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I couldn’t wait to get into work. Not only because of the actions that took place during the road trip, but I received various emails. It seemed the higher-ups had listened to what I had to say and they were going to make changes. I wanted to implement them as soon as possible.

“Morning,” Eric said shaking his head.

“I know,” I replied.

“You young people,” he said as he came up to my window. “Thinking with the wrong head.”

“How did you know?” I said I knew better than to hide things from him.

“She came in here all smiles,” Eric said as he leaned against my car. His hands above my door frame as he looked down at me. “You are asking for trouble.”

“What? Should I have said no?” I said looking up at him.

“Fuck no,” he replied shaking his head. “Be careful of what you are getting yourself into, especially now that you are dealing with two of them. Got to set limits and boundaries. Especially when it comes to this job.”

I nodded my head. He was right. If this was going to happen, I needed to be in control. I knew it would be hard wrestling control from two very controlling and dominant women, but it was the right thing to do. “Thanks for the advice,” I said as I put the car back in gear.

“It’s what I am here for,” Eric said as he went back to the security hut. The gate opened, and I rolled into the facility.

Tiffany greeted me as I entered the building. “Morning,” she said with her dark Auburn hair.

“Morning,” I replied with a smile.

“What has got you in a good mood this morning,” she smiled. Tiffany was the poster girl for the girl next door. She stood a few inches shorter than me, which made her taller than most males in the building. She had a slim but athletic figure.

I had seen her lift and carry things most men would grunt at or get a pallet jack to move. She was a hard worker from the day she started, yet she looked like she could go shopping and have a girl’s night out.

“You know those changes the both of us have wanted to implement?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she shook her long hair. I always liked the way she carried herself. It wasn’t quite the same as most women I encountered. She knew she was attractive, yet she didn’t find the need to push her looks on everyone around her. Even now with her long hair tied in a ponytail through the back of her green baseball cap. She acted like one of the guys.

I handed her the papers I held in my hand with the emails. “Don’t tell anyone I showed you these,” I said knowing I could get fired instantly for showing corporate correspondence.

“You’re fucking joking,” Tiffany smiled. She flipped to the other pages. “They finally took their dicks out of each other’s asses?”

She handed the papers back to me. “Yup,” I nodded. “I will send you a list of things to get started on, pretend you don’t know a thing.”

“Oh, you know me, I could put on the fake face like no one else,” Tiffany smiled.

I began to walk away when she ran up to me before I got to the stairs. “I have a favor to ask you. It’s personal and business related.”

“Shoot,” I replied.

“Mike,” Tiffany said. Her eyes told me everything.

“Still bothering you huh?” I asked.

“Yes and no,” Tiffany said shaking her head. “Nothing on the harassment side, but it’s…”

“Annoying?” I finished her sentence.

“I will talk to him,” I assured her. “The best way to get rid of him is to tell him you got someone. He isn’t one for competition.”

“Now that would be lying,” Tiffany said as she walked away.

I sat down at my desk and began to type out an itinerary for everyone. The changes would have to be done today along with all the other things that needed to be done. It was going to be a long and stress filled day, but afterward, the following days would run a lot easier.

“Hey,” Mike said as he looked over my monitor at me.

“Hi,” I replied.

“Tiff said you needed to talk to me?” Mike said as he sat down across from me.

“Yeah,” I sighed. I knew management came with some bad sides. One of them was talking to a grown man like he was a young child. “She’s not interested, and she would like it if you stopped with the advances.”

Mike sat back in his chair. “She said that?”

“Not in that way, but I got the hint,” I said as I sat back in my chair. Now the hard part.

“I didn’t do anything though, nothing against company policy anyway,” Mike said as he looked at me. “You can’t tell me not to associate with her.”

“No, I can’t,” I nodded. “But when an employee asks me to talk to another about his or her intentions towards that employee I have to make a record of it,” I said leaning forward. “That record will go on that employee’s permanent…”

“I got it,” Mike said as he held up his hand. “Fine.”

Mike stood up. “She doesn’t want to talk to me about other things, other than work related, that’s just fine.”

“Thank you,” I nodded. I watched Mike walk away and heard him utter the word feminist under his breath. I knew he would canlı bahis şirketleri deny it if I brought it up, so I let it go.

I buried myself in my work, by the time the rest of the office came in I had done most of the footwork. Now it was a matter of handing out the assignments and making sure things were set in motion. It was easier said than done of course, but I had faith in my team.

I walked around the office placing letters that laid out the new changes, as well as to do lists on everyone’s table and workstations. Denise was one of the most critical cogs in the new machine I was trying to build. “Hi,” I said as I reached her desk.

“What?” Denise replied as she looked up at me. She knew I wanted something by my smile. I handed her assignment, and she stared up at me from her chair. “You’re serious?”

“Yes,” I replied as I entered her small cubicle. “Or I can give it to Stacy.”

“Right,” Denise said as she turned around in her chair. “It will take that blonde all of the week to do it.”

“Exactly,” I smiled. “And for the whole week, she will be telling everyone that I picked her to do it and not you.”

“Fine,” Denise replied irritated. “It will be on the servers by the end of the day.”

“Good,” I replied as I stood up. “Hey, where is the picture of you and what’s her face.”

Denise turned to look at me with a look that could kill an entire army. “Oh,” I nodded as I backed off. “Sorry.”

“Go away,” Denise said as she got back to work.

“She’s in a good mood,” a familiar voice said from behind me.

“Morning boss,” I smiled as Lauren’s familiar face greeted me.

“Morning,” she replied as we walked towards her office. “Seems you have got everyone busy, already starting on your new experiment?”

“It’s not really an experiment. It should increase efficiency and …”

“I saw the emails,” Lauren said interrupting me. “I am just glad the idiots up high finally listened to you.”

Lauren opened the door to her office. “Come in when you got everyone sorted,” she said with a wink and a smile. My dick throbbed at the many thoughts that crossed my mind.

Tiffany had already started downstairs. Many of the forklift drivers had already taken down some of the metal work. “Wow,” I said as I got close to her.

“They were happy to get started,” Tiffany said.

“Denise is already getting started on the forms and the paperwork,” I nodded as she pointed towards the new floor plan she had drawn up.

“Seriously?” Tiffany said as she peered at me. “You know she just broke up with her girlfriend?”

“Thought they were a couple?” I asked. “That’s the reason why they broke up,” Tiffany said as she walked towards her office. “Denise wanted more. The girlfriend wanted less.”

“Ah,” I nodded. “That is always the case.”

“So, I see you spoke to Mike,” Tiffany smiled as she sat down.

“How did you find out?” I asked, knowing that Mike had not come downstairs.

“He unfollowed me from many of the social sites, and posted this a few minutes ago,” Tiffany said as she handed me her phone.

I laughed it was a meme, something along the lines of not chasing someone who doesn’t want you. There were several others which pointed in the same direction. “Well, looks like you’re Mike free,” I shrugged handing her phone back to her.

“I hope he gets the message,” Tiffany smiled.

I was about to comment on her floor plan when I heard Lauren page me over the loudspeaker. “The Master calls,” Tiffany laughed.

“Yeah, I better go,” I nodded as I went up the stairs.

When I opened the door to the office, Lauren beckoned me over to sit in the chair across from her. “What’s up?” I asked as I sat down.

“Our new boss is calling a meeting in the next hour,” Lauren said. “From the talk, I just had with her. We should be expecting some changes.”

“That didn’t take long,” I said as I sat back in the chair.

“You should have fucked her harder,” Lauren smiled.

I shook my head. “I don’t think that was an option.”

“Really?” Lauren said as she leaned forward.

“She had some pent-up frustration,” I shook my head. “I was lucky to get out of there with my dick still attached.”

“She would have to face my wrath if she had taken it off,” Lauren nodded.

I laughed. “Thought you would be over it by now.”

“Over a good dick?” Lauren shook her head. “Never.”

There was a moment of silence between us before I saw the devilish smile that I knew so well. “We got an hour right?” Lauren smiled.

I merely nodded at her as I watched her walk around the table. She was wearing a black skirt that came down to her mid-thigh and boots that came up to her knees. A tight-fitting gray sweater covered her impressive chest.

Slowly she went down to her knee’s in front of me. “Well?” she said as she looked at me.

I smiled knowing what she wanted. I stood up and leaned back against her desk. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. Lauren grinned as her mouth canlı kaçak iddaa opened and took my dick inside. Quickly her head bounced between my legs. My head went backward as she quickened her pace.

“Damn,” I said looking down at her. Her eyes were looking up at me as she sucked on my dick. Lauren was hands down the best at sucking me off. She always took my dick all the way down her throat and up to the tip on every stroke. “Keep doing that I am going to cum quickly.”

“That’s just what I want,” Lauren said as she stopped for a quick second.

Lauren sped up her pace. Her head pistoned back and forth as she took me deep into her mouth. Her hands gripped my ass as she pulled me forward. I could hear her mouth as she sucked my dick hard. I felt my dick going down her throat as she deep throated me over and over.

I watched my dick disappear into her mouth and back out again. “I am cumming,” I said. Lauren buried her head against me. Both of her hands gripped my ass harder as she pushed her head forward. Her lips were touching my pelvic area.

I came hard, filling her throat with my cum. Lauren’s head didn’t move as she swallowed it all. “Fuck,” I said gripping the table behind me tightly.

“Well, that was better than breakfast,” Lauren said as she let my dick fall out of her mouth.

“You amaze me sometimes,” I shook my head as I pulled my pants up.

“You’re the amazing one,” Lauren said as she picked up her bag. She opened it and took out a few breath mints. “All this time and you still cum like the very first time.”

“It has always been like that,” I shrugged.

“I am not complaining,” She smiled. “Well, we better get over to the meeting. Lauren smiled as she exited the office.

* * * * * * * * *

We sat in the meeting room waiting for Samantha and the rest of the management team. Lauren and Clyde, the bulbous man from Advertising, were the first ones there, others began to trickle in. Finally, Samantha came in, again wearing all white.

“Sorry, for being late,” Samantha said as she sat down. “First I just wanted to say thank you for coming to this meeting on short notice and second as far as the changes I mentioned before, they are coming from above, as well as some things I have noticed.”

Everyone nodded.

“First off,” Samantha said as she looked at everyone. “Alecia has decided to step down, as you know she would have been my assistant, which leaves that position open.”

Ethan, the plant manager, had retired and everyone knew Alecia was going to get the ax if she stayed in that position. The only reason she had kept the position for so long was because of Ethan. Rumors had spread that she had something on Ethan, but no one ever found out what exactly.

“I have given it much thought, and I would like Lauren to be my direct assistant,” Samantha said as she looked over at Lauren.

Lauren looked back at her stunned. “Thanks,” she finally said.

“I know it’s a big undertaking, but I think you have proven yourself to everyone here that you are more than capable for the job,” Samantha said.

I smiled at Lauren as she looked back at me. “That mean’s you will be in charge of Marketing and Delivery,” Samantha said staring over the table at me. “Think you are up for the challenge or do I need to find someone else?”

“No, I mean yes, I will gladly take the position,” I nodded.

“Now we got those out the way we can go onto other things,” Samantha said as she leaned back.

The rest of the meeting went smoothly until she told everyone to leave except for a few of us. She asked us to wait outside the meeting room.

Jake, Clyde, Mary, and Timothy, as well as myself, sat on the chairs and benches that lined the hallway. Samantha and Lauren sat in the meeting room. Although we could see into the room through the glass wall, we couldn’t hear anything. By the looks of things, they were having a heated discussion.

“Would love to be a fly on that wall,” Timothy said as he stared at them.

“No, you wouldn’t,” I said shaking my head.

As if sensing that we were talking about them, Samantha went to the wall and pressed a button. The glass immediately went black. I looked at everyone not knowing what happened.

“Electric current goes through the glass, immediately activating the tinting agent,” Jake said as he looked at my shocked expression.

We could see or hear a thing. For a long while, the five of us sat there in complete silence. Samantha opened the door and called for Clyde.

“Here we go,” Mary said as she looked at me. “It’s your fault you know,” she said as she shook her head at me. “Since you did that thing with the website, it’s been complete hell.”

I looked back at her stunned. “What do you mean?” I asked.

“Oh, don’t give me that innocent look, you know exactly what I mean. Corporate has been up our asses, wondering what we have been doing. All locations company wide didn’t think of revamping the website and along you come and change the whole damn thing,” she shook canlı kaçak bahis her head. “Every advertising branch has been getting phone calls, and emails non stop. Now they will probably let us all go, and give the advertising jobs to Marketing.”

“Oh,” I said as I looked across at Jake.

“In his defense, we have all been telling you and the others that we have had complaints, none of you did anything to solve the issue,” Jake said.

The door opened, and Clyde came out, he looked directly at me, “Thanks asshole!” he shouted as he walked past me.

Samantha popped her head and called for Mary.

“If I am being fired, just let me know now,” Mary said as she stood up. “You can skip the whole song and dance.”

“I wasn’t going to fire you,” Samantha said sternly. “But I can let you go if that is your wish.”

“Oh,” Mary said as she slowly walked forward. “I’m sorry,” she said as she walked past Samantha and into the room.

“Come on Timothy, you might as well come in as well at this point,” Samantha said.

“It’s not your fault,” Jake said as the door closed.

“I know,” I shrugged. “Everyone needs a scapegoat.”

“Exactly,” Jake smiled.

The two of us sat opposite each other and talked about football and other stuff until the others came out. Mary announced that she had gotten the advertising lead position and Timothy was now her assistant.

Jake was next. His meeting went quickly. Now that Alecia had stepped down, she had asked to be put into Customer Service with Jake. Jake, of course, said he wanted nothing to do with her, which put Alecia out of a job.

I watched as he left the floor, leaving me alone by myself. The door to the meeting room stayed closed, and I began to wonder if they had forgotten about me.

After what seemed like a full hour had passed since Jake had left I got up to knock on the door.

“Come in,” Samantha said as she opened the door just before I knocked.

The two of them were smiling as Samantha closed the door behind me.

“What?” I asked as I took a seat in the nearest chair.

“Nothing,” Lauren said as she sat down across from me.

“So,” Samantha said as she sat next to Lauren. “What are your plans for your department? I talked to Neil and Jessie, and they were happy to hear about the promotion.”

“Well, first I need to promote a new assistant,” I said leaning back. “I was thinking either Denise, Mike or Tiffany.”

“Tiffany,” the two of them said in unison.

“Either of the other two would be holding you back,” Lauren explained. “Mike is too laid back. He thinks everyone is his friend. So it will hinder his performance.”

“From what I have read about Denise, she is great with the computer work, and probably easy for you to get along with, but she doesn’t like people, she has been called to the H.R. Office because of complaints, she is better of where she is right now.”

“Tiffany it is then,” I nodded.

“Don’t take our word,” Lauren said shaking her head. “It is your department now, if you think we are wrong you can do what you feel is right.”

“Absolutely,” Samantha said. The two of them were smiling again.

“Okay,” I shook my head. “The both of you are smiling like if you are the cats that ate the goldfish. What is going on?”

“We have no idea what you mean,” Samantha said pretending to put on an innocent look.

“We are totally clueless,” Lauren smiled.

“Innocent too,” Samantha added.

“Yeah, innocent,” Lauren said as they both looked at me innocently with rapidly blinking eyes.

“Okay, spit it out,” I said leaning forward.

“Well,” Lauren said. “You know for a fact I am not a spitter.”

“I haven’t got it in my mouth yet,” Samantha said. “But I know I wouldn’t be spitting either.”

“Here we go,” I nodded. “The two of you are teasing me, right?”

“Oh no,” Lauren said shaking her head. “If we were teasing you, you would definitely know.”

“What’s to tease?” Samantha shrugged. “You have fucked both of us, and the three of us know it will happen again.”

“And again,” Lauren smiled. They both said those words over and over.

“You’re serious?” I asked.

“Definitely,” Samantha said. “I am game and so is she, and we know you want it as well. All of us are grown-ups, so why try to pretend that we aren’t sexually attracted to you.”

“And it,” Lauren said as she nodded towards my dick.

“We were just discussing a few minor details,” Samantha said.

“Rules, if you will,” Lauren nodded.

“I like rules, and boundaries,” I nodded.

“Okay,” Samantha nodded as she took out her phone. “Most important rule, if feelings and emotions come into play, we have to be open about it. No hiding or burying them and getting hurt.”

“I agree,” I nodded.

“No others,” Lauren said. “If you get someone else, let us know. I don’t want to be sharing with a whole community of people.”

“Stipulation to that rule is if there is another woman,” Samantha said.

“Exactly,” Lauren nodded.

“Wait, what?” I asked.

“If you find someone else interesting, we have to approve of them,” Lauren smiled.

“Absolutely,” Samantha agreed. “I don’t want to share that, with some unknown person.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32