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Leah was very calm. The best-looking girl in school was on her knees licking her pussy. She looked down in detached amazement as Natasha Leskov moved her tongue around and breathed hard, eyelashes fluttering and nose in Leah’s black pubic hair, licking the pussy as best she could. She had said, whimpered really, that this was her first time, that she had never done such a thing before, and Leah believed her–which only made it more exciting. Both were seniors at Thomas Jefferson high school, and the series of events that led to Natasha submissively sucking on Leah’s very wet pussy was an amazing one to contemplate. Leah smiled slightly. If only she had a camera…

It started with an innocent request for homework help. Natasha, despite her many advantages, despite having every boy in school after her (including the teachers) and being compared to Anna Kournikova–with her long silvery-blonde hair and perfect complexion and roseate blush on her plump cheeks and dazzling teeth as she smiled (which was often)–was failing in several classes. She simply could not keep up with her AP courses. They were too hard; but most of all they were too boring. She could not read her American history book without falling asleep. And then with all of her many other activities, ranging from dances and yearbook committees and pep rallies as a cheerleader, she could not juggle everything. It was then that she turned to Leah Berger, the class brain, probably the smartest girl in the school, if not smartest overall. Only Leah could help her in these last few weeks before finals hit and graduation–a ceremony Natasha was truly in danger of missing. And who could imagine the shame if Natasha was held back, or (shudder) she had to take summer classes? So one day, as she left her history class having received yet another D on her latest paper, she happened to run into Leah.

“Oh, Leah, can I talk to you a minute?”

Somewhat suspicious, Leah eyed her classmate. “Okay, what?” she said.

“I need to ask you something…”

Natasha motioned for Leah to follow her down the hall into the stairway where there was less traffic.


“I’m sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you could help me out?” Natasha nervously pushed a strand of blond hair out of her face. “I really really need someone’s help. My grades suck this semester, and you always seem to know the answers so fast…”

Leah smiled. Despite the mild acne on her cheeks, Leah was still attractive. Wearing glasses, hair short and jet- black, she had a nice body that she frequently obscured under overalls and bulky sweaters.

“So you want to cheat off me?”

“No, no,” Natasha said. “I just need your help. Just for the last week or so. Just so I pass, that’s all.”

Leah felt her heart start to pound. She looked at the taller, beautiful girl and felt a strange casino oyna power. Never before had someone so popular deigned to speak to her, not to mention ask for her help. She wondered how far Natasha was willing to go to get her help? Though she tried to put it out of her head, Leah often had fantasies about other girls, and Natasha was certainly one of her favorite subjects on lonely Friday nights when she was tired of studying and everyone else was at some stupid drunken party. It was this shot of the forbidden that went through her heart and into her veins, the idea of Natasha naked and even doing things…

“Well, what do you want to do?”

“I don’t know. You could come over to my house and I’ll fix you dinner and you could just help me study. Just for an hour or so. I’ll even pay you, if you like.”

“No, come to my house.”

“Okay. Really? Oh, you’re a life savior!”

Leah could not help the sneer. “That would be life saver.”

The night came and Natasha knocked at the door, books in tow. The parents were gone at a friend’s house, and Leah had the house to herself, as she knew she would.

“Nice house,” Natasha said.

“You don’t have to lie.”

The house was typical and not large–certainly not as large as Natasha’s parents’. But Natasha’s superiority was not going to help her, at least not on that night.

“Come on, we’ll go up to my room. I have a desk.”


Leah stopped in the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of Captain Morgan’s. Natasha giggled.

“Is that your secret to studying?”

“Uh, yeah. I thought we could celebrate after we finish. Like a reward.”

Leah felt herself much smarter than Natasha. It was easy to make up excuses and do whatever she wanted with her. As Natasha went up the stairs before her–her beautiful ass moving in her white slacks with the panties slightly visible and her narrow waist and long gold hair–nearly made Leah faint. Her breath trembled as she thought about what she was going to do. But she would have to play it easy at first. This was an opportunity she didn’t want to mess up.

Her last dalliance with a girl was with another fellow senior by the name of Tamara. The two had gotten drunk on Captain Morgan’s, but then Leah had been too aggressive. After making out and undressing with many a giggle, Leah had Tamara suck on her breasts. It felt so good that she started to push on Tamara’s head to get her to go down–and once Tamara figured out what Leah wanted, and that she wasn’t joking, she dressed and fled, horrified. It was with great embarrassment whenever she saw Tamara at school. But she intended to take her lessons from that and seduce Natasha the right way.

“Cool room.”

Natasha looked around. There was a bed against one wall and a large desk against the other. Full bookcases flanked the full-length slot oyna mirror. Natasha paused to look at herself in the mirror.

“Do you think this vest is too weird on me?” Natasha tugged at the bottom of the black vest worn over a white short-sleeve shirt.

“It looks great. Come on, sit down.”

They started to study. After an hour, Leah decided the moment was right.

“Let’s do a shot.”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Come on, just one.”


“Look, I won’t drink by myself. And I won’t help you anymore if you don’t.”

“That’s blackmail!”

Leah smiled, pouring shots from the bottle. But Natasha was amused. She was a well-known drinker at school, several stories circulating of her exploits at parties while drunk. Leah had no idea if any of them were true.

They had a shot. And then another. After another half-hour Leah could no longer wait. She was very horny. If she scared Natasha away, then so be it. She simply could not wait any longer. Her parents, besides, would be home in another hour or so.

“Have another shot.”

“No way! I can hardly concentrate as it is!”

“Don’t worry about it. Hey, uh, I’ll be right back.”

Leah got up from the desk and went into the bathroom. There, hands trembling, she unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it off. Then she took off her pants and then her underwear. Her body was pert with a flat stomach and nice curves; her black-haired pussy was wet, a spot glistening on her right thigh. She paused to look at herself in the mirror.

“Here goes,” she said.

Natasha looked around, her smiling falling.

“What, are you…?! Why…”

“Sorry,” Leah said. “It’s hot and stuffy in here. I like to be naked, is all. Is that okay with you?”

“Uh, I guess.”

Leah’s heart skipped a beat as she noticed Natasha’s eyes glance quickly over her nakedness, pausing briefly on her naked pussy.

“So do you want me to keep helping you?”

“Yes. I mean, it’s been so totally cool you helping me out like this. Some of it is actually making sense now.”


Leah sat on the edge of the bed. She spread her legs slightly. Her mouth was dry.

“If I’m helping you out then I’d like to get help in return, you know.”


“Yeah.” Leah dropped her hand to her pussy. “I mean, I’d like you to come over here and lick my pussy.”


“Yeah. Come on. Do you want me to keep helping you?”

Natasha stared. She started to laugh, her hand going to her mouth. But then she fell silent. The image of everyone graduating, and everyone mocking her, flashed before her eyes. She couldn’t possibly think of another way. Still, she stood and went for the door…

“You’re crazy. What everyone says about you is true!”

“Natasha, I swear if you leave I’ll tell Mr Dobbs that canlı casino siteleri you’ve been cheating off me.”

“You wouldn’t!”

“Yes, I would.”

Natasha stood. Her eyes drifted to Leah’s body. The situation was so surreal that she felt herself involuntarily becoming aroused. She was not bad looking, after all, and she had always wondered what it would be like…


“Oh God, I can’t believe this…”

By slow steps Natasha came over to the bed. There, letting out a breath, she sunk to her knees before Leah.

“I must be drunk.”

“Mm, that’s okay, I’ll tell you how you’re doing. I want you to make me cum.”

“Oh, God.”

Natasha positioned herself between the long smooth legs of her classmate. Then she lowered her face to the pussy. She could smell it. The smell was very strong, and for a second she pulled back. But then she felt a hand behind her head.

“Come on.”

Obeying, Natasha allowed her face to be brought into the thatch of black hair.

“Now, lick.”


“Mmmmm, yeah.”

Natasha brought out her tongue. She started to lick up and down over the length of the pussy. With a moan she tongued the soft folds and then penetrated, tasting the fluid flowing out.

“Yeah, that’s it, lick my pussy. Mmmm.”

Natasha swallowed down her first taste of pussy juice. It was not as bad as she thought it would be. Leah moved her hips, bringing the pussy closer to Natasha and her flicking tongue.

“That’s good. Like that.”

“I’ve never done this,” Natasha whimpered, briefly looking up from the pussy.

“It’s okay. You’re so sexy. Keep going.”

Natasha’s pretty blond face glistened with pussy juice. Helped by Leah’s firm pull, she went back to eating pussy, using more vigorous strokes with her tongue. Leah ran her fingers through Natasha’s silk hair. The sounds of slurping became louder.

“Oh God, yes. Nice, yeah. Lick it. Lick my pussy, bitch.”

Natasha couldn’t believe she was eating out her school’s nerdiest girl. And she was getting called bitch into the bargain.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum.”

More and more fluid flowed onto Natasha’s tongue. Leah’s thighs clamped on Natasha’s head as her orgasm built, climbing and climbing, her eyes looking down at her beautiful captive cuntlicker.

“Look up at me, pussy eater.”

Natasha obeyed, looking up with her blue eyes as she licked and licked, moaning and moving her head.

“Ummmgh! Oh, God!”

One wave, and then two smaller, hit Leah, convulsing herself on Natasha’s tongue. Finally, breath slowing, she relaxed her thighs and allowed Natasha to pull up–strings of cum dripping off her chin.


Natasha wiped at her mouth and chin. Her cheeks blushed as she sat back.


Natasha shakily asked if she could use the bathroom. Leah said she could, of course. While she was gone, still humming from the intense orgasm, Leah suddenly thought of Tamara. She decided she should ask Tamara to come over so Leah could apologize to her. The evening wasn’t over yet…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32