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Sissy’s Punishment
My wife, Tania, is the eldest of 6 girls and at 30 years old, is 13 years older than Sissy, being the youngest. My wife is a good woman, who never had any other man but me. I had several other girls until I met Tania, but she became the love of my life. Tania and I have been married now for 9 years, with 3 children, 1 girl and 2 boys. We live not far from Tania’s parents and usually we visit them every so often.

Now chuck and Mary are both good hard working parents, who provided for all their daughters. They never thought of themselves and their attitude was their girls came first. This attribute were passed onto their daughters except for Sissy, who to me, seems like a spoilt brat and wastes her time every day. Especially on no hopes, like her present boyfriend.

Several weeks ago Tania, the children and myself were over at her parents for a Bar-B-Q dinner. The meal went off without a hitch. Afterwards Chuck and I sat down to watch the Melbourne Storm play the West Tigers football match. We were chatting about football when Sissy turned up out of the blue. Walked straight up to Chuck and told him, “I want fifty dollars.” Without so much of a please or a thank you, Chuck sighed and handed over a fifty. I was stunned that a child was telling a parent what to do. If it was my children, they be bent over my knee and a swat over their bum would followed.

Sissy walked off and I looked at Chuck. He sighed again and said, “If I didn’t give it to her then she’d only go to Mary and demand it off her, and she give it to her.” I shook my head but said nothing as it wasn’t my place to say what was needed to be done. So we watched the football game and as luck had it the Melbourne Storm won.

After the game I drove, Tania and the children home. Along the way I told Tania what happened between her father and sister. Tania also sighed and told me what her mother had told her that Sissy was bleeding them dry. I just shook my head.

Now ever since Tania and I have been married, I’ve been strict, with her. We use playful things but Tania will always know how to please me and if I’m pleased then she will be given a desirable pleasure. It took me six months of our marriage to train Tania, but in the end it was worth it. Also during our session there are times that I use nylons on Tania, who now loves the little kinky bits.

So as we travelled home Tania just blurted out, “I wish you could step in and train Sissy. She needs it.” I looked at Tania, then into the rear vision mirror hoping that the children didn’t hear. Luckily they were all asleep.

I looked back at Tania and said, “Are you for real? That’s our special sessons. I don’t want to include anyone else in what we like to do.”

Tania said, “No I don’t want to add anyone else to our play time. But Sissy needs to be punished and trained properly. Especially, to get Sissy to give up that loser boyfriend of hers. He’s such a fuckwit.”

I looked at Tania and was surprised at her description of Sissy’s boyfriend, but I couldn’t agree more with it. So, we drove on. Tania and I discussing what was needed, what was to be done and how. All this talk of training started to arouse me so I looked at Tania and winked, which she got my drift.

After we arrived home, we put the children into their PJs and sent them to bed. I then made a coffee for us and sat down and waited for Tania to come out of our bedroom. I had been aroused by the talk we had about Sissy and I knew that tonight our little play time would become interesting. A short time later Tania came out in her PJs, a short light see through top and a silk ‘G’ string.

Tania had her coffee, as I went into my private box of toys. I later came back and placed a collar around Tania’s neck. Then I attached the leash and without saying anything, I started to walk back to our bedroom, with leash in hand. Of course, Tania followed, she had too or punishment would follow a refusal and no enjoyment would befall her that night.

When we went to purchase our bed I looked for something that we could practically use besides sleep. So, I looked for a sturdy four poster bed , with sturdy cross and side beams. Now to anyone looking at the bed they’d see a Queen size wooden four poster bed, with netting draping down around each side. What they didn’t notice were eyelets fastened at each end post of the bed, about 6.5 feet high. At 4 feet and the bottom of each end post were another set of eyelets. These eyelets were used on my wife when she needed training or pleasure.

Tania and I used our bed at least once per month and usually when the kids weren’t at home. This was in case one would want to jump into bed with us, which the little ones did from time to time, and so an explanation wouldn’t be needed. But tonight was different.

Tania especially liked to be tied to the middle eyelets, whilst lying face up at the end of the bed. This way I could hold her head and face fuck her mouth, shooting my wad down her throat, whilst using a small vibrator inserted into her pussy, which was clamped. Tania also like to have her nipples pinched with small clamps. I have been imaging for sometime the use of ice and a butterfly vibrator, but that later.
Now as I led her into our room,

I quickly locked the door and tied Tania to the top and bottom eyelets, with nylons. I placed the blind fold on Tania and a gag in her mouth. After doing this, I pushed aside the G string and stuck a large vibrator into her pussy, enough so that her juices would coat the object. After being in long enough, I took it out and shoved it into her arse. When I turned the vibrator on, Tania started to go nuts. She start to wriggling to the large phallus like object, vibrating her insides. I retrieve the butterfly vibrator and belt, tying it off around her waist and legs. I ensured that it fitted snugly to her clit, then switched the butterfly vibrator on. Now I lay back down on the bed and watched as Tania dance to the vibrators whist bound.

I watched as Tania went through all the stages ending with a orgasm. At first she would wriggle and attempt to get away from the vibrating objects. But soon the instruments would work on her erogenous zone, build up her arousal until she’d moan loudly into the gag. At the point of orgasm, Tania would stiffen and groan hard into gag and finally slump against the restraints. Sometimes I would let her stay in that position, until a second orgasm occurred.

After she finished, I went around and untied her hands from the eyelets. Placing both hands around her back, I used the nylons to tie them together. I turn off the butterfly vibrator but not remove it until I was satisfied. I’d leave the blind fold and gag on and then release her ankles. I lead Tania to the side of our bed. I had her kneel on the floor, whilst I sat on the Bed. I instructed Tania to make me happy or pain would follow.

I released her gag and laid far enough back so Tania could lean against the bed between my legs and use the bed to hold herself up. She proceeded to give me a blow job, using only her mouth. She held the head of my cock in her mouth, running her tongue around it’s edge. She’d then run her tongue over the head, pausing on the slit. Tania ran her tongue up and down the underside of my cock, before taking the head into her mouth again. Now she proceeded to lower her mouth all the way down until her lips touched the base of my cock.

She rested there just using her tongue to run around the underside, sucking my dick like a straw. She would start to lift her head up dragging her teeth, lightly, against the underside. Tania would then reach the head and start all over again. Finally I couldn’t hold myself any longer. I grasp her head and pushed her mouth down. as I shot my cum into her mouth and throat. Tania held my cum, that which she didn’t swallow, in her mouth. But slowly, she made sure that every drop was sucked down her throat. On swallowing my cum she proceeded to lick my cock until I was happy.

So, after I was satisfied, I told Tania to release the vibrator from her arse. Then I removed the butterfly vibrator and belt of her clit. I undid the nylons from her hands and removed the blind fold. Tania got up and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply, saying, “That was wonderful darling. I was so turned on by our chat about Sissy and it was just what I needed. Thank you.” I swatted her arse with my bare hand and smiled at her, kissing her again.

Later in bed we talk about how to get Sissy to come over, and where Tania and children were going after we restrained karşıyaka escort her. The more and more we talked about our plan, then more I became aroused. Then without warning I force Tania on her back and forced myself between her legs and fucked her hard, our groins slapping. My cock and her wet sloppy cunt making noises. I was so turned on by our plan I just rammed into her until she had her second orgasm, which gripped my cock so hard that I exploded deep into her stomach. Afterwards I laid exhausted on top of Tania, I thanked god that the next day was Sunday, so I could rest.

It was about three weeks later on Friday lunch time that we put our plan into effect. I’m self employed and at work, when I received the call from Tania, telling me that Sissy was on her way over to chat with her. I told Tania that it was Friday and a few drinks with lunch, wouldn’t go astray.

Sissy expecting to be chastised by her big sister wasn’t ready for the nice lunch and idle chat, that she got. Tania directed the conversation and they laughed and Sissy drank too much. But not enough to get blind. Soon they were talking about their desires, when Tania told Sissy of our bondage and domination, or should I say my domination. Sissy laughed and asked Tania all about it. Soon after telling Sissy what was in store she begged Tania to show her. So, they walked to our bedroom and Tania showed the eyelets. Sissy again begged to be restrained but Tania refused. And the more Tania refused the more Sissy begged. Until Tania acted as if she gave in.

Tania first tied wrappings around Sissy’s wrists so as not to leave a mark. Then she tied nylons around the wrists and then to the top eyelets. Happy with her work Tania then done the same to Sissy’s ankles tying them the same way to the bottom eyelets. Tania went on to tell Sissy how I would then blindfold her and place a gag into her mouth. Sissy laughed at hearing this and told Tania that she wanted to try it also.
So Tania then placed the blind fold on, looping it around her head, then placing one end through and eyelet and then back onto the Velcro. Tania then got the new gag and placed it into Sissy’s mouth. Now she stood back and looked at her handiwork, and smiled.

I walked into the room and smiled at my wife’s handiwork and kissed her deeply. I told Tania to take the kids and go to her parent’s for the weekend and that I’d see her on Monday morning. Tania had already packed for the stay, She kissed me and left, leaving Sissy with me. Who by now could hear that I was in the room. I walked over to Sissy and whispered, “You’ve been a bad girl, now you’ll learn respect and you’ll come to obey me, because if you don’t then you’ll be punished.”

Saying that I went and turned the TV onto the MTV channel. After I retrieved a plastic tray, about 2 metres square, I slid this under Sissy’s feet, I didn’t want to make a mess. Then I got the material scissors that Tania left me. I came in behind Sissy and cut away her clothing. All the time Sissy was trying to scream and struggle against the restraints, but she was held firmly, with the gag acting as a noise suppressant. Now Sissy was naked standing there spread eagle with no way of knowing what was in store for her.
I looked within my box of tricks, selecting a feather and the butterfly vibrator, with belt. Then I went and found my own invention an adjustable stand on which I would place a vibrator, which stood upwards. Finally I went to the bar fridge, which we kept in our room, and took a small tray of 4 vibrator shaped ice cubes.

Sissy was standing helpless when I started spanking her arse cheeks to a nice rosy red colour. I didn’t know if Sissy liked this, but from her muffled groans and I thought that she would come to love it. I left Sissy alone for a short while, until I thought she was ready for the next part. So, I used the feather lightly over her stomach. I saw her shiver, so I ran the feather between her pussy lips, just touching. This caused Sissy to squat down to feel more of the feather. But her wrists wouldn’t allow it. I did this several times getting the same response and I smiled to myself.

So I ran the feather, lightly again, over her taught stomach and I saw the shiver return. I know she is waiting for it to be placed between her legs as I saw her legs split as far apart as she could. Though I will touch her with the feather, I took one of the small vibrator shaped ice cubes and standing behind Sissy, had it ready to be put in place. I started to run the feather between her pussy lips again and as she squatted down as much as she could, I shoved the ice cube into her rectum, forcing it way past her sphincter. I saw that Sissy didn’t like the cold, but I whisper in her ear to submit and hold the ice until I told her to release it. Sissy expelled it from her rectum, so I swatted her several times with a ping pong paddle. I told her again that she’d obey or new punishment would be given to her.

Sissy did as I told her, and as I use the feather on her pussy lips she squats and allows the ice cube to forced into her rectum. I can see the discomfort on her face and I smile. So, she knows to obey me in the future, I swatted her arse cheeks again making them rosy red.

I lay on the bed looking up at Sissy bound and gagged. I smiled to myself as I see Sissy clenching her arse and I think that the ice is doing its thing. I take the feather again, and lightly flick her clit. Sissy tries to move her body forward to gain more of the sensation, but I keep it just out of reach. I look to my box of ticks again and see Tania’s nipple clamps so taking one I place it on her right nipple. She squeals at the new sensation and I smile to myself.

I look at her groin and saw her pubic hair surrounding her cunt. I smiled and went into our ensuite and retrieve a hair waxing removal kit. I heated the wax and apply it to Sissy’s groin. Sissy started to become aware of what I was doing and started to struggle against the wax being applied. I sat on the bed and waited.

When the wax was ready, I took hold of the cloth and tore the pubic hair from her groin, which made Sissy scream in her gag. I had to do this several time to remove all the unwanted hair from her groin. I had though about removing all but a landing strip, but decided against it and removed all her hair. I thought this more fun than shaving. Afterwards I applied a salt water wet towel to Sissy’s groin and this just proved to be more useful for my cause, as she jumped to the stinging sensation.

I left the bed and walked around back of her, swatting her lovely arse cheeks again. I can see that she was still clenching onto the ice and know that every passing second the ice is melting making it harder to hold in place. I brought forth the vibrator and stand. Then i adjusted it to see what height was needed. Standing just short of Sissy now bare pussy. I ran the feather again between her pussy lips. I watched as she squatted and adjusted the stand once more, so the vibrator would just touch the edge of her pussy when she squatted once more.

I place the stand under her and whisper to release the ice from her arse. As Sissy squatted to expel the ice, she felt the vibrator just touching her. She tried and tried again to squat lower, to have the vibrator enter her cunt, but couldn’t. I could see that she wanted the vibrator in her cunt, but can only touch the tip. Sissy squats there always trying to get another inch, but her bonds will not allow it.

I swat her arse again and taking another ice cube, forcing it between her pussy lips. Sissy jumps at the feeling and new sensation. I take a clamp and close her lips, there by keeping the ice in her pleasure tunnel. I attach the harness and butterfly vibrator to the groin, then turn it on. Sissy starts jumping around from the two different sensations. I now need my release, so stripping, my rock hard cock is sticking out proud and ready. I waited as Sissy was becoming accustomed to the two sensation. When she settled down, I grabbed her hips and force my cock into her arse, pushing past the sphincter in one movement. As I did this Sissy climaxed in an orgasm that forced the loudest moan to escape from her mouth. Her butt tightens and I continue to fuck her until I came deep within her bowels.

As soon as I finish I withdraw my manhood, replacing it with another piece of ice, inside her arse. I told Sissy not to release it until I tell her, or another punishment would follow. I swatted her arse again several times and went for a shower, leaving her spread eagled on the four poster bed.

Part 2 After the Shower

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32