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we are sorry that this final part to the adventure series has taken so long to complete.
There have been a few setbacks that we have had to deal with.
We have, again, tried to make this story as realistic as all the others. But there are some details that we have been unable to confirm, hope that this does not spoil the enjoyment.
At the start of this, we never knew just how far it would go. But we have ended the story the way we wanted it to.
Again I must say a very big thank you to my wife, Sylvia.
Over the last few months you have been a pillar of strength. You have helped in every aspect of this story series, and without you I would not have typed so much.

There is one other person who deserves to be named, as they have helped in making this story what it is. By way of their contribution to character building and story lines. Also by giving me the biggest kick in the ass to get this story finished.
Again a big thank you to Lisa,
You may never know just how much your idea’s on scenarios or characters has helped us. Or how much losing contact with you set us back.

We want this story to stand as a tribute to us all, for the hard work and commitment that the 3 of us have put in together.


For a few days the atmosphere between Karen and myself was very tense, we hardly spoke a word to each other. But then things began to get back to normal and we were soon once again a happy, loving family. Karen did tell me that Lisa had got quite upset about what I did to her, but after a while she had calmed down enough to forgive me and was looking forward to going with us on the skiing holiday.
The following weekend Susan surprised me by saying that she would like to go to the picnic site again. So we agreed to go on the next Saturday we were free. A couple of weeks went by, and to be honest I had forgotten about our agreement, until I was watching the television on my first free Saturday for ages.
Then Susan asked me “well; when are you going to get ready?”
I responded “why; where are we going?”
She said “you mean to say that you have forgotten our agreement?”
“What agreement?” I asked
“We agreed to go out to the picnic site again when we were both free” Susan said.
“Oh yes; I remember, just let me quickly change and I will be ready” I responded with a smile.
I think it was the quickest I had ever been getting changed, but I still didn’t beat Susan. Mind you, looking at her as we walked to the car she was only wearing her short skirt, loose top, sexy sandals and nothing else. I was wearing, a polo shirt, trousers, socks and slip-on shoes. Oh how I wished she would dress like that when we played strip poker some nights.

When we arrived at the picnic site we saw that there were a few other cars parked up but we did not see any that looked like Julie and Trevor’s car.
Susan said “oh it looks like lots of different people here tonight.”
We parked up and made our way along the path towards the picnic tables. When we got there we saw a few females playing with, what we assumed were their partners, and some single males watching. We stood and watched for a couple of minutes, during which time I had started rubbing Susan’s pussy which had began to get very wet. I was then aware of another couple that had stood beside us and they seemed to be watching what was going on as well. After a few moments the guy spoke and asked us if this was our first time here, as they had not seen us before.
I said “no, we have been here before but not often.”
I noticed that the guy had started playing with his partner’s pussy.
He then said “we are off to find somewhere more private. You are welcome to join us if you want. By the way we are Ian and Nikki.”
Susan looked at me and smiled, and then she said “thank you, we would love to join you. We are Susan and Geoff.”
We followed them for about 100 yards. When we found a small clearing that had a couple of picnic tables there. The girls quickly sat on one of the tables with their legs spread wide.
It was a bit of a surprise to find that Ian went straight to Susan and knelt down between her legs and started licking her pussy. Not wanting to look like a newbie, I followed Ian’s lead and knelt down in front of Nikki and started to lick and finger her pussy, which I noticed had a very small but neat landing strip. It only took a few minutes before both girls started Cumming and I heard Susan moaning and gasping with pleasure through her orgasm. Nikki’s orgasm was a few seconds behind and I felt her pussy tighten and quiver as she moved in rhythm with my fingers.

Ian then pulled Susan to her feet, turned her round and bent her forwards over the picnic table, flipping her skirt over her waist and producing a condom from his back pocket. I heard Nikki telling me “hurry up; I want fucking too you know!”
I looked round to see that Nikki had already positioned herself next to Susan with her bare ass waving in front of me. I reached into my trousers for a condom, then dropped my trousers to my ankles and rolled the condom onto my already stiff cock. Ian, by this time, was already fucking Susan with long, deep thrusts which made her ass-cheeks wobble every time he thrusted into her.
As I entered Nikki’s tight pussy, she gasped with pleasure and uttered “at last; now fuck me hard.”
On hearing this I started pounding myself into her with deep, forceful thrusts. As I fucked Nikki hard and fast I knew it would not be long before I was ready to cum.
I mentioned this to Nikki and got the response “don’t stop…that’s it, don’t stop. Keep fucking me hard.”

So I continued forcefully fucking Nikki, my hands gripping her waist as I thrust my full length into her. I looked across and saw Ian giving Susan the same hard fuck; it was so erotic to see Susan’s ass-cheeks wobble in such a way as Ian pounded hard into her.
In a few more thrusts I felt myself start to cum, and as I did one final thrust in and felt my cum begin to spurt out filling the condom, Nikki cried out “No, please don’t stop, keep going…I’m almost there.”
So I kept thrusting, and as my cock began to soften, I felt Nikki orgasm. Her voice rang out screaming “yes…yes…AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH…yes…god that was good.”
As I bent over to give Nikki a cuddle I heard Susan scream “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH…yes…I’m Cummmmmmiiinnnngggg.”
I looked round and saw Ian give a couple more hard thrusts and then tense up as he began to cum.
After we all spent a few minutes cuddling each other we made our way back to the main area, where everybody else was standing and watching 2 women playing. Susan and I gave Ian and Nikki a parting kiss, and as Nikki’s tongue slipped into my mouth I slid my hand onto her pussy and gave her a goodbye grope. As we parted we all agreed that the next time we saw each other we would carry on.

For the next few weeks we all found ourselves quite busy and none of our days off seemed to coincide. Then in the last week of November, Susan said that Andrea, a friend from work, and her were going on a day trip to London shopping on the following Saturday.
Karen turned and said “mum, how could you? That would be my first weekend off in ages. But can I come though?”
Susan said “no, Andrea and I are looking for family Christmas presents. You will have to stay at home with dad or go to Lisa’s.”
Karen responded “oh; I guess I will have to stay with dad as both Lisa and my boyfriend are working.”
I quipped “great; I have got someone to cook for me!”
Karen swung a playful punch at me and answered “dad you are fat enough already, looks like you need to do some exercise.”
With that she gave me a knowing smile and crafty wink.

The week went by very slowly but then, at last, Saturday arrived. Susan left very early to meet Andrea at the train station, I can remember Susan kissing me as she left and telling me to be good. I must have dozed back off as the next thing I remember is Karen, wearing the red nightie I got her last year, jumping on to the bed and shaking me saying “wake up dad. I’ve got your breakfast.”
I looked round and saw on my bedside cabinet a tray with 2 boiled eggs and some soldiers on it and 2 mugs of tea beside it.
I turned to Karen and said “oh thank you; is this what the hotel calls breakfast in bed, where’s yours?”
Karen answered “we are sharing; now move over and let me get in.”
As she got in Karen removed her nightie and once again I was treated to the sight of my daughter’s sexy naked body. When Karen had settled I brought the tray between us and we began eating.
After I had finished my egg I turned to Karen and saw that she had dribbled egg yolk all down between her tits. I moved the tray onto the floor, then leant over and began to lick the mess off.
Karen said “dad; you could have waited until I had finished. But now you have started please carry on, it feels nice.”
So I slowly worked my way down her body, my tongue leaving a wet trail from her tits towards her pussy. I reached her belly button and as I slowly circled it then flicked my tongue across it, Karen started wriggling and giggling saying “dad; that tickles.”
I pulled the duvet off us and once again saw what a sexy body my young daughter had. I moved lower down the bed and resumed licking Karen’s body, making my way slowly from her belly button to her freshly shaven, wet pussy.

When I reached her pussy, I gently parted the lips and started licking all along the edges whilst gently probing the inside with my finger. This caused Karen to gasp with delight, as my tongue moved deeper into her pussy, Karen lifted her ass up just enough to allow my hand to slide under her and give her support, which allowed me to run my finger around her tight asshole.
With Karen in this position I probed her pussy deeper with my finger while I began to lick and nibble her erect clit. Within a few minutes Karen started to cum, her wetness covering my tongue as she moaned and gasped with pleasure.
As her orgasm finished Karen said “wow dad, that’s the best one yet. Now come up here and fuck me.”
I moved up her body and positioned my erect cock at the entrance to Karen’s pussy, and then in one thrust I buried my full length into her. This made her squeal in surprise then, as I started to fuck her with long, hard, deep thrusts Karen started moaning with pleasure and with each thrust I buried my full length into her wet pussy.
This was never going to take long and within a few minutes I could feel myself ready to cum. It was too late to make a decision about where to cum and as I again buried my cock deep into her I started Cumming. My cock twitching with every spurt of cum that splattered deep inside her.
As my cock twitched with the final spurt of cum I felt Karen start to orgasm again.
After we had recovered, I gave Karen a big cuddle and kiss but I noticed the time on the bedside clock.
“Shit, I didn’t realise it was that late, I have to get up” I told Karen.
She asked “why dad? I thought we could have the day in bed.”
I told Karen “no sweetheart I can’t, I have promised your mum that I will finish putting up those shelves she has been asking me to do for ages. As you are here you can help me, I’m off to freshen up, meet you downstairs.” With that I made my way to the bathroom.

When I got downstairs Karen was already in the kitchen, so we started work taking down Susan’s decorative plates and putting up the new shelves for her to use.
Karen asked “why does mum want this done?”
I answered “mum has been told not to hang the plates on the wall like she has been doing, but to display them on shelves.”
With Karen’s help the job was finished quicker than I thought, so as Karen prepared some lunch I tidied up the mess and cleared away my tools. We had lunch then settled down to watch some videos.
One of the videos had an erotic scene in it and during this Karen snuggled up to me, and I felt her hand slide across my body and begin to stroke the bulge that had formed in my trousers. Karen then unzipped my trousers, reached inside and gently pulled out my hardening cock. As she began to wank my cock to full hardness I eased her top off and began to stoke her tits and caress her erect nipples.
Before we got too involved I said to Karen “let’s find somewhere more comfortable, where do you suggest?”
Karen said “well dad, you haven’t yet fucked me in the kitchen, what about doing it now?”
I responded “sure; anything for my sexy daughter.”
So with that Karen stood up to move into the kitchen, but as she did I quickly grabbed hold of her skirt and pulled it off, noticing that she had not got any knickers on. At this Karen caught hold of my hand and we both walked into the kitchen.

Once there I gently pushed Karen over the kitchen table, her cute pert ass stuck up in the air just begged for my attention. I knelt down and spread her ass-cheeks open and began to lick and finger her wet pussy, also gently flicking my tongue across her tight asshole. Very soon I felt Karen’s pussy quiver as she orgasmed, crying out “oh god dad…that’s it…I’m Cumming” and covering my upturned face with her sweet tasting wetness.
After she had recovered from her orgasm, Karen raised her head and said “that was so good dad, now come and fuck me.”
I stood up behind Karen, dropped my trousers to the floor and pushed my hard cock into her wet but still tight pussy. As I started to thrust my full length in and then out of Karen’s pussy I thought to myself “why does this feel so good with my daughter?”
I was jolted from my thoughts by Karen’s voice saying “oh god…yes dad…that’s it, fuck me harder.”
So I started to thrust harder and deeper into Karen’s pussy, each time banging her ass-cheeks with my pelvis as I buried my full length into her.
All too soon I got those familiar “I’m going to cum soon” feelings so I leant over and whispered in Karen’s ear “where do you want me to cum this time?”
Karen responded “in my pussy dad, it feels so good when you cum in my pussy. I love feeling your cock twitch inside of me.”
I smugly asked “oh; doesn’t it feel this good with your boyfriend?”
Karen said “he never fully cums inside me, its always on to my ass, my face, my tits, my tummy, even around the outside of my pussy but never deep inside like you dad. That’s why I love it when you fuck me.”

With this I carried on fucking her hard and fast. It took just a few more minutes of hard fucking before I was ready to cum, so with a final hard deep thrust I buried my cock into Karen’s pussy and started to cum. My cock twitching with every spurt of cum that jetted out and splattered her pussy walls.
This triggered Karen to yet another orgasm as she moaned “yes…yes…that’s it dad…just the way I love it…god dad it feels so good.”
As we were recovering from our fuck, I gave Karen a big hug and kiss but told her “come on we had better get freshened up as we don’t know what time your mum is back and I would hate her to catch us like this.”
Karen said “o.k. dad; shall we shower together?”
I answered “that’s a good idea, but we had better not as I might not be able to control myself and then who knows how long the shower will take.”
Karen cheekily remarked “that’s o.k. dad, I’ve never had it in the shower before, maybe next time” and with that she disappeared upstairs.

About 30 minutes later Susan arrived back home, looking like she had bought most of London. My first thought was “fuck; there goes the credit card limit for this month.”
As I helped carry some of the bags in Susan asked “how did your day go?”
I said “we had a great day; Karen helped me to put your shelves up. I can see you did not need help spending our credit card limit.”
Susan answered “but at least it’s all done.”
I jokingly said “Oh; so you have got mine then?”
Susan laughed and replied “oh shit; I knew there was something missing. You will have to wait until the January sales. Now let’s have a look at those shelves.”
When Susan saw the job Karen and I had done putting up her shelves, she was very impressed and said “they look great; you have done a good job. Maybe Karen should help you more often doing jobs around the house.”
I had to hide a small smirk as I thought to myself “that sounds like a good idea, if only you knew.”

Before we knew it Christmas was only a couple of days away, and as I came home from the last day of term, I walked into Susan and Karen having a big disagreement. I had just got into the living room when Susan thrust some papers into my hand saying “here: look at this; what do you think of our daughter’s rota for over Christmas and New Year?”
I looked at the rota and saw what Susan meant.
Karen was due to work Christmas Day and Boxing Day, covering breakfast and lunch. Then New Years Day, covering lunch and evening meal. With a variety of shifts in- between, even her days off were not together. Susan commented that Karen might as well spend Christmas at the hotel seeing as she will spend more time there than at home.
I asked Karen “why is your rota like this? You know that your mum wanted you home on Christmas Day.”
Karen answered “I know dad; but I did not have enough days left for our skiing holiday. By working the bank holidays I will get days off in lieu, which I will use for the holiday. I have tried to explain this to mum. If I don’t work these days then I cannot go on the holiday with you. It’s a pity that the hotels holiday year starts in April as I had used nearly all my entitlement before you said about the skiing trip.”
I turned to Susan and said “well there is nothing we can do if we want Karen with us on holiday. We will just have to accept it.”
I turned to Karen and said “you young lady: next time you have a problem like this, tell us, do not leave it this late again. Just remember you have a home with a mother and father to see over Christmas.”
With that Karen gave us both a big hug and kiss saying “thank you both; I know I have been a bit silly. It won’t happen again.”

Christmas Day felt very strange without Karen being at home, I had taken her to work in the morning for her breakfast shift and told her to phone when she had finished. I also told her that she would have to wait for her Christmas present until she got back home. I returned to a quiet house, I checked on Susan and saw that she was still sleeping so I went quietly to my study and got the present I had bought for her.
I came back into our bedroom and placed it gently on the floor in front of her bedside cabinet. I got back into bed and lay there reflecting back on all what had happened to us over the past year. As I remembered some of the encounters with Karen, I found myself getting aroused. As I tried to get comfortable I must have disturbed Susan because I felt her hand slide down my body then lightly grasp my hard cock.
I turned to face her and saw that she was awake and smiling.
She softly said “mmmm I hope this is not the only thing you have got me.”
With that I rolled onto my side and began to gently caress her body, my hand steadily working its way down from her cute tits to rest at her very wet pussy. As I pushed a couple of fingers into her, I could feel just how wet Susan was.
She then murmured “stuff the foreplay; just fuck me.”

I went to get on top of Susan but she got herself onto all 4’s and said “come-on; fuck me from behind.”
So I moved behind her and guided my hard cock into her wet pussy, then I began to slowly thrust in and out of Susan. This made her moan with pleasure but say “no darling; fuck me hard, I’ve been a naughty girl.”
So I started to forcefully thrust my hard cock into her, ramming my full length into Susan’s pussy with every thrust.
Susan started moaning “that’s it…fuck me hard…I’ve been so naughty.”
Getting into this idea I asked Susan “how naughty have you been?”
She replied “very naughty, why?”
I answered “if you have been that naughty then there is only one place for my cock to go.” With that I pulled out of her pussy and rested the head of my cock on her tight asshole. I then pushed forwards, penetrating her asshole in one quick thrust.
This made Susan yelp in surprise and pain, then say to me “fucking hell…that hurt, you could have warned me you were going to do it that quick.”
I told her “you said that you have been very naughty. This is the punishment that very naughty girls get.”
With that I began to thrust in and out of her tight ass. This caused Susan to have a very strong orgasm, which forced my cock out of her ass.
After she had recovered, Susan turned to me and said “now it’s my turn to make you cum.”
She then took hold of my still hard cock and guided it straight into her mouth. She began sliding her mouth up and down my cock trying to get it as deep into her mouth as she could. Within a couple of minutes I was ready to cum, but as Susan had said that she had been a very naughty girl I decided not to warn her. It took just a couple more minutes of Susan sliding her mouth up and down my cock for me to cum.
As I began to cum Susan slid her mouth down my cock as far as she could, therefore making sure that each spurt of cum went deep into her mouth. In all 6 jets of cum spurted into her mouth and, to my surprise, Susan swallowed the lot.
I thought to myself “mmmm Susan doesn’t normally swallow, just how naughty has she been.”

When we had recovered and got up, Susan took her Christmas present and put it under the tree with the others saying “we will not open them until Karen gets home.”
We had a light lunch and then prepared the Christmas dinner. It was about 4pm when Karen phoned, Susan commented on how late it was saying “if Karen is going to be this late tomorrow, we could go to my parents for lunch.”
I said “darling; you know how much your parents and I get on. You go; I will stay and pick Karen up tomorrow.”
When I picked Karen up it was clear that she had been drinking.
I said to her “your mum is a bit annoyed that you are this late, I suggest you take a quick shower and freshen up as soon as we get home. I will tell mum what you are doing.”
Karen said “thanks dad; I’m sorry that I’m later than I thought, the owner of the hotel gave us all a drink to say thank you for all our hard work this year.”
When we got home Karen quickly went to freshen up while I helped Susan get the dinner ready.
After we had the meal, we all opened our presents. Susan was pleased with the lingerie selection I got her. She got me a de-odorant, aftershave and razor gift box. Karen was really impressed with the gift that Susan and I had got her, a Sony DSC S40 Cyber shot digital camera, Karen said “thanks both of you, I can’t wait to try it out on holiday. Lisa will be so jealous.”

On Boxing Day after Susan had left to visit her parents, I used the time before Karen phoned to prepare some coursework for the school. Karen phoned about 2pm and when I picked her up I told her that mum was visiting her parents.
She said “great, we have the house to ourselves for a bit.”
When we got home Karen said she was off to freshen up, I asked her “shall I join you?” Karen said “why dad?”
I answered “well; you did say that you haven’t done it in the shower yet.”
Karen said “mmmm that sounds like fun, race you up there. But can we use your shower dad? As there is more room than the family one.”
I answered “yes sweetheart; that’s a good idea.”
When I got upstairs Karen was already stripped and in the shower. I joined her and we started washing each others bodies. I took great pleasure in washing Karen’s body including all her little important places, and sliding a finger into her pussy and ass to make sure that they were clean.
Karen then began washing me, soaping my body and stroking my cock to full hardness. When I reached full hardness, Karen turned around and bent slightly forwards and said “hurry up dad; fuck me please.”

I positioned my hard cock at her pussy entrance and pushed in, Karen gasped as my full length slid into her. I then pulled back, leaving just the head of my cock inside her, then thrusted forwards again penetrating her wet pussy with my full length and slapping her ass-cheeks with every thrust. We knew that Susan would be home soon so that this fuck could not take as long as we both would have liked.
I began fucking Karen hard and fast as she moaned her way to her orgasm. After just a couple of minutes Karen cried out “yes dad…yes dad…that’s it…fuck me…fuck me…oh god I’m Cumming.”
Just a few seconds later my orgasm started and I spurted 6 to 7 jets of cum deep inside Karen’s pussy, as she uttered more moans of pleasure with every blast of cum that splattered inside her pussy.
We quickly finished showering and dried each other off. Karen then went into her own room to get dressed but before she did, she hugged me and gave me such a sexy open-mouthed kiss.
Then said “dad; that was great, I just wish we had more time in the shower. We will have to do it again next time mum has a day out.”
With that she then disappeared to get dressed leaving me to tidy up the bathroom. Susan got back about half hour later and after asking how my day had been, and what time did Karen get home, she filled me in on all the gossip from her parents.
The next few days were really busy for me as I spent most of my time preparing coursework, and a list of objectives to cover, for my relief teacher. Next time we book a holiday skiing it will be in the school holidays not term time.

Soon it was New Years Eve and Karen had been given the day off, so we sat down over lunch and discussed where to go and see in the New Year.
Karen suggested a new wine bar that had not long opened saying “Lisa and I have been there a few times. You will love it mum.”
I asked Karen “are you bringing your boyfriend tonight?”
Karen answered “that’s a good idea dad; you haven’t seen much of Jamie and it would be great for all 4 of us to go out together. Maybe we will meet up with Lisa and her new bloke. I will go and give Jamie a ring.”
Karen came back a few minutes later and said “Jamie would love for us all to meet up tonight. He says the new wine bar is a perfect choice, but he wants to know if I could go over and see him now as he has something to show me.”
Susan said “you lucky girl, I hope that it is nothing illegal. Will you be coming back here?”
Karen said “no mum; I am going to spend some time with him as I haven’t seen him much over Christmas. Jamie does say that the wine bar is very popular so it is best to get there early… He suggests that we meet inside about 8pm, any later and he thinks that you won’t get in. If anyone asks you for an entrance fee tonight, just tell them that you are with the Jamie Anderson party and they are expecting you… The new wine bar is called “Fantasy” and it is opposite New Look in the town centre.”

With that Karen disappeared upstairs, but returned a few minutes later with a small bag. She gave us both a hug and kiss and said “see you both later; and mum, don’t forget to wear something really sexy” and with that she went out the front door.
After Karen had left, Susan turned to me and said “why do you want him to come? You know I don’t like him.”
I said to Susan “look it is only for one evening, anyway by what Karen says about him we will probably be seeing a lot more of him. Just think yourself lucky he couldn’t come on the holiday. So what sexy outfit are you going to wear tonight?”
Susan replied “I don’t have anything really sexy to wear.”
I asked her “what about the outfit you wore at the picnic site? That was very sexy.”
Susan answered “no: I couldn’t wear that; it would be too revealing. Do you want our daughter and her boyfriend to see me dressed like a slut?”
I said “you are right, what about the slinky dress you wore on Karen’s birthday? That should work”
Susan agreed and we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and watching some television, then we had a light snack before getting ready to go out.

We got to “Fantasy” about 7-50pm and were surprised that there was already a long queue to go in. we walked up to one of the doormen and told him that we were with Jamie Anderson and where could we find him. The doorman let us in and pointed across the room towards a small alcove at the corner of the bar.
We made our way towards this small alcove pushing our way through the crowded room, my hand accidentally brushing and rubbing up against a few young girls’ backsides in the process.
When we finally got to the alcove it was a relief to see Karen and Jamie already there. When Karen stood up to greet her mother it was a shock to see just how sexy she looked. She was wearing a dress just as slinky and clingy as her mother, and both of them were wearing ankle strap heels. As far as I was concerned Susan and Karen were the sexiest and best looking women in the bar.

The night went well and we all had quite a few drinks. I managed to get one really sexy dance with Karen, where we groped each other the best we could without anyone noticing. I even saw that Susan had relaxed and was at least being sociable to Jamie.
We also met Lisa and her new bloke, who was a Canadian called Paul, and Susan’s comment about him was “I would love to get him between the bed sheets.”
Susan even got Paul on the dance floor karabağlar escort for a couple of slow smooches, and from the evil looks Lisa was giving her I thought there was going to be a cat fight.
Midnight came and went, then as we were all ready to leave Karen said “I’ll stay the night at Jamie’s as he lives not far from the hotel, it’s been a great night… Mum; you look so sexy and it’s nice to see you getting on with Jamie, he is not a bad guy… Dad; you are a great dancer for an oldie, I’ll phone you tomorrow.”
With that we all left the bar and went our separate ways home.
When we got home I made some chocolate drinks for us both and commented to Susan that it was good to see her and Jamie getting on.
Susan responded “he seems to be a good guy, but there is still something there I don’t like about him, why doesn’t Karen get a boyfriend like Lisa has got?”
I said “well Karen likes him and from what I saw tonight he likes Karen. Be fair your parents don’t really like me but we haven’t done so badly ourselves. Let’s hope they are both as happy together as they seem to be, and why should Karen get a boyfriend like Paul? If she did he would not be safe with you around.”
We then finished our drinks and went upstairs to bed, where we had a nice long loving cuddle before falling to sleep in each other’s arms.

New Year’s Day was spent putting the finishing touches to the course work I had to prepare. Susan, seeing that I was busy, decided to leave me in peace and go round the sales. She said she was going to see what bargains she could get, and also pick up any last minute items for the holiday. When she got back I was shown just how sexy thermal underwear can look, complete with thermal socks.
Karen phoned about 11pm and when I got to pick her up she said that as she was so tired, all she wanted was her bed. So when we got home, Karen gave both Susan and I a hurried kiss and cuddle goodnight and then quickly went upstairs to bed.
After New Year Karen was getting excited about the holiday, constantly checking that Susan had washed all the clothes she wanted to take. As well as making sure we had enough plug adaptors so she could use one for her battery charger.
When asked why did she need a battery charger, Karen smirked and said “for my camera batteries, what were you thinking of?”

The morning of the holiday arrived and as we waited for the taxi to arrive as arranged, Lisa appeared saying “Hi; didn’t want you to forget me, so I thought I would make my way over.”
When the taxi arrived we loaded our luggage and were soon on our way to the airport. When we got to the airport we checked in, but found that the airline could not get us all seated together. Susan and I ended up sitting together near the front, while the 2 girls were seated together a few rows behind us.
The flight and transfer to Kitzbuhel went smoothly and on arrival it was great to see snow in the town. We were disappointed to find that, on checking in at the pension, they had double booked us. But this disappointment soon went when they told us that we were being upgraded to a 3 star hotel in the town centre. This upgrade would be free of charge because of the inconvenience caused.
When we saw the hotel Susan commented “wow; why didn’t you book this one first?” On checking in, the hotel could not give us adjoining rooms but we could have rooms just across the corridor from each other.
After unpacking our cases, Susan and I went to collect our pre-booked boots and skis. Karen and Lisa came with us so they could hire their equipment.
After we had been kitted out, we all walked back to the hotel with our ski equipment. We all arranged to meet in a nice restaurant we had seen so we could discuss our plans for the next few days. When we were at the restaurant both Karen and Lisa said that they would like to ski on their own for a couple of days, Susan said that it would be fine just as long as they were careful.

For the next couple of days we only saw Karen and Lisa at breakfast, looking like they had just got in. When I asked them if they were enjoying themselves both of them took great pleasure in telling us that, they were having lots of fun skiing, eating at McDonalds and then partying the night away at The Londoner bar where they were always being chatted up by lots of guys.
We all arranged to ski together for the next couple of days. It felt good all of us going out on the slopes together, Karen was always showing us just how good she could ski, while Lisa was a very close second.
It was very erotic watching the both of them twisting and turning down the slopes in front of us, and I could not decide whose bum looked the sexiest, Karen in her red all in one ski suit or Lisa in her multi coloured one. Susan was not quite as fast as the rest of us so there were times when we had to wait for her to catch us up. During these times Karen was either snapping away with her camera or getting molested by Lisa. This was a great turn on for me, watching these 2 sexy young girls snogging and rubbing each other the best they could.

On the fifth day Susan and Lisa only wanted to ski in the morning, so they could have the afternoon to shop for some gifts and souvenirs. Karen said that as she didn’t have a lot of money left, she would prefer to spend the day skiing with me.
After we had spent the morning doing some good testing runs we stopped for lunch. Then Susan and Lisa left to do the shopping, leaving Karen and myself to head off back up to the top of the Hahnenkamm to do some easy runs for the afternoon.
While watching Karen’s sexy body twisting and turning down the slopes, I never realised just how fuckable she looked in a ski-suit, and I started looking for areas where we could stop and play without being spotted.
Then on this one ski run we were doing, I saw there was a wooded area just off the edge of the run that looked ideal. I mentioned my idea to Karen as we took the chairlift back up for our last run of the day, she said “that would be great dad; I’ve never been fucked in the snow before.”
So when we got off the chairlift I led her down the same run, going slowly until I spotted the wooded area I had seen earlier. We skied into the trees for a few yards, and then I saw an area where the trees were very close together. We skied towards this area and when we reached it, I told Karen to take off her skis and we walked into the group of trees.

When we got into the trees I grabbed hold of Karen and as we shared a kiss, our hands started to quickly undo our ski suits.
I said to Karen “we can’t take very long as its starting to get cold.”
Karen replied “yes dad I have got goose bumps already, it’s a good job that I am quite wet.”
As I eased Karen’s ski suit down past her knees my hand came in contact with her wet thong. I said to Karen “yes; you are quite wet, are you sure you have not had an accident?”
Karen giggled and said “no dad; this is what happens when I am alone with you.”
I pulled my ski suit down to my knees, and showed Karen my erect cock.
I then said “well this is what being alone with you does to me.”
Karen said “god dad you are very hard, come on quick lets fuck.”
I told Karen to turn and stand facing the tree in front of her, and then to bend forward and lean against the tree. I then stood behind Karen and with one hand pulled her thong to the side, while with the other hand I held my stiff cock and guided it into her wet pussy.
Karen gasped as I entered her, and then started moaning with pleasure as I began to fuck her. Her wet pussy walls were clinging to my cock with every thrust I made.
We both new this could never be a long fuck, so within seconds of me entering Karen I started fucking her hard and fast. Karen’s moans and gasps getting loader and loader as I pounded into her.
Within a few minutes Karen cried out “yes dad…yes dad…oh god…yes dad that’s it… I’m Cumming” and I felt Karen’s pussy quiver and saw her body shake as she started Cumming. This triggered those “I’m going to cum feelings” and within a few more hard fast thrusts I started to cum deep into Karen’s pussy. 5 to 6 jets of cum spurted out of my hard cock, splattering all up inside Karen’s pussy.

After we had a fucked, I gave Karen a big hug and kiss but reminded her that we had better get our ski suits back on properly as it had got quite cold. So we quickly made ourselves decent and after putting our skis back on we started to make our way back down the run.
Karen had only done a few turns when I saw her lower ski come off and she tumbled, sliding a few yards down the slope on her bum. I called to her to stay where she was while I collected her ski.
When I got back up to her, Karen said “don’t worry dad, I’m o.k. I couldn’t have cleared all the snow off the bottom of my boot before putting the ski on.”
This time I checked the bottom of her boots and after making sure everything was o.k. Karen clipped her skis on and we made our way back down to the bottom, ending what seemed to be the perfect afternoon for both of us. We took off our skis and I carried both sets as we walked back to the hotel laughing and chatting about the day’s events.

When we got back to the hotel we quickly put our equipment in the hotels ski room and made our way back to our rooms.
I kissed Karen in the corridor and said “thank you; that was a great afternoon, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”
Karen replied “yes dad; you know I always enjoy you fucking me, and the skiing was good as well. But now I am off to have a nice hot bath, and get ready for going out tonight” and with that we parted.
On entering our room I could hear the television and so assumed Susan was back. On closing the door I thought I could hear low voices, so I carefully and quietly made my way along the short corridor towards the main area of the room. As I reached the end of the corridor and peered into the room, I was met with a sight I would never forget.

Susan was naked on the bed with her legs wrapped around Lisa’s waist, as Lisa was thrusting in and out of Susan with her strap-on. I stood there unable to move, and watched as this incredible scene unfolded in front of me.
From what I could see, Susan was being forcefully fucked in her pussy by Lisa.
While all the time moaning and gasping with pleasure and Lisa’s voice saying “that’s it you bitch…you know you love it…cum for me, go on bitch, cum for me.”
I found it highly erotic to watch without them knowing I was there, so I stayed where I was and continued to watch as Lisa and Susan carried on with their fun.
I heard Lisa tell Susan to get on all 4’s, and I watched as Lisa got behind Susan and started fucking her again.
Then all of a sudden I heard Susan squeal and Lisa saying “this is for trying it on with my boyfriend, when we met on New Years Eve. Did you know that your husband loves it in his ass?”
I thought this had gone far enough and as I started to move towards them I suddenly heard screams of “dad; dad; help, help” and the sound of banging on the room door.
I rushed to the door and opened it to find Karen leaning against the doorway in obvious pain and crying.
As I put my arm around Karen and gently guided her into the room, she said “dad; it hurts so much…I’m bleeding dad, it’s not my period…why does it hurt so much…what is it dad?”

At this moment Susan and Lisa appeared, both of them wearing bathrobes, and as Susan rushed to comfort Karen she glanced at me with a questioning look on her face, as if to say “how long have you been here?”
As Susan comforted Karen and tried to find out what the problem was.
I turned to Lisa and said “are you satisfied; now that you have fucked all my family?”
To which Lisa smiled and said “I have not finished yet!!”
Susan was doing her best to calm Karen down, but she was still in a lot of pain. I telephoned reception and asked if they could quickly find us a taxi to take us to the hospital. They said that they would get one as quick as they can, and could we make our way down to reception.
While I was on the phone Susan and Lisa had got quickly dressed and then Susan helped Karen down to reception while Lisa and I followed. The taxi was there ready and we were quickly driven to the hospital.

When we arrived at the hospital, Karen was immediately taken to an examination room. Susan and Lisa went with her, while I gave the registrar all Karen’s details that I could remember, also our holiday insurance details. There were some details that I could not answer, and as these were important, the registrar said he would have to go and ask Karen straight away.
I followed the registrar to the room where they had taken Karen, when we got there Susan and Lisa were outside the room waiting in the corridor.
I asked Susan “what is going on? Why aren’t you in there with Karen?”
Susan replied “they are examining Karen at the moment and they do not want us in there.” I had spotted a vending machine so I gave Lisa some money and asked her to fetch us all some coffees.
This gave me the chance to finally comfort Susan, Lisa brought back the coffees and we all sat down and waited for Karen’s examination to finish.
After what seemed an age, a doctor came out of the room and, after checking that we were Karen’s parents, he told us that they would be keeping Karen in overnight for observation because they suspected she was having a miscarriage.

This news took us completely by surprise, and my first reaction was to ask the doctor “are you sure?”
The doctor replied “we will know more in the morning.”
Susan asked “can we go and see Karen?”
The doctor said “no; she has been given some sedatives and is being moved to our observation unit. There is nothing more you can do, so may I suggest you go back to your hotel and return here in the morning… On your way out the registrar will give you a leaflet with a plan of the hospital, this will have the telephone number and directions to the unit Karen will be in… She is in the best place and we will do everything we can for her. Now I must return to my patient, I bid you goodnight and I will see you in the morning.”
In the taxi back we were all very quiet allowing the news of Karen’s situation to sink in. When back at the hotel we all went into our room.
Where I asked Lisa “had Karen said anything to you about being pregnant?”
Lisa responded “no; the only thing she told me was that her doctor had changed her pill because the other one was giving her some side effects.”
Susan chipped in with “so the hospital could be wrong then, because if I know Karen she would not miss taking her pill.”
I asked Lisa “do you know how long ago she changed her pill?”
Lisa answered “about 3 months ago.”
Susan then asked Lisa “did the doctor put her on a lower strength pill?”
Lisa was quiet for a moment then answered “I’m not sure, but it could have been.”
Lisa then turned to us and said “look I’m getting very tired, we can sort all this out tomorrow. I’m off to bed, goodnight both of you.”
As Lisa was leaving Susan scowled and said “I bet it’s her bloody boyfriend that has caused this.”

After Lisa had left I decided to make us both a hot chocolate drink, from the complimentary tray that the hotel had left us. We drank the chocolate in silence, got into bed and I cuddled Susan to sleep. But sleep for me was difficult as my mind kept thinking “what if that baby was mine? The chance of a boy…something I have always wanted…how could Karen have been so stupid…surely she must have known…”
These thoughts tormented me until; at last, I managed to get some sleep.
The next day we all had breakfast early and got a taxi to the hospital. We made our way to the observation unit, where we were met by the doctor we saw yesterday.
He motioned for Susan and I to go to his office, Lisa asked if she could see Karen, the doctor said that Karen had improved and was now able to have visitors, but had been moved from the observation unit into a small side ward, but she was in there alone.

When we were inside the doctor’s office he went through what they had found. Karen had indeed suffered a miscarriage, but there had been no complications as it had been a relatively early pregnancy. Karen was recovering well and they could see no reason why she could not go home as planned. But we were given instructions for Karen to see her own doctor as soon as we were back in the U.K.
It took a few minutes for this news to sink in, then all of a sudden Susan asked “how could this happen? Karen was on the pill.”
The doctor said that after they had done some blood tests they found that the new pill Karen was taking was not strong enough. I asked the doctor if he had any idea of what could have caused Karen to miscarry. The doctor said that at this early stage of a pregnancy, miscarriages are common and that anything could have caused it. The doctor then told us that we could see Karen but as they were waiting for the results of a final blood test, she could not leave until the results had come back.

We made our way to the side ward in silence, but as we approached we could hear voices. Then as we got closer we clearly heard Lisa’s voice saying “perhaps it is a good thing that this has happened.”
Then we heard Karen saying “why do you say that Lisa? I have just lost my baby” and then starting to cry.
When we reached the entrance of the side ward, Susan burst through the doorway and her first words were “why did you say that Lisa? What do you mean by saying that it might be a good thing? Can’t you see that Karen is upset? I was right, you are not a friend; you are just an evil trouble maker.”
Lisa responded with “is that what you think I am? I suggest you look closer to home to find the real trouble maker” and with that comment Lisa stared straight at me and gave an evil smirk.
Susan, by this time, was quite angry and said “what do you mean by I should look closer to home for the real trouble maker?”
Lisa answered “in my eyes the real trouble maker could have been the father of Karen’s baby.”
Susan turned to me and said “see I told you that Karen’s boyfriend was no good.”
Karen answered “no mum that’s wrong, my boyfriend is always good to me. I don’t know why you dislike him so much.”
Susan then asked Karen “well then, if it is not your boyfriend who has caused this, who is it?” Karen went very quiet and I saw more tears start to form in her eyes, and I watched as Karen gripped Lisa’s hand while Susan repeated the question “Come on Karen, tell us who is it?”
Lisa turned to Karen and softly said “you have to think of yourself now Karen, this could have been a lot worse. It’s time to tell your mum the truth.”
Karen turned to Lisa and replied “I can’t Lisa, you know I can’t.”
Susan retorted “why can’t you tell us Karen?” at this stage Karen started crying again, her tear stained face looking at me for support. But at that moment all I could think of was, what could have been.

I said to Susan “look can’t we just drop this; you can see Karen is upset.”
Lisa then sneered at me and said “yes you would want this conversation to stop wouldn’t you?”
Susan turned to Lisa and said “why would my husband want this conversation to stop? You seem to know all about it, you tell us.”
At this point Lisa turned to Karen, gave her a big hug and said “I’m sorry Karen, but your mum needs to know the truth. This has gone far enough… Susan; the other person you should point your anger at is your husband!”
Susan responded “what do you mean Lisa? See I knew that you were just a trouble maker…What are you trying to say? Just why do you think that my husband would have anything to do with this? I think you should leave and not come anywhere near my family again… All you seem to do is tell lies, and you are a lying, scheming bitch…now get out!!”
Karen grabbed Lisa’s hand and said “don’t go Lisa…mum; she is not like that at all. Lisa is a good friend and is telling the truth.”
Karen then looked at me, and with tears in her eyes said “sorry dad; but Lisa is right, I come first. Mum; Lisa is telling you the truth.”
Susan responded “what do you mean by Lisa is telling the truth Karen? Why are you standing up for this bitch? What is she right about?”
At this point Lisa turned to face me, and with an evil grin, she said “your husband has been playing with your daughter for ages now, and has had sex with her on several occasions… If you don’t believe me, just ask him to tell you who the girl was, when you had your 3sum?”
Susan turned to me and said “come on; prove the bitch wrong, tell them who it was.”
I responded to Susan’s comment with “Susan; I told you who it was. You believe me don’t you?”
Susan turned to Lisa and said “so; it wasn’t Karen. Lisa; you are a scheming bitch who has done nothing but lie and try to break up my family.”
Karen then looked at me, and with a hatred tone in her voice said “dad; how could you lie like that…you told me that I was special…it shows now that I am nothing to you. Mum; Lisa is right, dad could have been the father of my baby. Dad; you have hurt me more than anyone could do…I want nothing more to do with you, just get out of my life.”
At this I turned to Susan and said “I’m not staying here any longer to listen to these lies. I’m leaving!!” and with that I made my way out of the hospital.

I took a taxi back to the hotel and then collected the rented ski equipment we had and returned it all to the shop. I had a quick bite to eat at one of Kitzbuhel’s nice cafes then returned to the hotel.
When I got back to the room it was clear that neither Susan nor the girls were back, so I started packing as much stuff away as I could. I packed all Susan’s dirty clothes, but left her some clean ones out as I was not certain what she wanted to wear home. When I had finished packing away everything that I could think of, I decided to treat myself to a few beers. So I quickly showered and changed then headed out into Kitzbuhel to sample some of the nightlife.
I had a nice meal at one of the fancy restaurants in town, and then I headed into the Londoner Bar for some beers and to try and make sense of the events from the last 24hrs. As the evening progressed I got chatty with other people who were on holiday, and I found that the more we chatted the more I drank
The next thing I remembered was waking up alone in our hotel room feeling like shit. I showered and quickly dressed then went down to breakfast. I was surprised to find that Susan and the girls were already eating and I went over to join them.
But as I got to the table Susan said “you have got a nerve…thinking that you can sit here with us after what you have done to this family.”
I answered “what do you mean, what I have done? I will tell you right now who has caused all this trouble. It’s that lying, scheming bitch sat there!!” with that I pointed straight at Lisa.
At my accusation Lisa’s only response was to raise her middle finger and smile.
I asked Susan “how can you believe her over me?”
Susan answered “quite easy, Karen has told me everything that has happened between you both. Including the night you led me to believe that our 3sum was with the girl from the post office.”
I said to Susan “how do you know that Karen is only telling you things that Lisa has told her to say, so that her boyfriend is in the clear?”
Susan retorted “Karen has told me enough intimate details about what happened that night. Including the positions we were in when I told you to fuck the girl.”
I responded “but that proves nothing, if you remember I used a condom and you told me to fuck her.”
Susan answered “but I did not know it was my daughter; you were deceitful that evening and you lied to me. I shall never be able to trust you again…you have shown me that trust in our marriage does not exist…when we get back home I will be filing for divorce.”
I responded “what…me deceitful, and when would you have told me about what you and Lisa got up to on this so-called shopping afternoon?”
Susan answered “well darling, if you had come into the room instead of hiding in the doorway, you would have been asked to join in. Lisa told me what she did to you with her strap-on, and I wanted to see her do it again.” Then all 3 of them left the breakfast room leaving me to eat mine on my own.

After finishing my breakfast I made my way back to the room to collect the luggage. On passing reception I saw that Susan and the girls were ready and waiting for the transfer coach to the airport. After collecting my luggage, I checked us out of the rooms, and then I stood and waited for the transfer coach with the girls.
The transfer back to the airport was made in stony silence, also when we checked in at the airport; Susan requested that she sat with Karen and Lisa, not with me.
During the short flight back, the person I ended up sitting next to tried to engage me in friendly banter, but all I could think of was ways to try and keep my family together.

All too soon I found myself in the taxi going back home with Susan and the girls but still no answers could be found.
As we dropped Lisa off, she said to Susan and Karen “see you both tomorrow as arranged. Thanks for inviting me on the holiday, I have really enjoyed myself.”
Then as Lisa exited the taxi, she turned to me and whispered “got you; you bastard!!” with that she picked up her luggage and left.
After the taxi had dropped us off at home, Karen took her stuff to her room.
Then Susan said “we have to talk; it’s best we do it now.”
I responded with “o.k. what is it you want to say?”
Susan then said “After all we have been through, just how could you think that I would be interested in playing with our daughter? You know my views on this sort of behaviour…you should have more control over yourself, considering the position of trust you hold at the school…you do realise that when the reasons for our divorce become common knowledge, you will lose your job and any respect you have in this community…what you have done has ruined our marriage and scarred Karen…also I have done things for you that I thought were distasteful, like the 2nd time we were with Kevin and Emma…do you really think I enjoyed Kevin peeing on me!! I have put you and Karen before me throughout our marriage…you even took my fantasy of being handcuffed and blindfolded and used it to satisfy your own cravings…everything you have done in our marriage has been for yourself…I don’t think you have even thought about Karen or myself once throughout the whole marriage…please don’t even think about promising that you will change, because you cannot.”

I waited for a few moments before responding with “I know I have made a big mistake, but then both of us have made mistakes in the past and we have worked through them…do you really want to end all that we have built up over the years…I think we can work through this, it’s going to take time, but I think we can do it. I am prepared to try, are you?”
Susan’s response was short and final “No: as you have shown that I cannot trust you anymore…I suggest you move your stuff into the spare room and look for somewhere else to live. Because as soon as I contact my solicitor to draw up the divorce papers. The house is going up for sale. Karen and I will find somewhere else to live.”
I could see that, at this moment, Susan was not going to change her mind. So I went upstairs and started moving my stuff into the spare room.
While doing this I had time to reflect on my past decisions, whether or not they were right or wrong. But one thing I do know is that I do not regret starting on this journey. But I do regret the way it has finished.
One thing for certain though, if it had not been for Lisa, I would not have lost everything. That girl has a lot to answer for; I do not know what I have done to her to deserve this.

A few months later, after the house had been sold and the divorce had been finalised. I sit here in this cramped bed-sit, alone and without a job, reading the one and only letter I have received from Karen. It brings me to tears to read it because, it brings home to me just what I have lost. The letter reads as follows:
Dear Dad,
I am sorry for not contacting you before, but I have needed time to think. Even though you are my father, I can never forget the hurt that the past year has caused. When I needed your support the most during that time on holiday, I saw that it wasn’t there.
I realised then you were only thinking of what you may have lost, not what you have got.
I really thought that, to you, I was someone very special. But at that time I felt like I was nothing to you.
Jamie has been wonderful, and has not judged me. In fact we are now living together, and he treats me like a princess.
Mum and I are on speaking terms now, but after what she did with Lisa, it has taken a while. But I don’t think we will ever get that close again.
My friendship with Lisa ended after what she did with mum. Not that it really matters that much as Lisa sent me a letter from Canada, inviting me to her and Paul’s wedding.
I don’t think that Jamie would let me go, even if I wanted to.
I am now rebuilding my life, and I am sorry to say that it does not include you.
You must stop trying to contact me, as this will be my only letter to you.
You gave up the right to be my father when, in the hospital, I needed you the most and you were not there for me.

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