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No fair! Leaving me like that. You realize that I am going to be wet all day, don’t you? Yes, of course ya do. That’s why ya did it in the first place. Ya big meanie! How am I supposed to function all afternoon and this evening? *whimper* Now all I want to do is lock myself my a room and fantasize about you all day. Ummmmm…that might not be such a bad idea.

I strip and relax on the bed…keeping my toy within reach, just in case and close my eyes…thinking about you.

I run my fingers over my stomach, up my sides…wondering what it would be like if they were your hands.

Feeling the goosebumps start to rise as I imagine you above me, watching me start to respond to your touch. The warmth of your breath as you lean down to trail kisses along my throat. The soft whisper, telling me to keep my eyes closed as your fingers continue to move over me.

Are you watching them? Are you watching my body squirm a little as you hit a ticklish spot? Or are you watching my face? The slight trembling of my lip as I try to anticipate what you will do.

The sudden smile as your fingers brush along my side again, it does tickle right there.

What are you thinking as you touch me? Can you tell how aroused I am? Do you like the way I shudder a little as your hand comes up over my breast? I love the way it feels…your hands are so warm and I love the way you are barely touching me…just enough to drive me crazy.

Your thumb gently stroking over my nipple, I can feel it getting harder as your fingers come up to pinch it lightly. Hearing the chuckle, deep in your throat as I moan. I gasp as I feel your other hand come down to my thigh, moving in lazy circles as you press into my skin, gently pushing my legs apart for you to slide between them.

Kneeling there, your hands coming up to my shoulders, rubbing them for a moment before you press down a little, almost illegal bahis dragging them together across my neck, then down, between my breasts, over my stomach and out to my hips. I shiver as they continue down the outside of my legs, past my knees and down over my feet.

You stop, tickling the soles of my feet lightly and making me jump a little and laugh. Then back up the inside of my legs, you stop right at the top of my inner thighs, your thumbs caressing my skin as I squirm with excitement.

Not wanting you to stop and knowing that you will make it worse for me the more I react. I try to keep still as I feel your hand come away, I can feel the heat from where they were resting on my thighs and I whimper a little.

Then I feel something cold against my chest, resting between my breasts and I try not to smile. How did you find that? I wonder to myself as I hear and feel the vibration start to hum over my skin. My back arching just a little as I feel the vibe roll up over my left breast, then just the tip, as you tease my nipple, then back down and over to the right. Just enough to be sure that I know what it is before you pull it away.

I can hear it as you bring it closer…pressing it to my lips. I part them for you as you slowly twist the silicone against my tongue, letting me get it wet before you start to slide it into my mouth. What I wouldn’t give to open my eyes and see you watching me.

Pushing my head back against the pillow, I feel you slide more of the fake cock between my lips, running my tongue along it, I think it’s about half. I’m glad you left it on the lowest setting…already it’s rattling my teeth a bit. I can feel it pressing against the back of my throat and I’m glad that it’s not more flexible. I know you’d see just how much of it I could swallow if it were.

Still, you fuck my mouth with it for a few more strokes before pulling illegal bahis siteleri it back quickly. My mouth still wide at the unexpected retreat, I moan a little in frustration. Your finger slips into my open mouth and I clamp down on it quickly, licking and sucking on it just like the vibe before you laugh softly and take that away too.

I feel the vibe come down across my left nipple as your finger comes down over the right. They tighten even more from the sensation and you make it even moreso as the warm wetness is replaced by the sudden current of air as you start to blow lightly across my breasts, causing my back to arch up toward you.

Low cooing noises and groans deep in my throat as I try not to speak, to beg you to touch me again. I can feel you dragging the vibe down between my breast, over my stomach…leaving a trail of saliva cooling quickly and sending more goosebumps racing over my flesh.

You stop again, just below my bellybutton. My fingers dig into the blanket in frustration, but I manage to keep my lips sealed. You drag the softly humming tool up from one knee and then the other…always stopping just an inch away from wetness between my thighs.

I bite my lower lip…my body shaking with excitement and a little dispair that you may tease me all night. As I feel the cool rubber leaving my skin, I’m almost certain of it. I almost scream at the sudden contact with my lower lips. Gasping as I feel the soft imitation flesh of the head start to slide easily up and back down. Pressing between the outer lips and grazing my clit before moving down again.

My heartbeat throbbing in my head, dizzy from the tremors coursing through my body. My head turning side to side, I moan into the pillow as I feel the tip of the vibe pressing against my dripping cunt then slip inside me.

My hips coming up trying to push it further but you won’t let it. canlı bahis siteleri I can feel you twisting it slowly inside me for a moment, your other hand coming down to press against my hip, forcing me to be still as you pull the vibe back, dragging it back up to my clit.

My moans almost constant, I cant help but cry out as you turn up the vibe to it’s highest setting, pressing it hard against my clit. My hips pressing back and down into the bed at the sudden sensory overload. I squeeze my eyes shut, gasping for air as I try to control my body.

I can hear a slight laugh as you whisper, “Oh, no little one”.

I don’t even have time to register that you know exactly what I am trying to do before I feel the vibe plunge inside me. I let out an animal growl as you start to fuck me with my little toy.

Long, deep strokes…slowly at first then faster and faster as my body starts to shake. I can hear you, quiet whispers as you encourage me. I love it when you tell me to cum for you. Hearing you ask me if it feels good. If I like it like this…or like that…uuuummmmmm. I love it when you watch me.

Oh….god…I can feel it building…little flashes going off behind my eyelids as the buzzing from the vibe seems to travel straight up my spine. My hips moving faster, in time with your rhythm of the vibrator inside me. My mouth opens in a silent little “O” as my body starts to convulse.

You, slamming the vibe into me…holding it inside me as I start to gasp and moan. My body electrified by the rush of the orgasm. Lost in it, I barely feel it as you slowly withdraw my little toy and turn it off. Squirming on the bed beneath you, my fingers flexing in the blanket as I feel a warm wetness against my lips.

I open my mouth reflexively, and taste myself on the now slick silicone. Sucking it into my mouth, I lick my cum from the vibe as you slide it between my lips, slowly, gently. Then turning it sideways for me to clean all that would not fit into my mouth.

Relaxing back against the pillow…I open my eyes. Drifting in the high of my orgasm, I wonder what you really do have in store for me tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32