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High Heels

All Characters Are Over 18 Years old! This is a fantasy story all the gods and goddesses were once revered. Hawaiian mythology is quite fun to research. It was all handed down orally thus there are different accounts of almost everything. As an example Hi’iaka is Pele’s youngest sister. In one telling she is youngest of 20, in another youngest of 12 and another says she is all the sisters combined. I make no value judgments in writing this opus. I spent a lot of time doing my research. I know the spellings of some names look weird but they are correct in Hawaiian. In Hawaiian mythology your body when revived from death is as it was at the time of death. Please feel free to critique and comment of course I wish you to rate this story. Please enjoy yourself this work is a departure from my usual work it is just 8+K. I do know there is no Hawaiian Open track meet but I had to use a little poetic license. If you like the story please refer people to it but you may not usurp it.

Pondering Her Future

Lillie Johansen needed to think. It had been a wild year for her and now she had decisions to make. She had risen to the top echelon of her two events. She was a threat at any meet she entered. Like most, it took her years to get her footwork and speed up so she could get the distance she knew was possible. Eastern Europeans were the competition: Russians, Poles, Germans, and Belorussians dominated and had for years. Now there was a new girl on the block and she was bad! Lillie had set the world mark in both the hammer and discus. She was paid top dollar to appear. People were in awe of her combination of strength and grace. The speed she achieved was blinding in the hammer throw. Of course, the discus was slower but she was the fastest. She had worked for years on her weight training to build the speed and whipping motion both skills required.

Lillie would go back to her college coach every so often for his critique. He was honest, and could be brutal, but he had outlined her career. He helped her overcome the savage injury she had suffered when the wire on her hammer broke, throwing her back into an unnatural position. It took her two years to get back to where she had been. And then she had had to work eight more years to be able to be invited to major meets. Lillie’s competition knew she had potential if she could just perfect her footwork. She already had the muscles. Her coaches sent her to a dance teacher to learn how to move her feet as quickly as she could. This was slow going. Lillie had to unlearn everything from before and retrain the instincts. You couldn’t think what you wanted — it had to just happen. She spent hours visualizing and it paid off as her distances increased.

She carried no fat but she was not slender. Her arms were bulging masses, as were her legs. She was ripped in both her back and abdomen.

She had no time for relationships. When the need for sex hit her, she would find a partner of either sex. Dark brown hair and eyes, a pretty face, smallish bosom due to all the exercise, right at six feet tall. She was not a selfish lover by any means. Her partners never thought of being so she was intimidating. Lillie had a quick wit that she used on everyone. She was kind and never played mind games at competitions. Over the years she had found that a big throw was the best way to get into people’s heads. Three years ago she had started to qualify for finals in major events, and then her confidence built. Over time she moved up, placing fourth or fifth regularly. After a while she had moved into medaling. On very good days her distances had climbed above the mid-seventies into the top 10 all-time best throws.

As Lillie kept improving, she was a threat to break 80 meters — this was rarified area. At the world championships in 2015 she did just that, coming with 80.24 meters, a world record at the time. Now she was Big Time. Her discus distances were slower to increase, but they were now in the 74-meter range, and she was winning her share of big meets. She lost the hammer record to a strong Pole — it was now 82.98 meters and she wanted it back. At this level long throws were a matter of everything being perfect, not just good. Any little thing would cause a throw to come up short. Big distance throws were very rare and super exciting for the crowd to watch. At the U.S. Olympic trials, Lillie had a career day. On her first throw in the finals, she popped an 83.46 m blast — the crowd went wild. On her third, she improved radically, unloading 85.18 m. The entire track and field world was stunned. To top off this best performance of her life, on her last attempt, she could ‘feel it’ coming. With an ecstatic smile, she set up to throw — the result was 87.89 m, longer than the men’s record. When she exited the cage, all her teammates, both male and female, were there to greet her. Every one of them knew it would be a very long standing record. Lillie was looking forward to the games in Rio. She had a lust for gold. She was to be in the discus also, but a double was probably too much to ask casino oyna for.

The discus changed everything for Lillie. On her first attempt, she uncorked a long throw. On the second, she slipped during her spin. And the old back injury came back, slamming her hard. Worse than before. Her throw netted her silver — not bad. But she was in trouble for her best event.

The next day were the hammer finals. Lillie had spent as much time with trainers as she could. On the first attempt, she got that feeling again and was filled with righteous hope. She prepared to throw. She was faster than ever. Just as she released, there was an audible snap. Lillie’s body exploded in pain. She had to exit the back of the ring by herself, without touching the ring or the ground outside anywhere else. Lillie managed to roll over and crawl out. And she collapsed. She was taken off the field. Her throw, 80.04 m, placed her third. She could not climb the podium and sat in a wheelchair. She was mobbed by all the hammer throwers, both men and women. No one ever wanted to see this kind of thing happen.

Lillie flew home in an air ambulance. X-rays and a CT scan revealed that one of the disks in her lumbar spine had ruptured as a result of the torque of her throw. Two ligaments of her spine were torn. As she put it, she was ‘Fucked Up’. She underwent treatments for many weeks. By then she had detrained badly — she could not throw due to continued severe pain. Lillie was also fighting depression. Her whole life had changed in two days. Now she was forced to make new plans. She also wanted to get away from the reporters who were hounding her with inane questions. When she felt able, she took a vacation to Hawaii for some time alone.

She rented an ocean kayak and began looking at maps — there were several promising places she could get to. None had nearby roads and were not used by tourists. She could have a whole week to herself. She packed the kayak with provisions and set out early one morning. She passed up the first three possibilities, but her back told her she would have to stop soon. She then spied just the place she had been seeking. There was a little sandy area, next to a small creek for water. Lillie pulled into the deep volcanic valley. She pulled the kayak up onto the beach and dragged it as far as she could. She spent some time gathering dead wood. She put up her tent, placed her provisions inside, set up for a fire, and then went swimming in the ocean.

After her swim Lillie lay on the warm sand and drifted off, enjoying the warmth of the day. As she slept she had a very realistic dream of ancient gods and goddesses. In her mind, she felt she was being observed by one entity specifically, a very young goddess. Lillie knew this vision’s name — it was Omeo. In the dream Omeo just watched Lillie, her eyes never wandering. This dream was somehow exciting for the athlete. Having someone watch her sleep was an enticing thought. The sleep and the warmth of the sand joined to relieve some of her pain.

When she awoke, she went to the fresh water and rinsed the salt from her body and clothing, which she hung up to dry. Sitting nude was always nice. She put on sunscreen when she was dry — burning sensitive areas was not on her agenda. Lillie unpacked a watch so she could judge the time for lighting a fire. She gathered her water vessels and filled them. Lillie prepared a pallet for sleeping. She was set up for her stay. She collected all the wood she could find. There were several large pieces of driftwood that she left alone — they were too heavy. A 36-inch hand chainsaw she had brought along allowed the big logs to be cut up into manageable sizes. Three larger chunks were stacked with the smaller wood, ready to build her fire for the evening. Small kindling was set into a ring of rocks, ready to be lit. Lillie did not want a big fire — it might draw unwanted attention.

When she had completed all her preparations, Lillie sat and dissected her dream from the afternoon. It had certainly aroused her sexually. But why? There was nothing in the vision even remotely stimulating. But her sex told her otherwise; she was very wet and needy. Fingers went to work and they quickly brought relief. As she arose, she had the odd feeling that she was being observed. This started her to lubricating again. This was unusual for her — she almost never needed twice. Fingers went back to work. Lillie’s eyes closed and she now felt the presence of more than one watching her. Strangely, she was not alarmed at all. It was, however, arousing a level of passion she had never felt before.

After her fourth climax, Lillie forced herself to stop. This was too much. She had never had exhibitionistic tendencies before. The feeling of being observed continued. She took out a striker she had brought and started the kindling slowly, adding larger pieces of wood and then the driftwood. As the sun was setting, she prepared some camping food she had brought and ate her supper. Afterwards she washed her utensils and dried them off, took some slot oyna time for thinking and stretching her back, and got ready for an early sleep.

Some time after Lillie went to sleep, she awoke, feeling someone’s arms around her waist. She had no desire to harm whoever it was. She prepared herself and rolled away quickly — there was no one there. There was not even an impression in the sand, nothing to verify what she had felt by some intuition. She was convinced this was Omeo. In her mind she could visualize the Polynesian goddess: She was brown with long, black hair, and wore only a loose sarong. Her full breasts were bare. She had dark eyes that saw much more than Lillie — she could see inside of people. The image in her brain was so exciting. The goddess was gentle and thoughtful. She lay back down and slept in the thought she was being held and watched over, protected even, by this entity.

That same feeling of being watched returned the next day, but Lillie had come here to figure out her path forward. She swam and sat on a rock, trying to empty her mind and rationally decide what to do. She knew it would take her years to recover, and her sport would continue to develop while she stagnated. It was better to continue with her life. She had studied pre-law at the University of Oregon — it was time to make use of that. The thought of giving up the things she had finally mastered saddened her. Lillie sat up and wept, taking no notice of the two observers who walked out to her side to watch her.

Omeo had brought her lover Hi’iaka to see the woman. She knew this woman offered a chance for Hi’iaka to recover her beloved Hopoe. Hopoe had been killed by Hi’iaka’s sister Pele as revenge for Hi’iaka romancing Pele’s new lover. Hopoe had been covered by molten lava. Her loss had so devastated Hi’iaka that she plotted to kill her sister. The other gods and goddesses intervened, as this would have upset the balance of nature.

Lillie had the strength to be a vessel for a reincarnated Hopoe, but her sadness worried the two who watched her tears. In a quick move, Lillie shot up and sprinted to the water. She dived in, leaping high and spiraling twice. As she was about to enter, she saw a lobster under the clear water. As she broke the surface, she grabbed the body of the shellfish. When Lillie resurfaced, she came waist high out of the water and hurled her catch up onto her tent. She turned around and swam back to shore. She grabbed a large bowl and filled it with sea water. Placing the lobster into the water, she heard the voices of two women. She turned and saw them come out of the ocean. One she knew as Omeo; the other, who was older, she did not know. Each had her own catch.

Omeo had two crabs, one in each hand, while Hi’iaka had a fish, a small mahi mahi only 15 inches long. Lillie watched every move the two made, and she felt no fear. “Omeo? Is that your name?”

Lillie heard the response in her mind. “That is my name. This is Hi’iaka. She is a goddess also. Welcome to our home. Do you mind if we eat with you? Just think your answer — you do not need to speak. We will understand.”

Lillie was now becoming a little concerned. “By all means, join me. What can I provide for you two to cook with?” Lillie realized that her thoughts were an open book to these women/goddesses, so she kept her mind as blank as possible. The women sensed that their visitor was attracted to them, while fearing them just a bit as well. They, too, were intrigued by this strong woman. She had an internal strength that impressed both.

Omeo went back into the water and returned with both her arms full of seaweed. This was a traditional way to cook all the food. Hi’iaka walked out into the trees and returned with banana leaves and taro root. The goddesses built up the smoldering fire that Lillie had started the day before.

Lillie heard a voice in her mind. “We will not hear your private thoughts. They are for your mind only. If you wish to communicate, simply think as though you are speaking.” Lillie looked into Hi’iaka’s eyes, knowing these were her thoughts she had just ‘heard’. She nodded to show she had understood.

Lillie took out her folding knife in case it was needed. She felt a very gentle touch on her lower back. ‘Hearing’ Omeo speak in a language she took to be Hawaiian, she saw concern in Hi’iaka’s face. “Omeo can feel you have much pain in your spine. May I touch it?” Lillie nodded and stood still. More soft caresses on her spine. She was enjoying the touch of these exotic beauties. Voices behind Lillie were soft and soothing. The touching was making her excited, and she worried they could sense that. “Are we upsetting you? You are getting wet below. Would you like us to sooth that also?”

Lillie was embarrassed by the whole of what had happened but the thought of sex with these two was a strong stimulant. “I think that might be a wonderful thing as long as you don’t mind.”

“Lillie, why do you think I held you at night? You are so strong and beautiful. Hi’iaka loves women and surely canlı casino siteleri does want to love on you as well.” Lillie felt a hand turn her around to face the two island ladies. Their faces were flushed with excitement. This was all it took for Lillie. She was starting to shudder as if she were cold, but it was something else. The two black-haired partners led her to her pallet and gently pulled her down with them. Hi’iaka locked her lips onto Lillie’s and an intimate oral dance proceeded. At the same time, Omeo took possession of the left breast. Lillie’s breasts were small as a result of all her athletic endeavor, but they were certainly not lacking in sensitivity. She felt tingling spread out from from her nipple starting her pussy to weep its joy freely.

The kissing was adding so much intensity to Lillie’s excitement! She had never had partners with as much passion as these two! But Lillie was keeping pace with the couple — she could feel Hi’iaka’s excitement in her grinding hips. Omeo tried to drive Lillie to climax with her insistent breast work. Lillie had to concentrate to keep control, but she was losing her struggle quickly. After all, her two lovers had centuries of practice. Hi’iaka joined Omeo on the right breast, with fingers stroking, tongue and lips sucking. Lillie started to moan to the sky. This amount of input was overloading her very ability to think. Her hips pounded up and down, looking for something, anything to rub on. The two Hawaiian goddesses were deeply into their own work, trying to unleash the raging need gently. One arm tightly pulled in each of the breast assaulters to hold them to their task. Lillie’s lower body was starting to writhe about in an attempt to grasp one of the Polynesian women. They in turn slid away from the seeking legs so that there would be no halt in the slow, sure orgasm.

The inevitable release happened. Lillie hurled her arms out, forgetting to release her lovers. Both were hurled to the side, rolling away laughing. They took much pleasure in bringing consummation to Lillie. The climax was not halting. Every movement caused another ripple to pass through. Lillie rolled on her side, which helped her to come down to earth. She eyed Omeo with hunger.

Omeo watched the display of raw sexuality take place — it had her in a state. She looked from one woman to the other. Hi’iaka was obviously in need. Omeo knew she would never get past Lillie, who had the look of a shark on the hunt. She did the only sensible thing and crawled to her hunter. She had to give in so that she could take her lover. Omeo came to Lillie just as Hi’iaka touched her back. Now Lillie had two targets that she wanted equally. She latched onto the one before her, pulling her gently in. Her lips took control of the mouth. One arm reached behind, grasping a buttock, and started to knead — the other took possession of a breast. The level of frenzy in Omeo made her a willing victim. She was being quickly taken over the edge. Legs entwined, with both participants grasping a thigh between theirs, and grinding started. Neither could resist the tribbing. They were on the precipice and willingly fell in. A screech came from Omeo as she vaulted into release, igniting Lillie’s second powerful release. Hi’iaka watched in her own lustful grogginess, her fingers softly rubbing herself. She knew her turn had come. It was now inevitable.

When the couple had finished spasming, they turned on Hi’iaka with hunger burning in their eyes. She started to crawl away but felt her ankle grabbed. She did not fight — she wanted release very badly. She was placed in the center of the pallet, at the complete mercy of her lovers. Hi’iaka was not concerned. She was so turned on, wanting this to last. On the other hand, her lovers wanted a furious climax. Lillie attached her lips tongues entwined, and lust ran free. Omeo slithered between Hi’iaka’s legs and started in. Her fingers slipped into her target, evoking a gasp which Lillie swallowed, never giving up her oral ministrations. Omeo started to gently flick the little erect nub, causing jerks in Hi’iaka. Lillie easily held her in place, placing a hand on each breast. Everyone heard the response emitted by Hi’iaka. Like a switch being turned on, Hi’iaka’s hips started to piston, approaching a climax unlike any she had experienced. Omeo stoked with fingers and suckled on the organ of pleasure. She knew it would be soon.

Lillie felt the heart beneath her hands race faster, then heard a deep moan, followed by Hi’iaka throwing her off bodily. Hi’iaka sat up at a 45-degree angle. When the apex was crested, she slammed her body back down shooting her hips high. Omeo was hurled off. Lillie felt the shock of a small earthquake — rocks rolled down the valley walls. The two who brought the other to this gaped in amazement as another round of release struck. There was another quake as Hi’iaka made the Earth join her rapture. All over the planet her joy was monitored by scientists. After two more violent spasms and their corresponding Earth movements, Hi’iaka started to regain control. Omeo’s expression told her that she had lost control. It was something they had avoided since Europeans first came. At the volcano monitoring facilities, island-wide plans were being made to visit the epicenter.

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