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Rachael’s Story – Chapter 2 – Caught

I don’t like to do recaps, so if you have clicked on this, please read chapter one first, I really think it is worth it but as the writer I could be biased!!

I hope you enjoy this second chapter of Rachael’s story and thanks for the emails and suggestions. Please keep the emails coming.

Chapter 2 – Caught

The shock of Billy catching me out and pulling me down fully onto his cock rendered me speechless. I think I squeaked quietly as he filled my wet pussy with his meat and I fell forward onto his chest. His grip on my bum cheeks tightened as he held himself deep inside me, obviously allowing me to get used to the invasion, knowing that I hadn’t been fucked before.

My head was buried in his chest, partly out of shock, partly out of fear and partly out of embarrassment and he then wrapped his arms around me, gently stroking and caressing my spine and I felt myself relax into him and the pain in my pussy also subsided, just leaving me feeling filled completely.

Billy lifted my head, kissed me gently and whispered, ‘You OK?’

I nodded and smiled and then in a smooth swift movement, without pulling his cock out of me, he rolled me over onto my back. I spread my leg wider and then he began to make love to me. I say make love because he started to gently rock a few inches out of me and then slowly slide back in again. I had already been spectacularly close to an orgasm before he had surprised me and it was only a matter of seconds before I felt my orgasm cresting again.

Supporting himself on one hand, Billy used his free hand to caress my small tits, stopping only to pinch my rock hard nipples, sending me almost to fever pitch, and bringing me to an almighty climax. I grabbed the pillow and bit hard onto it to stifle my moans and with my other hand I sunk my nails into his arse cheeks and pulled him harder into me. This was his cue to really give it to me harder and he picked up the pace. He began withdrawing his cock fully before ploughing deep inside me again and in the light illegal bahis of the streetlamps I saw his delicious tool stretching me wide each time he plunged into me. My orgasm had peaked and was not subsiding as his speed built up and I could hear his breathing changing and becoming more erratic.

Suddenly he pulled out from me and shuffled up the bed so his cock was in front of my mouth.
‘I’m coming!’ he panted so I instinctively opened my mouth and he slid his cock deep inside and started fucking again. I gagged a little so he backed off but didn’t slow his pace and with a few shorts thrusts he started to grunt slightly so I prepared for my first load of come in my mouth, and what a load it was. It felt like my mouth was flooding with his sticky juices but I was determined to take the lot. I swallowed quickly and took my right hand and continued to milk him into my mouth as he rolled exhausted onto his back. His cock was still hard as I finished my sucking and I crawled up his chest to kiss him. I felt his still hard cock against my clit and slid my left hand down to guide it back into my, very wet, pussy.

As we kissed I slowly rocked on his cock, feeling it relax and deflate a little but it just felt so good to have him inside me.

Billy pulled the covers over us, I put my head on his firm chest and drifted off to sleep.

It was still dark when I awoke and I was lay on my back. I felt tingling bolts of pleasure coming from my pussy and I looked down to see Billy feasting on my clit. His tongue was a frenzy of flicking and the tingles were shooting through me. I gasped with pleasure as the ripples of joy fired through me again and realising I was awake, Billy lifted my legs and pushed them back. His tongue them moved down and I felt him pushing it deep into my ass. This was the first time anyone had explored there and almost immediately I felt an orgasm rising in me. His tongue seemed to go deeper and deeper with each thrust and as my orgasm rose, his tongue when deep into my pussy to lap at the oozing juices and i felt a long finger illegal bahis siteleri replace his tongue in my bum. My senses were on fire and I was like a rag doll as he rolled me onto my side.

My pussy was pulsing with my orgasm as Billy slid his cock back into it from behind. All the time, his finger was still fucking my ass and I was barely able to pant with the pleasure I was feeling. He synchronised the fucking so that as he pulled out his finger, his cock went deep and vice versa, then with the masses of juices coming from my cunt, he started to slide 2 fingers in my bottom. I was on such a high from this delicious first time sex, I didn’t even feel any pain.

Another two minutes later a third finger entered me and my blitzed nerve endings sent me over the edge to yet another orgasm which left me shaking and giggling like a lunatic. I then felt Billy withdraw his cock and his fingers and for a brief second I felt empty and strange. I also thought it odd that I hadn’t felt Billy come inside me so I wondered why he had stopped.

I then felt his big strong hand gently teasing my clit and his cock rubbing between the cheeks of my bottom.
His rubbing increased in speed and as I was coming down from such an intense orgasm, I was quickly right back up there and barely noticed the pressure pushing on my arse hole.

Billy’s cock, still well lubricated from my pussy, push slowly but firmly against my rear entrance and before I was fully aware, the head had popped past the sphincter.

I winced with the pain and clenched tightly which just made the pain worse.

Billy shushed me and continued caressing my pussy and with his free hand stroked my breasts, whispering soothing words to me and telling me to relax and very quickly, probably because of the fingering and the sexual high I was floating on, the pain subsided and I found myself pushing myself backwards, impaling myself onto him again.

Very soon, I felt his soft pubes pushing against my bottom and I felt behind me to touch his cock and I felt the stretched skin canlı bahis siteleri of my poor bottom, tight around his tool. He was continually whispering about how good I felt and how much he had always wanted me and right then, i couldn’t have felt any better. As a sign to tell him I was ready, I whispered back, ‘I want to feel you come inside me!’

That was all he needed. Slowly at first, Billy started to ride me as we lay on our sides. My bowels felt full to bursting as he began to pound me harder and harder but as he continued to rub and stimulate my clit and nipples, I felt I was going to literally explode as my next orgasm rolled in like thunder. It was the biggest one I had ever had and as my muscles all clamped down, that was enough to drive Billy over the edge and I felt the hot injections of his come hit my insides and we both almost passed out with the intensity of our love making.

We lay still, just hugging for twenty minutes or so and I felt Billy’s cock shrink in my hole which was now tingling from the intrusion. I slowly pulled myself from him and felt a small trickle of his cum escape. I turned around and we kissed so passionately for a few minutes before I realised that the sun had started to rise. I knew I had to get back to the bedroom with the girls before they woke up.

Reluctantly i climbed out of the bed and we discussed that we had better keep a little bit quiet about this or Julie would throw a fit. She always told her friends that fucking her brother was out of bounds, she knew he was fit as hell and everyone fancied him. As I limped to the bathroom, trying not to leak on the floor, I smiled to myself as my whole body was still shaking with the aftershocks of such incredible sex.

In the bathroom, I cleaned myself well, sat on the bidet and ran lots of cool water over my tingling private parts. After five minutes of this, I had pretty much got my heart rate back to that of a human and tiptoed to Julie’s room.

I climbed into bed with my two comatose, drunken friends, snuggled into Julie and drifted off into an exhausted but contented sleep.

I was going to stay at this house for a week. How could it possible get better.

Incredibly, it did!

Chapter 3 coming soon!

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