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I was really tired when I wrote this. It’s got a gay part in it, so you’ve been warned. People have asked if this really happened. Of course it did. That’s why it’s listed under fiction and not true-life.

The state baseball playoffs began in earnest after school let out for the summer. Centerville had made the playoffs and we were favored to go deep, but not win it all. One of the fortunate side effects from splitting shakes was how strong it made my wrists. I started putting a natural dive on the one pitch they let me throw. My fastball had a nasty habit of dropping off the table as it approached the plate, like a sinker only with more movement. Those wrists also gave me a little more pop in the swing, so I was getting on base a little more, which allowed me to steal more, which meant we scored more. For the last ten games of the year, I started at centerfield when I wasn’t scheduled to pitch.

We won the first game of the playoffs, in the round of sixteen. We beat a good Maize High team by being just a little better. I closed that game with nine straight pitches that drew whiffs from the batters. After the game Coach Harris and Coach Parsons called me into the baseball office.

“Paul, you’ve got some seriously nasty stuff right now. I’d like to start you against Emerald on Thursday. They are loaded with long ball hitters and if you can stymie them for five or six innings, we might be able to get enough of a lead to hold them off at the end. Are you up to it? Pitching on two days rest?”

“Yes sir. Be glad to do it. Nine pitches wasn’t much of a work out. My arm’s fine. Anything I can do to help the team.”

“I told coach that’s what you’d say,” growled pitching coach Billy Parsons. “You’ve got a real gift with that right arm Paul. You can go to college on that arm, if’n that’s what you want to do.”

“Yes, sir. But college is a long way off, and Emerald is on Thursday. Is there anything I need to do to get ready?”

“Go see Doc. He’ll check your arm and make sure you are good to go.” I nodded and left the coaches office.

“Hey Doc,” I said casually as I entered the training room. “Coach Harris has lost his mind and says I am going to start on Thursday. It’s up to you to make sure I can throw on Thursday without looking too bad.”

“There’s only so much I can do, Pauly. After that, you are on your own bud. Let’s get your arm in the tub.”

“I was afraid you were going to say that,” I laughed as I stripped off my shirt. “Do you want to go tell my dad I am going to be a couple hours so he can take the family out to dinner? “

“Sure kid, no problem.” Doc Trelease wandered out to the parking lot and spoke with my dad and family. He was out there long enough for me to cycle out of the ice and into the shower to heat up. I stripped in the locker room, grabbed a couple of towels and hit the hot shower. My teammates were finishing up with their post-game showers and I went back into the training room, my home away from home. I had my arm submerged in the ice bath for round two when Doc sauntered back in.

“It looks like you’ve been to the showers already. How’s your arm?”

“Never better Doc. Nine pitches? Come on. I throw twenty-five or thirty just warming up.”

“It’s not the number of pitches we have to worry about. It’s that ONE pitch you throw wrong and the whole machine comes apart. Hit the showers again.”

This time the rest of the locker room was empty. As I soaked under the hot water, my arm tingled as the heat penetrated. I thought back to an evening not too long before when Doc and I exchanged blow jobs. Doc definitely knew how to suck a cock. Just thinking about it started a reaction in my groin. I thought about soaping it up and taking care of business, but I decided to let it go and see what might happen. Instead I dried off and walked back to the training room with a towel around my waist and I happened to glance in the mirror. The face looking back at me was shocking. A year before I had been a scrappy fourteen year old, and now I could see a young man. There was muscle definition everywhere. My forearms bulged with striated and sinewy muscles, covered in veins. My stomach was defined. I was still pretty light, about 160 lbs., but I was taller. Maybe it was the low light of the locker room, but I swear I could see the shadow of a beard around my chin line. I still sported the farm tan and my hair was still long and blonde, but most of my baby fat had melted away.

Back in the tub went my arm, icy water doing its miraculous healing of injuries that hadn’t occurred. The towel around my waist gapped open and I absent-mindedly scratched and fondled my groin with my left hand. Baseball players do that a lot. Athletic supporters with cups tended to cut into the soft groin flesh. I didn’t even realize I was doing it in full view of Doc Trelease, the trainer. When he started rubbing his crotch in my line of sight, instead of stopping, I just watched. Doc has great hands and I wouldn’t mind if he put them on me again.

When I finished the last cycle of ice, I got up slowly.

“Does your back hurt?”

“It’s nothing Doc. Just those hard chairs you make us sit in. I’ll get a hot shower and work it out.”

“Just to be safe, once you are finished in there, come in here and I’ll give you a good rub-down.”

“Whatever you say Doc.”

I spent the next five minutes in the shower fantasizing about Doc Trelease and his wonderful hands. My cock rose to full attention. I shut the water off, dried off, hung a towel over my boner and walked behind my white flag back into the training room.

“Show off,” remarked Trelease. “Up on the table. Face down.”

I climbed up onto the black Naugahyde training table and lay face down, pressing my cock down between my legs. Doc worked me over good. He paid a lot of attention to my right arm and lower back. Even though I felt great, I didn’t want him to stop.

“Feel better?” he asked.

“Doc, it’s kind of embarrassing, but my lower back and my …. Butt …. Muscles are really tight. “

“We can’t have that, can we.”

“Unnnh unnnnn,” I agreed.

He started working my lower back and my gluteus, really digging those powerful thumbs into the deepest parts of my tissues. Every so often he would slip his thumbs between my ass cheeks and I would respond by spreading my legs a little wider, inviting him to go as far as he liked. It wasn’t that I was into Doc that much, it’s just that I was horny as hell and he was handy. He lowered his hands to work on the area where my ass cheeks become my thighs. His hands worked inside the gap and his fingertips would graze my engorged cock. I pressed my ass upward and spread my knees farther. He stopped. I didn’t look, but I heard a tube snap open. Then I felt something cool on my ass cheeks and tops of my thighs. As Doc started rubbing this new lotion around, I could tell it was pretty slick. Petroleum jelly or something like it. He rubbed the bulk of the cream into the crack of my ass. I felt one, then two illegal bahis fingers pressing against my upturned anus.

POP! One finger slid in. POP! The second finger slid in. While the trainer was fingering my ass, his other hand found my cock and started milking me like a cow.

My left hand was at the edge of the table. I swept it outward until it contacted Doc’s pants. I could feel the heat from his hidden groin. I rubbed his cock through his trainer’s shorts. He responded by shoving the two fingers deeper into my ass. I was so horny and ready to fuck or be fucked; I rolled off the table and down to my knees. As I dropped, I pulled Doc’s shorts down, freeing his dick to be licked. I put my mouth on it and got it nice and wet. Then, without a word, I stood up, turned around, bent over the table and braced myself. Doc knew what he was doing. This time he didn’t ask if it was alright with me. I had made it perfectly clear what my preference was. He guided his cock to my ass and plunged it in, past my token resistance. He was so wound up, he came in less than two minutes. It was just beginning to feel really good. He collapsed onto my back, his now semi-hard cock slipping out of my fresh fucked ass.

Doc Trelease didn’t object when I pushed him off and made him bend over the table, assuming the position I had just vacated. I took the goo from my ass, rubbed in on my cock and his ass, and lined up for penetration. My cock is a little bigger than Doc’s and he wasn’t begging for it like I was. My initial penetration caught him a little off guard. He tensed, erasing his post coital stupor. I waited for him to become accustomed to my cock in his ass, and when I felt him relax, dropping his chest back onto the table, I started to slowly thrust in and out. In a few minutes, Doc gripped the edge of the training table and started to press back. I pistoned in and out of his ass. I kept myself on the edge of cumming for several minutes. I started to sweat, getting a good workout from pounding him. Doc grabbed a towel and shoved it in his mouth. I could hear him moaning and yelling into the wadded towel. Then I felt his ass clench and realized he was cumming. I let it loose, filling his bowels with my own juices. My cum instantly made his ass easier to fuck. I kept pounding until I felt a second wave of pleasure and let that one go too. Then I sat down, getting a good luck at my cum seeping out of the athletic trainers ass.

“Even if I lose my job over that Paul, it will be worth it,” he said with a grin as he rose unsteadily to his feet. “We need showers. Let’s go.”

We both left dripping trails of cum as we walked the dozens of feet to the showers. I took my time this time, turning the water cooler by a few degrees every several minutes until it was full cold. I left the trainer in the shower, headed for the varsity locker room, got dressed and waited outside for my ride. Twenty minutes later my family arrived with a sack full of burgers and a root beer float. We headed out to the house and I sat around on the porch until bedtime.

Becka and I spent the night together, but I was too tired to do anything, so we just snuggled. It was warm out, so we left the windows open and kept the covers off so we could sleep more comfortably. Becka never complained when we slept together and didn’t have sex. She was content just to be there in bed with me.

We were up 7-0 on Emerald in the top of the seventh. Like coach predicted, my fastball, sinker-fastball was enough to stymie the big bats of the Ems. They had managed to get enough of the ball to hit it into fair territory five times, but each time my team backed me up. I hadn’t been behind in the count all afternoon. I felt like I was the master of the universe. Joe Baldwin wasn’t even throwing down real signs any more. Most of the time he would just flip me the bird and I would rock and fire from the stretch. I had twelve strikeouts and five put outs. I was in the middle of a no-hitter. My teammates stopped talking to me between innings after the fourth. No one wanted to jinx my ju-ju.

The third hitter for the Ems in the top of the seventh was Bobby Wilson. Yep, THAT Bobby Wilson. Three time American League MVP and the first Oregonian to sign a contract worth a million dollars out of high school. Pro scouts followed his every move. There were even several at that game. When his last high school game was over, Bobby Wilson was going to the major leagues. He might spend the summer moving up from A ball to AA and then AAA before getting called to The Show in the fall, but he was the best baseball player from Oregon in several generations, maybe ever. Bobby Wilson was 0-2 with no contact with the ball at all when he strode to the plate. It didn’t seem to faze him at all. He was all business.

My first pitch was a fastball on the inside, just below his groin. It was supposed to jam him up and keep him from pulling the ball. Wrong. Bobby Wilson slapped the piss out of that ball and he sent it up the left field line on a leave-the-atmosphere trajectory. It arced foul and the Emerald fans let out a collective groan. Bobby Wilson was ready for my fastball.

I kept the next two pitches low and away, not eager to let him adjust his swing any more. Behind now 2-1, Coach Harris called time. He strode out to the mound, and Joe and Jack Baldwin joined us.

“Wassamatta kid? Afraid of a monster like Bobby Wilson?” he asked. I didn’t want to answer, so I said nothing. “I’ve seen his kind a thousand times. Now that you got him thinking you are rattled, it’s time to send him a little chin scratcher.” Joe Baldwin grinned. “Go get ‘im, kid.” He patted me on the butt and walked off. Jack Baldwin returned to first base.

“Throw the ball shoulder high, way inside. Then the next two pitches come at knee height over the inside half. We’ll catch him watching.”

I had never thrown a brush-back pitch before. But at this point, it would make Bobby Wilson think I was wild and losing control. He might not feel as comfortable at the plate. I rocked and fired, the ball rose toward his chin and whistled by, close enough for him to hear it hiss. He reacted way too late. Had I not missed him, I might have broken his jaw or worse. Still, when he reacted, he ended up spinning around and falling to the dirt.

“Oh crap!” shouted Joe Baldwin has he reached for the ball. “You OK David?” he yelled at me.

“It just kind of slipped. I don’t know what happened. I’m good. I think.”

It was not acting worthy of an Academy Award, but it was enough to get Bobby Wilson thinking. He had a lot to lose and his team was already down seven runs late in the game. He got up and reloaded the batter’s box.

Joe was right; the next two pitches went right by him. He didn’t even get a swing around.

The next six outs went by the numbers. No other batter put the ball into play. I finished with twenty-two strikeouts. There was a lot of jubilation on the field, and my teammates hoisted me on their shoulders. We hadn’t won illegal bahis siteleri anything, but it was the first no-hitter in state history pitched by a freshman. I also tied the record for most strikeouts in a nine-inning game. It would take me a long time to realize how special of an afternoon that was. I did get to meet some major league scouts who had a tough time believing my dad that I was only fifteen. They promised to keep an eye on me for the next three years. I thought about explaining to them that I was going to college after high school, but I don’t really think they wanted to hear my opinion about anything, so I just smiled and nodded. I felt two familiar arms circling my waist.

“THAT WAS FANTASTIC!” said my girlfriend Katie Schultz. “It was so exciting. Everyone in the stands had their fingers crossed so you could get the no-hitter. And then you almost beaned BOBBY WILSON! We almost died right there, didn’t we?” She looked at the fans who also gathered around to shake my hand. They all nodded and laughed. Then she leaned in and whispered into my ear, “A game like that deserves a special something as a reward.” She backed off and just gave me a mischievous smile. My dad pumped my hand like I had won the Kentucky Derby. He was grinning so hard, he looked drunk. My mom hugged me to her chest and said “I’m so PROUD of you!” Becka stood back and kept her distance. What she wanted to do was jump my bones and I could see that in her eyes. It would have to wait until we were in private.

In the locker room, I was back-slapped so many times I was red from shoulders to ass. In the shower, Joe Baldwin did his Bobby Wilson impersonation in slow motion, twisting away from a pitch that was already passed, and screwing himself into the ground. Everyone laughed and he did it again. We all got cleaned up and made our way out to our families and friends, met up at the A&W and laughed into the night. My dad still had to work that night, so he caught a ride with someone else out to the mill, leaving my mom to get us home. Katie kissed me and whispered in my ear that she would be waiting in the barn at 1 am for me to join her.

When we got home around eleven, I was bushed. I didn’t realize how wound up the whole day, pitching, winning, being treated like some kind of hero had made me. The drive home drained all the adrenaline from my system and by the time we reached the farm, I was in a happy stupor. We all headed for the house and I kissed my mother good night and headed upstairs for bed. I was hoping to catch a little nap before I was expected in the barn to meet Katie.

I had no sooner laid down when I felt the door open to the bathroom and my nude little sister slid into bed behind me. Her breasts were cool but her groin was warm when it pressed against me. She hugged against my bare back, lightly scratching my skin to make sure I was aware that she was there behind me.

“Did you want something Becka?” I asked over my shoulder.

“Yeeeees! I want YOU!” She slid up and over me, taking up a new position directly in front of me. “I want you to kiss me and lick me and put your big thing inside of me and I want you to do it all night long.”

“I can’t do it all night long, but I can do it for a while. I need sleep.” She responded by kissing me and wrapping her arms around me. I grabbed her smooth, taut ass and pulled it toward me, pressing her bare cunt against my cloth covered cock. My dick could smell the action and was waking from its slumber. I rolled onto my back and pulled Becka on top of me. I guided her chest up to my mouth, taking each young breast into my mouth in turn. I teased her nipples with my teeth and tongue, feeling her squirm because it tickled. Becka reached back to find my cock and grappled it through my shorts. She jerked it roughly, not caring that she had skin and hair and cloth in her fist as she yanked on me. As she leaned away from me, separating her breasts from my mouth, I pulled her hips up and began to lick and suck her naked slit. Arching and twisting her back, she was able to turn nearly around while keeping my mouth engaged on her cunt. She roughly exposed my cock, which now was twitching with excitement. I loved being constantly horny.
She thrust my cock into the back of her mouth, her molars dragging painfully across my swollen mushroom tip. I had to shove it in farther to avoid the pain.

“Easy Becka! Your teeth hurt!” I protested into her pussy. She responded by opening her mouth wide and pulling off entirely. She flipped over, laying her cunt against my face, giving her better access to my throbbing boner. She was far gentler as she licked and sucked it this time. So I treated her cunt the same, licking and sucking, pinching her tender pussy lips with my own lips. My nose was pressed against her anus and my chin against her clit. This gave my tongue free access to her tight little hole. At times like these, I wished I could breathe through my ears. Becka put worked more of my cock into her mouth until I could feel her throat around the shaft behind the head and her chin against my pubic bone. She would pull off and catch her breath, then swallow my length again, massaging me with her lips, her tongue, her throat. I was just about to cum and I held off. I pushed her off of me and had her kneel facing the foot of my bed, grabbing the top of the footboard as she knelt. I got behind her and lined my excited shaft against her swollen red cunt. She pushed back and wiggled her hips to get the girth into her swollen channel. I pushed forward, trying to control the urge to just cum right then. We struggled for about a minute to get fully accommodated to each other. Becka locked her arms against the footboard and pressed back and I grabbed her tiny hips and pulled forward. I was as deep as was physically possible, but I wanted more. While deeply engaged, I thrust hard, eliciting grunts of pleasure and pain from my young sister. I kept my thrusts short, never moving back more than an inch, but always trying to gain two on the attack. I pulled Becka up until her knees were barely touching the bed. If she lost her grip now, there was a danger I could fuck her over the footboard and onto the floor. I looked down at my cock disappearing into that fresh little backside and that was too much. I pulled back until I was almost out and then slammed back into her. She grunted and moaned. I did it again. More grunting and moaning. I began a hard rhythm of deep strokes, listening to the music of her grunts and moans. Her pussy widened and got wetter as she began to flood with her continuous orgasm. I was sliding in and out now, my hips slapping her ass, our union adding its own sloppy noise to our sexual sonata. My breathing was ragged and Becka stopped moaning, holding her breath as she rode the waves of her release. Her arms started to buckle and I was ready to cum. As I started to flood her cunt, I let go of her hips, reached around and grabbed her breasts, pulling her up against me, licking and sucking her throat as my cock spewed its contents canlı bahis siteleri into her steaming pussy. Becka arched her back, twisting to present her mouth to mine. We kissed for a long time, my cock still buried in her. Finally we just fell over onto our side, becoming disengaged as we bounced and giggled.

“Thank you Paul!” she giggled as she kissed my nose and rose slowly off the bed. The passionate woman was gone and the preteen girl was back. She rose on unsteady legs, holding my cum in her pussy as she walked out of the room. Since she didn’t stop in the bathroom, I imagined she was going back to her own bed to enjoy eating my cum in private.

“Anytime Sis.” Damn she was sexy.

Now it was after midnight and I stank like I fucked my sister. I had a liaison scheduled in less than an hour. I didn’t feel like dressing, let alone slipping out to the barn to meet my girlfriend. I drifted off to sleep, only to dream of Katie. I dreamt that she was sucking my cock and tickling my balls. When I awoke, I found it to be true. I glanced over at my bedside clock. It was a quarter to two.

“Oh Katie! I’m so sorry. I must have fell asleep.”

“I can’t imagine why,” she said as she licked and sucked my now erect member. “You have had a long day. First the no-hitter and then fucking your sister and now having your girlfriend lick your cum and your sister’s cum off your cock. I should be mad you forgot our date, but I’m not.”

“That’s just one of the reasons why I love you so much, Katie Schultz. You understand what it takes to be a fourteen year old boy. We are constantly horny.”

“That’s not your best characteristic,” she explained. “But it’s one I find pretty handy at times like this.”

I laid back and enjoyed the blow-job until I felt my orgasm starting to organize. I made her stop. We both stood up. Katie was wearing a pale cotton work shirt tucked into her tight blue jeans and no bra. She was only wearing socks, so I had no idea what shoes she had worn on her late night trek cross country. I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down as she wiggled her sexy hips to help. Her panties were pale pink with a pale blue bow on the waistband below her navel. I could smell her sexual arousal and it made my mouth water. I knelt before her, pressing my cheek against her belly below her navel, enjoying the smell of her. My hands slid up her naked thighs to her satin clad ass, and I massaged those taut globes, holding her in place as I turned my nose against her slit and pressed. She giggled and moaned. I slipped my thumbs into the waistband of her panties and tugged them down her legs, only moving my nose far enough for her panties to clear. Now I was pressed directly against her hot sex. She lifted one foot and then the other to allow me to clear her panties off her ankles. Standing there only in a work shirt and white socks, she made my heart burst with love and lust. She tucked her hair behind her ear and then bit her finger as she looked down at me, her angel and devil inside flashing from her eyes.

My tongue parted her sex and drank from her fountain of youthful passion. She gripped the sides of my head, fingers tangling in my long blonde hair. She controlled how hard I pressed against her sex. She didn’t protest when I worked her back toward the bed and laid her down, allowing her hips to stay clear and guiding her thighs onto my shoulders. I pushed my tongue in and out of her cunt, gripping her hips and thighs to draw her tighter and tighter to my face. As she started to climax, I ran my hands up her belly to her swollen breasts, twisting her nipples. She spread her legs as wide as possible, pulling my face deeper into her cunt, cumming on my nose, mouth and chin. I spread those juices all over my face. Then I licked and sucked and nibbled both globes of that firm, round ass.

“Now for your special surprise, Mr. No-Hitter,” she said as she caught her breath. “Lay down.”

I lay down next to her and she grasped my shorts and pulled them off my legs as I raised my hips to help. She pulled my cock toward her mouth and gave me the sloppiest blowjob I had ever felt, coating my hard dick with plenty of spit.

“Be right back.” She disappeared into the bathroom and came right back out with a bottle of my sister’s cream rinse. She poured the cold goop on my hard cock, making it extremely slick. She started jacking my shaft and I felt like my special surprise was really pretty nice. Then Katie took the goop that had accumulated on her hand and reached between her legs to coat her backside. Was she really lubing her ass? I couldn’t believe it. When she straddled my waist, lining up my mushroom head with her back door, I was a believer. With the help of the lube, I was able to get my cock into her tight little ass as she dropped her hips down onto mine. When I was fully inside her butt, she released her breath with one long whoosh. That reminded me that I was holding my breath as well. I puffed all the air out and let out a groan of appreciation. It was hot and cold at the same time, both slick and tight. It put me on sensory overload.

When she started riding me like a jumping pony, I couldn’t take any more. I pumped rope after rope of cum into her bowels, mingling my lubricant with the lubricant from the bottle. After my orgasm, my cock was so sensitive I couldn’t bear to feel her move. I locked her in place and waited for my post-orgasmic twitching to cease. When I released her, Katie pulled her knees out from under her and, while still engaged on my cock, slowly turned around until she was facing my feet. Then she lay back, with my cock never leaving her ass, until she covered my chest with her back. I kissed and nibbled her neck and let my hands have freely roam. I unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her breasts. The feel of her naked breasts in my hand combined with the feeling of her throbbing sphincter milking my cock, and my thoughts of sleep disappeared completely. I started to thrust into her abused ass and she wiggled from side to side as I thrust, changing the feel of her ass on each stroke. I rolled us both over, with me on top of Katie, and kept my cock thrusting into her ass the entire time. I spread my legs and rose up, getting to my knees, pulling Katie up on hers. Now I was fucking her hard and deep. Her head dropped, her hair covering her face entirely. I watched as my cock slid in and out of her ass, listening to her moan. It was so hot; I couldn’t help but get more and more excited. The more excited I got the deeper and harder I pounded. The deeper I pounded, the more Katie moaned. The more she moaned, the more excited I got. It just kept building until I couldn’t take another stroke and I blew my final load of the night.

When I finally pulled my cock out of her pulsing and throbbing ass, my dick was about as sore and raw as her ass. I collapsed in a sweaty heat next to her. We kissed and giggled and recuperated. She tried to grab my cock, but I was too sore and batted her hand away. At three a.m. she slipped out of bed, got dressed and climbed out of my open window. Then she was gone. A gentleman would have walked her home, but I was too tired to be a gentleman. I would have to make it up to her later.

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