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I drowsed on the bus, thinking half-awake thoughts about my last visit with Lin, and about the wonderful feelings she had awakened in me. I had my jacket spread over me, to fight the chill of the bus’s air conditioning. As a result, no one could see my hand pressing between my legs as some of the most amazing moments came back to me. I was barely aware of what that hand was doing, in my dreamy state, except that warmth started to spread outward from my hips.

My mind wandered in that half-awake state. I thought about how lovingly Lin had brought my first orgasm to me, and how much it delighted her to see and feel my body respond. Accepting that pleasure from her and seeing her joy in it both mattered in ways I couldn’t put words to. It seemed as if my sexuality was from her and for her, even when I returned to her the sensations that she had given me. In my groggy state, that felt right somehow. Lin was my oldest and closest friend. I couldn’t imagine extending that level of trust to anyone else. More than trust — reliance? Need? At the thought of putting my senses in her hands again, something warm and happy blossomed low in my in my tummy and I felt an inner quiver. I dozed in and out, enjoying that glow of anticipation.

I worked back to full consciousness when the bus started maneuvering the city streets. My sleepy half-thoughts evaporated as I checked the time and made sure I wasn’t leaving anything on the bus. Once I stopped and left the bus, the walk to Lin’s apartment got the blood moving and wakened me fully.

As soon as Lin opened the front door, she practically jumped to give me a bear hug, then stood on tiptoe to kiss my cheek. “Micca! It’s so good to see you! Come in, come in.”

She held the door while I moved my bags inside. Then she closed the door. She moved toward me again, taking one of my hands in each of hers and pressing my back against the wall. Her lips found mine this time, in a touch much softer than I expected from her grip on my hands. Pinioned, her lips on mine, her breasts pressing into the softness of mine, a flare of physical sensation wiped coherent thought from my mind. A moment later, one of her thighs pressed up between mine and separated them. A hand on the back of my hip pulled me forward, pressing her soft, muscled thigh into the warmth between my legs, as our long kiss continued. Leaning back, she looked up into my eyes and said, “It’s really good to see you.”

We both luxuriated in the physical contact, legs between legs, for a long moment. Her grip still held one of my hands. I felt almost unable to act as long as she constrained me like that. “If I don’t let go of you now,” she said, “we’ll never get out of here.” Despite our plans, that sounded good.

Lin stepped back, lifted my hand for a quick kiss, and turned to her closet. I lifted my smaller bag onto her bed, the only place for it in this studio apartment, and got my gown out. Lin’s was over the back of a chair. She had already shed her T-shirt and skinned out of her shorts as I watched. That left her wholly naked, and I let myself look at that tawny back and cute butt for just a moment. Then I started to undress, too.

Lin opened the underwear drawer, lifted a pair of panties and looked at it for a moment, then I heard her say “Nah” under her breath and look over her shoulder with an elfin grin. “It’s a warm day and this gown is heavy. I don’t need the extra layer. How about you?”

“Uh, OK.” She could talk me into anything. I was down to my underwear by that point, so pushed my panties down to my knees, then stepped out of them. I kept the bra, though. I envied Lin’s slim bust, the kind that didn’t need one. On me, it’s pretty much a necessity.

The gown had gone over Lin’s head. She was settling it onto her shoulders and hips when she looked over at me. “You shaved!”

“Yes,” I answered. “You looked so cute when you did that I decided to try it. I didn’t want to go all the way, though. I figured I could try it like this, then trim more if I wanted.” Lin came over and knelt in front of me while I was talking. Her face was just inches from my mons. I felt shy but excited under her examination. She reached a fingertip out and touched the little strip of fur I had left.

“Hey, that tickles!”

“Sorry.” Her hand backed away, then she grabbed my hips in both hand and pulled her face into my mons. A warm, brief kiss almost melted me. She stood up and turned to lace up the top of her gown. “God, Micca, I’m going to be thinking how you look under that dress all day. If you don’t cover up, I’ll never get my hands off you.” She headed to the bathroom to finish her adjustments.

I pulled my gown on and adjusted it. Even under the long skirt of my costume, I felt little wisps of breeze tickle me. If this kept up, I’d spend the whole day dripping. Just as I was finishing, I heard an angry growl from the bathroom.

“What’s the problem?”

Lin glared back at me with a makeup brush in her hand. “If you must know, casino siteleri I’m trying to draw in some cleavage. Not all of us have your natural gifts.” Her glare dipped to my low-cut bodice for a moment, then back up. I have to admit, cleavage is one thing my figure is good for.

I looked at what she had been doing — well, Lin never was very good with makeup. “Can I help?”

She stiff-armed the brush at me and growled, “You sure can’t do any worse.” She had tried to darken the valley between her breasts, to imitate the crevice that showed over my dress. That was never going to work.

“Get that top off so I can see what I’m working with.” Her skin tone is a good bit darker than mine, so it took me a moment to orient myself in the unfamiliar palette of colors in her makeup bag. By the time I saw the logic in it, her top was around her waist. “Let’s start by washing that off.”

I have to admit, I played a little with the warm water and towel, stopping only when I heard a catch in Lin’s voice. Once she was dried off, I turned her in front of me, so we both faced the mirror. I lifted the top to see about where the bodice came, then lifted her breasts in my hands.

“You don’t plan on walking around behind me all day, do you?”

“C’mon,” I protested. “I need to see what I’m working with.” True enough, but the feel of them in my hands was hard to let go of. “I think I see how to do this.”

Instead of concentrating on the line of cleavage, which Lin would never really have, I started by dusting the tops of her breasts with a lighter tone. Then I darkened the side of each one a little, where it faced toward the other, and spent some time softening the edges and blending the shades. I didn’t touch the flat expanse over between them. I wanted to do a little more of what light and shade normally does to show the shape of the curve, not add anything that wasn’t already there.

The first time the makeup brush touched Lin’s nipple was accidental, but the areola started to thicken immediately. After that, the brush touched more frequently, although I tried to make it look unintentional. Even with that, it didn’t take long. I added a few touches to her cheeks and eyes, and was done. I held the bodice up to her chest again, and asked, “What do you think?”

Clutching it to her chest, she turned to the mirror. “Wow! They almost look like boobs! You’re brilliant!”

“I know,” I answered. “My brilliance and my modesty are my two most endearing traits.”

A few minutes later, she had finished dressing again and we in her car, driving to the Renaissance Faire. We’d been going for years, so it was almost a ritual for us. The SCA people got a bit too intense for our taste, with their complex rules and role-playing, but we enjoyed playing dressup up for it.

We spent the day looking at the crafts, watching the SCA geeks in their elaborate costumes and odd games, and largely avoiding the food concessions. The few things we nibbled were good, but we both wanted to avoid drinking very much and didn’t want to make ourselves thirsty. The port-a-potties were usually pretty gross by the end of the day. Even without skirts that swept the ground, neither of us wanted to touch anything in there. We enjoyed the Faire, but were happy enough when the chill of sundown marked the end of the day.

Since we hadn’t eaten or drunk much during the day, we were both famished when we got back to her apartment. Rather than take the time to cook, we each had a turn in the bathroom, then headed out to the Italian restaurant down the street. We didn’t bother to change out of our Faire gowns, and attracted a few curious stares.

It was probably a mistake to start right in on the wine after spending the day dehydrated. It went straight to our heads. By the time we left the restaurant, we were giggling like twelve year olds. It’s a good thing her apartment was just a couple of blocks; neither one of us was in any shape to drive. We made our way upstairs a little unsteadily. She turned on the lights in the apartment, and I bolted past her to the bathroom. After gulping a day’s worth of water during the meal and a glass of wine too many, I felt like I was about to pop.

I hadn’t finished when Lin came in, nonchalantly naked, and turned to the sink. She ran warm water into the sink and started washing the makeup from her face and chest. I finished at the toilet, then came up behind her.

“I think you missed a spot.” I pointed to the underside of her breast, over the horizon from her line of sight. “May I get it for you?”

She turned and handed me the washcloth. Really, she had gotten just about everything, but I enjoyed the feel of the warm water and rough washcloth. I enjoyed even more rubbing them over her tiny, perfect breasts, and hearing the little gasp at a soft scrape over her nipple.

“Do you want to take a shower?” I asked.

“I don’t think so. I’m too tired.” She sniffed under her arm. “It was a hot day. I really should slot oyna wipe the pits.”

“I’ll do that for you!” I liked the way her body was responding to the warm water, the way her nipples rose as I washed her chest.

“OK,” she answered, “But you don’t want that dress to get wet, do you? Here, let me help.”

I put down the washcloth and stood with my arms out. Lin leaned over and kissed the top of each breast, where the low-cut bodice showed cleavage, then undid the laces. She wasn’t quite tall enough to pull it over my head, so I helped with that step and hung it on the hook on the door. That left me wearing only my bra. I turned to face her again, then reached behind to undo it.

Lin said, “I’ll do that for you.” I started to turn my back toward her, but she grabbed my hips and pulled us together, front touching front. Then she reached around behind me, to the eyelets. She’s small, so she had to pull me close to reach the both sides of the connection.

I felt the tension go out of the bra strap, but Lin still held me close with one arm around my waist. The other hand pulled the straps off my shoulders, one at a time, then tugged the bra out from between us. Her hands knew what they were doing and didn’t need her eyes to guide them. The whole time, her dark hair framed a steady gaze up into my eyes.

Still holding, she pushed her hips forward toward mine. “Now,” she started, “about that PTA cleanup.”

“PTA?” I couldn’t figure out what that meant, for what we were doing.

“Pussy, tits, and armpits.”

I giggled. “I’ve already done the T. Let me start on the A.” She lifted one arm. I rewarmed the washcloth in the sink, then scrubbed gently. I hoped a firm touch would avoid the tickles, and it mostly did. I dried that, then did the other side.

I rinsed the washcloth in warm water again and knelt in front of Lin. I put one hand on her behind, holding both cheeks, and started to dab at her clean-shaven mons. This close, the scent of her body filled my senses. Mostly, I detected the kind of clean-sweat smell that is uniquely Lin’s, but something else too — fresher, deeper, and sweeter.

Before going any lower with the washcloth, I ran my fingertip along the line between her labia, separating them the slightest bit as I went. I felt a slickness down low. When I looked, I saw a little sheen high between her thighs, too. “Oh, you dirty girl! You really do need a good cleaning, don’t you?”

Lin just smiled and reached out to brush some hair from my face. Two half-steps moved her feet a bit more than shoulder-width away from each other. This didn’t actually open her labia, but the line between them deepened. I needed two hands for this part of the job, so I let go of her bottom. One hand exposed her inner folds, the other stroked them with the warm, rough cloth. I saw one leg or the other tighten as she balanced; occasionally sinews stood out in both at once. Her breath came unevenly those times. I could feel excitement rising in my own body. Maybe I was seeing it rise in hers, too.

“Now,” I said as I looked up, “open wide.” Her knees bent into a squat that only Lin could make graceful. We held each others’ eyes, her finger traced my brow, and I reached to the lowest point between her legs. One hand held her labia open, with the heel of that hand pressing against her mons. The other felt out the soft, deep entrance to her body, and laved it with loving strokes.

She dipped as a tremor went through both knees at once. Her eyelid fluttered, over a quiet hiss of breath sucked in. When the moment passed, she said, “I think that’s as clean as I can stand. Your turn now.”

I stood, handed her the washcloth, and raised one arm. She wet it again, wrung it out, and started under my arm. I managed to resist the tickles — Lin has a very light touch some times. Even while she was working on my arm, I felt her drifting lower, toward the side of my breast, and chose to enjoy the touch. She dried it, then I turned and presented my other side. Lin wrung and rinsed the cloth, then continued to clean me.

Next, my breasts. I don’t know why they fascinate her so much when hers are so beautiful, maybe it’s the difference. She lifted one carefully and wiped the upper surface, then worked her way to the nipple. I felt it tighten under her gentle attention. Then, she bent over and kissed it. At first, she just pressed her face into the softness. After a moment, she peppered it all over with little kisses, top and sides, then took the whole areola into her mouth and suckled gently. I could feel my body responding, and smiled back when she looked up at me with her mouth full. She let go with her mouth, then wiped the underside as carefully as she had done the top. (That’s the part that matters, where it gets sweaty.) Taking the towel in both hands, she lifted my damp breast and massaged it dry, rubbing the nipple frequently with the towel’s soft roughness.

My legs were trembling by the time she finished that breast, canlı casino siteleri and clutched tightly together after the same treatment on the other one. Lin finished drying it, set it down, and reached for the washcloth again. Knowing what came next, I hopped up on the counter, next to the sink. I leaned back, scooted my bottom forward until it was almost off the counter, and managed to get my heels onto the edge of the counter, barely. I felt myself open completely to Lin’s attention.

That first time we made love Lin had said “this is mine now,” with her hand on my vulva, and I acquiesced. I shivered, not just because of the chill of the tile under me, but from the sense that this was somehow right. Starting at the crease next to each thigh and at the top of my mons, she daubed me with warmth. Working inward, she grasped an inner petal and tugged it gently aside so she could wipe the pinkness between the inner and outer lips, then the same on the other side. Thumb and finger spread me open, and she wiped the hood of my clitoris, top to bottom, each side.

By that point, I could feel moisture pooling on the counter, under my bottom. Lin shifted her touch. I couldn’t see what she was doing, but her singleness of intent was obvious. “Oh, this really needs to be cleaned. Look at all this.” I felt a fingertip at the edge of my vagina. The touch came as a surprise, since I couldn’t see the contact, and I felt myself flinch under it. Lin giggled, pursed her lips, and blew a puff of air where she had just touched. I flinched again.

“Come on, Lin! You’re just teasing me now.” I meant that in more than one way — my arousal had reached a point that demanded additional stimulation, and the washcloth wasn’t it. Lin wiped me carefully, wetting and wringing the washcloth once or twice more. A final quick poke touched my anus, and I yelped. Lin giggled again, then patted me dry with a towel. When she set the towel aside, I started to sit up.

Lin objected “Hey, I’m not done yet!” I leaned back, wondering what she had in mind. She brought both hands up between my legs, one at the base of each thigh, still staring intently into my open vulva. “You know, you were right. This is so much prettier than I expected.” Then, as I had done with her last time, she leaned forward and kissed me. She touched me once with her lips or tongue, then sat back on her heels. Still looking into my open vulva, she licked her upper lip, and leaned forward again. As open as I was, her tongue tip easily probed the outermost edge of my vaginal canal. I tried not to squirm under that liquid caress, but reached down to her. I just wanted to touch, to connect, not control, so I brushed her hair back behind her ear and stroked its rim. Lip-nibbles along my pink petals alternated with long, wet strokes. That piercing soft tongue returned again and again to my vagina, then continued in a new exploration.

I think Lin noticed before I did. Some of her strokes seemed to touch my whole body. At each one, my breath rushed out with a sound and my body tightened. That tension started across my tummy, where I saw a ridge of muscle rise, then fall again as the moment passed. Soon, I could feel my bottom and thighs tighten when that wave passed over me. Lin caught the rhythm. As each pulse of tension arrived, her intimate caress would guide it to new parts of my body — my shoulders joined in next. When that became too much, my body fell back, and her kisses reverted to slow and warm again.

After a little while, Lin’s attention centered high on my vulva. That agile tongue traced the ridge of my clitoris, avoiding over-stimulation at the tip. Each time my body wound tight, my whole body by that time, her tongue would flicker across that ridge. I couldn’t control my voice; I could only listen as the tension drove ragged moans from my throat. Soon, the moment came. Instead of releasing me, each surge of strength took hold of my body before the last had let go. Each one rose above the one before, my voice edged louder, and I lost control to the orgasm that blossomed under her intimate kisses. Just when I reach the top of a surge, Lin’s finger entered me deep and fast. Instead of getting louder, my voice locked in my throat. A little sound leaked out each time I panted, but her finger curling inside had grasped some new level of intensity and held it within me.

I thought it couldn’t become any more intense. But then, Lin wrapped her lips around my clitoris, sucked the tip of it out from its protection, and trilled her tongue-tip across it. I spasmed. My head threw back, even as my shoulders curled in on themselves. My panting froze as the intensity of it paralyzed my throat. Then, as abruptly as it had begun, it ended. I slumped, and my breath became my own again. Tremors shook me again and again, but the orgasm of my life was ending. Soon my voice returned, too, turning my breath into quiet gasps. Lin’s kisses had been fast and complex, but became slow, wide, and warm. Her finger remained inside me, but just held. It no longer commanded my response. As sounds came from me again, they became more and more like laughter. Lin’s finger withdrew, then her mouth, leaving only her hand to cover my most intimate nakedness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32