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Sir Doris admired his reflection in the steel mug. Those long whiskers had come out just fine. Between deciding whether to get out of his bed or having another go at the young slave girls, Sir Doris couldn’t help but think about the ship hands waiting at the deck.
“Baah!” he grunted.
“Let those motherfuckers burn in hell, that will teach them not to fool around with the captains girls”
He looked upon the black slave girl covered in white muslin cloth and felt his loin stirring again. She snored rather soundly, her back facing sir Doris. A part of the sheets had dropped carelessly revealing her rather well endowed rear. He gently parted her butt cheeks and snuggled close to it. The musty smell of asses hung low in the wooden chambers. Sir Doris was partial to this odour, he had at lengths sniffled deep into flesh for the high it gave him. The slave girl started moaning softly, her gentle hands reached for Doris’s zipper.

Mogobe looked at the horizon, the chilly winds lashed at his broad chest. He adjusted the telescope and looked at the misty mountains ,now beginning to appear. He had heard rumours about these unknown lands, tales from travellers fortunate enough to return alive. He felt warm in the thought that he was safe now, in the company of good men. the severe cold made him wish for the warmth of Julia’s tight sugary cunt. Simon broke into his thought train as he passed whistling by. He always admired Mogobe, a bit excessive if ser Doris were to be asked. But as long as the duo had goodwill, nobody gave a fuck. Mogobe had turned down his advances on occasions more than one, but somehow he did give into his careless chidings now and then.
“what about the storm then?” inquired Simon
“what about it?” shrugged Mogobe, believing it was just another wild rumour he seemed to be carrying.
“The crow has returned empty, it does not bode well my friend.” said Simon letting out a foggy breath.
“Then these lands are cursed as they say, there is no life beyond these hills you suggest?”
“If you take my word deary” Simon carelessly slapped Mogobe’s tight black bum
“This expedition is the last of us”.
Mogobe looked at him with a warm smile, fringes around his eyes widened, his lips parted to reveal sparkly white teeth.” My friend, that we shall see”.
Simon gripped Mogobe’s zipper, making the man moan softly.
” You will never learn” hissed Mogobe unable to ward of his grip.
“You always wanted it, don’t you dare stop me” Simon commanded, now totally into his pants.
Mogabe closed his eyes and relaxed his neck.
Simon pulled his hard black cock out of his trousers and started stroking it softly. He caressed it lightly, squeezing it at bursa escort its base till silver drops of cum glistened on top. Mogobe leaned his back on the deck railing thinking of Julia’s soft caresses.
“Oh who would I not kill just to get your fat cock in my mouth” and saying that, Simon started to go down on his knees.

A satisfied smile played on Sir Doris as he emerged from beneath his chambers. He coughed as he inhaled the icy air. It smelt of brine all around, not pleasant but it didn’t matter after a good fuck.
Ice had deposited in small mounds on the wooden deck, just an excuse for the boys to play. The ship had entered the fiord and the misty mountains soared into the heavens on both sides. “What in the devils name is this place” wondered Doris. He grabbed on to his cutlass tightly, he often did when he sensed danger. An eerie silence had enveloped the deck only broken by the soft needling of drizzle on the deck. “O everybody” whistled sir Doris pretending to assume this was not the end of the world.
“Simon, Mogobe, Walter, where are all you bastards”, getting no response, Sir Doris paraded his famous sword ” the giver” , dancing furiously to the rhythm of the rain. He had just about taken a few steps when he heard a gentle thud in his direction. The fog made it difficult to see, but there seemed to be something strange about the sound. He carefully treaded his way, helplessly aware of the sweat glistening on his brow. “Whatever ever the fuck just landed on my deck seems to breath like an elephant” thought sir Doris. the mist cleared as he moved further and just a meter away, he saw those large menacing eyes .

Walter pushed furiously behind Julia, his arms tightly anchored to her buttocks. They had taken refuge in the shithouse on the deck. The golden cross around Julia’s neck dangled with each push administered to her. Her blouse was down to her stomach, and her breasts jiggled as she moved to the rhythm.
“You’ve been fucking around?” Walter spoke inspecting the red marks on her arse.
“why would you say that my lord, my cunt was always yours” cooed Julia apologetically.
“And please stop passing Goodman wind for fucks sake” the somewhat peeved Walter spoke in whispers.” God forbid my lord, I wouldn’t think of such travesty, besides I had emptied my bowels this morning”
“Then what could possibly make such frightful sound my love?” Walters spoke not amused.
Just about then, Sir Doris came crashing into the outhouse. The impact was such that the shithouse was in smithereens, and the trio lay tangled bewildered at what the hell just happened to them.
As some good sense started pouring in their blank minds, they found themselves looked upon bursa escort bayan by a frightfully strange creature. It almost resembled an eagle, only it was the size of a horse. It spread its wings that almost spanned the entire length of the ship. Its mighty talons dug deep into the deck.
“will you crazy bastards find me my sword?” said Doris almost overlooking the fact that Walter and Julia lay naked beside him.
“Right away sir” saying this Walters dashed for the hatch to the lower quarters.
“Comeback you coward” said Doris softly, believing he’d shit his pants if he raised his voice any longer. The creature lowered its beak towards Julia, who now lay paralysed with fear. Sir Doris quickly pulled her by the hand and made her get up. She pulled up her drawers, even as sir Doris checked her plump wet arse, riddled with wooden splinters. The creature charged at them, and got hold of sir Doris.

Simon wiped the cum drops from his face as a satisfied yet guilty Mogobe looked over him
“Some mighty racket they got cooking the other side” Simon gurgled.
“About time we checked over there, and don’t you ever dig your teeth into my dick Simon” Mogobe spoke as his grip around his short blade tightened.
The duo charged to the other side of deck hidden by mist. as Simon prepared his crossbow, the body of sir Doris came whizzing by.
“Blasted be my soul, I’m getting tired of being thrown like this, I swear I demand to be grounded. enough!”
A bewildered Doris blew his trumpets.
The creature emerged in front of the trio and flapped its wing creating a tiny storm on deck. Simon let a flurry of arrows on the beast, they sunk into her neck and head. Panic set into her and she wildly flapped at her enormous wings. Seizing the moment Mogobe jumped onto her neck with his short blade in hand. he stabbed her several times in the head, till it shook him violently and dropped him to the hard wooden floor. Bleeding furiously, the beast opened its sharp beak and made aim for Mogobes stomach. From the hatch underneath the beast, emerged Walter carrying his katana blade and drove it deep into the creature. It shrieked so loud that the mountains echoed far and wide. The creatures head landed in a thud right next to Mogobe. Walter set into a mild dance, tapping his foot quickly, singing
” the monster is dead and I am the hero”
All others started getting up slowly flummoxed at what the hell just happened to them. Terrified ship
mates started to emerge from beneath the deck. “Bravo, Bravo”, Simon clapped in admiration, even as Mogobe stood nervous, afraid to inspect the beast.
And then, all of a sudden, the bloody creature got up and got hold of Walters arm in its escort bursa beak, the arm broke and bone smashed out of the flesh as the creature refused to let go. Its wings engulfed Mogobe and Simon ready to crush them to their deaths. Just the very moment, a flash of blue lightning struck the deck, the head of the creature lay separated from its body. Sir Doris emerged from the dying smoke with the “giver” in hand.
“Mighty great work boys, keep it up” Sir Doris said as he smiled at the terrified yet admiring faces.
The giver was no ordinary sword, it was said to emit electric pulses when it was close to the one whose fate was to be sealed by it.
sir doris twirled his whiskers and asked for the gathering to come closer
“My dear men and slave girls” he continued to turn his whiskers between his fingers.
“Thou shall know that from tomorrow we set foot onto these unknown lands, and I believe many of you will not return. I’ve heard about strange creatures that roam these lands and I now know it to be true, heck I even heard about goddamn dinosaur cavorting behind these cliffs.
“My dear lord my arm!” Simon said writhing in pain.
“That shall be taken care of, I shall see to it that Julia takes keen interest in your injuries. You shall be walking amongst us in no time”. Sir Doris announced amidst cries of hurrahs and bravo.

That night after the ship had halted at a shingle shore, Sir Doris was in his chambers with Mogobe.
It was a full moon night and the waters of the river shimmered in silver. The rooms glowed in yellow lights from the oil lamps.
“Dear fellow” said sir Doris teasing the nipple on Mogobes black chest.
“We have to set camp at Darwin’s point, somewhere deep in the jungles” Mogobes nipple stood erect.
“Heard that’s about as far any human been there” Mogobe could barely hiss.
“Yes that is what the journals of sir Darwin say, remember the unfortunate expedition last year?”
Sir Doris said, adjusting the bobbing head of “Rose” the slave girl near his loins.
Another slave girl worked furiously at Mogobe’s black dick, slurping and slathering it with saliva.
“I admire your courage sir Doris, I always have” Mogobe spoke with eyes partially closed.
Soon they had mounted the girls even as Sir Doris explained the complex jungle map. Mogobe had taken her by the arse hole, it was a luxury the girls rarely conceded. The tight warm hole made Mogobe squirm, who almost forgot Sir Doris had his fingers dug deep in his bum hole.
Sir Doris was shoving furiously behind the golden skinned Egyptian girl. Her large eyes fluttered with each violent push. They came together, covering the girls in warm cum. The quartet slept naked, snuggled around each other.

what shall become of sir Doris and his men? what adventures will the expedition bring?
keep waiting for the great adventures of Sir Doris.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32