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You’re lying face down on the bed with just your pants on. Traveling can be draining, a nap would be welcome right about now.

The bed smells like any other bed in a Sheraton smells, vaguely of laundry, mostly of money.

From somewhere out in the hall, you can hear women’s voices and the faint ding of the elevator bell.

The water in the bathroom turns on reminding you there’s someone else in the room, and your cock twitches briefly.

She’s a girl from online, and you find yourself scarcely believing you’re in a hotel room with her. The conversations had been fun and she was quite nice looking.

She’d given you her phone number, with the caveat – “Call me anytime you’re in Detroit – we’ll get together.” The expectation certainly hadn’t been strong, but surprisingly, she’d said “Sure – I’ll meet you at the Sheraton – there’s a nice quiet little bar there – I’ll be wearing a green sweater.” The green sweater had been tighter than you’d expected, showing nipples, and a tiny slice of tan tummy over black pants.

Now she was in the bathroom, an unknown quantity, and you were lying on the bed, shirtless, wondering what was next. The bathroom door clicked open.

” Hmmmmmmmm…. nice back. You look tense though.”

You could hear her move toward the bed, the bedclothes rustling as güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri she sat next to you.

” This should help.” Warm liquid touched your shoulder blades, and ran down your spine, not quite to the waistband of your trousers.

Her hands were warm, and her touch gentle.

Rubbing muscles soundlessly, you could feel yourself relaxing into a nice back rub – just enough pressure, no nails, just fingertips and the occasional palm, rubbing what could only be oil into your skin. Muscles being kneaded, and soothed, your mind drifting. The background noise faded away, and you could hear her breathe, slow and deep.

Her fingertips gathered skin, and pushed it away, then back, dancing over muscles. Lower and lower, her fingers rubbed and stroked flesh. Your eyes closed, your body enjoying the simple touch of another human.

“Turn on your side – don’t open your eyes.”

The lightest touch on your stomach tells you her fingers are undoing your belt, and unfastening your pants. The button, then the zipper, slowly growling down, over your hardening cock. Her fingers leave the barest trace, almost a caress. She moves material down over your ass, and slides her hand over your cock. The pants slide down your legs and away. Nudity has never been a problem, but you feel, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri for one second, the juxtaposition of the unknown. You’re naked, is she?

She pushes you back flat, face down, and begins to rub your back again, this time trailing down to your ass, kneading and stroking, a finger sliding down the edge, then tracing the curve. More liquid now, rubbed across the glutes, the finger now a bit deeper, then the palm and fingers beginning to stroke the back of your thighs. Your cock is harder now, and her hands continue to knead the muscles in your legs. If it weren’t for the persistent erection, you’d be asleep. The room is close, and slowly, the bed shifts, and she lies down beside you, skin to skin, somewhere a part of you thinks – ah, she was naked.

For just a moment, there’s nothing, just a feeling of heat. Her hand rests, for just a moment on your ass, and then her fingers slide in further, now rubbing up and down, across your asshole.

” Shhhhhhhhh…just relax, don’t move.”

A fingertip presses in, and is still. Her breast presses against your side, her hair on your arm. Gently, the finger moves further in, and then out a bit. A low moan escapes your lips, and she presses in again.

“Turn over, face me.” she says, her finger still planted in güvenilir bahis şirketleri your ass.

You move slowly, and turn to face her. The room has gotten darker, she is mostly shadow now. You can feel her breath on your cheek, and your mouth meets hers.

Her finger pushes in again, and your hips move forward, pressing your cock into her thighs. She pushes again, and now there is no space between you, your cock wedged between her thighs, you can tell her finger is now completely inside you.

Slowly, she starts to fuck your ass with her finger, and her hips rock back and forth, stroking your cock with damp thighs.

“oh god” she almost whispers, through clenched teeth. Her nipples are hard, pressing harder into your chest, and she buries her face in your neck. Now a second finger enters your ass, and you can feel your cock growing unbearably hard, still encased in her thighs.

You’re almost afraid to touch her, afraid to interrupt. She is licking and kissing and sucking on your neck, her fingers working in and out of you harder now, and your cock is ready to burst. Her hips begin to thrust faster and it’s almost like being inside her. Her flesh is soaked with her own juices, mixed with your precum, and you can feel muscle bearing down and squeezing. There might be three fingers in your ass now, and you can feel cum boiling, ready to explode out of you. You groan and she groans back, you can feel your cock, hard as concrete, start to spill cum all over her jerking thighs. The fingers in your asshole freeze, and your orgasm takes you completely. Slowly you come down, and she looks over at you, and smiles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32