced and jiggled as her thick curly hazel hair caressed them. Where as Claire’s breasts were smaller and firmer, her nipples were softer but not as hard and perked up as Kate’s.

“Umm…” I sat up a on the bed as I stared down at the floor attempting to hide my embarrassment at enjoying watching her beautifully naked body. My pussy was almost dripping wet as I felt Kate move behind me pressing her nipples into my back. God how I wished for my cardigan and flowery dress to be off so I could feel them against me. I so wanted to get naked with them, to be so close to the soft warm bodies, but I was enjoying it too much. If I did get naked they might notice how dripping wet my lips are or smell my scent rising out from pussy. Also something inside of me wanted them to undress me… for their hands, their bodies to glide down my skin.

“Ok I guess we will have to undress her Kate” Claire said as she winked to Kate behind me.

Kate placed arms around my waist holding me still and close to her. My ass pulled towards her gaping lips. Claire’s hands stroked along my body carefully as illegal bahis siteleri she removed my cardigan and flowery dress. Kate held me tight binding me to her body as Claire worked her way along removing each and every item of my clothing until I was pressed between them complete naked on the bed.

“Oh you are enjoying this Hannah and here was me thinking you were embarrassed for another reason.” Claire spoke softy as she felt the warm damp heat rise from my lips reaching out to her leg which lay between my thighs. I blushed hard as she spoke to me in that strict but caring voice.

“Oh… I think she’s innocent… we should give here some pointers before she goes out with us tonight.” Kate giggled as she bounced with joy holding me close against her large breasts.

“Oh yes… I think we should give her some pearls of wisdom from someone a lot older then her” Claire smiled.

Claire spoke to me softly as she traced around my wet juicy lips “Now… this is very natural… to enjoy yourself that is… shows you get turned on by something… even if it isn’t juicing for someone with a large cock between their legs… shows you’re interested in something…” I tried so hard to hold back my moans as I clenched with pleasure at Claire playing with my little pink clit. One of my moans managed to escape as Claire’s finger swirled around my bulging clit.

“Tutt tutt… doesn’t take much to get you moaning Hannah…you should keep it in a bit more.. or you’ll never get to the really good stuff…” Claire complained as she removed her finger from my clit as I begged open legged for more.

“Oh yes… you need to make them work for your screams and moans so they don’t get lazy” giggled Kate as she placed her head on my shoulder to get a better view of my worked up clit.

“Hmmm… you need more stamina before we can let you go out with us… I don’t want to get a bad reputation of hanging out with people who are easy to please… or they will never work hard for us…” Claire pondered for a moment. I had started to think may be I could just stay in like every other night. I could just lay in my bed dreaming about that hunky knight in shining armor from my dreams, then Claire continued.

“May be you could help me Kate… give her a bit more stamina” Claire smiled with a dirty glint in her eye.

“Ohhh yes…” Kate said enthusiastically. Before I knew it I was situated on the bed on all fours, my pussy lips hung just over Kate’s eagerly awaiting lips.

“Now we are going to start off slowly… you must only moan when Kate and I have earned it, Or else you will be punished. This shall teach you more endurance… once you’ve mastered this we will go on to something more intense… once you’ve mastered that we know your ready. Do you understand Hannah?” Claire asked sternly.

“Yes, I understand… I want to have more fun… I want to be taught” I replied very much turned on by but also very scared at what Claire had in store of me if I didn’t do well.

I felt Claire’s hand push down on my ass pressing my lips against Kate’s mouth. As soon as I felt her tongue reach out and lick my red pulsing clit I let out a load moan. I couldn’t believe how good something so simple felt. Just as the moan left my quivering lips I felt Claire’s hand spank my ass hard sending a shiver down my spine. I very much enjoyed it, I wanted Claire to spank my tight ass harder and harder as Kate licked me but I knew if Claire didn’t think I was taking it seriously she and Kate would stop. I tried my best to hold still, I was very naughty at canlı bahis siteleri first letting out lots and lots of moans, after a while I managed to hold onto them tight as I bit my lower lip hard. As Kate licked and probed deeper and deeper with her wet tongue and soft hands, Claire instructed me to let out some quite moans, but only quite ones. She instructed me and Kate like a conductor instructs a symphony… telling me how much I was aloud moan and shiver as she played with Kate’s clit using it like a remote control telling her how fast to go on me. They continued to teach me until I was allowed to moan and scream as load as I wanted and Kate’s tongue and fingers were franticly rubbing my pussy as fast as she could go.

Claire removed her finger from Kate’s pussy and I moved down a little to lay on top or her as we caught our breath. Our hard nipple pressing against each other as we panted both driven wildly into orgasms by Claire’s forceful nature. Kate’s lips were coated in my wet juices as she kissed me deeply as we waited for Claire to return.

Claire returned a few moments later with something I have never seen before. I had heard of them but never seen then before that moment. It was a long double strap on. Claire told me to lay on my back, so I did as she instructed. I lay on the bed beside Kate who was still quivering. Claire climbed onto the bed and slowly eased it into me.

It hurt a bit at first but after a while was moaning even more then before. I could see Claire getting all worked up and cumming hard as she fucked me harder and harder with the long latex double strap on. I could feel her hot wet juices running down the double strap on into my gaping pussy. She told me off a few times for moaning, but I was beginning to think this was now more about us 3 cumming harder and harder together then making any man work hard for us. Kate lay watching us fuck hard as she played with her dripping pussy lips. As Claire fucked me hard so hard it made the bed shake I wanted to fuck her back… I attempted to push my pelvis up to push it into her.

“Oh you want to try now? Very well then” Claire said smiling with a orgasmic glow I had never seen on her before. She pulled the strap on out of me and rolled over and lay were I had been lying. She passed the strap-on to me and told me to make her proud of teaching me so much. I had completely lost myself by now. I wanted to make Claire moan hard for me. I quickly placed the strap-on on and shoved the other end of the double dildo which hung between the fabrics into my gaping pussy. I pounded the latex dildo hard into Claire and heard Kate moan hard as she fingered her clit and watched me do it. I fucked Claire as hard with the strap-on as I could as the bed hit harder and harder against the wall when Claire let out a load scream, loader then even mine. She gripped onto my ass as we fucked hard as Kate masturbated watching us. Once mine and Claire’s juices drenched the bed we slide the dildos out and we kissed Kate whom had been moaning loudly during the whole thing.

We all showered together rubbing and washing our juice covered bodies hiding the strong feminine sent.

Although it was very late by the time we go to the club we managed to find some very handsome guys each and I myself found a very handsome 23 year old who was very nervous when he saw me in the short strap dress and my long red hair. Yet I managed to bring him out of his shell. I took everything Claire and Kate taught me and put it to good use as I rode him hard until the morning run rose above the city sky line. The poor man moaned even loader then me. I stroked his short black hair gently as I left him passed out. As I wandered out of his apartment around 6am I thought to myself as I clenched in all his cum, Claire’s juices and Kate’s kisses: I should go out with them more often.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32