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Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. All characters are over the age of 18 and are not modeled after any specific people.


Chapter 3: Car Ride

Faith’s phone chimed in her pocket. Pulling it out, she felt butterflies in her stomach. It was a text from Hannah.

‘I’m outside. Let’s go cutie ;)’

Faith smiled, jumping up from the couch and rushing to the door. She barely let the door close behind her as she skipped down to Hannah’s car. Hannah had set up an “appointment” so to speak, to take Faith for a drive around the town. She enjoyed the alone time with her housemates. It was the perfect setting for her teasing.

Faith reached the car and tried to open the door to the passenger front seat. It was locked. Hannah leaned over and smiled at Faith through the window.

“Backseat sweetie.” She winked.

Faith’s eyes lit up, and she squirmed at Hannah’s words. This was new.

Stepping towards the rear door, she climbed into the backseat, settling in the middle. Hannah waited patiently as she fastened her seatbelt, but didn’t move. She looked back at Faith through the rear view mirror.

“Put ’em up.” She ordered.

Faith stretched her legs out and put rested her feet on the center console, not completely understanding what Hannah was doing. Before she could change her mind, Hannah began fastening a strap over Faith’s feet, trapping her.

“What are you doing?” She asked, nervous but excited. Hannah turned her head back towards her and smiled again. She winked once more before turning back around and starting the engine.

“We’ve got a decent 20 minute drive, so get comfy.” Turning on some music, she pulled the car out of the driveway and started down the street.

The first couple casino oyna minutes of the drive, nothing happened. Both girls stayed quiet, the silence making Faith nervous. Because of her position, she had an idea. In a conversation a couple weeks ago with Hannah, she had let slip a fetish she had. She could remember seeing the mental note Hannah made in her mind. Now she couldn’t decide if that decision would bless or haunt her.

Casually humming along to the music, Hannah reached down with her right hand, and removed Faith’s flip flops. Faith tensed, realizing why Hannah had told her to wear them. ‘No way’ she thought, ‘was she going to?.’

“… hey Faith…” Hannah called. Her right arm now leaned over Faith’s ankles, like she was preparing the put them in a head-lock grip.

“… yes?” She choked out. Don’t say it. Please don’t say..

“… tickle tickle…”

Hannah gently ran her finger tips up Faith’s right sole. Faith gasped, as the motion was repeated, this time on the left. Ever so gently, Hannah was grazing her fingertips up and down her arches, like she was strumming a guitar slowly. Faith jerked her feet back, but was unable to move.

“…Faaaaaiiitthhh…” Hannah teased, using her nails to rake up and down. Faith tried to stifle a giggle. Hannah heard.

“What was that?… hmm? Are you…ticklish?”

With that Hannah began wiggling her fingers softly across the heels of Faith’s feet, all the while driving up and down various roads, enjoying the scenery. The cars windows were tinted, so no one could see inside, and the music drowned out the sounds bubbling from Faith’s lips. Fingers tickled their way up to the balls of her sensitive soles, pressing harder.

…Mm! Mmhmmhmmheheeheehee!” Giggles began to fall slot oyna out of Faith’s mouth. Her feet were incredibly ticklish. She always fantasized of this. Having someone gently tease her arches and toes while she was tied and unable to stop it. Technically she could, if she really tried. But she didn’t want to.

“HeehehehehhaahahahahhaHannah!!” She laughed as Hannah began spidering her fingers around the arch of Faith’s right foot.

“Aw does that tickle honey? Hm??? Tickle tickle tickle!” She taunted. She switched back and forth between Faith’s squirming feet, digging between her toes, scratching across her heels.


“I think it does tickle. I think my fingers are tickling your feet aren’t they. Poor feet, so ticklish. Do you want me to stop, Faith??”


Hannah flicked a single finger up and down Faith’s arches. The sensation of the focused tickling almost disorienting Faith for a moment.

“You want me to stoooop? Reeeeaaallllyyy?” A few more slow rakes of her finger across the inner side of Faith’s feet.

“Eeeeyeehehes!! Ohmhgodaaahhaaahaha!”

“Mmm.. how about if you tell me how much you like it? Then I’ll stop.” Hannah offered.

“Ahahahahwhaaatt?? Nononohoho!” Faith shook her head laughing. Her arms were wrapped around her stomach, trying to ground herself. No matter what she did she couldn’t escape Hannah’s tickling fingers. Hannah just kept driving along quiet back roads, bopping to the music, and tickling these wonderful cute feet.

“Aw, come on. Tell me you like it.”

“Mmhmmhmhmhuhuhhhaaa noooo” Faith protested.

“Tickle tickle tickle, Faith. You know you love it when I tiiickklee these soft feet. Tiiicckllee tiiickklleee canlı casino siteleri tiicckkllee”

Her wiggling fingers lightly skipped all over Faith’s heels, moving over her arches to the balls of her feet, then back again. Faith was helpless to the treatment as she laughed and laughed

“Ohmygod!!okayokay I liihihihikee iitt!” She giggles out.

“I’m sorry what was that?” A few teasing strums up and down on the left sole.

“Ah!ahhaahhahah I-I-I LIKE IT WHEN YOU TICKLE ME!!” Faith loudly submitted.

“You do? Really?”

“Yeesssyesyeshehehehh oh my god stop!!” Faith waited for Hannah to keep her promise of stopping, but she continued.

“Aw, but why should I stop if you like it so much?? Tickle tickle tiiiccckllee Faith.”

“Waaahaahahahahaiitwhat???” Nails scraped across the section where toes met the balls of Faith’s feet. Faith squealed.

“Seeeeeee??? Hannah teased.

“You like it so much I’m going to keep tickling you for the rest of the drive!! Tickle tickle tickle!!”

Faith’s body rocked as Hannah’s fingers zeroed in on the sensitive arches, slightly to the right of the middle. Right where it drove Faith wild. It tickled so much. It tickled her sensitive feet like crazy. Hannah’s skilled fingers grazed over her arches, teasing back and forth to keep the sensations fresh.

“Eehhhahahhaha oh my gooodd Hannah!!” Faith laughed and laughed. She could feel herself getting wet, but couldn’t bring herself to do anything about it. The tickling was distracting her too much.

“We have about 10 more minutes of our drive, sweetie. Then when we get home we can tickle some other areas.”

“Ah! Ahhhehehehe!” Faith shivered again at the thought. And onward, down the road, they drove.

“Until then…” Hannah murmured.

“..tickle tickle tickle…”


“…tiiiiiickle tickle tickle…”



The End

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