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I knocked on my son’s bedroom door and opened it without waiting. I admit that I wanted to catch him doing something naughty, and I almost did. Evan was sitting at his computer, and minimized the window he was looking at in a hurry. I didn’t see what it was, but I had a good idea.

“Is it okay if we talk?” I asked him.

“Sure, Mom,” he mumbled, obviously annoyed at being interrupted.

I picked my way into his room, biting my tongue to keep from saying anything about the mess, and sat on the bed. It was normally too early in the evening for me to be wearing my robe, but Evan didn’t seem to notice anything odd. If he only knew what I had on underneath.

“Your father and I were talking,” I began, “and we thought you might need some help.” I was so nervous. I still couldn’t believe I was going through with this.

“What kind of help?”

“Well–now don’t get embarrassed–but I want to talk to you about sex.”

Evan’s cheeks blushed. He was so adorable.

“Dad had that talk with me a long time ago. I think I’m all set.”

“I know, but we noticed that you’ve never had any girlfriends, or…boyfriends.”

“You think I’m gay?” He was more anxious than upset at that.

“It doesn’t matter to us what you are.” I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I had to get to it before I chickened out. “We just want you to be happy. If you’re confused, about girls, or boys, or your sexuality, we want to help you figure it all out.”

“This is kind of awkward, you know. Talking about sex stuff with my mom.”

“That’s why I was thinking we might do more than talk.”

I smiled at my son to cover my nerves, and opened my robe. I was proud of my trim figure, but I’d never showed myself off like this to Evan before. He’d seen me in my bikini, and I’d fantasized about this a thousand times, but here I was–actually doing it.

His mouth fell open as his eyes took in the red lace bra cupping my breasts. They weren’t huge, but they were a nice handful and still had some perk left. His gaze moved down my body, across my bare stomach, and to my matching red panties.

“Mom, what’re you doing? I mean, you look real sexy and all, but I don’t understand.” Evan could barely get the words out as he stared at me.

“Dad and I thought that if you had more experience you might not be so shy.”


“A taste of the real thing, instead of looking at pictures all the time.” I nodded toward his computer. He knew he was busted, but couldn’t spare more than a second being embarrassed about that just now.

“Are you saying that you want me to look at you naked, Mom?”

“We can start there, but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to help you, honey.” What I didn’t say was that I was not only willing, I was eager. Evan was still shocked.

I looked at my handsome boy, with his sweet face and mop of dark hair. He had let it grow and it was getting curly at the ends. He had an athlete’s body, not yet fully developed, but lean and hard. He had on a t-shirt and basketball shorts, which he wouldn’t have on for long if I could help it.

“Let’s talk about masturbation,” I said, trying to mask the excited anticipation in my voice. “I imagine at your age you must be masturbating a lot.”

“I guess so.” He leaned forward in his chair, resting his arms across his knees, obviously trying to hide his erection from me. So cute.

“To be honest, even at my age, I masturbate a lot, too,” I confessed and felt a little thrill in my tummy at saying this out loud in front of my son. “It feels so good that I play with myself almost every day. What about you?”

“Probably a couple times a day at least,” Evan admitted with some hesitation.

“You like to look at pictures on the computer when you touch your penis?” I asked. He nodded, looking a bit guilty about it. “Show me what you like to look at.”

He swallowed hard and clicked the window he had minimized. The screen filled with a giant close-up of a pussy and a huge cock about to enter it.

“Wow!” I was surprised, and excited, by the explicitness of the picture. “That’s very sexy. And were you going to look at this and masturbate before I came in?”


“Do you want to see what I look at when I masturbate?” I could feel myself getting wet, but I didn’t want to push things too fast. He nodded in response to my offer and I went to the computer.

I leaned over, being sure to make some casual physical contact with him, and navigated to my favorite porn site. I put in my username and password, then clicked on ‘My Favorites.’ I selected the picture I had picked out specifically for this situation.

“This is what I looked at last night when I touched myself,” I told him. The picture popped up. It was a woman a few years older than me, with a young naked stud on either side of her. She had the tips of both their cocks in her open mouth, and you could see the men’s penises were touching. “I looked at this and masturbated myself until I had an orgasm. Do you like it?”

“Yeah, that’s pretty hot, Mom. I didn’t know girls…um, women liked looking at porn.”

“I’ve always liked it. When I was younger I would sneak into my daddy’s room and peek at his dirty magazines. I would look at the pretty ladies and rub myself before I even knew anything about sex.”

“So, girls really masturbate as much as guys?”

“A lot of us do, but not many will admit it.” I was ready to see if Evan would go further. “Is your penis hard right now, honey?”

“Yeah, kind of. Actually, it’s really hard, Mom,” he chuckled nervously.

“Do you want to show me how you masturbate?”

“You want me to take it out and do it right in front of you?”

“I do. But only if you want to.” I cheated a bit, and gave him a seductive kiss on his cheek.

“It seems a little weird, but I guess I could,” he said trying to disguise his own eagerness. I knew he must have fantasized about this just like I had.

“Which picture do you want to look at while you play with yourself?”

“I’ll look at the one that you like…with the two guys.” He focused on the image and rubbed himself through his shorts. Now that he wasn’t hiding it, the sizeable bulge of his erection was visible to me. I was dying to see my son’s hard cock.

After a few seconds he reached under the elastic waistband of his shorts and took it out. I felt that flutter in my stomach again and couldn’t take my eyes away. He was probably about the same size as his father, a robust seven inches or so, but for some reason he looked bigger to me. Youth has its advantages. He stroked it a few times, but I could tell he wasn’t very comfortable about it.

“Honey, you have a very nice penis.”

“Um, thanks, Mom.”

“Can you take your shorts down more so I can see it better?”

He did so and leaned back to give me a good look. He was long and smooth, and his balls hung invitingly down between his strong thighs. They were covered sparsely with pubic hair. My husband had been shaving himself down there for years, so it was something of thrill for me to see a nice pair of hairy balls.

“How’s that?” Evan asked, proudly displaying buca escort himself for me.

“Honey, I have to admit that looking at your hard penis is making me very horny. Would it be okay with you if I touched myself along with you?”

“Sure, Mom, I don’t mind.”

I slid my hand down inside my panties as I stood right there next to my boy. A shiver ran through me when my fingertip brushed against my hard clit. I was so charged up I could have made myself cum in a matter of seconds. I avoided my excited button, and moved my finger down to my silken wetness. My son wasn’t paying any attention the picture on the computer any longer. Instead, he was watching my hand moving inside my sexy undies only a few inches from his face.

“Honey, would you like me to take my panties off?”

“Yes,” he said and his voice cracked a little.


“So I, um, can see you.”

“What do you want to see?

“Should I just say it?” he asked, unsure. I nodded encouragingly. “I…I want to see your, um, vagina.”

“You mean my pussy?”

“Yes. I want to see your pussy.”

“You’re sure you want to look at your own mother’s naked pussy?”

“Please,” he begged in a soft whimper.

I went back to his bed and slipped my robe off, letting it fall to the floor. He got his first look at my ass. I bent forward and pulled my red panties down slowly, taking them all the way to my ankles. I stepped out of them and lay down on the bed.

My heart was really racing now. This was it, it was really happening. All those fantasies I’d had about my son over the years were finally coming true. I was worried I was going to feel guilty when the moment arrived, but I was so turned on that there wasn’t an ounce of shame. And I wasn’t just doing this for myself. I really did want to help Evan gain more confidence.

I was lying flat on my back in nothing but my lacey bra, my head resting on his pillow, my legs out straight and closed together. Evan was still in his desk chair a few feet to my side, but now turned around facing me instead of the computer.

“What do you think?” I asked, shamelessly fishing for a compliment.

“You have a very sexy body, Mom. And you don’t have any hair down there.”

My hand teased over the spot where there should have been pubic hair. “Your father likes me to shave. Sometimes he just looks at my pussy and plays with himself. Do you want to try that?”

“Okay, sure.”

“Then come over here to the bottom of the bed.” I couldn’t wait to spread my legs for my son. He got up and stumbled through the mess to the foot of the bed. “Take your shirt off, honey, I want to see you naked.” He quickly pulled his t-shirt off and I felt my pussy flitter at the sight of his broad shoulders, his muscular chest, and flat stomach. My husband was in pretty good shape, but nothing like this. “Tell me again what you want.”

“I want you to show me your pussy so I can look at it and masturbate.”

“Very good.” I rewarded my pupil by doing exactly as he asked. I spread my legs and exposed my pussy to my darling son. His eyes went wide and his cock jumped all on its own. My God, this was so exciting.

“Mom, you’re so beautiful.” Evan began touching himself again. His motions were more sure now, but he was obviously holding back. I expected, like me, he didn’t want to cum too fast.

“Do you want a better look?” I offered, and he nodded quickly. “Come up between my legs and get right up close.” He did so, and I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to see his cock from this position, but more than thrilled that my son’s face was so near to my pussy. “Ready?”

I reached down and ran a finger up and down the length of my slit. I felt a slight bounce to the bed as she slowly jerked himself. His breath caressed my lower lips in warm puffs. I heard him breathe deeply, taking in my womanly scent.

“I never knew girls smelled so good down there.”

“We taste pretty good, too,” I said hoping to pique his curiosity for later. “Do you want to see more?”

“Yes, please,” he said and waited. When I didn’t move, he quickly caught on. “I want you to spread your pussy open for me, please.”

I reached down with both hands, and parted my lips, opening myself completely to my son. I felt the bed bounce a little faster.

“That’s it, honey, look at my pussy and masturbate. Stroke your cock while you stare at your mom’s pussy.”

“I can see everything, Mom. It’s amazing. I can’t believe you’re spreading it open like this for me.”

I couldn’t believe it either. The reality was so much more exciting than the fantasy.

“I’m sorry, honey, I can’t wait any longer. I have to make myself cum.”

“Go ahead, Mom, I want to see how you masturbate.”

I dipped a finger in my hole and got it wet, then rubbed my clit. It was stiff and aching for attention. My little bud was too sensitive to touch directly, so I had to stroke around the area to the side of it, getting enough indirect contact to make my whole body vibrate.

“This feels so good,” I gasped. “I’m playing with myself in front of my own son. I’m fingering my pussy for you. Watch me masturbate, honey.”

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever seen,” he moaned. “I’m going to cum any second.”

“Cum on me, darling. Do like your father, and jerk off onto me.”

He got up on his knees between my legs and scooted closer. I could see his swollen cock once again as he jacked it fast. I felt tingles all over my skin.

“I’m going to cum on you, Mom!”

“That’s right, baby. Jerk your hard cock and cum all over me.” I saw his cock-head pulse and a big spurt of white cum shot out and landed on my chest right between my breasts. His next squirt splattered on my belly, and the last one plopped onto the back of my hand–the one that was touching my clit!

“Wow, I can’t believe I just came on my own mom!”

“You did so good, honey. Your cum feels nice on my skin. Watch me cum now!” I lifted my hips off the bed and thrust my crotch up toward him. My finger worked fast over my hard clit, and it was only seconds before I felt my orgasm exploding through me. It had been years since I had cum so hard, and I literally saw stars shooting across my vision as I continued to rub myself. Moments later I was cumming again before my first orgasm had even finished.

I dropped back down onto the bed and tried to catch my breath before I started hyperventilating. Evan remained kneeling between my legs, his face a mix of delight and confusion as he tried to make sense of what had just happened. After a minute I got up and gathered my panties and robe.

“I think that was a good start,” I said. “If you want, I can come visit again tomorrow night and we can try some other things.”

“Uh, yeah, of course.”

“Goodnight, honey.” I gave him a lusty kiss on the lips. “Sweet dreams.”

I closed the door behind me and found my husband waiting in the hallway with his cock out and harder than I’ve seen it in ages. He seized me and kissed me, his hands grabbing my naked ass with passionate desire.

We hurried to our bedroom and fucked like crazy. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32