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I was 22 years old, a student in the university. I had just finished finals and needed a break. I decided that I would go out to my favourite gay club. It was early in the evening and there was not much going on, so I sat at the bar and ordered a drink.

About ten minutes later a woman sat next to me. She was probably about 40, long black hair, about 5’8″, dark eyes and a great figure. Her name was Linda. We started to talk about how this place was very slow, she said that things don’t start happening till later and was I new to the area; I told her no but, with lessons and all, I didn’t get out much. We talked for a long time and had a lot to drink. She was a really nice person, so when she invited me to her house the next day, which would have been Saturday, I didn’t refuse. She wrote down her number and gave it to me. I told her that I would try and make it. She told me to bring a bathing suit as she had a pool and it would be a nice way to spend the day. That was all that night.

In the morning I got up and thought that it might be nice to just relax and go swimming, so I gave her a call and asked her what time would be alright to come over. She said that about 1.00′ pm would be fine. I got the bus, followed her directions and had no trouble finding her house; it was huge, set way back on the property. When I ringed the bell Linda came out to great me. We went in and had a couple of drinks at the pool, we talked some more and she told me why don’t I get my suit on and we could take a dip. I said ok and got changed in the house. When I came out she was standing there in a two-piece suit; she looked so great, her body was perfect with rather large breasts and a small waist.

We swam for a while, chilling and laughing. Then we got out and lay on some lawn chairs. The sun was hot. Linda said that I should have some sun tan lotion on or I would burn. She offered to put some on my back, so I rolled over and let her do it. Her touch felt like heaven as she massaged the lotion in, first starting with my feet and then up my legs. When she touched my inner thighs, I could feel myself getting aroused. She continued up onto my back and kneaded the lotion in. It felt so good.

This is when she told me that I was full of knots and I needed to relax. I agreed and told her that it must be all the pressure from the university exams. She laughed and said to follow her. We went into the house and down a long hall to a bedroom, where she told me to lay down on the bed and she would give me a massage.

“That’s ok,” I said, “but I don’t want to put you to any trouble.”

” It’s my pleasure,” she replied smiling wide, “don’t mind dear!”

So I lay there, with her giving a massage that felt great. I thought that I was beginning to relax when she said that I was still too tense but that she could help with this. I didn’t know what to expect. She told me that she could hypnotize me and get my body to relax. She said that in her line of work this is done all the time. I had forgotten that she told me she was some kind of doctor, but I did not remember what kind, as this was the night before and, after all those drinks, I had forgotten it. I was not too comfortable with this but she insisted. She was nice and had led me to believe that everything would be ok. So I agreed and she said that she would be right back.

When she returned, she had a small crystal on a piece of string. She told me to sit on the bed and to watch the crystal and to relax and listen to what she was saying. I was sitting there watching the crystal and relaxing as she told me to relax and that I was feeling sleepy, that I couldn’t keep my eyes open and to let them close.

This must have worked, because the next thing that I remember is waking up in a somewhat darker room. I tried to move my hands but they were pinned to my side. As I looked down I saw that I was wearing some kind of leather belt around my waist and that my wrists were in leather cuffs and attached to this belt. My escort eryaman ankles were also spread open as wide as they would go and attached to a belt that ran across the width of the bed and leather cuffs on them. As I was getting scared I saw Linda sitting at my side. She was completely nude.

I tried inefficiently to say something; there was something in my mouth. Whatever it was, it prevented me from making a sound. I had a look of fear on my face when Linda told me not to worry because all this was part of the therapy and that being secured to the bed would make everything easier. The gag was a softball that was large and would stay firmly in place with several leather straps fastened tightly behind my head and under my chin. She said this was to keep down any unwanted noise. She added that we were alone in the house but noises wouldn’t let the therapy be efficient.

As I tried to free myself or utter anything, she assured me that I was going nowhere, so I had to relax and enjoy what was to come. When I looked down there was another leather strap, just under my breasts. This strap ran to both sides of the bed and pinned me there securely. Linda started to massage my breasts, cupping them and rubbing them until she got to the nipples. She pinched my nipples between her index fingers and thumbs, first softly then with more pressure, pulling them out from my body. To my surprise, my nipples got hard as rocks!

“You see? You are learning now!” she winked.

She bent down and placed my right breast in her mouth and sucked it, flicking her tongue over my nipple. The heat was building in my body and I could feel a wet spot forming in my pussy. I tried to struggle but to no prevail. She had now gone over to the other breast and done the same. I was getting very excited. I wasn’t sure about to let this happen but the feeling was too great.

Long time later (or just a few seconds? I can’t say) she reached down with one hand and started to rub my inner thighs, still sucking my breasts. I knew that, when she got to my pussy, she would feel how wet it was and think that I was enjoying this, which at this point I was not; I was scared and didn’t know what to expect. She had reached my pussy and let one finger slid in as she drew her hand up. This sent a shock wave through my body and it tensed up. She felt this and told me to relax and made her way down my chest, dragging her tongue over and over every inch. My body was on fire and I couldn’t stop it.

When she got down to my pussy and let her tongue just lightly touch the outer lips, I tried to let out a scream and bucked uncontrollably. The scream was muffled by the ball and as far as bucking that didn’t help, but to let her know that I was enjoying this and needed more. She worked her tongue into my pussy deep and came up to my clit. When she touched it, it was like someone had touched me with a cattle prod. My pussy shook and my brain reeled.

I was in heaven. She knew how to work her tongue and seemed to be able to cup my clit with her tongue and draw it back and forth. It didn’t take me long to cum and she did not let up but, instead, inserted two fingers and worked my box over. I admit that, though I was shamed of it, I came again and again. It was wonderful! It was fantastic!

I thought that this could be it and she would let me up, but she had other plans. She got off the bed and went to a closet and got something out. When she turned, she was holding a big black dildo that was attached to a pair of panties. She proceeded to put this on. I was in shock and afraid as the dildo was about 10″ long and very thick. I knew about “strap on dildos” and I had many times been masturbated thinking of taking or giving lust with them but I didn’t think that this would fit into my pussy. It was simply huge.

She came over to the bed and told me that this would do a much better job. My eyes grew wide as she straddled my body. She spit into her hand and started to escort elvankent work it over the dildo. She did this a couple of times and then she placed it at the base of my hole and proceeded to push, slowly at first, then with a little effort. I was making all kinds of noise behind my gag but it did not stop her. When she had it all the way in, she begun to move back and forth slowly. She was doing me in the gentlest way a woman can imagine. When she felt the shivers of my body she picked up the pace. This didn’t take long before I came again. I thought that I would pass out, as the orgasms kept coming and didn’t let up. I was worn out at this time and couldn’t struggle even if I wanted to.

As I was trying to breathe normally again, she got off and took the dildo off. She gave me a light kiss on my navel, smiled at me and went into the other room. When she came back she was holding a water bottle with a straw in it. She took the gag from my mouth by releasing a few straps and let me drink from the straw. My body was covered in sweat and my breathing was still heavy. She told me that this was just the beginning and that I would have to trust her.

When I was done drinking, she placed the bottle on the nightstand and kissed me on the lips. She started to press her tongue into my mouth and I let her. I was acting my lesbianism for about four years but it was the first time I was trying such feelings. Linda was a fantastic woman! I had no control over what would happen there.

She told me that I was learning the finer art of relaxation and that after today I would no longer be stressed out. She leaned forward and cupping her breasts offered them to my mouth. I know what to do with a woman’s breasts, so I let it enter my mouth and proceeded to suck on them. They were so warm and soft. I let my tongue dance across a nipple and felt it grow hard. She pulled that one out and replaced it with the other. I was getting excited again and I think that she knew it.

“I am sure that you like it, honey,” Linda whispered. “Your tongue is so good!”

I looked straight in her eyes without let her nipple of my mouth. Suddenly Linda moved on and straddled my head with her legs. She wrapped her hands behind her head and lowered her body on my face getting her pussy on my mouth.

“Go ahead, babe,” she moaned, “give it a taste.”

I did what I was told with pleasure. I stuck out my tongue and let it enter her box. It was hot and moist. It was unbelievable; the taste and the excitement that it was giving me as I was pinned. My tongue was exploring her treasure when she started to buck back and forth, playing with her tits and moaning. A couple of minutes later Linda stopped bucking and stood stirred on her knees placing her palms on the wall. I didn’t wait more. I found her clit, stuck my tongue on it and wiggled it. That was when she had her first orgasm. She started to tremble and shout but I didn’t stop.

Then Linda sat on my face and started to move her bottom back and forth furiously. She was looking lost in a space of lust as she was rubbing her pussy and clit not only on my mouth but also on my whole face. When she came again and got dropped on the bed, I felt like my mouth lips had been cut.

My face was covered in her juices when Linda got up and brought me a glass of water. She untied me and gave me the glass. I raised and drunk it out to the very last drop. She just looked at me and smiled.

“Now you are free, babe,” Linda said. “We can stay here, we can go out to the pool and have a drink… you can also get up and go. You decide.”

As I was sitting on the bed, I returned her my wider smile and hit lightly the sheet between my legs with my palm. She didn’t wait a second signal to kneel on the bed, reach me and sit in front of me, close enough to hug me and kiss me. I kissed her with passion. Our tongues met and begun a crazy dance, getting tangled and tasting each other. I hugged her and wrapped escort emek my legs around her waist. She did the same. The two bodies became one; her tits were pressing mine, our bellies were lightly rubbed together, our hands were traveling on our backs… I couldn’t remember how many orgasms I had so far but I was sure that I wanted more.

“I wanna feel you, babe,” she whispered breathing heavily and pressing more her stomach on me. “I want you madly.”

“I am all yours, Linda,” I replied trying to sink again my tongue into her mouth. But Linda unwrapped her arms and legs off me and leaned back on her elbows. At the same time she turned her body a little on the right and placed her left leg on my right one, leaving her other leg under my left. Now we had our legs spread and tangled like two open scissors. I leaned on my elbows too and pushed my bottom closer to her until I felt her pussy against mine. We were both shaved and that touch gave me the feeling of two pussies kissing each other. It wasn’t the first time I rubbed my pussy on another one but I was sure that I was never so excited, so aroused and so horny. I died to fuck hard Linda’s pussy with mine till the final explosion but Linda looked straight into my eyes and whispered:

“Slowly, babe… Do it slowly and feel it to the maximum… And keep your eyes open, looking at me. I wanna see your lust and your explosion into them…”

I didn’t reply. I started to move my bottom back and forth pretty slowly looking at her with my eyes wide open. Linda was making the same moves and it took us only a few seconds to find the rhythm and synchronize our bodies. Back and forth… back and forth… slowly and passionately. Every time my flourished lips pressed hers I was feeling electricity all over my flesh. Sweet waves begun to hit my body. My head was empty… I was thinking nothing. Everything was just lust. My only wish was to cum and liberate myself. Back and forth… back and forth…

Suddenly Linda stopped. I stopped too, looking at her and wondering what happened. Linda settled my query immediately. She kept her pussy pressed on mine and begun to move her bottom in short clockwise circles. A little shout came out of my lips. The sense was amazing. I followed her moving my own bottom sinisterly. We found almost immediately the rhythm. Our bodies were dancing together, sending sweet hot chills to the last inch of our flesh. I was feeling that my every muscle was tense. It was a torture; the most lustful torture I had ever had. My bottom started to raise in the air and Linda’s followed.

“Now,” I tried to spell but my voice didn’t come out of my lips.

Linda didn’t reply but she lay down and grabbed my ankles. I did the same and we begun to move again back and forth. We were fucking each other in a growing rhythm. Our moans, followed by consecutive dull “yes” filled the air. When I felt the orgasm coming I raised my head and moaned:

“Look at me, Linda. I am cumming for you.”

Linda raised her head too and looked at me in a dull look.

“Me too, babe,” she replied punily. “I am cumming nowwwww….”

Our bodies arched at almost the same moment. Uncontrollable spasms overwhelmed us as we were inundated with surges of lust. It was unbelievable! I was cumming so much that I was sure that my juices could fill the empty glass on the nightstand. It was surely the longer orgasm I had ever had. When I collapsed on the sheet I couldn’t believe that I was still able to breathe…


Two hours later, as the sun was going down, Linda got me downtown in her car. When she stopped out of my home, she asked me about her method of relaxation and as I started to laugh happily, she looked at me very serious.

“Don’t ever think that your therapy has been completed, Vicky,” she said in a stable tone. “You can’t say that since three sessions are necessary to complete the cure and you have just done the first. You have my number. Call me next Saturday to fix a second appointment. Ok?”

“Ok, Linda,” I replied laughing loudly. “I never leave things unfinished. I am a perfection maniac, you know!”

We kissed goodnight and she went. I kept my promise. My therapy got completed. And Linda found out that she could improve it. In eight sessions!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32