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The night ended too soon, but so did the next few.

As Bess was the Queen, whatever anyone thought was never conveyed to her, and as no one cared to accuse her of having a Sapphic relationship with the ‘little Turk,’ our loving relationship developed rapidly, and deeply, across the next weeks.

It was clear that Lord Burleigh was not happy, but equally plain that he dared not say anything to the Queen.

After she consulted with her Privy Council, she would take counsel with an even closer group, consisting of myself and Sir Francis Walsingham, whom I liked more and more, and who reciprocated that feeling. It helped that our minds worked in the same way and that we wanted the same thing.

Talking with him through the week gave me a good picture of the high politics and diplomacy of Elizabeth’s England, and I came to see why he supported the idea of a closer alliance with my Master’s Empire.

I had not realised that England was in so much danger from the Catholic Monarchs; it was that above all, which gave us a common cause. Burleigh, he explained, agreed, but wanted to leave options open in the event of the French and the Spanish falling out with each other. Walsingham’s view was that they would always agree on one thing – to do England harm. He wanted to take an initiative which would confound them.

Another thing I had failed to realise came from Bess herself. Her hold on the throne was threatened by her cousin, Mary, Queen of the Scots, whose son James, was the most likely heir to the throne of England. Mary herself had a claim, which was supported by the Catholic monarchs as well as by English Catholics. Mary’s own mismanagement of her affairs had led her to take refuge in England, where Bess had her kept secure.

The thing came to my mind when talking with Lady Emma at breakfast one morning towards the end of the first week.

‘You know, Lady Rahab, Milady de Winter really is a fabulous lover, but I think I exhaust her!’

Emm giggled, so did I.

I had no difficulty whatsoever in believing that. Emm would exhaust the insatiable, beşevler escort bayan and Lady de Winter was, by repute, just that.

‘You’ve no idea how boring it gets when she’s passed out. Even licking her kitty (as Emm called all vaginas) won’t wake her after the fourth orgasm.’

‘Emm, you are incorrigible. So what do you do? I can’t imagine you reading a book!’

‘Don’t be silly darling, I rummage!’

That was a word I didn’t know, and she explained it meant to go looking for things. She liked to look through Milday’s collection of fine silk underwear, so that she could order some shifts and petticoats from her milliner.

‘Would you keep letters in the place where you kept your drawers, Rahab?’

‘Only if I wanted to hide them, why?’

‘Well there was one there from Chartley Hall, but I could not read it.’

Suddenly I realised this was an explosive piece of information.

‘But that is where Mary of Scots is imprisoned! What was Milady doing with a letter from there?’

‘I’m confused, Rahab, look, here, I copied the letters but they make no sense.’

The dear darling strumpet handed me the letter.

‘It makes no sense Emm because it is code. Mention this to no one.’

I sent it to Walsingham, who sent for me within the hour.

‘Where did you acquire this gold dust?’

‘Lady Emm discovered it in Milday’s drawers.’

He laughed.

‘I thought she only looked for kitty there!’

‘So, what is it?’

‘It is a letter which relates to a plot to dethrone the Queen and put Mary of Scots on her throne. Burleigh has picked up rumours via his spies, but this, this my dear is the proof we need. It is from Mary herself to Milady thanking her for her services and asking when the assassination of the Queen will occur!’

I was called into a very close meeting that afternoon.

Burleigh, it transpired had just intercepted a letter which involved a plot by a man called Babington to work with the Catholic League to support a plot to murder the Queen and put Mary on balgat escort bayan the throne. There was a letter from Mary confirming what was in Lady de Winter’s drawers, namely that she consented to the assassination of Elizabeth.

‘Damn, damn, damn her! I would have spared her life, but she would not spare mine! Caitiff wretch. Arrest her, William!’

‘Highness, we already have her under close arrest.’

‘It is time we had her tried and executed,’ Sir Francis said.

The Queen was hesitant, but it was agreed that the Scots Queen should be arrested and put on trial for her misdeeds.

Later, when we were alone, Bess confessed to me her anxieties.

‘I cannot have a Queen executed, Pixie, I can’t, it would be awful. My father did it to my mother and one of my step-mothers, I cannot be like him. But then, as long as she lives, my own life, and what is more my realm, remains in danger.’

‘My darling Bess, let the law take its course. You can always exercise clemency if you will, but first let it happen, the trial.’

She kissed and hugged me.

‘You are a comfort darling!’

As Bess had several foreign ambassadors to see, I went back to my quarters, but on the way was stopped in my tracks by noises from Emm’s room.

Peeking through the partly-opened door, I could see that the noise was the result of someone using a wooden instrument to paddle Emm’s backside. I was taken aback to see it was Flora, her maid.

‘Now, Lady Emm is a slut, what is she?’

‘I am a slut Miss Flora.’

‘You have udders like a cow, don’t you slut Emm?’

Emm’s face was a red as her arse.

‘Yes, slut Emm has cow’s udders.’

‘Do you need milking, slut Emm?’

Making mooing noises, Emm nodded.

So engrossed were they in their play, that they did not notice the door was partly open, or that I could see in.

Flora paddled Emm’s arse a bit more, and then, making her get on all fours, began to mimic milking a cow, using Emm’s nipples.

‘And so is the high and mighty Lady Emm just batıkent escort bayan my moo cow now?’

‘Moo, moo,’ went Emm.

Her face was red, but her breath was coming in ragged, heavy bursts.

‘And who owns former Lady Emm’s kitty?’

‘You do, Miss Flora,’ Emm said breathing heavily

‘Right, slut, eat my kitty now.’

Flora lifted her skirts, revealing her thatch.

Emm crawled between her thighs and began to lick. I had no idea whether Flora had felt Emm’s tongue before, but if she had then, like Lady de Winter, she had no defence against her skill.

‘My lady, oh, oh, you are such a dirty bitch. Licking your maid’s kitty and letting her spank your arse red. What would your high-born friends say if they could see you now? You wanton whore.’

Emm’s hands were underneath Flora’s bottom, and if I knew Emm, her fingers were near, if not in, her arsehole.

Flora was gasping, her head thrown back, her thighs quivering.

Emm inserted what looked like a thick candle into her sex, licking at her bud simultaneously. Flora could take no more.

I watched her eyes roll, her thighs jerk convulsively. Emm licked on.

Collapsing forward, Flora eventually recovered.

‘Oh, my lady, my lady, so good.’

“And you pleased me, my dear, and there will be a bonus for you this week, again.’

Flora smiled.

As Emm knelt up, I saw her face wet.

I rushed back to my chamber, and have to confess I felt like pleasuring myself, but there were other things on which to dwell.

There, I found a letter from my Master.

‘My little vizier, I am again a father, Irene gave birth to a healthy son whom we have named Mustapha. My mother sends her love, as does Svetlana. I anxiously await your news and your return. I shall need you back before the winter comes, so you have to complete your mission by the end of the summer.’

There were other things, but of those I shall not speak.

Bess was right. I could not stay. Even had I been able, her Ministers would have thwarted any plans we had. My heart ached.

There was also a card with my name on it. It read:

‘Journeys end in lovers’ meeting, every wise man’s son (and daughter doth know), and so in delay there lies no plenty, so, come and meet me, sweet and twenty. Will S’

Dear Will, he would distract me from my woes. He might also distract me from that itch in my kitty.

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