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Chapter 1 – Welcome to Arcadia

The sun shines bright on the slaver market of Vespa, a small city in the southwest of Arcadia, a giant state-continent. Vespa is a trading hub, bringing in countless Eros Crystals which power the world, fueled by sexual energy released during sex and orgasms. The most common crystals are yellow in color, but more potent ones, that can store and release more energy, come in all sorts of shapes and colors.

Arcadia is stuck in the middle-ages, with Eros powering the first signs of electricity. At first glance, the slaver market looks like any other, but at a closer inspection, one notices that there are no common men, but Futanari, females with cocks, colloquially known as Dickgirls. Arcadia is ruled by the Futanari. Strange as it is, no one is wearing clothing that covers tits, cocks or pussies, everyone is displaying their most precious parts, most go bottomless. The Futas wear cocksleeves of various colors and shapes, some are semi-erect or at least a little horny. Everyone’s pubes are trimmed with intricate designs, the more complex the design the wealthier a person appears to be. Various piercings cover cocks and cunts, more wealthy visitors have gold pierced buttholes. There are saloons and shoe shine shops where sissy-like men, so-called Femboys are working. The shoeshine boys also trim and wax pubes and give massages. Everything is highly sexualized.

One sissy-looking man walks among the Futas, this is Ayama, 18, a Femboy with a light muscular frame, lean with black hair and yellow eyes. There’s something charming about him, perhaps it’s his composure or his nice smile. He was sent out to buy new stock for the local brothel. For this, he was given 500 Eros coins to find suitable and fuckable slaves for the brothel’s customer needs. Ayama is nervous, it is the first time he was tasked with this, now that he has turned 18. He grew up in the brothel and does not know the life outside the city walls. He wears pink latex stockings and a tight bolero with a free midsection, the puffy sleeves are lush and intricate in their design. His cocksleeve is pink, tied up with colorful strings. A cockring graces his balls and cock as well and bears the brothels insignia, a sign that he is not free game; he belongs to someone.

The main gates open, which grabs his attention, something is coming through. He immediately runs for the gates, trying to get a glimpse of the outside world. He spots a convoy coming through. It’s a war party, royal soldiers have overtaken a rebellious village and they bring in the loot: various slaves and a 7-foot tall wild troll. The beast is hairy, with a massive cock that’s swinging with each step it takes. Everyone moves out of the way, a bit scared, but not Ayama, he keeps his eyes glued to the spectacle. The troll is restrained with glowing blue crystals, which inhibit movement and calm the nerves, often used to transport slaves.

A Slaver Futa leads a group of stock onto the market. The Slaver has a massive horsecock that’s fully and constantly erect, a sign of royalty. She wears a bodysuit, of course, the cock is free-swinging it. She whips some of the slaves into submission to Ayama’s disliking. One slave trips and falls and is about to be whipped but Ayama helps the woman back up. The Slaver Futa frowns but doesn’t say anything after she notices Ayama’s insignia.

“Pussy, Pussy, pussy galore, fresh from the fields and the Anunaki tribe,” says the Slaver Futa.

“Special discounts today on all the wares with 50% on a mother-daughter pack, suit yourself at the testing stations!”

The slaves are put into stocks of various designs, most end up legs up with pussy and anus free to use. These have all lost their virginity already, either during conquest or through age, so potential customers are only interested in how tight and useful they are. They are naked or wear nothing but lingerie; it is forbidden by law to cover your most precious parts. All slaves are at least bottomless, their orifices free to use until they’re sold off.

The curious buyers, all Futas, gather and begin to test the new livestock. Countless women scream in desperation as they’re raped and tested. One strong Futa approaches a mature slave with massive tits.

“Is she still able to bear?” the Futa asks the Slaver.

“Yes, she might be a bit old, but her uterus is a class B one, with only 5 months of pregnancy,” says the Slaver.

“And quadruplets are no issue?”

“Aye, she can bear children of any type as well, advantages of class B. Any semen will impregnate!”

The sakarya escort Futa unsleeves her cock; it now appears at least by an inch thicker than before. She inserts her dick, just the tip, and moves back and forth.

“Mhm, mhm, I see, she’s a bit worn out but I can use her for horse-breeding.”

“She also has a class A anus!” inserts Ayama from the side, a bit nervous.

The Futa pulls out and slams her dick into the woman’s anus, and moans a little. She moves back and forth until the anus prolapses with a plop. The Futa licks the prolapsed anus, suckles on it like a delicacy.

“How did you know?” asks the Slaver. “The scent, she’s giving off a specific scent,” says Ayama.

Both look at Ayama, impressive for such a young man who most would regard as a bit dumb.

“Yes, I can taste it, she can cleanse crystals, recycle them. I’ll take her, but I want to finish first!”

The Slaver Futa bows and says, “No problem.”

The Futa fucks the mature women who doesn’t react, already raped so many times. Behind them are more young women, crying. In Arcadia, the world runs on Eros crystals and those have to be fueled at all times to keep an evil force at bay. Arcadia is surrounded by Dark Eros energy. And only large Eros crystals have enough power to create a shield around the state. The large crystals siphon energy off from the small ones which in return are fueled by the sexual and lust energy of any humans, elves and various other creatures.

“Do you have a clan, boy!” the Slaver asks Ayama.

“I belong the local brothel here; I’m here to parley. Looking for exotics.”

The Slaver nods and bows, “well you managed to sell that old bitch for me. My name is Sidna; I’ll give you a discount.”

Ayama bows back. Sidna leads him to the exotics, various other prey from all sorts of races: Elfs, fairies, anthropomorphic animals or so-called furries, as well as succubae and demons and, a favorite, the femboys, very effeminate men. Ayama is proud of himself; he spots a caged femboy with pink hair and pubes.

“This one is a femboy; he likes to take it up the ass,” says Sidna.

“Exactly what we are looking for,” replies Ayama.

“350 for him!” counters Sidna.

“300 with a free visit in our establishment,” suggests Ayama.

Sidna thinks for a moment and agrees, bringing a big smile to Ayama. “He’ll be ready for you outside.” Ayama bows, they part with a friendly nod.


Ayama is trailing across the market, the femboy is following behind him on a leash. A Futa-Herald appears, opens a scroll and begins to read from it. She has a constant erection, a sign of royalty:


Some moan, others cheer, almost all listeners have women on a leash following them, some carry groceries. Ayama is not thinking much of it and proceeds to buy groceries from a trader, but someone is watching Ayama with great intent: Viessa, a young elf, barely 18, she’s a shrine-maiden from the Sun-God temple. Her hair is Metallic-white, her pubes are untrimmed marking her as a virgin, untouched. The pubes have the same color as her hair. She wears a pink, tight bolero with a cape that goes down her back but stops above her ass. Her uniform marks her safe from rape, but to her disadvantage, Ayama pays no attention to her. One day she will be a priestess, and her body stays virginal for her orifices to be used in the cleansing of Eros crystals. Raping her is punishable by death as only a *********** few can become priestesses and only as long as they stay a virgin. Some have the talent, like the mature slave with the special anus, to recycle crystals, but only a Priestess can cleanse it completely.

She sizes Ayama up, her eyes move between his butt and balls. He has unnaturally big balls for his stature, the size of a bull. She runs her tongue across her lips, but he suddenly moves on to the Fuck Stations, stocks filled with thieves and murderers, free to be fucked by everyone as they please. Ayama leaves his groceries next to a woman tied up and suspended in a stock; her butt out, she’s gagged as she appears to be a screamer to the great annoyance of everyone around. But Ayama loves to rape the ones with fighting spirit. He ties up the femboy at a socket like you would tie the straps of sakarya escort bayan a horse. Ayama goes down on the woman and licks her anus first, lubing it up and proceeds to rape her. Ayama enjoys himself a lot, he’s an anus lover. This is making Viessa incredibly wet, she’s dripping with pussy juice, blushing hard. She can’t look anymore without touching herself, so she leaves. Ayama cums inside the woman, takes his groceries and femboy and moves on, leaving her open for the next person in line.


At the town center is a brothel called The Tight Rosette, rosette being a popular term for anus across Arcadia; it’s also Ayama’s home. Like in every town, it is the center of all societal happenings and gatherings. The brothel looks lavish and intricate in its design, wide pillars and long arches with a tile roof. Inside it’s all nice woods, colored red and blue. Ayama arrives with the femboy who’s immediately taken by whores for a medical examination.

“Ayama, the stage show is about to begin,” says one of the whores. He rushes inside.

Inside there’s one big banquet room with seating all around a stage, but it’s dark, and wet, one can make out only shapes: Futas getting their cocks sucked, fucking prostitutes. The brothel is popular because of the exotic stock. On stage, a rope-play is being performed. Ayama is tied up and suspended, rotating on stage which is being illuminated by yellow Eros crystals. A succubi, Fyrila, walks on stage to great cheers. She has red skin, with blue hair, reddish horns and red eyes. She drops a 5-inch tongue, thin like a snake’s, but pink and soft-looking. Fyrila walks up behind Ayama, tongue out, and licks across his rosette, licks his balls, then wraps the tongue around the balls and moves snake-like into his anus, so deep, her lips meet his anus. His moans are muffled through a ball gag. The crowd cheers and howls, catcalling Ayama.

They have known each other ever since they were dropped on the brothel’s doorsteps as babies and have been performing together for ages. Suddenly, the inner circle illuminates, various Eros crystals placed on poles light up. Now everyone sees each other, getting hornier because of it. Ayama has the ability to power Eros crystals, very fast, which usually takes days. Everyone in charge in the brothel knows this about Ayama. From the very first day he masturbated, and all the crystals lit up. Fyrila strokes his unsleeved cock, making him come so hard the cum squirts across the room, covering the guests. Fyrila loves it as she likes to see him tremble before her, always teasing him since they were kids. Cum keeps on showering the guests. She pulls out her tongue and swings Ayama forward from where he’s suspended on a grid system; he can be moved around and across the room. He glides across, showering more guests with his cum, until one Futa can’t hold it back anymore, throws her prostitute off, and catches Ayama mid-swing. She penetrates Ayama, not long, a couple of seconds later she cums inside him. The Futa swings Ayama away from herself to the next; this way Ayama is fucked across the room by everyone.

Each guest comes inside him, filling his belly up to the point of him looking pregnant, because Futa-Knights are frequenting this establishment as well. They have huge horsecocks and cum in buckets. Once Ayama is filled up, Fyrila puts an Eros crystal into his butt and brings him back to the center of the stage. A brief moment later, the crystal pulsates and lights up bright. Everyone focuses on the stage, she unplugs him, releasing a huge shower of Eros Nectar, a delicious and transformed cum cocktail with Eros energy that nurtures, heals and revitalizes, showering everyone. Fyrila drinks directly from his anus, in a big gulp, she loves it, the crowd too, to great applause.


The guests leave, some take prostitutes up to rooms, feeling energized. The Futa-Knights walk up to Madam Lahore, a mature Futa with a massive unsleeved horsecock, always erect; she’s in charge. She has massive tits and wide hips and although she may be the oldest person in the room, she has no wrinkles or saggy tits, always kept fresh by Eros energy. The knights approach her, bow and kiss the tip of her cock. She nods in gratitude, a sign of respect and custom among royals. The two knights leave, and Madame Lahore walks into her private room, where Ayama and Fyrila are waiting.

“Great work you two; we’ll be having even more customers.”

Both answer with “Thank you Madame Lahore.”

They bow and kiss her cock tip as well. “You can take the rest of escort sakarya the day off, enjoy yourselves.”

Ayama and Fyrila cheer and run out.


Viessa is carrying groceries, she looks worried and frustrated. She wants to have sex with Ayama but can’t afford to enter the brothel. Plus, without insignia, it might even be a tad bit dangerous. She isn’t a full priestess yet, so she doesn’t have the insignia. When she goes out, she carries a note on her collar, showing her owner is the High-Priestess Minerva of the Sun-God temple. Viessa reaches the temple; it’s a massive brick church. The temple is used to recycle Eros crystals and cleans them of Dark Eros energy, a corrupting force that devours everyone’s individuality until they’re a mindless husk overflowing with orgasm. Dark Eros accumulates in crystals that have been overused.

Minerva is performing an initiation ritual, turning shrine-maidens into Young Priestesses. She is a mature woman with a delicate body, formed and kept tight by years of cleansing. Ten shrine-maidens are lined up in stocks with their legs up and their anuses lubed up. Other young priestesses stimulate the anuses with their tongues to open and widen them. They begin to insert butt-plug shaped crystals into their anuses. They will have to carry these for a week to pass the initiation.

“You reek of your own juices!” says Artemis, a tall-standing and muscled Futa-Nun with a massive unsleeved cock, half-erect.

“I’m sorry, High-Priestess.” a startled Viessa says, causing her to look down in shame.

“Don’t be sorry. Go help out in the kitchen and make yourself useful.”

With shame, Viessa leaves the ceremony and heads for the kitchen to scrub floors, a job she hates the most. The kitchen is in a frenzy and Viessa is soaking the floor with soapy water and brushes across the floor. She thinks of Ayama and wonders what he’s doing right now.

Viessa enters her own little room, it’s filled with books on arcane magic and crystal cleansing, and crass depictions of High Priestesses inserting larger plugs into their orifices. She pulls out a small box from under her bed and opens it to reveal a small collection of Eros coins. She tosses a couple more in. It’s her little collection for her personal brothel visit. She counts the coins but it’s still not enough.


Ayama fucks Fyrila in his bedroom in a massive bed. It’s wild but emotionless; for these two this is merely sport and a way to pass time. She’s more into it than he is.

“Don’t you ever wonder what’s outside the city walls?” asks Ayama.

“Monsters and death; nothing I wanna encounter!” replies Fyrila.

He fucks her hard, not liking the answer. “But don’t you wanna know?”

She throws him off her. “No, it’s too dangerous. Plus don’t we have everything we need here or not?”

“Yes, but it’s so boring. By the sun-god, I wanna see more. Experience more!” says Ayama.

She deflects, “Let’s take a thermal bath!” She leaves his room, he follows her reluctantly.

They walk across the hallway where there are more fuck stations and prostitutes on duty who are stuck in walls or stocks. They are free to use with no extra charge, mostly low-level newcomer whores. The femboy that Ayama bought is put into one and Ayama can’t help himself. He sucks the rosette out of the femboy, whose lower parts are sticking out. His favorite orifice, he sticks his dick in his anus and fucks him gently, enjoying every second of it. Fyrila comes back around the corner.

“Come on, what’s taking you so long?” she asks.

“I’ll be done soon, go ahead without me.”

She frowns and leaves. He cums inside the femboy.

They bathe in a lavish thermal bath, Fyrila soaped herself up, enjoying herself. Ayama is bored, even with a Fairy sucking his cock; a small female, a bit over 3-feet, short stacked. She mounts him, his 6-inch cock looks massive while her little pussy takes it in. He’s still bored but gives her a proper pounding. The fairy is green-skinned with a blueish rosette. Someone is eyeing them through a peephole while Ayama gives the fairy a pounding.

It’s Viessa again, she masturbates, focusing on Ayama, her face is red, blushing hard. She’s in love. Her tits bounce, nice little B-cups. She comes, squirting all over the wooden fence. Fyrila stands up.

“What was that?”

Everyone looks around, confused.

“Show yourself!” says Fyrila. “There’s no freeloading.”

They hear some noise in the bushes and Viessa is gone. Ayama turns the fairy around like she weighs nothing and sticks his tongue in her little anus making her squeak. The creature doesn’t seem to talk much but blushes heavily instead with Ayama’s tongue up her anus.

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