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Anal Plug

Chapter 5…

We stayed in Monaco for about 8 days, there was lots of abuse whilst I was there, and on the last day,they decided to throw a party, I was going to be guest of honour, (More likely Fucked Guest)..Anyway they had invited a number of friends ,and they were all to be Masked , but nothing else to be worn, so a bunch of both Dangling and semi hard cocks would be on display, how wonderful I thought, that means who ever fancies me can take, and I can assure you ,it happened just like that.. I had to go around all the guests and show them my delights, and I was called over to two ageing men,(they were past their sell by date) about ugly ,they were it, The larger of the two me , took hold of my arm and told to lick his arse, Rim me he said, he laid down on a low bed and proceeded to shove his arse in my face, I was somewhat reluctant to do something I did not enjoy, I was always afraid of him shitting while I was licking, It never did happen,only a fear…..Anyway I was still hesitating, well I did,nt get long to hesitate, the mans partner had other ideas, he put his boot right onto my bottom and pushed me very hard,get on with he said, I so I did, I was rimming this guys arse, and would dart my tongue up into his anus ,oh how he loved that, he was telling all around him what a nice pussie I was……The other man, grabbed hold of my cock and started to bend it, I turned round and snarled at him, FUCK OFF , he stopped , and started to rub his own cock, I could see what was comming, and it did,nt take long to happen, He opened my arse cheeks, and shoved his big fat ,well knarled cock up my arse, and slowly started to fuck me,So their I was trying to concentrate rimming this other man,and his friend, fucking me like there was know tomorrow, he was going into me like a dog on heat, he reached around my waist, and started to masturbate me,whispering in my ear,that he would like to suck me off, telling me how , he would like me to come and live with him, and in the meantime , his cock was growing inside me, , , and then he let rip, I have felt so much spunk in all my life, he ejaculated with so much force I nearly passed out,the pain was intense, fortunatly , the pain passed very quickly,to be followed by intense pleasure, that was short lived, his spunk , was comming out of me illegal bahis like a waterfall, he slowly withdrew his engorged cock, and just flopped on to the bed behind him, unbeknown to me , we had an audience, and even though I was visualy knackered, and still rimming this ther mans arse, that did,nt stop the audience from , forming a queue, and suddenlyI found another cock going inside my now well lubricated bottom, As I could not see any of my attackers , that did,nt seem to bother them….My arse was there for all to fuck,and fuck me they did,one after the other , as one came,he would be quickly be replaced by the next man in line,, Talk about a sore anal passage, it felt like I had the entire US army up there at the same time……By the time the last of the guests ,including both Masters, had finished with me it was three hours all told…. I felt awful…. The man I was rimming earlier, had joined the queue so he could get his end away, And of course, others had realised that I had no-one to serve ,they did,nt take long to figure out my mouth was vacant…..So I was face fucked by the others who did not want to arse fuck me………….

……Chapter 6……….

We were now back in Belguim, My bottom had healed nicely, I hadnt been tampered with for nearly three whole weeks, but I new that my Masters wre getting fed up without being able to Fuck an unwilling arse, they enjoyed humiliating me, and it was not long before ,I had my arse inspected for business once again. (A7) had been doing his bit to satisfy there insatable sexual needs, but he was,nt so pleasing as me……..(A7) was given orders to tie me to their new toy , a shagging wrack, and I was duly placed on this wrack, which had my cock sticking through a hole and my knees were bent in the fucking position,so there were no problems ,when I got tired ,and was unable to participate.. It was a case, of they would be able to fuck me,regardless of my willingness or not….and so it started,SIR1 came in, slapped my arse, put his finger into my anus, took his hardening cock, and Mounted my arse, he fucked me with a passion I had not seen or felt before, he was having a whale of a time, he was whispering into my ear that he had a new boy comming tomorrow, and he wanted me to bring him off, and to show him the ropes, (The only illegal bahis siteleri ropes I wanted were a way out of here)..I missed my female companionship, there lovely tits,and pussy,s to die for, I was not a fucking queer, I should not have said that out loud,SIR2 heard my oral thougts, he came over to me ,and put his boot right into my stomach,he told me,that they were not queers,they were happy gay men,who enjoyed sex with the same sex as they were,and for my blunder I would be fucked good and hard…………..SIR2 came over two got hold of my cock , and he pierced my foreskin with a small knife, I screamed the house down, he then threaded a a large stainless steel ring through my piercing and then tugged it very tight,quickly followed by a length of rope knotted at one end, and tied it fast.That will teach to step out of line he said, and go and clean yourself up you little shit…With that they released me off the rack, and I went upstairs washed ,and had a bite to eat. I was already to entertain once again…

………Chapter 7…………….

I was really beginning to feel that the Masters were thinking about getting rid of me,they and I new that if I escaped I would run to the Police, and I heard them mention that it might a good idea to lose me somewhere where I would not be found. I assume they are thinking Death……..I was,nt able to think any more when I was called downstairs to entertain the replacement for me, as soon I got to the bottom of the stairs, I saw two young boys looking at me with dewy eyes, they had jeans on with a grey coloured T.shirt, .The Masters named them A3 &A5, and they both stood about 5.7″ tall , they weighed about 10 stone, they were blonde and had nice TWINK type features to them , they were pure innocence. A9 they said, suck there cocks, so I lowered both the boys trousers, one after the other, pulled they,re jockeys down, Both cocks were like the Rampant Lion,they stood erect and firm, I just about to put one of the cocks in my mouth ,when I was jerked away with the rope attached to my cock, I was tugged so hard I fell over, I was sent away ,up stairs, and told to prepare myself for an outing.

For some reason the Masters had had enough with thier new boys, they had only been here five minutes ,And suddenly SIR2 canlı bahis siteleri took a cut throat razor, opened up the very sharp blade, held the first ones cock and sliced it off,the second youth was,nt going to stay and watch, but SIR1 held him tightly, and he had the same treatment, you should have been there, ,not only did they cut there cocks off,they also whipped the testicles off and threw them to the dogs, and the dogs loved the fresh meat. The boys ran around like headless chickens,they screamed there heads off, trying to stop the flow of warm red blood,in the end they just fell down and they bled to death.Just to help things along they slit thier throats, and as the boys lay down to die SIR2 put his boot into thier lifeless bodies and began to press hard on thier bodies,encouraging the blood to flow quicker, soon they were both drained and then SIR1 took the taller of the two, and stuck his hard cock up the boys arse and fucked a dead body, I had,nt seen this side of them before ,I was very scarred…..

I was,nt able to understand why they killed them, apparently they had admitted to having had sex with men who had Gonerea,and rather send them back ,they were gotten rid of…so I had the grim task of not only cleaning and clearing up, but also the task of disposing of the bodies, I lost count on how many times I threw up, death smells awful, especially all that blood and not forgetting the bowels loose thier contents as well. The Masters told me to cut the bodies into small pieces, (Give the organs etc to the dogs) wrap them into bin liners and place them into various dustbins around the area hoping they would be sent to the local incinerator. As far as I know nothing more was heard of them,they must have come from out of town…………………..

Of course with all the nasty things now going on ,my safety was paramount,and I decided I would not antagonise them any more,or I may be dispatched like the boys were…So when they called me to suck,fuck or whatever I did it.SIR2 announced there were two extra guests comming tonight,and I should prepare myself for a good seeing to, they gave some very erotic perfume to put on, and I was to dress grey suit ,but strictly NO underware, they liked to play with my cock while I walking around playing the job of the Waiter , I was told that if the guests required me to suck them off during the evening, then I would comply with thier wishes………… be continued, Honest comments are welcome, thanks M.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32