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Rico’s Crush
Chapter II

A year after…

“Dammit, Jackson! Open the damn door! I’m freezing here!” yelled Rico as he slammed the door calling for Jackson.

It was a raining a lot tonight. A lot of bad luck has been strucking Rico today. First, his business has been really slow, then a friend of his was to give him a ride home, but appearently decided he was better off flirting some girls into a hot night and leaving Rico to catch a cold shower on the way home.

Rico ran to Jackson’s house, since it was the closest he could think of to find shelter from the tough rain. Better than staying alone at work, he thought.

“Hold on! I’m coming!” yelled Jackson as he slowly took his time to open the door. Jackson, being an handsome 16 year old blond teenager, had no problem regarding his appearence. He knew he was a good looking young man.

As Jackson opened the door, Rico ran inside shaking terribly and rubbing his arms as fast and hard as possible, trying to get warm.

“Fuck, about time man! Uuugh!” sighed Rico, as he finally felt the warm house around him.
“Sorry about that, Rico. Gotta admit, it’s funny watching you suffer for a bit once in a while.” giggled Jackson as he went to grab a towel for the young 14 year old boy.

Rico is quite the charming young man himself, with his dark long hair and attractive body, incredibly smooth and hairless. Jackson’s was also hairless, with a few hints of muscle. Jackson could certainly look tough when he wanted to with a body like that.

“Look, you got some dry clothes I can borrow?” asked Rico as he grabbed the towel and dried his face and arms. His blue jeans were as soaked as they could get, and his yellow muscled shirt was soaked enough to see right through it, but the black t-shirt under it kept his body from showing, despite being as soaked the rest of the garments.

“Well, none of my clothes would fit a 6 year old’s body hehe!” giggled Jackson as he sat on the couch, but his fun didn’t last long when he felt a wet shirt hit hard on his face. He took a moment to notice his friend was now shirtless in front of him, and the shirt on his hand was the soaked shirt Rico was wearing… Both shirts.

“Look,just get me something dry. Like a robe or somethin’. Please…” said Rico, as he kept rubbing his arms in search of warm. Jackson took a moment to look at the young body standing in front of him before getting up and saying:
“All right, look. I probably have a robe here you can use. If not, then one of my shirts will do.”
“Either one will do.” replied Rico as he followed Jackson.

On the way, Robbie Ray was just getting out of the bathroom, with some beer on his hand.

“Oh you don’t wanna go in there haha.” said Robbie as he walked to the living room.
“Aw c’mon! I’m gonna have to smell that all night dad!” yelled Jackson, “Damn, i hate it when he drinks too much!”
“Yeah, tell me about it. I never expected to see your dad walking around the house singing some Lady Gaga music!” said Rico as he started laughing.
“At least he’s not fucking Miley… That’s the kind of music I’d rather not hear.” replied Jackson as he searched for a shirt in his room that Rico could wear.

“All right, found one. This shirt doesn’t really fit me anymore, so if you want you can ke-” said Jackson, but stopped as he noticed Rico had taken off his illegal bahis jeans, shoes and socks as well, standing with only blue briefs on.

“A pink shirt? Oh well… As long as it gets me warm.” Rico said as he grabbed the shirt and put it on.

Jackson couldn’t help but look at the sight in front of him. Last year, he got a nice moment with that same boy, fucking the sweet mouth of his along with that round tight ass.

“If you don’t mind, I’m gonna go and get something to drink.” said Rico as he walked out of the room.
“Yeah, hum… I’ll stay here.” replied Jackson who couldn’t keep his eyes off the boy.

Rico smiled as he noticed the bulge in the young man’s shorts, and figured what Jackson was gonna do as soon as he left.

“I’ll be back in half hour, so take your time Jackson.” giggled Rico as he left. Jackson’s face turned red when he realized what the boy meant.

As soon as Rico closed the door, Jackson ripped his clothes off and turned his computer on and grabbed his porn videos and started jacking off like crazy. Knowing he got a few pictures of Rico shirtless he took for the past year since he has sex with the boy.

Jackson couldn’t resist thinking of that boy as he jacked off. Rico had been the best blowjob he had ever had, not to mention one heck of a fuck. Jackson moaned as he jacked his dick off so hard he could hear the sound his hand rubbing his dick and his balls loud and clear, along with the moans of the sex pornstars he was watching. The sound of that man’s body hiting hard against the woman’s ass was very pleasuring to Jackson’s ears, as he had put headphones on and pushed the volume up.

“Oh yeah… Fuck, that feels good…” whispered Jackson as he sped up, “Oh god… I’m gonna get a piece of his ass soon… Oh fuck, I’m gonna rape that ass of his if I see him like that again…” moaned Jackson as he imagined the first time he fucked his friend Rico at his workplace.

Meantime, Rico walked to the kitchen, when he noticed Robbie Ray wasted on the couch, watching a movie.

“Hey-ya, Mr. Stewart.” said Rico as he passed by Robbie Ray on his way to the kitchen.
“Huh…? Oh, it’s Rico. haha…Why are you dressed like that?” laughed Robbie as he could barely open his eyes, being wasted of drinking too much.
“Got a cold shower on the way here. What about you? Drinking too much?” replied Rico.
“Yeaah… it’s a party day today!”
“What’s up?”
“Miley’s got herself one heck of a party tonight, and I can drink my ass off! haha”
“Really? You’re ok with her being alone?”
“Nah, Roxy’s with her. I’m not worried. I needed me some relax time.”
“Ah. Been there, Mr. Stewart.”
“Yeah right. You don’t work kiddo…Oh wait, you do.”
“Yep, I know stress. Hey, you mind if I drink a bit with ya?”
“Be my guest. There’s plenty in the fridge.”

Rico went to the fridge and grabbed a beer. Then he went back to the couch and sat next to Robbie Ray, enjoying a men moment.

“Say, what happened to Jackson?” asked Robbie Ray.
“He’s in his room, probably jacking off.”
“Huh? Seriously? That boy needs a girlfriend!” laughed Robbie Ray as he drank a bit more.
“What for? Girls cause trouble mostly.” replied Rico.
“That depends on what girl you’re talking about.”
“I think I’d do myself a man much better.”
“I bet you never sucked dick in your life.”
illegal bahis siteleri “I sucked your son’s. I can handle it pretty well.”

Robbie was stunned hearing that, but also excited knowing he had a willing cocksucker sitting next to him, looking at him straight in the eyes as he drank his can of beer, almost as if daring him to make a move.

“How about you show me how good you are.” whispered Robbie, as he placed the beer on the table,with his eyes locked on the boy.
“You’re on.” replied Rico, with the same daring tone as Robbie, as he went on his knees in front of the man and grabbed the bulge in his pants.

“Oohh yeah, Play with it, little man.”

Rico didn’t waste time as he unzipped the man’s pants and pushed out his dick, which was about 8 inches, from what Rico measured in the first few seconds.
Wasting no time, Rico went down on the monster, swallowing over half of the man’s cock. Robbie moaned loud as he wasn’t expecting such a forward movement already.

“Oh shit… Oh fuck yeah, suck me you faggot!” moaned Robbie Ray as he grabbed the boy’s hair and pushed him down harder.

Rico licked that huge cock all over and got a kick out of such a huge monster.

“Fuck yeah Mr. Stewart!” moaned Rico, “Fuck my face!”

Hearing those words, Robbie grabbed the boy by the hair hard and throw him to the couch on his back. He wasted no time in slamming his cock back in the boy’s mouth, fucking him as hard as the man could muster.

“Fuck! Oh yeah! Take that you fucking cock-sucking bitch!” moaned Robbie as fucked harder and harder,

“Mmm!” Rico gagged as he got fucked harder than he expected. He couldn’t breath due to such a rough attitude from the man.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna fuck you good, little man!” he said as he got his dick off the boy, and ripped his shirt off.

“Wha-” Rico could barely say as his shirt got ripped off of him,

The man stripped his shirt, hugged the boy hard and devoured his lips as he pressed his dick against the boy’s, covered by his underwear.

After a while, Rico was moaning loudly as the Robbie started sucking and biting his nipples and all of his body. Robbie was long this young man’s smooth chest and took a few minutes just to enjoy it.
Rico kept moaning as he felt Robbie’s sucking on his nipples but also yelped in pain as he felt the bitings as well.

“Don’t bite too hard…” Rico barely managed to say as he felt the man bite even harder and moaned as he loved those smooth nipples of his.
This went on for a few more minutes, as the man finished sucking on the boy’s neck hard enough to leave a few hickeys.

“I’m gonna fuck that ass good, boy!” moaned Robbie as he pressed his dick harder on the boy’s, and devoured his lips so hard it was painful for Rico.

“Mmmmm! Pl-please mmm Go easy mmmm” Rico said between Robbie’s sucking and kissing all over his lips.

Robbie rolled him over and ripped a hole on the boy’s underwear, big enough to get into his ass.

“I’m gonna fuck your sweet ass soo hard tonight…” he moaned as he grabbed the boy’s ass rough with both hands and squeezed.

“Ooooh! That stings, Mr. Stewart!” Rico yelled as he felt a strong slap on his ass.

“I know you like it! Tell me you want it!”
“Oh god, please go slow!”
*SMACK* “OOHH!!” yelled Rico as he felt another strong slap on canlı bahis siteleri his ass.
“Tell me you want it!” moaned Robbie.
“Yes! I want it! Oh fuck!” yelled Rico, as he enjoyed the man’s roughness.
“You want what, faggot!?”
“I want your dick! Fuck me Mr. Stewart! Fuck me!” he moaned.

Rico yelled so hard when he felt the man’s dick penetrate his ass so hard and deep. The pain was intense.

“AAAHhh shit!!”
“That’s right baby! Take your daddy’s cock!” he yelled as he kept fucking the boy’s ass hard.
“Oh god! Yes! Fuck me!”

The pain soon turned into wonderful pleasure as the fucking got more intense and harder. Robbie lied down on top of the boy and fucked his ass so hard the sound of the man’s body hitting Rico’s ass was so loud and orgasmic.

The boy held on for dear life as the fucking kept growing more intense. Both were sweating badly and Rico clenched his teeth together so hard trying to handle the monster that was invading his ass with so much pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum in your ass baby! Oh yeah… Take my juice baby!!” he moaned louder as he fucked his boy as deep as he could, cumming for what was the best fuck he’d got in years.

“Oh shit… That stings man.” whispered Rico as the fucking ceased, and he felt the pain coming back for a bit.

Robbie removed his dick from the boy’s hole and sat on the couch, catching his breath.

“So… Fucking good…” moaned Robbie as he started to fall asleep.

Rico slowly got up and went to the bathroom. He looked at himself in the mirror and noticed a few bruises on his lips. The man devoured his lips so hard it left marks.

“Oh fuck… He’s crazy.” moaned Rico as he touched his lips and felt a bit of pain from it, but felt so good nonetheless. Rico tried to sit on the toilet seat and felt as if he needed to take a dump, but nothing would come out.

“Fucking hell, that was a huge cock…” moaned Rico, “I don’t think Jackson got me this fucked up back then…Oh shit, Jackson! Almost forgot to go back. Oh shit, where’s my shirt?”

Rico looked around and remembered his shirt got ripped off by Robbie Ray as well as his undewear, which now had a big hole behind and some stains on the front from pre-cum. Despite the man’s rough fuck, Rico loved it, and he needed a release…

And he decided he would get his first ass tonight with the same hardcore attitude as the man of this house. However… it would be with the man’s son, the young blond who was just reaching his climax as Rico slowly entered the room.

“Fuck, soo goood…” moaned Jackson as he closed his eyes and started to cum.

Jackson had taken off his headphones and was moaning for all he was worth. Rico slowly creeped behind him and watched the show in front of him, and slowly started sucking on the boy’s neck.

“Oh yeaaah… I’m cumming…” moaned Jackson who hadn’t noticed Rico’s presence, but sure enjoyed the sucking on his neck.

Rico had just sat on top of Jackson and felt his dick easily enter his ass. Jackson now opened his eyes and saw Rico with a very determined face.

“Get ready for more, Jackson.” moaned Rico, “I’m gonna take your cock up my ass man… And then I’m gonna rape yours real good!” he said as he started making out with jackson as hard as he could as he started taking the boy’s dick already familiar dick up his ass.

“W-wha-?” jackson could barely speak as he started cumming.

“You’re mine tonight Jackson… Aaall night.” Rico moaned with his ever popular evil smile.

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