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I started playing with her arse while I would tease her clit, something she protested was dirty and that she didn’t want. But she didn’t stop me from stroking her back there and as she would start to climax I would get her used to the feeling of one or two fingers sliding in.

“Does it feel good?” I’d whisper.

“No, don’t do it, it’s wrong,” She’d say.

“Are you sure you want me to stop?”

I’d slide a second finger in her pussy and suck her clit harder.

“I’m a good girl, I don’t want that.”

“Are you sure?”

“No, leave them in and make me cum!” She’d cry, burning with embarrassment.

Slowly and surely I started getting her used to anal. I wanted her to feel stuffed in her pussy and arse as she came as well as the burn of humiliation, knowing your dirty back passage was full at the same time. I wanted to feel the same way myself, but the only way I could get her to do that was to start her off first.

I quietly ordered a couple of dildos and a vibrator off the Internet. The dildos were rubberised, purple, one slim and about 4 inches long, the other thick and a good 6 inches. The vibrator was the rabbit type with a twist base.

The next time we were in bed I brought these out. I said I had a surprise for her and produced the rabbit.

“You’re not using that one me” She said, “It’s naughty.”

“I know, now lie back and let me try it on you.”

“No, just lick me like you normally do.”

“Well, how about I do this?”

I leant down to her pussy and tongued it a little. Then I turned the rabbit on low and applied it to her clit.

“Oh my God!” Claire jumped like she had been electrocuted. “That’s great, don’t stop”.

So I didn’t. I kept it buzzing at her clit, moving just in and out of her pussy lips, slowly pressing more of it inside her.

“Put it in me.” Claire said.

“No, not yet.” I said.

I pushed the head of the rabbit into her pussy and pushed the pointed ears into her clit, twisting the base to speed it up. It hummed in my hand and Claire started thrashing around.

“I’m coming!” She cried “Don’t stop it.”

I kept it pressed into her and slid my other hand under her to her ass. I slipped a finger all in the way into her arsehole just as she started climaxing, her body bucking and writing.

After she came I pulled my finger out of her bum and she squealed.

I lifted it up to my face and inhaled the smell canlı bahis şirketleri of her on my hand.

“Ugh, that’s dirty.” She said “Don’t.”

“Yeah, but it’s hot,” I said “Did you like it up there?”

“It was ok. I’d rather you used that rabbit again.”

So I did. Repeatedly. Until she was soaked with sweat and couldn’t come again.

The next time we played I used my fingers on her again. Teasing her clit with the vibrator and this time reaching back to produce the small dildo.

“What the hells that?” She said “You’re not using that on me!”

“I am” I said, “You like the rabbit.”

“What are you going to do with it?”

“This, honey.” I said, pushing it inside her pussy as I teased her clit.

It slipped in easily as her pussy was wet and it wasn’t that big. I knew it would and her pussy wasn’t the final destination for it.

As her climax started to come and her pussy pumped out juice I told her to roll ver.


“Turn over, on your knees.”

“No, bring me off.”

“Not until you get on your knees.”

“Oh, OK.”

Claire rolled over and stuck her arse up in the air.

“Good girl.” I said and slipped the vibrator back on her clit, sliding it between her legs.

She shivered and pushed her bum up in the air, riding her pussy down onto the vibe. I grasped the dildo, wet with her pussy juice and pushed it up her bum in one go. It went in all the way up to the flange and I pushed it flat against her cheeks. She ground her arse back against my hand as she writhed on the vibe.

When she had finished coming I pulled it out and got the larger one out.

“What the hell is that for?” She said, her eyes getting larger.

“That’s for your pussy, one in each hole.”

“Err, maybe.”

She loved it. We pretty soon graduated to the large one in her arse and my cock in her pussy, DP-ing her and playing her clit with my fingers. I loved the way she contracted around my cock, while I could feel the dildo in her ass. I loved the way it felt as I pulled it out of her, how she’d look glazed, fucked.

Once I had broken her arse in with the small dildos it wasn’t much of a step to getting my cock in there. She didn’t protest much. Once she was horny enough, I realised I could do pretty much anything to her or ask anything of her; provided I kept her clit stimulated, she would play the complete slut for me.

So I canlı kaçak iddaa got her horny, licking her pussy and working it with the vibe then asked her to roll over,

She flipped over and presented her arse to me. I fingered her pussy and slowly pushed my cock into her arse. I was in heaven. It felt hot and tight and nasty. Claire moaned and whimpered but let me without any resistance.

I pulled my finger off her clit to steady myself.

“Please don’t stop.” She said.

“OK, can you take it?”

“Yes, but keep playing with my pussy. I can take it. Just go slow.”

I started flicking her flit harder and pushed my cock all the way.

“Can you take it if I fuck you or do you want me to keep still?”

“I can take it,” said Claire “If you can fuck me gently though.”

I started sliding my cock in and out. It didn’t take me long ’til I couldn’t control myself and I thrust into her arse, coming hard. I kept working her clit and Claire came with me, collapsing face first on the bed with my cock still in her and me on top of her.

We lay together for a moment, then I pulled my cock out and rolled her over.

“I think you’ve forgotten something.” I said.

“What?” said Claire.

“You need to clean my cock off.” I said.

“What, no!”

“Yes!” and I thrust it into her mouth.

Claire gagged then sucked my cock clean of her juices and my come.

“You dirty bitch!” I said “Did you get off on that?”

“You bastard, I’m not doing that again!”

“Yeah, ’til the next time. How did it make you feel?”

“Nasty, dirty and really horny.”

“That’s what I thought.”

Now that I’d broken her arse in it wasn’t long before I encouraged her to try the two dildos on me. I teased her a little as I arse fucked her, asking if it felt nice and saying she should try giving as good as she got.

I’d start to wiggle my arse at her, begging for a stroke or a finger to push its way in. Once in a while when she was very horny, she would oblige by slipping the tip of a finger in a little way, but she had to be really aroused to do it. What I really wanted was for her to use one of the dildos on me.

So I’d get the dildos out ready and put them near at hand. When I could get her horny and she was in the mood I’d lie on my back and get her to suck me while I played with her pussy and arse. As I did so I’d raise my legs and beg her to finger me. Eventually canlı kaçak bahis she’d take one of the dildos and use it on me. It slipped in pretty easily. What I really wanted was the big one but I didn’t know if I could take it. Claire though had other ideas now.

One night as we were warming up, Claire told me to roll on my front and get on my knees.

“You’ve been begging for this for a while, haven’t you? That’s why you can’t stop messing around with my arse, you kinky sod!” she said.

“Yes, but only if you want to.” I said, trying to downplay it.

“I do, now, keep still.”

Claire squeezed some lube on the dildo, and slowly pushed the fat head into my arse. It really felt like it was stretching me open back there, it was the biggest thing I had ever taken and certainly much bigger than her finger. She knew this though and stopped just as the head had pushed my ring open. It was almost the most uncomfortable place to leave it.

“God, just push it in!” I begged, “Don’t leave it there, I can’t take it!”

“Oh, don’t be such a baby, you’ve been crying for this like a little sissy. If I can take this so can you.”

She was right, so I shut up and lifted my arse to make it easier for her. I put my face down in the pillow and imagined what I must look like with my arse stuck up in the air and my wife leaning over it with a 6″ rubber cock.

Claire didn’t hesitate again and pushed the lubed up rubber cock into my arse with one shove, making me cry out with the surprise of being filled up. It felt great though. My cock was rock hard and I was desperate not wank it. I put a hand down to stroke it but Claire slapped it away.

“Oh no, you don’t get to come until I say so.”

She grabbed the base of the cock and started sliding it in and out in firm, slow strokes. I was in heaven. This was what I had wanted, my hot sexy wife, her pussy dripping and her nipples hard, was screwing my arse with a thick dildo and my cock felt like iron. Any thoughts I had of what she must think, about how unmanly this might look were out of my head as she screwed me. I knew they’d come later. I’d feel dirty, ashamed. Just how I had wanted her to feel. But for now I was in heaven. I didn’t stay that way for long though, as she grabbed my cock and jerked it firmly, quickly. I came in big spurts over the sheets and dropped on to the cum-soaked bed’ the dildo sliding out of my arse with a pop.

“Feel good, baby?”

“Mm.” was all I could manage.

“I think you liked having a cock in your arse.” Claire said.

“No,” I quickly added, “Just your dildo, not a cock.”

“Yeah right, now eat me out.”

It was the least I could do in return.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32