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Friday!!! Oh lordie … we all still talk about that Friday! I could fib and tell you there was a full moon. That might have made Friday’s fun even more so. Shade didn’t have any appointments. Thankfully. Our day got a bit of a late start. The most likely ‘excuse’ would be a continuation of Thursday night. Me: bashfully batting eyelashes. As if!

We had to lock Shade’s office door. The girls drifted in through out the morning and early afternoon, nosing around at what we had in store with the grab bags. Ya know, grab bags isn’t right. Gift bags fits better. Sorry about that. I’m ignoring mickey soft — again!

Shade was all set to include the bonus checks in the gift bags. I offered that each woman should be recognized for her achievement this year. Shade looked at me like I’d cured diabetes or something. Sheesh. I just thought that a boss might want to do something pretty easy to acknowledge individual contributions. Naturally, the best producer should come first and be accorded special recognition. The rest could be random.

Here’s a little personal note. That recognition thing goes back to high school. First and second honors got their names mentioned and were given ribbons. Anyone know what I mean? Cool! One year, the Vice Principal (I think) made the funniest comment. He told all the honorees to stand and cheer for all those who had not achieved awards. I think it went something like, “If not for them none of you would have been honored.” Maybe it’s one of those memories that only I thought was funny at the time. I never forgot the underlying message though.

But I digress.

We had decided we would both wear red. Friday morning was the first time I teased about sharing details about the boots to curry sexual favors … as if Shade needed any prompting! Her dress was a short red wrap with blended fabric and a side buckle; a black notched lapel beautifully complemented the surplice neckline. Short — as in hung just over the top edge of the boots. Me? A dark berry A-line with a scoop neckline, three-quarter sleeves and a bow-tie belt at the waist. Most important was a back zipper for easy on, easy off. Wink!

The first person I saw when Shade and I entered the restaurant was Connie. A very angry Connie if her eyes were any indication. Shade was chatting with Melanie. I smiled; she turned her back to me. Ya know what? I’m not going to let her interfere with this fun night. I did hope I had the chance to get a few minutes with her to clear the air.

The room began to fill rather quickly. There had been a buzz about the party at Monday’s meeting. Apparently it had built during the week. Shade and I were dressed rather conservatively. Several of the others were ‘dressed to kill.’ Every woman has her own sense of fashion; you could tell exactly who felt what by what they wore to the party. No, I’m not going to do a lot of detail. At least not about what they wore to the party!

Kim and Honey had very specific instructions on when they were to show up and what they were to do. The bartender took drink orders. About that — everyone had been given warnings about drinking too much. Enough said. The room was buzzing with barely suppressed excitement. Even an office as small as ours has its little cliques. The usual suspects were where you’d expect.

When dinner was announced and everyone was seated Shade made a very brief welcoming remark. “It’s been a very good year. This night is our collective celebration of that success. Thank you one and all for your contribution. You are all valued assets to my business.” She looked at me and smiled. “My Destiny and I hope you all enjoy the night.”

Three tables of four tonight; Kelly and, a surprise, Nicole joined Shade and I. Shade told me this was by far Nikki’s best year with her. I was very happy for her. I’d sorta, kinda knew she’d done well … just not that well. I hope Shade had some sort of special recognition planned for her besides the bonus check.

Dinner, a pre-ordered menu, was spectacular. We really did have to thank Melanie and her staff for doing their usual fabulous job with the food. A wee little part of me wondered if Shade had more than a friendly relationship with her … in the past! Kelly was seated next to me. The vibe I got from her wasn’t real positive. I wondered what was up.

Well, whatever. I knew that the festivities were about to start and wanted to use the restroom. I pushed the door open and felt it open behind me. I turned to see Connie and her angry eyes. Aw crap!

“I gave you a note telling you how much I wanted to be with you. I gave you my phone number.” She was absolutely livid. “What do I get in return? Absolutely nothing.” She took a few steps. Voice cold, she repeated, “Nothing!!”

I nodded to acknowledge her words and emotion. “I know Connie and you’re right. I should have made some effort to respond and it was rude of me not to. May I explain?” She’d either be curious or rip me to shreds … uh, verbally.

A nod. “Things antalya escort have changed.” I rolled my shoulders and brought my hands up to emphasize the point. “Shade and I were lovers at one point. It’s different now. We’ve committed to be monogamous.” I closed the distance between us and smiled. “Please know. You’re gorgeous and, if not for Shade, I’d be pursuing you as aggressively as you have been me.”

She seemed stunned. I wasn’t sure by what. “You pushed into the stall …” I shook my head. “It was as sexy a moment as I’ve had. If I were single who knows how that night, let alone the rest, would have turned out.” I smiled. “Connie, I’m in love with Shade. I think of us as a couple.” I did my best to let my eyes show how I felt. “I pray that you understand.”

She was still stiff with anger but I saw her eyes soften. She may have wanted what I had, but I thought I saw something that signaled she knew and accepted, however reluctantly, that my heart belonged to Shade. I took another step, cupped her lovely face in my hands, kissed her and said, “Thank you. It’s not easy for me and it’s got to be hard for you.”

Eyes lowered, she shook her head and said, “I wanted a chance … however slim. I knew you two were an item. I just wanted a chance.” Ah hell; part of me wanted to tell her how much I lusted for at least one go round with her but I felt like that might be a dagger at this delicate moment.

She looped her arms around my neck, kissed me lightly, turned and left. Goddamn!

Shade noticed my comportment when I returned but didn’t ask. I suspected she would later. Dessert had been served. The anticipation in the room was electric. The ice cream, decorated like a snow girl, was cute and devoured. As the last of the dishes were being cleared the ‘elves’ made their entrance.

We knew they were going to be dressed up but laughed nonetheless. Kim was adorable in her red velvet outfit, which was snug and fitted like second skin. The jacket had short, gathered sleeves, white fur trim from the back of the neck to the front tie — a white satin bow that fit snugly under her breasts. The bow gave Kim’s breasts just the ‘boost’ they needed to create a fabulous ‘V.’ Red boy shorts had the same white trim on the bottom and a black elastic belt. The ‘Kinky Kim’ hat was an instant hit. A black choker with small red bow was a lovely touch.

Honey … oh my, Honey was in an even more daring outfit than Kim’s. A green molded cup bra with white fur trim above the cups and black pvc trim below. The cut of the cups and the fur left one to wonder if her nipples weren’t partially exposed. Thin green straps held the push-up bra in place. The shorts, also green, weren’t boy shorts. Oh no; they were shorter, as in three inches top to bottom, as in nearly up to ‘there!’ There wasn’t room on the shorts for white trim — nor was there much doubt that any ‘fur’ she may have had was long gone. The black belt was exactly like Kim’s. Her ‘Sweet Honey’ hat drew catcalls and wolf whistles from the women. She too wore a black choker but with a small white bow.

Both Kim and Honey wore patent leather mid-calf go-go boots with three inch block heels. Kim’s were red and Honey’s were green to match their costumes.

This dandy little tidbit: I told Shade that, as the owner, she would go first with the gift bag and lingerie. She protested, in vain, that she would be exposed all night. “Yes pet, I know. And, for your impudence, you will also have the vibrating egg in you all night. Guess who will have the controller?” I smiled sweetly. She didn’t know whether to be angry or excited. She turned red, stammered and stuttered as she thought of any kind of reply.

Shade and I had put the gift bags, which had each individual’s name, on the table we had requested. Kim and Honey’s first order of business was to go to each of the women, take their lingerie gift, and put it in the appropriate person’s bag.

That task complete, Honey escorted Shade to the chair on the little ‘stage’ while Kim brought the bag. They each helped Shade out of her clothes. A very nude, completely embarrassed Shade was helped into her lingerie by Honey. Her hair was put in pig tails. Kim, with a smile, held up little bunches of mistletoe; one was put in each of the scrunchies holding the pig tails in place.

What’s Shade’s lingerie you ask? Why, I’d be happy to describe it! A white stretch lace halter top; the halter was a thin white strap that went around her neck. The white ring attached to the strap allowed the fabric to scallop, covering the top of her breasts and nipples; it angled sharply, leaving quite a bit of the bottom of the breast exposed.

The matching strappy thong, in a diamond design, had attached garters which fastened to sheer white stockings. The thong was not your ordinary design as it rode below the hips front and rear, providing just enough ‘cover’ for kitty! Honey and Kim both gave Shade seriously hot kisses; Kim winked at me after hers.

Shade, still chagrined, called Nikki to the chair. Kim headed to fethiye escort the table and came back with the bag. As they helped her out of the dress (and the rest) and into her lingerie, Shade said, “Nicole, congratulations on being this years leading producer. This far outranks anything you’ve done while with me and you deserve your applause, recognition and this check.” As she bent to kiss Nikki I dialed up the egg. I saw Shade jerk; Kim grinned.

Shade pulled away from the kiss which left Nikki with a puzzled look on her face. She recovered rather nicely I thought. She stood, held Shade in her arms, and gave her a ‘no doubt about it’ kiss! You go girl! Nicole got her applause. I’m sure some were more sincere than others, competition being what it is.

Bossy bunch aren’t you? Wink! Nikki, a lovely, curvy blonde, wore a (personally selected) black floral lace chemise. It featured a turtle neck, long sleeves to just above the wrists, and a length to the widest part of her hips. A snap at the back of the neck was above a cute oval ‘O.’ Adjustable garters held thigh highs of the same design and fabric as the chemise. Shade wanted a black g-string. Oh no! A white ‘eye patch’ was the perfect contrast for the black fabric. She caught my eye as she held her hair and Honey fastened the snap. I licked my lips; she blushed. I winked.

That competitiveness made for some fun with the boss. Each of the girls who had their fun (gift bag and lingerie) made her kiss with Shade longer and deeper. There was a ‘grab bag’ of lingering touches. Hands reached beneath the material of the halter. Others dipped into the thong. Shade looked at me in confusion. I gave her my brightest smile and a wink, letting her know she should enjoy. Shade, resigned to her fate with the egg, gave each of the girls whatever they wanted.

It was fun to see the girls play when they went back their tables. There was a lot of kissing, teasing, touching — more what I’d call foreplay. As each of them had their turn, and as the night went on, the room got wilder.

At one point it became apparent to Kelly that she was going to be next to last. She looked at me and whispered, “You’re going to embarrass me aren’t you?”

I kissed her and said, “No beautiful. I did pick out a special something for you. I hope your Kelly enjoys it.” I called out her name when it was her turn. I winked at Shade; she was, by now, quite breathless from the kisses, groping and from the endless erotic torture of the egg. And still clueless about the passionate kisses the girls were giving her.

Kelly’s Peek-a-Boo bra and panties came in red and black. They weren’t very expensive so we bought both. I hope she figures out that one set could be for her husband and one for Dawn. Shrug. The lace was see-through. The bra had thin strings that crisscrossed in the middle, so what was on top on one side was on the bottom of the other. The top string looped around the back of the neck while the bottom tied in back. Kelly was as red as her lingerie as her nipples peeked through the cut outs. The g-string bottom was also peek-a-boo — but it was of a more modest ‘open me and peek’ variety. She was an absolute knock out in the outfit. Shade gave her an extra long kiss.

She came back to the table; I stood and whispered, “You look so damn sexy Kelly; it’s just fabulous.” Kim took my hand. I slipped the controller to her and we headed for the chair to applause and a host of suggestive comments. I bowed to my co-workers, turned and kissed my Shade. Her eyes were glassy from the stimulation she’d received all evening.

Kim unzipped the dress, which fell to the floor. The room gasped. Not even Shade knew my plan. I wore the turquoise fishnet suit under the dress — more like a suspenders suit. A thin string around my neck, in halter fashion, met thin fishnet strips that ran the length of me. Barely covering my nipples (and little else) they met just above my pussy in a solid piece that covered but did not hide. A thin string split my butt cheeks and ran the full length of my back to attach at the neck. My height and the ‘one size fits all’ material meant the strips didn’t move much. That was little comfort; as every eye in the room devoured me, my hardened nipples pushed against the fishnet for all to see.

Shade and Kim stared with wide eyes. Honey’s eyes burned with undisguised lust. The room, stunned silent for a few moments, screamed with delight at my surprise.

Shade pushed me on the chair and straddled me. I heard her grunt; Kim must have dialed the egg up again. Her arms went around my neck as we kissed. I reached up and pulled one of the little twigs of mistletoe from her hair and waved it. Everyone laughed. I felt mouths on each of my nipples. Dear god, Kim and Honey must be busy. Shade’s fingers were deep inside me, sawing in and out, the angle allowing her to hit that special spot deep inside. Helpless and near naked I just enjoyed the inevitable. I heard the voices as people shouted out their funny, obscene suggestions; they soon kaş escort turned into moans and soft cries. I, uh, believe an orgy has broken out!!

Shade’s breaths, already shallow and quick, turned into gasps. Unable to take enough air through her nose, she buried her head in my neck as she shook, as silently as possible, as the long-awaited orgasm rolled through her. I held my love to me as she pushed me closer to mine. I felt a hand stroke my cheek. One nipple was being bathed and suckled; the other gently held with teeth and loved with the tip of a tongue. Finally it took hold of me. I cried out in joy and relief as the woman I love fucked me in front of the entire company, her sister, and her lover.

I guess we should have figured something like this was possible. When I opened my eyes I found women coupled in just about every sort of way imaginable. Among the first things to catch my eye was Kim and Honey, in the corner, in a very intimate embrace. It seemed Kim had found clear passage into Honey’s pot. Honey had Kim’s belt buckle open and her hand wasn’t visible. Free hands held the other; they were whispering and giggling as they kissed.

I whispered to Shade, “Do you see?” She smiled. With a smirk I asked, “Have you figured out the hotter than hot kisses your employees have been giving you all night?” Her gorgeous face wrinkled as she shook her head. I held up the sprig of mistletoe. She made mad eyes at me. “Just don’t even lover.” A quick kiss and, “Did you like my surprise?”

“You bitch; I loved it. Did you hear the gasps?”

“Uh, yeah; I also heard your esteemed employees and their very graphic suggestions as you pushed me on to the chair and had your way with me.” She giggled. “I think we done real good here tonight Shade.” Good grammar be damned! A girl can’t help but melt when her girl’s eyes are the way Shade’s were! “Do you think it’s time for us to leave and let the rest enjoy their night? Or do you want to stay and play?”

My answer came as the outfit was ripped from me. Wide-eyed with shock I stared. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Nikki and Kelly, naked and arm-in-arm, coming toward us. I think I was about to re-live days gone by … but in a very different setting!!

I nudged Shade and motioned with my head. She turned. “Oh my god; what do we do?”

I giggled. “Which one do you want?”

Stunned, she stared. The grin was slow to come. “Nikki … but then we switch.”

“Deal!” And it was; sealed with a kiss!!

In the midst of making love with Kelly, I whispered, “Baby, how’s Dawn?” OOPS! Mood gone; moment gone – I held her as she cried.

“She broke up with me when I told her I couldn’t leave my family Destiny. I’m devastated.” She really was.

“I’m so sorry honey. I could tell you really do love her. Let me give you a little comfort okay?” Through her tears she nodded. She cried a different tune as I worked my magic on her fabulous body. Any other time I’d been with Kelly it had been to service her. This was different; I don’t love her but I loved her. I knew she finally had enough when she pushed my face away from her shivering, soaked sex. We cuddled as she recovered. I knew Shade and Nikki were somewhere close by. My eyes found Shade’s; she smiled and nodded when I lifted an eyebrow.

Later, after Nikki and I had our fill of each other, I lay on my back as her head rested on my shoulder. I saw something very interesting. Honey was on her back, Tasha between her legs and Kim was stage-whispering instructions to Tasha. I heard Kim say something and saw Tasha shake her head. Oh my god! Kim’s eyes showed fury. I heard the sharp slap across the room. Her face hard, her voice cold, she made it clear she would accept nothing but obedience. This Kim had been hinted at but never seen in action! Did Shade know?

To my surprise and delight Lindsay appeared next to me. “Destiny, you looked so sexy in that outfit. It’s been nearly forever since we’ve been together and that wasn’t like tonight. I know you and Shade are lovers. She blushed as she said, “Would it be okay to ask if we could make love.” I knew Shade was nearby. A quick glance. A smile and a nod.

My answer came in a heated, lengthy kiss. She moaned as I lay on top of her. She pushed her hips off the floor to meet me as we kissed. We did what comes naturally as women love each other. She’s so beautiful. I’ve always had a twinge of envy at what seemed to come so easily and naturally for her. And she’s such a nice lady! For the record – that’s me writing about that night now. It was a whole lot more frenzied. And breathless, and sexy, and oh Shade, it’s such a good thing I love you as much as I do. That woman knows how to pleasure her lover! I was a glorious wreck when we had enough of each other. We lay together in a tangle of limbs, breathless, spent, and satisfied.

She kissed me; it was every bit as tender and passionate as her others. She whispered, “I need to get home. I have someone special I need to show my outfit to.” Her beautiful face beamed with joy. Oh Lindsay, whoever this woman of yours is, she’s one lucky lady! I rose with her. I helped her back into her lingerie and then into her outfit. Around the room, others were stirring and beginning to do what Lindsay was. It seemed this amazing night was coming to an end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32