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Chapter Fourteen


Head-ranger Adarian knelt before me. I let him kneel for quite a while, my anger simmering silently in the throne room. “Rise.” I finally commanded, “Explain yourself, Ranger.”

“My queen,” Adarian said, rising to his feet, “our attack on the Terdini tribe was repelled. Brock Terdini was not present, but we did dispatch his wife.”

“I don’t give a shit about his wife!” I said angrily, “How does an elite company of rangers lose to a pack of beasts?!”

Adarian paused. “You Highness, the Terdini are more than just a pack of-”

“I don’t want to hear excuses, I want reasons, Head-ranger.” I said, easing myself with a breath, “I’m not bringing into question your expertise or qualifications, but this is highly irregular. Rangers simply don’t lose.”

“Elena Straltaira is with the Terdini. She knows our tactics inside and out. She organized the orcs into a successful counterattack.”

“Elena,” I sighed putting a hand on my head, “Yavara’s dyke. I figured she’d joined her.”

“She’s changed.” Adarian said.

I peered at him from between my fingers. “Changed how?”

“She’s dark like Yavara, but with blonde hair like us.” Adarian cleared his throat, “And she has a penis.”

“Come again?”

“She has a penis.” Adarian said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“She has a…” I frowned, “Are you sure it’s not a prosthetic? Maybe even a spell? There are quite a few toys a woman can use with another woman you know.”

“I can assure you, Your Highness, it’s very organic.” Adarian looked uneasy, “I saw her using it to great effect.”

“Adarian, you peeping tom!” I laughed, “Tell me, how did Elena Straltaira finally get the penis she’s always wanted?”

“I suspect Yavara did that somehow. I’m not sure what it means.”

“It means that Yavara has a method of turning high-elves dark and deformed.” I said, “The ramifications of that are dire to say the least. What if Yavara sends back prisoners of war like that? Do I execute them as traitors? Do we put them in a zoo? The last thing I can do is let them be treated like people.”

“It’s not for me to decide, Your Highness.” Adarian muttered.

“No, you’re somewhat of a liberal about these things, aren’t you?” I sighed, “Father always said you were more diplomat than a soldier.”

“When you operate in hostile territory and are outnumbered a thousand to one, it behooves one to be diplomatic.”

“You’re guerillas now, Ranger.” I studied him carefully, “Your job is to keep the orcs in tatters until our army is ready to invade. Now Brock Terdini has doubled his force in a day, Drake Titus has turned Alkandran loyalist, Elena is hermaphroditic traitor, and Yavara and Prestira have escaped Ardeni Dreus right from under my nose.” I chewed on my lip, “But how? Not through the city gates, and not over the wall. Not by ferry, nor by horseback. I have spies everywhere, and the bounty I put out made spies of half the world.”

“Drake Titus just collected a sum twice that of your bounty.”

“From King Dreus, on behalf of Yavara.” I said, “But she was already gone by then… ah, how did I fall for that?!” I leapt out of my throne, and strode past Adarian, “Glendian!” I yelled, “Glendian, is that mirror I have with Sea Serpents working yet? I’ve got a big fucking fish for them to catch!”


Yavara was tied to the mast of the ship, her hands bound above her head. Her face tilted upward with her teeth bared, an intense growl rumbling from her. She had elected to get her nipples pierced (by my suggestion), and I was now tugging on the chain between them. She let out pathetic moan as the toys in her ass and pussy were thrust viciously into her, their movements controlled by my mind.

“This is how you wanted to learn telekinesis, Yavara, don’t get mad at me.” I teased. The vampires were all resting below deck to avoid the sun, leaving the entire open-aired part of the ship to us, save for Brutus who was steering the vessel. Yavara’s thick thighs tensed as she let out a cry, her pussy gushing yet another orgasm as I beat her down.

“Ah fuck you, Prestira.” Yavara gasped, her back curving from the mast.

“You can fuck me all you want once you gain control of those things inside of you.” I snickered.

“I’m not sure I’m getting the concept here,” Yavara said with effort as she grinded her thighs together, “How is this different from telepathy?”

“You’re not looking for a connection between you and the object,” I explained, pulling Yavara’s chain, “you’re literally just trying to grab the object with your mind.”

“Oh,” Yavara muttered, watching her breasts stretch from her body, “I’ll give it another try.”

“I’m kind of hoping you don’t get the hang of this yet.” I smiled as I pulled out two giant dildos from my bag, “I’ve got all kinds of interesting things I want to try.”

A hint of fear mixed with the excitement in Yavara’s eyes. I pulled out the two dildos that were inside of her and levitated the bigger ones right beneath her holes. “Ready?” I asked, licking my lips.

Yavara bit her lip, and nodded. Without resistance, I forced the toys into Yavara, her torso flexing with the sudden strain of penetration. She cried out, her eyes dulling in the heat of her pleasure, her brow knitting in concentration. I pushed the toys further into her, spinning them on their axis. Yavara’s concentration broke, her eyes rolled up, and she moaned and gasped in turn, her cheeks flushing. Her arms strained under her weight, her bronze body curving away from the mast. When the toys entered her completely, her legs gave out, and she surrendered. I moved the lengths of the dildos in and out of her holes, her anus stretching from her body, unwilling to give up its meal, her pussy slickening its consumption as I played with her just how she liked.

“You’re not even trying anymore.” I sighed.

“Don’t stop!” She cried.

I pulled down hard on Yavara’s chain, hoping it would snap her out of her sexual fugue state, but it only brought her more pleasure. She moaned in masochistic delight, biting her lip and giving me doe eyes to compel my abuse. I slapped her across the cheek, sending her head whipping to the side. She snapped her neck around and smiled.

“Please ma’am, may I have another?” She giggled. I slapped her again, a sharp cry spurting from her lush mouth. “Please ma’am, may I have another?” She screamed. I reeled my hand back and wrenched it forward. It didn’t move. Yavara grinned broadly at me. “What’s the matter Prestira? Don’t you want to hit me?”

“Nice job Yavara! Now we need to-” my hand whipped around and struck me in the face.

“We need to do what?” Yavara smiled.

I pushed the toys so deep into her that they disappeared completely. Yavara’s head tilted back, her mouth expressed her violating joy, but she never broke her imperious stare. My body was lifted into the air, and my clothes were ripped from me. Yavara held me in suspension and spread my legs, leaving me dangling upside down. The contents of my fun bag were spilled onto the deck, and I gazed down in fear as the Dark Queen picked her instruments of torture.

“Ooo, what does this do?” Yavara asked as she raised a toy to her eyes. It was conical corkscrew, the edges dulled, but the base wide. There was no way I was letting her put that in me. I focused my entire being on the floating object, letting the toys inside Yavara fall freely from her gaping holes and splat onto the deck. It was no use; she was already stronger than me. Much stronger. I strained with all my might, but Yavara advanced the plug without a hitch. My sorceress’s pride would’ve normally compelled me to never give in, but I’d given Yavara my pride too many times for it to count for much.

“Yavara, stop! You win!” I pleaded.

“I know, I’m just claiming my prize.” Yavara teased as the plug came closer and closer to me.

“Yavara, stop!”

“No.” She smiled. The rubber point pressed against my sphincter.

“Stop!” It began to rotate as it entered me. “Yavara!” But she wouldn’t relent, and I felt every edge of the screw as it stirred my rectum, reaming me to ruinous levels, mingling ratcheting pain with unbearable ecstasies. Oh, why couldn’t I just have normal sex anymore?! But the thought vanished as the plug entered me completely, and the epiphany of my debasement was realized. I wanted it like this, truly I did. Just as long as it was her doing it. But oh god, did it hurt! Why did she make the pain feel so good?!

“Oh Prestira, did I hurt you?” Yavara smiled, “I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you.”

Yavara’s luscious wet lips wrapped around my clit. I moaned as she sucked, her mouth pulling backward and stretching my flesh from me, toying with my bead behind pursed, grinning lips. The plug in my ass continued its methodical rotation, stretching me open, rubbing against the same tortured nerves over and over and over! Soon, I was crying my pleasure to the sky, my belly flexing with convulsions, rivulets of sweat running down my breasts, gleaming in the noon sun.

“Ship!” Brutus yelled from the wheel. I snapped from my sexual fugue state, and looked up to see three massive masts approaching us at intercept speed. They bore black sails with a red snake embroidered in their center.

Sea Serpents! I exclaimed to Yavara.

Shit. Yavara said, and lowered me to the deck. It all happened so fast. Our fleet moved into a counterattack position, but the pirate vessel navigated through the ships with ease, sending blasts of flame onto the decks of the vampire ships. I shot quenching spells onto the burning hulls to save the vulnerable vampires below deck while Yavara shot into one of the pirate’s minds and sent him on a rampage. The other pirates cut him down before he could do much damage, but Yavara grabbed another, and charged him into his shipmates. It was too late. The pirate vessel ran the length of our broadside, and five massive harpoons blasted through the hull of our ship. I could hear the shrieks below deck. The pirates reeled us in from chains connecting the harpoons until our hulls coupled with a deep thud. I sliced at the chains with arcane fire while Yavara’s mind raced illegal bahis from man to man. A volley of arrows came down on us, and I threw up an arcane shield just in time. The pirates poured onto the deck, headless of the men stabbing them in the back, charging right for us.

“Use telekinesis!” I screamed at her, gritting my teeth as arrow after arrow tested my arcane shield. Yavara threw out her hands, and the leading four men were sent hurtling into the ranks behind, knocking them over like dominoes. She picked one man up and launched him screaming into the sky, then another she splattered against the mast. Brutus came roaring into the pirate flanks with club in his hand, and disappeared into the fray. They were swarming now, losing shape, filling the deck with too many bodies. A grinning dwarf burst through my shield, and I ended the spell just in time to disembowel the intruder with a laceration incantation. Another volley of arrows rained on us. Yavara shrieked out, a haft protruding from her breast inches from her heart. She collapsed onto the ground in agony. Unthinking, I rushed to her aid. Then four strong hands were grabbing me, and something came down on my head. Then, there was nothing.


The arrow was deep in my breast, blood flowing freely from the wound. I coughed wet iron, my throat flooding. The vampires came flowing from below deck, covered head to toe in black clothing. They moved like ebony blurs, passing right through the pirates and turning them into clouds of red. I grabbed a mental hold of one of the men dragging Prestira and made him kill the other. One of his comrades put a hatchet in the back of his head and continued to drag the woman away. I feebly titled my head up and launched the kidnapper into the sea. Another one grabbed hold of the witch and continued to drag her. The black cloaks of the vampires obstructed my vision, preventing me from seeing what my mind searched for. Severed limbs flew, guts and awful splattered on the deck, and the black blurs advanced toward the pirate ship like mist. A salvo of flame-shot burst from the torches on the pirate vessel. The clothes of the vampires were burned off them, and the exposed flesh hissed and melted in the sun. Screams sounded from all around, horrible and agonized, beautiful faces half-crisped and smoking before my eyes. Our ship lurched to its side as the harpoons disconnected. The Sea Serpent vessel keeled and sailed away, the oars pulling it further. I reached out with my mind, focusing on its bow, pulling back with every atom between me and it. It slowed down for a second, but I wasn’t strong enough to stop it. Its massive sails caught the wind and swelled, and the ship grew smaller, and smaller, and smaller. I felt gentle hands take me and carry me below deck. I screamed out for them to chase the pirate vessel, but they didn’t listen to me. I screamed and screamed, tears streaking down my face. What was I screaming about? Who were these people? Where was I? The ceiling began to spin, my vision began to fade. A concerned face blurred above me as the world went black.

Prestira, I’m so sorry.


“Wake up sleepy-head.” A gravelly voice teased as I ebbed into consciousness. My wrists and ankles were bound, and my fingers were entwined. I looked down to see a syringe was protruding from my forearm. Captain Timothy Two-Shot stood over me, his glass eye looking in the opposite direction, a cigarette smoked from between his lips. “Prestira Rasloraca, you have made some powerful enemies.”

“I’ve made some powerful friends too, Tim,” I murmured as I sat upright, “and they’ll be coming after me.”

“The vampires don’t have a ship fast enough to catch us,” Tim said, smiling, “but you don’t need them to, do you? You just need to wait out until nightfall, and then you can reveal your true nature and slaughter my crew. That was your plan, wasn’t it?”

I tried to keep the despair off my face, but Tim’s widening grin told me I’d failed. I looked down at the needle sticking in my arm.

“When we heard you and Yavara were aboard Titus’s ship, we figured he bit you. I mean, Titus wouldn’t just join you if you didn’t give him something in return, right? So we performed a little test, and lo and behold, the Witch of Ardeni has become a day-walker. We injected you with a garlic solution; you can’t turn on us anytime soon.”

I laughed helplessly. “So what now, Tim?”

“Well Prestira,” Tim said as he crouched down to eye level, “my crew was really hoping we’d get Yavara. There’s a half-million-dollar price on her head, but you’re the next best thing. What happens now, Prestira, is you’re going to Bentius to answer to Queen Leveria Tiadoa.”

“Yavara will make you a better offer than anything Leveria can give you.” I said weakly, “We have millions stashed away on our ships.”

“So I heard,” Tim laughed, “but I’m not making an enemy of a nation as powerful as the Highlands to join your doomed cause.” Tim pulled out two small gems from his coat. “Do you know what these are?”

I nodded. They were neuron disruptors. They would prevent me from using my magic even if I got my fingers free. Tim placed them on my temples. The gems spun rapidly, growing hot, then searing as they drilled their way into my skull. My eyes watered in pain and I cried out, collapsing onto the floor. I watched my blood-connections between Titus and Yavara disappear from my mind. I was alone.

Tim tilted my head upright by the chin. He was grinning broadly now, his rotten yellow teeth black around the gums. “There’s some fellas here who’ve been dying to make your acquaintance, Prestira Rasloraca. You’ll not want for quality company while you’re aboard my ship. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. The Sea Serpents are always happy to accommodate our guests.”

Two men grabbed me by the shoulders and dragged me from the cabin. They pulled me across the deck until we reached the hatch, and then pushed me down the steps, my body tumbling roughly to the wood floor. My eyes adjusted to the darkness of the hold. I wish they hadn’t. This was a slaver’s vessel, and the crew had taken it upon themselves to “train” the slaves. At least thirty elf women and twenty Ardeni human women were in holding, their bodies secured like cattle in stockades. The smell was horrific, but the screams were worse. Those that weren’t being tortured were being raped, and the unlucky few were receiving both accommodations.

“These will be your quarters, Prestira.” Sneered an orc, “I hope they’re to your satisfaction.”

“They could use some drapes, maybe a few decorative pillows-” my witty comment was cut short by vicious slap across the face. My head spun to the side, my neck straining with whiplash. I was dragged into a pen between two dawn-elves who were being filled by three men each. Their emerald eyes were glazed over, their scarlet hair was matted and crusted, and their olive flesh was marred with scores of welts, bruises, and burns. They operated instinctively, their minds long gone. They writhed and screamed and gushed their orgasms, then obediently swallowed what had been deposited in their mouths, and opened for the next man.

The orc chained my wrists to a loop in the deck, then bolted my ankle shackles to the floor. I was forced in a bent over position, my legs spread wide. The pen gate shut behind me, and the bolt snapped into place with metallic twang. It was then that I fully realized my situation. I was going to be raped and tortured, and no one was going to save me before it happened. I hadn’t come to terms with reality until it was staring me in the face. Reality was a young scarred human with a ring-gag in his hands.

“Open your mouth.” He commanded.

I shook my head. A whip sliced across my back. I screamed, my spine bowing away from the pain, my belly touching the filthy floor.

“Open your mouth.” He said again. I complied this time, knowing they would keep whipping me until I submitted. The ring-gag was roughly forced between my teeth and strapped behind my head.

“Think of it as bitch training-wheels,” the human sneered, “after a while, you won’t need it anymore. Isn’t that right, Twenty-Three?” He asked the dawn-elf beside me.

“It’s true!” She smiled stupidly, her gaping mouth expiring moaning pants, her hips rocking as she took two men to the hilt, “After a while, you just give up. It makes it so much better.”

“That’s a good girl, Twenty-Three.” The man stuck a thumb in her mouth, “Our newest slave is called Fifty-One. She’ll be your roommate until we get to Bentius.”

Twenty-Three sucked her master’s thumb, moaning delightedly to be to be so attended by him. Her slender olive body was hogtied with crude rope, her wrists and ankles bound together at her tailbone, the suppleness of her flesh revealed by the tautness of her binds. Her eyes were glossed and unseeing, the light behind them gone. I didn’t know how long it took them to break her, but I wouldn’t give in easily. There had to be hope. Yavara was coming for me.

The human dropped his pants and pulled out his cock. I’d hoped the vicious bastard was just compensating for something with his cruelty, but I was wrong. He smeared his fat stinking junk all over my face, leaving his scent stuck in my nostrils. Then he placed the head of his cock against my open mouth, and drove in. I gagged involuntarily, my throat closing around the revolting meat ravaging it. He gripped the back of my head and forced it forward, pressing my nose into his loins, making me choke until I surrendered to him. There was no use in resisting, not when each gag just made it a tighter fit for him. I opened my throat as I had done for my lovers, and let my rapist have it. Again, and again he buried himself into my neck, groaning with his fists in his hair, squishing my face against his crotch. I swallowed around him each time, trying to finish him as quickly as I could.

Steady, Prestira, steady. I thought to myself, feeling the dispassionate calm of an academic’s rationality, You know how this is going to happen. Torture only ever gets worse. This right here is as good as it’s going to be for you. Your best chance of staying sane and keeping all your parts attached is to slow illegal bahis siteleri things down as best you can.

I relaxed as best I could in my bent position, opening my throat and breathing evenly through my nose. My heart steadied in my chest, and through my rational lens, I separated myself from the situation. Oh, I could feel the man burrowing down my neck, and I could still taste his foulness and smell his rank loins, but there was a disconnect that let me stay in my mind, turning my body into a vessel that simply reacted to stimulus. Yes, my pussy became wet; I could hardly control the automatic responses of my body. Did I enjoy the way he thrusted into me without regard for my pain or dignity? On a primal level, I supposed I did. Was I ashamed? No. I was at the mercy of things I could not control, and for that, there was no shame. The man ridiculed me for the moans that filtered around his driving cock, and he took great joy in calling me a whore and slut, but they were only words. I was in control. I would be safe in the fortress of my mind.

I felt the orc’s tip move through my splayed cheeks, and center on my puckered anus. I froze. I guessed it was due time for things to get worse. I could feel just by the girth of his tip that this was going to be hell. I’d never taken something so large. I closed my eyes, and breathed through my nose, preparing myself. The orc’s head pressed against my sphincter, pushing harder, depressing my pelvic floor. My body reacted without my permission, writhing in protest, hips shaking and legs kicking in their constraints. They laughed in unison, the orc grabbing my waist to steady me, his hands so large that his thumbs touched at the small of my back. I felt the pressure mounting, my rim quivering against the invasion, my taint stretching to a ribbon of taut flesh. Get ready, Prestira, you can take this! He broke through. I reared my head back, and shrieked around the meat in my throat. My rim stretched beyond its limit, my back arched, my body trembled in its binds. The orc plunged into me, his head reaching depths I’d never felt before, his girth stretching me near to rending. My eyes welled up with tears, my head thundered, my heart pounded a discordant tattoo in my chest, bringing blood to wounds opened within. But my mental fortress stood strong against the onslaught, holding the world at arm’s length. Somewhere in the annals of my dulled conscious, I heard cruel laughter.

“You were being such a smartass Fifty-One, we decided to get Big Bill over here and teach you a lesson!” The human laughed, “Are you going to be a good girl, or does Big Bill have to keep going?”

I nodded desperately. I’ll be a good girl! I’ll do anything! Just make it stop! I conveyed. I knew they wouldn’t, but nothing coaxes a sadist more than resistance. It would be better for me if they thought they were winning.

The human smirked at me, shaking his head. “I think you’re lying to us, Fifty-One, you bad girl.”

Big Bill squeezed my glutes until the fat protruded between his fingers, then wrenched himself out of me. Agony like I’d never known lanced up my spine, compelling the arch of my back to deepen until my navel touched the floor. My rectum flowed out of me, turning inside-out upon its exit and bunching into bud around the hole. Yavara might’ve been able to find pleasure in such perverse suffering, but I did not have her succubus gifts. I squealed around the meat in my throat, my eyes rolling back, the tears pouring down my face. But my fortress remained intact. Bill forced himself back in, my bunched sheath sucked into my anal vacuum, reforming internally about the mold of his raping organ. He stretched my insides wide open, his tip throbbing in my abdomen, his heat radiating through the vile reaches of my sex. In and out, in and out; his drives were long and methodical, relishing every inch of me that clung to him, willing him back inside with the suction of wet flesh. I thought I might burst from the inside, I thought he might tear through my colon and pierce my guts, but my elastic insides barely held him, rewarding him for his cruelty. I lurched forward when his crotch impacted my pelvis, ripples flowing from the fat of my ass, dissipating before the tight curve of my back. I was pulled back with each retreat, my anus prolapsing every time, my mouth drawing down the length of the man raping my throat. Oh, I was pleasing them. I could hear it in their groans and exclamations, see it in the man’s eyes. I was tight, I was hot, I was gripping them like a whore on her last penny. Spit leaked from the metal ring in my mouth, stringing from my chin. Lewd gurgles emanated from me, my upturned eyes staring sightlessly at the man doing his work. They found a rhythm between them, and they ratcheted it with each drive, bending me backwards, accelerating, punishing me. My black ringlets of hair flailed, my breasts bounced off my chest, the slapping of flesh on flesh grew louder, and my muffled screams grew higher. But my fortress remained intact. My vision clouded, growing darker, my mind overloaded with the pain that subdued me. I ebbed away from consciousness, my limbs becoming lax, the world dulling to- a whip snapped across my back, and I screamed awake.

“Oh no Fifty-One, you’re not getting off that easy.” The human sneered.

“Did the bitch almost pass out?” Bill laughed behind me.

“I guess you just have that effect on women, you stud.” The human grinned, “The fair maidens swoon when they see Big Bill coming. Isn’t that right, Twenty-Three?”

“Yes Master!” Twenty-Three giggled, her mouth smiling, but her eyes dead. She turned to me, “Don’t you just love Big Bill’s cock? I get so excited when he comes around!” She ducked her head to conspiratorial distance and whispered, “I don’t know what I’d do without my masters! I want to kill myself every time they’re not fucking me!”

“Twenty-Three’s been on this ship for three months.” The human laughed, tugging on my hair as he ravaged my mouth, “When she first got here she was a virgin, now look at her. That’s what we’re going to do you Fifty-One. Soon, you’ll be begging for Big Bill to rape that tight little ass of yours.”

I stared placidly back, abased and surrendered, trying not to show the hint of challenge. My body had adapted somewhat to the pain, and I dared not coax them to escalate. Of course, it was all for naught. I was beginning to realize that they were following a long-practiced script, and it didn’t matter what lines I said or didn’t say, what character I chose to play; I was just a prop.

“Oh,” The human laughed, “you don’t think we can break you? I love the defiant ones. They’re always so much more fun.”

The human draped the whip across my back, turning it over so that the crude bars grazed the flesh. My eyes widened in terror. He sneered at me, and ripped the whip across my flank. A hot line seared through me, and I wailed, biting against the ring between my teeth until my jaw ached. The human’s eyes were wild, his lust incensed by my display of pain, he fucked my throat until I glugged between every breath, my neck contorting around the bulge in my gullet. The whip cracked across my back again, and again, and my spine bowed to flee the strikes, a useless instinctual reaction, but one that I could not control. And with the deepening of my spinal arch, I allowed for Bill to push to new depths in my ass, finding nerves that should never have felt the touch of another. I sobbed in anguish and horror, but I did not break. My fortress remained intact. The human stopped his strikes after the tenth lashing. My back was stripped bare, lacerations lining in a crisscross pattern.

“This one’s tough.” The human said, a hint of admiration in his voice, “Hand me the wax, Bill.”

I gagged around his cock, my eyes pleading with him. This wasn’t a tactical display of fear, but unfettered terror. The human savored the look, stroking my tear-stained cheek even as it went gaunt with suction. “This will close the wounds on your back,” he smiled with faux compassion, “but it might sting a little.”

“You’re doing so well, Fifty-One!” Twenty-Three panted beside me, her upturned face red with exertion, her hips rolling behind her, “Just a little more, and you’ll be like me! We’ll be sisters!”

“Come join the sisterhood, Fifty-One.” The human sniggered, tipping the ladle over my back.

I wailed in unbridled agony, my knuckles turning white, my wrists rubbing raw against my shackles. The wax sizzled across my back, melting the flesh along the wounds, searing it closed. He slowly dripped it on me, moving methodically along the gashes in my back, every second an eternity. My face grew red with strain, I felt blood vessels bursting in my eyes, I screamed and screamed, and with each scream, I closed my throat around him, pulling him deeper into my esophagus. My whole body trembled, spasms shooting through my arms and legs, but my rapists never missed a beat, impaling me relentlessly between them, enjoying the tortured contractions of my holes. But my fortress remained intact.

“My, my, you are a tough bitch, Fifty-One.”

“Should we start pulling finger nails?” Bill asked.

“Naw,” the human said, “I’m getting the feeling that Fifty-One is used to pain. I think she might actually like it.”

“Are you a little masochistic bitch, Fifty-One?” Big Bill asked me. I didn’t respond. I wasn’t enjoying a thing they were doing to me, but they were right to an extent, I was no stranger to pain.

“As much as we’d love to test the limits of your masochism, we’re on a strict schedule.” The man sighed, and proffered a syringe from his toolbox. He depressed the plunger, and purple liquid squirted from the needle. The he smiled down at me. “Do you know what this is, Fifty-One?”

I nodded, feeling my heart sinking in my chest. No. No!

Bill leaned in, his foul breath invading my nostrils, “In the old times, we had to torture you whores for months on end before you finally broke completely. I’m a bit nostalgic of those times myself, but society moves ever forward. You might be a tough bitch, Fifty-One, but no one’s ever outlasted chemistry.” He smiled fondly into my eyes, “I wish we had more time together, truly I do. canlı bahis siteleri The things I would’ve done to you…” And in one motion, he pushed the needle into my aorta, and depressed plunger all the way. I felt it seep into my blood, hot and exhilarating, the antithesis of the vampire’s venom. Every part of my body began to tingle, every nerve standing on edge. Everything started to feel so good. The sodomy that had tortured me gave me immeasurable pleasure, the pain turning to ecstasy, the horrible piercing turning to a euphoria that was pushed deep, deep into my colon. My entire body became lax, and my legs trembled with the weakness of sexual felicity, that aching, throbbing surge of sensation that attacked me from within. The disgusting cock in my mouth was the most delicious thing I’d ever tasted, and the balls that smacked my chin were kisses from his loins. He withdrew to unhook the gag, and though I tried with all my might to stop myself, I could not. I looked up at him with eyes full of slutty gratitude, and willingly took him all the way. My nose pressed into his crotch, and I took a deep inhale of his stink, and my mouth watered all the more. I sucked covetously of him, drawing back with a sensuality I hadn’t expressed to any man, not even Zander. For I loved this nameless human more than life itself, for this human had a cock to put inside me right then and there, and that was all that mattered. As euphoric tears streaked my face, I felt the first cracks in my mental wall form. Hold out for as long as you can. Yavara is coming. She has to be. I started to grind my hips backward against Bill, flexing my glutes and tightening my anal muscles to suck him deeper. He pumped with a renewed vigor, battering my tailbone with his brutal thrusts, and I loved him all the more for it. I pushed my hands against the floor and arched my back lasciviously, a soft purr rising from my chest and escaping from around the human’s cock. Yavara, hurry!

“Oh,” The human smiled down at me, “so you like my cock now?”

I nodded fervently.

“Was I right about you, Fifty-One? Do you like it when I hurt you?”

I nodded again and eyed the whip in his hand, licking his cock rapidly to show him what I wanted him to do. The human draped the whip across my tortured back. I shivered in excitement. He raised his arm and snapped the whip across my ass. I let out a delighted squeal as the stinging pain ran up my spine, and I pressed my face into his groin, grinning around my consumption, my puppy-eyes begging for more. He whipped me again. I choked on his cock, saliva dripping onto his swinging balls. My other set of lips opened on their own accord, and drooled with hunger I’d never known before. Even as the whip stung deliciously, and my anal rape pressed against my womanly channel from the other side, I felt the vacancy all the more. I wasn’t like Yavara who could be satisfied with an anal fuck; I needed my cunt ravaged. And in that moment, I didn’t care if every man in the ship lined up and took their turn. I hoped for it. Not much time…

I took the man’s cock out of my mouth. “Fuck me!” I pleaded, “Fuck my pussy, please!”

“Are you giving me orders now, Fifty-One?” The man laughed, grabbing my face and squishing my lips open.

“Please!” I hissed between my smooshed lips, “I’ve been a good little slut, haven’t I? Can’t my master reward me?”

The human laughed, unhooked my wrist and ankle shackles and brought me upright, Bill’s cock still ramming my ass. I cried out in glee, splaying my legs to deepen the orcs penetration and present my moist slit to the man before me. My love. My master. Fight it! Fight it, Prestira! He hooked my shackles to the rafters, pulling my arms over my head, forcing my back to arch. My torso expanded with the bulge of Bill’s cock, the flesh rising and falling as he pushed my insides upward. I stared in horror, but the feeling was driven from my mind by the poison in me, and the idea that I was being so utterly destroyed from within only served to arouse me more. I screamed my delight at the sexual savagery, my mouth heading no words but the babble of incoherent ecstasy. The human lashed the whip across my pelvis. My body jolted from the pain, an excited yelp erupting from my lips. Another lashing, this one across the thighs. A deep growl rose from my chest. The whip snapped across my breasts, welts forming across my nipples. I arched my back in pleasure, presenting my body for more. He tied the whip around my neck, tossed it over the rafters, then caught the handle behind my head, and pulled. Only then, when my face was darkening, and I was gasping for air, did the human force his hard cock between my legs. My face tilted to the ceiling in pleasure, the noose forcing my head to stay in that position. With my arms stretched to hold my weight, I felt like I was being strangled and crucified at the same time, all while being raped in both holes. I’d never felt such joy before.

Break me! Make me your slave!

I could feel the orgasm ballooning inside of me, the pain mixing with the pleasure, the carnal mixing with the primal. My belly shadowed with lines of muscles as my hips rolled in their climactic dance, a motion so sinuous and lecherous it seemed to come from a different woman than I. I, the whore who loved her rapists. I, the slut who was losing her mind. I felt the cocks inside of me pulsating and throbbing against my fluttering womanhood and constricting rectum. They smashed the tender division between my holes, grinding together inside me, ruining me. My legs quivered and I thrashed in my binds, my arms strained against the weight of my body, my face filling with blood from my constriction. It built and built, ascending inexorably to the highest of highs, filming my eyes with tears, stealing the air from my chest. Oh, I could die! I could die right there, and heaven would be a disappointment to such infernal perversions, such delights that raped my very mind! Then it stopped. Bill and the human pulled out of me and left me dangling from the rafters. The feeling never reached its peak. I never got my release! I looked at the human, pleading for him to continue the torture. He leaned in, his smile crueler than it had ever been before.

“This will be how we break you Fifty-One.” He sneered, “The poison doesn’t leave you until you come, and we’re never letting you come.” He stroked my face as I sobbed, “The queen gave us very specific instructions for you, Fifty-One. We are going to inject you every hour. We are going to bring you to the edge, then we are going to leave you.”

“Please!” I wailed, rubbing my thighs together, kneading my engorged clit between them. It was no use. I needed the touch of another, the flesh of another on me, inside me. My juices ran down my legs like water, signaling a desire that consumed my essence. Oh god, please fuck me! I gazed at the human, begging him with my eyes. All the other slaves in the hold were being fucked to capacity, but I was left dangling from the rafters. I stared at Twenty-Three as she writhed between her rapists, a look of such acceptance, of such wonderful bliss in her dead eyes. Their sclera was tinted purple with the poison, as was the sweat that ran in rivulets down her flexing back, pooling along the ropes that pressed into her succulent flesh. I watched her with a jealousy I’d never known before, staring fixedly at her yawning loose pussy, her grotesquely gaping anus, both holes used to the point of absolute ruin. I wanted my holes to look like that. I connected eyes with the human, and was met with his implacable stare. He would not give me what I wanted. My lower lip quivered, and I wept. I wept with an anguish I’d never known before, and my fortress crumbled. I’m so sorry, Yavara. I wasn’t strong enough.


I woke up with a bandage wrapped tightly around my shoulder and left breast. The room was dark, and my blurred vision barely made out the features of Drake Titus.

“Prestira…” I moaned weakly. I couldn’t see our mental connection. She was my blood-mother, I should’ve been able to see the connection from any distance, but it was gone.

“I lost her.” Titus said gravely, “I can’t feel her presence anymore.”

“Do you think…” I whispered, unwilling to finish the thought. A tear ran silently down my cheek.

“I don’t know,” Titus said, crossing his arms over his knees, “but she’s gone. We don’t know where they went.”

“Yes, you do. They’re going to Bentius to claim their reward.”

“We can’t follow them there.”

“You can’t,” I gritted as I sat upright, “but I will.”

“Oh?” said Titus, “And how are you going to do that?”

“Take your clan to the Gorge,” I said, ignoring his question, “wait for me there, I’ll be there tomorrow morning.”

“Yavara,” Titus said as he followed me up the steps of the hatch and onto the deck, “what the fuck are you talking about?”

I looked up at the night sky. I could feel every splinter in the wood of the ship’s deck, the dank air in the hold beneath the floorboards, and the heat-tempered hull below that. I could feel the waves breaking gently against the bow, running in widening streams about the keel. I could feel Titus’ body next to me, and the bodies of the vampires in the hold. I was connected to everything. I pushed off the deck of the ship with my mind. My feet rose from the wood, my black dress flapped in the wind as I ascended, my body bathed in the moonlight. I could hear Titus’s awed gasp, but I didn’t look back. I glided forward, pushing down on the air below me, using every molecule below me to keep me suspended. I started to move faster, the night wind blowing in my face. Soon, my hair was whipping behind me, and my dress was pressed hard against my skin. I smiled into the blackness, and shot across the water like a missile. The waves parted beneath me like a liquid chasm, repulsed by the sudden flux of sonic air. I slowed for only an instant, and the water calmed. Distantly, I heard the echo of a sonic boom. It rang across the sea, then faded into the night. I was floating above a mirror of water, the full moon bathing my reflection in a lunar aura. I touched a finger to the glassy surface, and watched the ripple travel past my orange eyes. Then I looked to the horizon, feeling through leagues of water, a single ship headed for the southern bend of Tenvalia. I gritted my teeth, and rocketed across the reflective world.

Hold on Prestira.

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