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When she awoke she was looking at an unfamiliar ceiling. She had to remind herself about where she was. Slowly she remembered. She was in Jayshree madam’s house. The family had gone to the US for a month. But the son could not travel as he had a crucial college year. So, they asked her to change her work timings. She was required to make lunch, be there when the boy returned from college.

So that is where she was. In that house. Next, she realized that she had no clothes on. At all. Nor were any of her clothes in sight. In which room of the house was she? This was the guest room. And as she became more awake she became aware of the smells around her. Her own smells and the smells of …

It was just the first day of the new timings. Laxmi had rejigged all the other house timings where she did work. She decided to give the young man a good lunch on the first day so that he felt reassured about the quality of her cooking. She made an excellent mutton curry and then there was nothing to do. She had to wait for Lokesh to return from college. As always, her feet were aching. It was stressful, walking from one house to another and then on her feet all day doing various house chores. She rarely got a moment to sit. But since Jayashree madam just wanted someone around the house, and since there was no one at home, there was nothing to do.

She liked that change. She lay down on the floor and put her feet up on the sofa to give her feet much deserved rest. One of the other ladies at whose house she worked had kindly taught her this as a way to rest her feet. Vipareeta-karni. You get close to the wall or sofa and put up your feet a good height. The blood flow to the head served as a great pick me up in less than ten minutes. And the feet felt rested too.

It was not easy to do, for Laxmi wore a saree most of the time. Putting her feet up meant the garment fell back, exposing her legs and the lower part of the body. Living in a crowded small tenement that was not so easy to do. And she had a body worth lusting over. Even though she was technically a grandmother, that was only because she had been married young; and so had her daughter.

At forty-something, her body was sculpted and toned by years of housework in the various places she worked as a maid. Being a single woman meant she was open to approach by an assortment of lustful men. And having been widowed a while ago she did have those needs. But only when she wanted. And exposing her body was not an option.

Today she could.

By the time Lokesh reached home, Laxmi’s Vipareeta-karani had hit and she was lost to the world, asleep. In any case, food was not on Lokesh’s mind. He had the freedom of an empty house and was hungry to go look up what a friend had told him was really sexy and worth watching on YouTube. That did not mean he missed Laxmi lying there. Her head was towards the door he entered from with his key and her feet were on the sofa opposite. Her knees were showing as the saree had slipped. But what really caught his eye was her chest: breasts partially covered by the saree but for a good part exposed. Rising and falling with her gentle snoring.

For a young man with no real sexual experience breasts are a fascinating sight. The size, the shape, the texture – nothing mattered. That there were breasts to see was sufficient. Not that Laxmi was poorly endowed. She had nice sumptuous breasts. But nor were they large mammaries of every teen fantasy.

Lokesh’s mind was on masturbation throughout his ride home. His friend had told him about a movie to watch and he was keen to get on with that. He continued to eye Laxmi as he went to his room to turn on his computer and look at those dikmen escort bayan lascivious scenes to which he could masturbate.

It did not take him long to find as he was used to hunting down more and more sexy stuff to watch on the internet. And there it was. Wow! He had never seen something like this before. Somewhere halfway down the movie The Handmaiden two women were making lesbian love. Both were seated and the one on top was fisting the one below. The moans filled the room as the women were moaning, squealing and cumming – voices and noises mixed. It was in Korean but not that the language mattered.

He watched fascinated. The lovemaking continued. The scene was longer, much, much longer than similar scenes in most movies. As was his habit Lokesh waited till his cock was so hard and demanding that he simply had to touch himself. When one of the women ducked between the other’s legs, it was too much to bear. The moment to stroke himself to a gushing cum was upon him. He slid his trouser down and his cock sprang up to attention; for attention.

That was also the moment Laxmi came looking on hearing the unusual sounds from the boy’s room. Since Lokesh had turned the sound up to listen carefully to the exciting sounds of ecstasy he did not hear her open the room door. And the moment Laxmi entered the room her eyes went to the screen of the computer. She saw one body lying between the legs of a woman laid back. She was taken aback when the screen showed the face of a woman between those legs. That face was wet with the fluids of the other woman. She was transfixed. But so was Lokesh fascinated – he had never seen such a realistic shot. Nobody’s face ever showed the wetness from eating a woman that was seen in this movie.

His cock was throbbing and he gently slid his hand up and down, groaning at the pleasure it gave him. Meanwhile, the women on the screen lay side by side and each tucked her head between the thighs of the other. The shot was from the top as the women merged into a 69 position while lying on their sides. Lokesh continued to stroke himself slowly, steadily. Then the women on the screen got into a different position. Pussies were pressed into each other and they hammered each other with their bodies. The moment of super-excitement came when both clasped hands so they could get support to fuck really hard.

Clutching at each other’s hands, looking into each other’s eyes, the two women fucked each other. Pussies rubbed and smeared. Lips must be caressing each other, splayed open with stimulation and lust. Unseen by the camera but seen in the eye of the mind, Lokesh imagined how those pussies were pulsing. They really needed to fill their pussies and here he was without someone to fuck! He groaned, desperate at having to make do with his hand.

Laxmi was fascinated as she was aroused. And she knew what the boy was doing. She felt like touching herself which is what she did many a time. There were enough men in her circle who had an eye on her luscious body. She was a pretty woman with the firm taut body of a working woman. She had a few that liked to fuck her. It was plain and simple sex, for them and for her. And yet, the woman in her never sought them out. It was they who came to her with their lust. She took her satisfaction when it came and from where it came. And left it at that. Men were trouble. And all of them were married. Double trouble.

She looked over Lokesh’s shoulder and saw him stroke himself. The young man’s cock was like any of the many she had seen. As it was with her breasts for the young man’s eye, so it was with the cock for her eyes. It mattered that it was a cock; nothing emek escort bayan else mattered.

Her hand joined his. She leaned over him from behind and the other hand went to his mouth to stifle him but to reassure him, too. She slipped fingers into his mouth, playing with his tongue as she stroked his cock. He turned around to see who it was and their eyes locked. Lokesh groaned and rubbed his face against her chest. His cock was in her hand now as Lokesh grasped at her body turning around in his chair as much as he could. She pumped down and his cockhead swelled, red and glistening. One more and his cum shot up. Her mouth involuntarily opened and her lips made a shape as if to take in the cock and its erupting white shots. Her head reared and jerked in unison with the convulsions of the cock. It was not a conscious act on her part. It was just how engrossed she was watching the thrusting and pulsing cock.

Gobs and gobs of cum flowed over her hand and down. Sounds of Lokesh groaning joined the chorus from the computer. The women on screen were cumming along with Lokesh here. Only Laxmi seemed left out. In his ecstasy, the boy’s teeth had sunk into her breast but she didn’t mind, somewhat protected from the harshness of the bite by her clothing. He stood up and when she removed her hand he quickly brought it back on his ever-pulsing cock. He made sure she kept stroking him. He hugged her and thrust into her hand repeatedly. When he stopped spewing he simply told her, “I need you. Let’s fuck.”

She needed the fucking, too. She was aroused for sure. It had been weeks since she had fucked one of those random men. And what she saw on the computer had caused her juices to flow even though she was largely unfamiliar with how one woman could pleasure another. And then this young man’s virility all on display. But.

“Can you do anything?” she asked as her face caressed the boy’s. He guided her hand to his still ramrod-stiff cock.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured. He might not be able to cum so soon but that was to her advantage she thought to herself. She wanted to be fucked.

“Come,” she whispered. And instead of showing the single-minded focus on possessing her pussy with his cock, his attention went straight to her breasts. He kissed the slopes and very incompetently tried to work the hooks open. He was not going to succeed anytime soon. She simply undid the hooks and pulled his face to her bosom. While he kissed and licked the more open slopes now, she undid her bra clasp. Heaven was open to him as he slathered her breasts with his saliva. Hungry lips sucked in the nipples setting Laxmi’s pussy aflame.

No doubt Jayashree madam had asked her to look after the son. But she cannot have had this in mind. The prim older lady’s son was just another lusty lad like any other.

The sucking continued for long till Laxmi gently had to remind him, “Don’t you want to fuck?”

She pulled at her saree till it fell to the floor and now only the petticoat stood between Lokesh and his lifetime dream of a wet cunt to nest his cock in. she turned around to undo its cord. Lokesh kissed her bare back feverishly. Laxmi felt his hot and wet kisses and shivered: the men who took her did nothing for her. It was just animal fucking. That had its charm. But this was delicious. Her nipples stood hard and erect and now that her petticoat was undone she pulled it up over her breasts like many Indian women did while bathing.

Much of her body that Lokesh was lipping was now covered by that garment. She held his hand and led him to his single bed. Just enough for one person and another lying on top. They sat down next to each other and she looked eryaman escort bayan down at his bobbing cock. “Do you know what to do?” she asked. He shook his head. No.

“Do you want to be on top of me?” she asked. No response. “Do you want me on top?” she asked. His mind went to the clips he had seen where the woman road the man to a climax. His hand snaked under the petticoat to feel her breasts. His palm stroked the nipple. She gasped. She swung her legs over and lay back. “Come on top,” she instructed him.

He kneeled between her legs, his cock dangling. It was then that she took note of it. He was super-large from the excitement of a first fuck, all bulging and spongy. “Is it your first time?” she asked. He nodded. His cock was dripping onto her body below. He lowered his head to her breasts and licked them, long lazy strokes of his tongue. Her body trembled with excitement. She needed the fuck.

“Get between my legs,” she urged him. He looked down at his cock, large and ready – but numbing from the swelling. She reached down and held him. And she tugged him by his cock close to her lips. “Push,” she whispered, urgently. He thrust himself at her, aimlessly, clueless about where his target lay. He slid along her stomach and both of them groaned.

“Wait, wait, wait,” she said hoarsely. She pushed him back and straddled him. Holding his cock firmly she brought her pussy over its target. And she sank down, shivering and stammering loudly, “Lokesh!” she groaned.

Holding him, she rolled over and now had him on top. Her stallion. Her young stud of a stallion.

“Now! Fuck me!” she commanded. He pulled back and felt almost stuck inside her – so heavily swollen was he. HE had never seen himself so large either. He thrust a bit, eyes wide.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she urged him on in desperation. He pulled back too far; he lost her; he thrust forward again missing his target.

This time she was able to guide him back without having to mount him. Then he thrust better – shallow quick thrusts, learning how to find her. And Laxmi needed the cock so much that she thrust back at him every time he pulled back. Lokesh groaned loudly and started to call out to her, “Laxmi amma!” he called out in desperation. She was so good!

“Yes Lokesh, my boy,” she responded. He pounded away as pleasure returned to his numb cock. Laxmi was throwing herself around and up at him as pleasure ripped through her body. Her legs wrapped around his hips and she held on to his shoulders. The boy came into her and filled her. She did not feel that she was done. She could do with more fucking. The boy became a man in that instant. And he slumped forward on her as his cumming took over his body and he could nothing but shudder in to her, wailing and calling out her name. Oh! How he loved this woman!

She pushed him off. His cock was undiminished. It was red from the exertion. His foreskin had pulled back behind his cock head and was stuck there. But it was unconquered.

“You have not eaten!” she said to him. “Come. Let me feed you,” she said shyly. She draped just her saree around her body – no blouse, no bra, no petticoat. She went to the kitchen to get him food.

A little voice inside her head told her that she needed him nourished for her own bodily needs. Those sexual needs were barely meet in the first fuck of that youth’s life. If the edge was off she could look forward to her own satiation. Suddenly all the tasks that Jayashree madam had told her to do for her son’s sake were for Laxmi’s own sake. She needed that body to satiate her own primal needs. And the mutton curry she had made with onion, garlic and spices would do his renewal a lot of good.

As she walked to the kitchen, Lokesh could see her body just covered by that the thin layer of saree. Her ass, the curves of her body, her breasts were all visible. More than being a layer of modesty it added a layer of seduction to a hot-blooded woman. Lokesh felt hungry. And it was not for lunch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32