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Fiona smiled as she signed the delivery drivers tablet. It was another package from Victor. This was was smaller than the others. She wondered what kind of outfit it contained. As soon as she handed the tablet back to the driver her phone range. The display showed Victor’s number.

“Have you opened the package yet?” he asked.

“How did you know I have it?”

“Online delivery confirmation. You might want to open this somewhere you have some privacy, it is a little different.”

FIona stepped back inside and set the box on a table, kicking the front door shut. She pulled out her pocket knife and cut the box open.

“I am opening it now.”

“Are you alone?”

“Yes, why?”

“Like I said this is different. It is not an outfit.”

Fiona frowned. She set the phone on the table and turned on the speaker.

“You are on speaker, I need both hands to open this.”

“Okay, let me know what you think.”

Fiona pried the box open. Inside was a strapless vibrator. It was bright purple, but cock portion of it looked very realistic. Also in the box what looked like a oversized digital watch.

“What have you sent me?”

“It’s a prototype. Your comment about Jade’s strap on dildo got me thinking. I spoke to Jade about her experience with strap ons and strapless, and we whipped this up.”

“I like the color, what’s so special about it?

“For starters, it used induction charging, so no wires. It is a sealed unit, so it can be used in wet environments like the shower. You wear the remote on your wrist, it’s a touch screen. Control is bluetooth. The feature Jade liked is that it has an internal heating element.”

“This seems a bit excessive for a sex toy. Shouldn’t you being doing something useful with your time?” Fiona asked.

“Actually, almost all the technology in this has legitimate clinical applications, I just put it in a fun package for testing. You will be doing humanity a favor by putting it to use.”

“I guess I will be coming for a good cause.”

“Yes, yes you will,” Victor replied.

Fiona reached in the box and picked up the sex toy. It felt incredibly real. Fiona stroked the penis part of the toy. She glanced around the room, even though she knew nobody else was there. She touched it to her lips.

“It feels nice.”

“The covering is what we use for artificial hands, state of the art. It should feel just like skin.”

“You said this was the prototype, so it is one of a kind?”

“It is one of two, Jade has the other one. Same unit, but the one I sent to her is more of a gunmetal gray. You two are the beta testers”

“I’m honored.”

“The controller is touchscreen based, and should be pretty easy to figure out. There is also a smart phone app casino oyna for it.”

“So someone else can control it?” Fiona asked.

“Only if they have the unit control code.”

“Do you have the code?”

The toy began to buzz in response to Fiona’s question.

“That’s a little creepy, ” she said.

“You can reset the code something different with the remote if you are worried about my stalking you with a sex toy.”

Fiona picked up the remote and tapped the screen. Victor was right, the menus were easy to understand. Temperature,speed and intensity could call be controlled from the wrist mounted unit.

“What is natural mode?” she inquired

“It learns what your body does during orgam, and the cock mimics what a real penis does during orgasm, so your partner will feel you come.”

Fiona was speechless. This sex toy had more brains that several of her past boyfriends. She turned the toy over in her hands, examining it from every angle.

“Does it phone home, do you know what I am doing with it?” she asked, feeling a bit uncomfortable that Victor could know when she was masturbating.

“That feature is turned off by default, but I can tell you how to enable it.” he replied.

“No, but maybe some day”.

“Okay, well, I will leave you two alone. Have fun” Victor said, then he hung up.

The phone went quiet. Fiona did not know what to think. She had was was probably the most advanced sex toy in the world, but was not sure if she wanted it. She tapped the remote, setting the temperature to normal. Heat from the toy radiated into her hand. She could not get over how real it felt. She put both hands around the shaft the penis, and pressed the other end against her crotch. Fiona glanced down the hall, again confirming she was alone. Only her reflection in a mirror looked back.

She set the toy down on the table and slipped her shorts off. Fiona hooked her thumbs under her panties to pull them off, but paused to consider what she was doing. She picked up the remote and scrolled through the menus. When she found CODE RESET she selected it and put a new code in. She trusted that Victor had not put a back door in the software. She examined the other settings. Victor was right, the interface was easy to understand. She put the remote on her wrist and tapped the screen, adjusting the various settings




Satisfied she was truly alone, and that her new toy would keep a secret, she pulled her panties off and put them on the floor. Fiona sat down at the table and picked up the dildo with one hand. She was holding the tapered cylinder that was designed to be gripped by her pussy, She was using it as a handle to guide the cock shaped slot oyna part between her legs. Fiona slumped down in the chair so her ass was right on the edge of the seat. She pressed the head of the dildo against the lips of her vagina. She was dripping wet with arousal, and the toy slide easily inside her. She watched as her pink flesh stretched around the purple shaft. It felt warm and hard. It felt real.

Without warning it began to vibrate. She pushed it in further, causing the tip to contact her G spot. Her muscles clenched down on toy. The vibrations became stronger, then faded away. Fiona slid it back out, pressing the tip against her clit. The toy began to vibrate again, and Fiona watched it slip and slide over her little pearl.

Fiona looked back at the mirror in the hallway. She could see herself slumped in the chair, one hand between her legs. She stood up and walked closer to the mirror. The reflection of her naked from the waist down intrigued her. Having sex in front of a mirror was nothing new to Fiona. In fact, she could recall watching the reflection of Frank ramming his cock into in front of the mirror. The image of her bent over, hands against the wall, with her tits bouncing has Frank slammed into her excited her even more. Fiona liked to watch, and it occurred to her the view would be even better without a second body blocking her view. She got on her hands and knees, and turned her ass to the mirror. Leaning on her forearm, she reached back between her legs and put the toy against her wet slit. It began to vibrate again, and she pulled it into her pussy as far as she could. The apex of the two parts was vibrating against her clit, causing her to moan. She slide the toy back and forth, each time a little faster. Each time banging against her clit a little harder. She looked back the reflection of her ass. She could see the dildo going in and out as she fucked herself towards an orgasm. It was wet and shining from being inside her. Fiona pulled it all the way in, the rocked her hips back and forth. Her whole body was writing as she got closer and closer to coming. The material of her shirt rubbed on her nipples, making them even harder. Finally she came, collapsing onto the floor in a heap. She let go of the toy, and it’s weight caused it to slide onto the floor. Fiona laid on the floor for almost ten minutes before she sat up. She picked up the toy and stood up. She wondered what else Victor thought she would do with this. No doubt she would be quizzed about her ” testing” methods, and it was unlikely her first test would be much of a surprise.

Fiona turned to face the mirror. She pressed the other end of the dildo between her legs until it was fully inside her, the let go. It was held in place only by her muscles clenching down on it. canlı casino siteleri This is what Victor had designed it to do. Who did he expect her to use it on? Jade? Frank?

The toy began to slip down. The wetness and fatigue from her last orgasm made it difficult to hold in place. Fiona grabbed the shaft of the fake penis to keep it from falling to the floor. As she did it bumped against her clit again. It felt good. She looked at herself in the mirror

The purple color was not as obvious in the dim reflection. The reflection looked like a thin man holding his cock. Actually it looked like a thin man with nice tits holding his cock. Fiona wondered if the natural setting worked both ways.

Slowly she began to stroked up and down. The toy was still wet and slippery from being inside her. She looked in the mirror, fascinated by the sight of herself jerking off. Fiona thought about the time she had watched Frank.

The first time they had been facing each other. She had one hand between her legs, and the other on her breast. Frank was leaned back on one arm, and stroking himself with the other. Frank had a pretty intense orgasm, spraying come onto her breasts and face. He clearly liked watching her masturbate.

The second time had been in front of this mirror. It was right after her first wax job, and her skin was too sensitive for sex. She had been in almost the same position, on her hands and knees, while Frank kneeled behind her. She watched him slide his hand over his cock until he came on her ass

Now she was all by herself. The dildo started to vibrate, causing the lips of her pussy to quiver and the muscles in her belly to contract around the toy. She stroked it faster, pulling it tight against her clitoris. Fiona sank to her knees as her legs began to feel weak. As her orgasm rocked her body she imaged someone bent over in front of her. The image appeared only for a split second, then was carried away by the rush of her orgasm. Fiona fell forward, throwing hand on on the mirror to catch herself. She rolled onto her back, one hand still on the toy. The spasms and contractions slowly faded away.

Fiona wondered about the image. She wondered who her subconscious wanted it to be. She had never thought about switching roles with Frank, although this toy would probably make it a lot of fun for her. Maybe it was Jade, the woman she seemed to be developing a girl crush on. Or maybe it was Victor. It would certainly be ironic if he got fucked by his own toy.

Fiona found the strength to get up. She cleaned off the toy and put it in her nightstand, then walked back to the kitchen to retrieve her panties and shorts. Once she was dressed she grabbed a paper towel and walked down the hall to clean the mirror. The hand print was quite distinct. Her had was quite wet from her activity. Fiona turned back towards the kitchen, she would leave the print there. She wanted Frank to ask about it. Maybe he could shed some light on what she had just imagined.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32