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“It is so noisy,” thought Alex, “I just can’t take it any longer.”

He lied awake in his bed, listening to the moans from the other room. The flat-mate, Daniel and his recent girlfriend, Claire, were having wild sex again.

“How long had it been? A more than a week, that’s certain. I probably haven’t slept well for this long.” He said to himself as he was turning in bed.

Claire’s cries were getting louder and faster now, she was practically shouting for him to fuck her stronger, but Daniel was barely audible anymore.

“It must be the end; oh please can they just finish…” Alex whispered. “It’s almost two in the morning.”

A series of moans came from the other room, accompanied with some quick rants and strange bumps and then, finally, a well earned silence fell on the small apartment. Alex turned in bed and quickly fell into shallow, uncomfortable sleep. He dreamt he was lost in a dark, narrow maze. He was trying to find his way through and to catch up with the sound of a girl moaning; always around the next corner, yet never reachable. Alex woke tired and exhausted.

“Did you sleep well?” asked Claire over the breakfast table.

“Yeah, so-so.” mumbled Alex as he emerged from his room late and found the couple munching toasts in the kitchen. “And you?”

“Great,” she said, “like a baby.”

Alex looked over at his flat-mate; but Daniel seemed half asleep, sitting there gazing into his toast. He looked at Clare again and found her staring at him with her big green eyes, and then smiling when their looks met. Alex knew he was turning red all over, but didn’t quite know why.

The following night was horrible. The noises from the other room filled his room and his head; there was no escape from them. He lied on his bed, playing with his erect cock and listened to the slurping and sucking sounds. Then he could hear Claire moan as Daniel undoubtedly started humping her. There was nothing to be done, no where to hide and nothing else to do but listen to the two. “Soon,” though Alex, “he would cum and all will be quiet.”

And indeed the moans were getting faster, almost reaching their apex, but then stopping suddenly. Alex was intrigued, he was anticipating the orgasm and the inevitable silence. “What are they doing out there?” he mumbled.

“Yeah…slowly…” Alex heard Claire speaking in the other room. “Like that…fuck my ass, yesss…put that cock in my ass…”

“Fucking hell!” Alex thought, “is he butt fucking her?” His throat felt dry as he tried to imagine the scene; his flat-mate sodomising his girlfriend in her big ass, the thought was almost unbearable. He grabbed his cock stronger, resisting the temptation to stroke it, and listened attentively.

For a long time he couldn’t hear a thing. Then, very softly, Alex could make out low murmurs in his flat-mate’s room. He got up slowly and placed his ear against the shut door between the two rooms. There was certainly movement in there; slow rhythmic movement that made the bed squeak. Soon, he started hearing Daniel’s rants as he must have penetrated that tight ass. These were joined by Claire’s whispering, her voice was very controlled, like she had to force herself to form the words.

“Ohh…yes, stick it in my tight ass…deeper Dan, deeper…” he could hear her, “fuck me more baby, ahhh…”

Then she went into a series of moans that left Alex with no doubt she has just cum. Dan didn’t hold much longer, and he started uttering a number of incomprehensible sounds. Suddenly all became quiet again, Alex, couldn’t even hear them breathing. He climbed back to his bed and managed to quickly fall asleep.

A few days later, coming home early from work, Alex found himself alone in Daniel’s room, looking for something, though he could really remember what or why. Standing there and looking around, he looked at the closed door that used to connect this room and his. He noticed that Daniel put up some bookshelves on this side of the door, whilst he only hung a film poster on the other side.

“If I reshuffled these books a bit, just replace this big one with a smaller one, I could probably see them through the keyhole.”

This was such an awkward thought, as if he planned it in his mind all day, as if he came home early and into this room for that purpose. “But no,” thought Alex, “I did want to borrow something, but I can’t remember what. I’m getting senile because I can’t sleep.” He explained to himself. By now he had already arranged the books in a way that exposed a part of the keyhole, and was strangely excited.

After dinner, in which Alex was remote and seemed restless, he went to his room and attempted to work for a while. Staying there, pretending to go to sleep, he was waiting for Dan and Claire’s nightly event.

“At least tonight it will be a show more than just audio.” He thought.

Soon Alex heard them undressing, kissing and moving about the room, but still he couldn’t bring himself to lift up the angle of the poster and peek bahis firmaları in. But quickly more interesting noises came from the other room, and Alex couldn’t resist the temptation to see what these grunts signified. He slowly got out of bed, careful not to make any sound, and crouched near the shut door. Using his nails, he removed the tuck form the poster angle and slowly lifted it. A horrible thought occurred to him: “what if they are fucking in the dark?”

But he could see a little light coming through the keyhole, and so put an eye to it. He could barely see anything at all, and it wasn’t very clear what is it he saw. It took him a few moments to realize that he could see Dan’s back, sitting on the edge of his bed and Claire kneeling in front of him. Alex couldn’t really see what she was doing, but guessed, from the position and noise, that she was going down on him.

“So these grunts are the sounds Dan does when being blown.” he thought, “Just as I suspected.”

Dan’s hands were playing with Claire’s dark hair, but her face wasn’t visible, just the back and forward movement of her head. Alex’s hand moved towards his crouch, as he started stroking his own cock, he would have loved to actually see her sucking his flat-mate; but it was not possible, if they could only move a bit. Claire stopped now, and Alex saw her looking up at Dan.

“Do you like that?”

Dan nodded, “I want to suck you too,” he said. “Come lie on top of me.”

They moved around the room, blocking the light and leaving Alex breathless for a minute. Soon he realized that he now saw a very limit section of the scene. Claire was lying on top of Dan, but he couldn’t see either of their faces. He could see Dan’s hands squeezing his girlfriend’s ass cheek. She started to slowly moan, just above whispering.

“Yeah, I love this, don’t stop…oh, yeah…” and then went into a series of short sighs and deep breaths. Things were definitely getting on their way now; Alex could almost smell her body fluids, his cock felt hard in his hand.

Dan and Claire moved quickly through some different positions. First he was on top of her, fucking her with strong, energetic thrusts. Claire began to moan stronger, and Dan’s grunts were becoming heavier and heavier. From his secret peeking place, Alex could see his flat-mate’s bum, moving back and forwards into the girl. Then they switched, and lied side by side. Alex could see a hand, probably Dan’s, stroking Claire’s pussy whilst fucking her on the side. He couldn’t really see much else, only the vague shape of her breasts, with their big aureoles. Claire wasn’t the prettiest girl he knew, and he sometimes heard Daniel complain that she has a bit of a belly, but she certainly also had beautiful, round tits.

It was clear from the rhythm of things that Dan was getting tired, and his thrusts lacked their initial energy. Claire, on the other hand, was going strong, shaking her body to each stroke, and increasing the volume of her cries. Soon Dan was unable to continue in this difficult position, and Claire signaled him to lie on his back. She then slowly lowered herself on his glistening penis, leaving Alex with a full view of her round ass.

“What a great view, what a fantastic ass.” Alex whispered to himself. “Is he going to fuck her ass again?” he wondered. He could feel he too, like Dan, was not far from ejaculating.

This was clearly Claire’s favorite position, and she started to rock her body on Dan’s cock with full energy. Dan just lied there, making a feeble effort to hold her breasts and trying hard not to finish yet. He managed to grab her bottom cheeks, as she bended towards him and put a nipple in his month. This gave Alex, who was viewing this from the rear, a unique sight of Claire’s anus and a glimpse of her cunt squeezing his flat-mate’s cock. Her moans and cries were now at their peak, and it was clear to Alex that this is the moment he’s been listening to all these nights; Claire reaching orgasm on top of exhausted Dan. She rocked back and forward, whilst he began to shake and utter short moans; and then, as if a certain plug was pulled, she collapsed on top of him, both breathing heavily.

Alex, however, has not cum yet; he suddenly felt very alone and ashamed in his dark room. His cock was hard in his hand, asking for more attention, but he just couldn’t bring himself to finish the job. Reluctantly he climbed into bed, and tried to find a position in which the hard-on won’t bother him. Unfortunately there was none, and he spent the next twenty minutes or so turning over and over in his bed. Then he decided to take a late shower, hoping the water will calm his heated blood.

“This was a good idea,” he realized as the water washed the hardness away. “A shower is such a good thing, especially that I feel so dirty”. He let the water run down his neck, which was also stiff from pressing his eye to the keyhole all that time. His mind kept playing with the image of that round butt jumping up and kaçak iddaa down in the air in front of him. Suddenly he heard a light tap on the bathroom’s door.

“No, it’s busy”, he said quietly.

“Oh, sorry.” Claire answered in a fainted sleepy voice, and then Alex thought he could hear her giggle.

Since that night, a strange routine then took over Alex’s life. Every night he would watch, through the keyhole, Dan and Claire fucking, and then take a shower to relax. Sometimes he would jerk himself in the shower, sometimes not. Every morning he would meet Claire’s sinister grin, and think of her big ass bouncing and being squeezed. He always had a hard time concealing his erections during breakfast, hiding them behind coffee mugs and cereal boxes.

Also, all these late nights and difficult mornings made him constantly tired, which caused Alex to be moody and distracted. He could not think well in work, and got into conflicts with his boss, he wasn’t in the mood to socialize, to go out, meet girls and actually have sex with them. All day long he kept playing in his head the previous night’s show; he anticipated it everyday, yet wanted nothing more than be able to ignore it. Alex wasn’t happy with what he had become, he felt dirty, tired and helpless, unable to break this cycle of nightly voyeurism.

Returning home late from work one night, he realized that the flat was empty. Daniel and Claire had probably gone out, and he vaguely remembered that they invited him to join them, a few days ago, to celebrate Claire’s birthday or something. He could remember gazing at Claire absently, trying not to reach out and grab her breasts, and mumbling something about having to much work and not wanting to strain himself. Well, finally tonight he could have an early night in and get plenty of sleep, a thing he’s been dreaming of for a few weeks now. He had a light dinner, didn’t even bother with some TV or a book and hop, in bed and sleeping before ten-thirty. He felt himself quickly sinking into deep, calm sleep.

He woke up suddenly, and left as if he only shut his eyes five minutes ago; but a quick glance at the alarm clock showed him that it was already half past two; he’s been sleeping for about four hours. Loud moans and cries echoed all over the room, clearly the couple next door were back, and they were going at it at full speed.

Alex was furious. “Enough!” he thought, “I really need to get my life in order and I must get some sleep. They just can’t carry on like this.”

He got out of bed, put on some trousers and made his way through the living room to Dan’s door. Getting out of bed calmed his anger a bit, and when he found himself outside the door he wasn’t really sure what to do. The moans were still audible from here, and Alex decided that it’s now or never; so he timidly tapped on Dan’s door.

“Ah…just a minute.”

Alex heard Daniel mumble from the inside, and a few moments later he heard Claire’s voice saying clearly:

“OK, you can come in now.”

So he did. But what he saw when he walked into the room caused him quite a surprise. Alex expected Dan and Claire to be covered in their sheets, but instead they were in exactly the same position he knew so well. Claire was sitting on top on Dan, completely naked in the reading lamp light; neither of them was covered in the least bit. Alex felt going red all over, he had to take a few deep breaths and make extreme attention not to stare at Claire’s hard nipples, which were the first thing he noticed.

“Well,” he mumbled after a few uncomfortable moments, “I wanted to ask you to be a bit quieter, I was sleeping and you woke me up.”

“Oh, alright, sorry about that…” Dan started saying, but he was cut in the middle by Claire.

“You’re such a loser, Alex, such a fucking loser”, she said, looking at him. “Some cheek you have, coming in here, telling us to be quiet, after you’ve been watching us and jerking off about it for all this time.”

Alex looked at her amazed, he really wished the earth would open up and swallow him right then and there; he could not think of any appropriate response to this, so just stood there dumb. Luckily, his embarrassment was ended when Claire carried on.

“You’re such an indecisive loser, Alex, you barge in here, telling us to stop fucking, but you have the biggest hard-on possible.”

Both Alex and Daniel looked, and yes, his pronounced erection was very visible through his trousers. “Sorry,” Alex was about to say, unable to think of anything else; but Claire was faster then him. She put out her hand and groped his erect cock through the fabric.

“Such a nice hard-on as well, let’s have a look at it.” She said and put her hand inside his pants.

Alex gasped, his head was turning, and felt dizzy and searching a point in the room to focus on, he looked at Dan, which seemed almost fuck drunk and smiled at him. Alex’s whole consciousness seemed to be concentrated in Claire’s hand stroking his penis kaçak bahis and pulling it out of to the open air, he couldn’t feel anything else. One of her hands was squeezing his balls whilst the other was moving up and down his cock. He tried to look at her, but she was too concentrated in her actions, than he looked at Dan, but Dan became preoccupied with the girl’s tits, which he now started playing with.

Alex wanted to say something, to express his shock and disbelief, but all that came out of his mouth was a slow moan. He saw, almost through a haze, that Claire was jerking him with one hand, and with the other she was jerking Dan’s cock, which lay just outside her pussy, brushing against her public hair. Very quickly Dan’s cock became hard again, it was shining from pussy fluids.

“Put it in you, Claire, sit on it.” Whispered Dan, panting slowly.

She grabbed her boyfriend’s cock and held it still; then Claire lifted herself a bit, and slowly sat down on it. The entire penis disappeared inside her wet vagina as both she and Dan started murmuring. All this time Claire’s eyes fixed Alex with a steady stare. He shut his eyes and gave in to the sensation of her hand jerking him. Alex’s cock was sending shivers all the way up his spin, the movement of Claire’s hands had an almost hypnotic effect on him; he lost all his thoughts and doubts and sank deeper into the pleasure.

Alex opened his eyes and looked at Dan’s face. It had an expression of deep concentration. He was trying not to rock his thighs too much, not to increase the rhythm and bring on the orgasm too soon. Dan opened his eyes suddenly, and saw Alex watching him; he smiled faintly, and winked at him, then lifted both arms to squeeze Claire’s ample tits.

Alex was about to smile back, but an entire new sensation took over him as he suddenly felt Claire’s lips kissing the head of his penis. He looked down, and saw her putting the tip of his cock between her lips, and slowly sucking it. The wetness of her mouth sent spasms through him, from the tip of his penis to the hairs on his head. He heard himself moaning, as if all this was happening to someone else, and he was merely a spectator. He realized he was naked, though he didn’t remember removing his trousers, and wasn’t certain how things got here. But all these thoughts quickly disappeared as Claire’s velvety mouth took him on further, deeper into her throat. Her hand was holding tight his balls, juggling with them. After a minute she took his cock out, took a breath and started again. Alex looked at her, watched swallowing his cock and sucking it hard, he was almost shaking from the pleasure.

He wanted to grab and squeeze something, his hands felt useless. He searched for something to do with them, but Claire’s breasts were already taken by Dan, so he started massaging her shoulders and caressing her hair. Slowly he bended forward as much as he could, until he could reach her ass and grabbed one of her ass cheeks. He ran his hand all over it and in her ass crack, feeling the softness of her skin.

Claire suddenly stopped sucking and said, “You like my ass, you loser?”

He nodded and swallowed a lump.

“So lick it.” she said and laughed.

Alex wasn’t sure how serious she was, but then she leaned forward, burying Dan’s face between her breasts and spread her ass with both hands.

“Go on you spying bastard, kiss it.”

He went behind her and looked at her spread ass. It was big and round; he could see Dan’s balls moving, very very slowly in and out of her underneath. He put each hand on a cheek, and pushed outwards to look at her anus. It was a beautiful, star shaped hole, almost winking at him. Alex plunged forward and started kissing the hole and around it. He felt like finding something he has searched for a long time. It smelled earthy and sweet, and tasted of flesh and sweat. He flickered his tongue in short flicks in and out of her anus, like a cat licking a bowl of milk.

On the other side, Claire was giggling and moaning as Alex was kissing her butt hole and Dan was fucking her pussy. Alex was now trying to push is tongue further into her; he could feel Dan’s strokes only a few centimeters lower; the movement, sound and smell made him crazy. He licked his index finger and slowly pushed it into her ass, he had to push hard against her muscles, but managed to get a joint in. Claire gasped and moaned. She whispered something into Dan’s ear, and Alex could hear both of them laughing. He pushed his finger deeper inside, and then pulled it out of Claire’s ass, amazed at how her sphincter tightened around it.

She stopped moaning and said, “come here you fucker, what are you doing back there?”

Alex came around with a sheepish look on his face. Claire looked at him and grinned. Then she grabbed his cock again, and bended forward as far as she could reach, almost taking Dan’s cock outside her. She opened a drawer in the night table, and took out a small white plastic tube.

Using both hands she poured some transparent liquid into her palm, and coated Alex’s penis with it. It was cold and wet, and woke up Alex a bit. He looked at his cock shining from the lubricant and felt Claire caressing it.

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