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Senior Moments Ch.7 @2018

By Jax_Teller@2018

From Chapter 6

At the Emergency room entrance we were let out of the ambulance, and guided inside by national guardsmen and the EMTs. After a barrage of questions we were told there was no way to take us anywhere, and no traffic was allowed to come get us. Furthermore there was limited space due to the hospital being used as a storm shelter. David and I were assigned a room and we both offered to work as volunteers as did Ms. Davenport. I was thinking, I would volunteer to be under Ms. Sheila any time.

Chapter 7

Ms. Sheila Davenport our teacher was quiet the sight, her long jet black hair had a lauxerous sheen to it as I watched her work along side David and I. The Hospital staff was grateful for the help moving patients and from place to place. When it came time, we took turns in the dining room serving and eating the rationed food. It seemed like waves of new emergencies would come in and then a quiet period before the next wave. During the down times we were encouraged to rest. David and I were to share a small room that had a bed and a small fold out couch. As we finished our tasks I saw Sheila and mentioned we were going for a break, and asked if she’d like to join us for some comfort.

Sheila told us that she was only a few years older than us just having finished college. Being her first job as a teacher, she wasn’t as worn or jaded as some of the other teachers. She was well dressed in clothing that really showed off her athletic feminine body. Her breasts didn’t seem as large, confined in clothing as I had remembered feeling earlier this afternoon in the elevator. It was certainly odd watching her as she worked remembering how her body felt and smelled as we fucked.

Sheila took a second to think about my offer and said her shoulders were sore, her muscles were tight, and that a message would be nice. David looked like he was a puppy about to chase his own tail in circles. He was an average looking guy, not sport bound or nerdy looking either. We three walked to the room David and I were assigned locking the door behind us. Sheila made no attempt at modesty taking her clothes off, folding them and putting them on a chair. I looked through the cabinet in the bathroom and found a bottle of baby oil. I told Sheila to lay down so we could message her sore muscles.

She surprised me sitting on the edge of the bed lightly rubbing the thin dark hair above her pubic mount. Sheila said “you know boys, I was really turned on thinking about you two sucking each other off.” I corrected her saying she and I had shared his cock. She reminded me that it was David that had finished me off and sucked me clean after fucking her. I said touche’ and grinned, you are right. She said “so could you two do that for me?” David was naked in seconds and his cock standing proudly in front of him was hard as a rock. I said sure why not, and I threw the bottle of baby oil on the bed next to her and dropped my pants.

David got on his knees and took my cock in his mouth, greedily sucking and swilling around my cock. He was a great cock sucker but watching Sheila pour some oil in her hand and begin to rub it over her tits was making my cock grow fast. David took my balls by the base and pulled down on my balls while he slowed his mouth down, but increasing the motion with his tongue. I was right on edge of coming and David was purposefully keeping me from coming, which I was thoroughly enjoying.

I felt his other hand probing my ass and it wasn’t long before he had two fingers buried in my asshole. I had to change up positions or I’d come right then. I moved away from David and laid on the bed next to Sheila so her legs were at the edge of the bed. I told David to fuck me, and he was inside me like a lightening bolt. Sheila watched for a minute figuring out where she would inject her self, then she sat her pussy over my face started sucking my cock. I ran my hand down her back to her ass and began fingering her ass as I ate her pussy.

I was on a sexual high, getting drilled by David in the ass and Sheila sucking my cock. I wasn’t going to last long even with her pinching at the base of my cock. I came pulling her hair forcing her mouth down on my cock, holding it deep in her throat. David began to shoot off in my ass and she grabbed his cock as it slid out of me and jerked the last few squirts of come in her face as I released her hair. We switched positions and fell asleep tightly holding each other. I woke awhile later and went to pee, and when I came out of the bathroom David was on the couch sleeping soundly. Seeing Sheila laying there on her side I thought to slide up behind her a fuck her some more, but she was so peaceful, I just snuggled up to her and went back to sleep. We were woke by a message that came over the hospital intercom, the National Guard was providing transportation for those who wished to return home.

Sheila said she was going to stay at the hospital, and David said we should be going home. I thought about it and invited Sheila to come home with me as my father was still stuck out west. She asked if that would be OK with him, and I said sure he was cool, I told her, she could call and confirm with him if she wanted to. David piped in, yeah he’s cool. Sheila still looked like she wasn’t sure so David said he and his mom lived across the street and his mom would enjoy the company too. She agreed and David called Nikki, his mom, and told her that the three of us would be home soon.

We gathered our things went to the rallying point and were loaded into a hummer. The roads were still closed to civilian traffic and the city was shut down, still covered in a deep blanket of snow. As we road home, Sheila asked that we be careful around David’s mom, to keep our secret. Sheila was concerned being a teacher that David’s mom would not understand and turn her into the authorities for having sexual relations with students. David and I both smiled to each other knowing the way this would work out. I told her not to worry, we would never let anything like that happen to her.

The national guard hummer stopped right in front of Davids house and Nikki opened the door as we waded through the snow. We introduced Nikki to Sheila as we entered, and they hugged Nikki thanking her for taking care of us boys. I looked at David as he looked at me both of sharing the knowing look of how Sheila had taken care of us. The look wasn’t lost on Nikki and she said boys why don’t you leave your wet clothes here and go take showers. David and I both stripped naked and went to get a shower leaving Sheila to Nikki.

David and I lingered in the shower getting warm and then got out drying off and putting robes alsancak escort on. We went by Nikki’s room on the way down stairs and heard her shower running. David went on down stairs and I went in Nikki’s room to her bathroom. The door was wide open and I stood in the doorway looking to the large walk in shower. David came up behind me and said his mom, Nikki nor Sheila were down stairs. Being super quiet I pointed to the shower in which Nikki and Sheila were sharing.

Nikki was close behind Sheila rubbing soap over her tits and down to her pubic mound. David and I just stood there watching them for a minute as they tenderly attended to each other. The sexual tension was significant between them, but the physical touch was not obviously sexual, as much as romantic. They seemed very comfortable for two people who didn’t know each other an hour ago. They were too into each other to even notice us standing there watching them like a live action lesbian porn.

As they finished up showering, turning the water off they both turned and noticed David and I standing with towels and robes opened waiting for them. Nikki got out first, David stepped up handed her a towel and after she put her hair up, he held the robe for her as she slid into it. He followed her out of the bathroom and it was my turn with Sheila. As she slipped into the robe she turned to me, french kissing me for a minute and then we followed David and Nikki to the bed room.

Entering Nikki’s bedroom, David was laying on the bed and Nikki was sucking his cock. Nikki was kneeling on the edge of the bed her cute ass sticking out so inviting. Sheila and I just watched her for a moment sucking his cock like a pro. We joined them on the bed and Sheila started sucking my cock. Sheila had a talented mouth no doubt, but it amazed me how different each person sucked cock. Sheila was mostly a mouth and throat girl, gagging and almost puking on a cock. Nikki was a more of a pro using her hand to jerk the cock from it’s base while only covering the head of the cock with her mouth. David was more of a combination doing more toying with my balls than the women had. I was enjoying the sensations of sight sound and feeling. Sheila looked to be enjoying herself as she rubbed her pussy while she sucked my dick.

I spoke up and said hey why don’t you women 69 so us guys can take an end. The words had barely left my mouth when they started moving into position. It was interesting seeing Nikki’s white as white skin and Sheila’s black as black skin intermingled. David moved to Sheila’s pussy and slid his dick into her as I slid my dick into his mother’s pussy. It was amazing watching him enjoying the fuck, not rushing, but enjoying the fuck. It wasn’t long ago he would have blasted her pussy as fast as he could expending his energy and then regretting not taking his time. His dick seemed to be getting bigger too, all the fucking,sucking stretching him I guessed.

I was pleased when I felt Sheila’s finger enter my asshole as I fucked Nikki’s pussy and then I realized she was also fingering Nikki’s asshole too. I was getting close to over load watching my best friend fucking our teacher, when he pulled her head up and let his cock slip out of Sheila’s pussy and blew his load in his mother’s face. He jerked his cock in her face telling her to take it, suck it, bitch. It was the first time I heard him be assertive or dominant, and use the term bitch to anyone let alone his own mother. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and explode squirting all over Sheila’s face.

Sheila almost drown in come, turning her head to the side as I pulled my cock from Nikki’s pussy and added to the come on her face and tits. David regained his composure and as we started to separate he apologized to his mother for calling her a bitch. She stopped him and said it’s OK honey, it’s dirty and sexy that she knew he didn’t intend it to be mean. We all got robes on and retired to the living room, where David and I sat playing video games while the women went to the kitchen. It wasn’t long before the smells coming from the kitchen over came our need to play video games and we sat down at the kitchen table as Sheila put a plate of french toast on the table.

Nikki put a plate of eggs and bacon on the table and we all started digging in like starving animals. It was time given by the blizzard of the century and a gift that we didn’t have to go anywhere or do anything other than enjoy each other. That after noon we all got dressed and cleared the side walk and driveway, just to have part of the snow off. When we came in, David and Sheila went to his bathroom to shower; Nikki and I went to her shower, we all met in the living room on the couch watching the weather channel. The destruction and tragic events crippling our city, gave us four a chance to be together.

Nikki and David offered to make diner and were off in the blink of an eye not taking no for an answer. Sheila and I laid on the couch and made out, kissing and fondling each other. It was as if time had stopped in our world and we were allowed to just be happy. Sheila was only four years older than me and her parents had died recently so she had no where to go to other than her lonely apartment. The phone rang and it was my father and held Sheila to me as I talked to my father on the phone. I told him to hold on and I took a selfie picture of the two of us laying naked in each others arms, and sent it to him. He said way to go son, good looking woman you got there.

Sheila feigned modesty, but the reality of her legs spreading and her hand going to her pussy for the next photo led me to believe I had some really good times ahead. My dad said Jesus son, if my teachers looked anything like her he’d still be in school. Sheila heard his comment and said well then maybe he needed some refresher courses. Dad laughed and said he’d be home as soon as possible, and we exchanged I love you’s and hung up. Sheila took my cock and slid it into her pussy as she straddled me and said take a picture and send it to your dad for inspiration being alone and all. I took and sent the picture showing most of my white cock sticking out of her black pussy. Then I told her chances were he was alone, as he was in a motel and not his truck.

The End Chapter 7

Chapter 8

After five long days the streets were finely clear enough so the snow. That meant the travel ban was lifted and Nikki could take Sheila home. David and I rode along waving good bye as we drove away from the apartment building she lived in. The last five days had been amazing, but too much of even a fantastic thing can be daunting in the end. We’d all had sex in so many positions swapping and trying bizarre sexual fetishes that a break was necessary.

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