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It was five after six by the time Jason left work. He basically ran back to the frat, jumped into the shower, and dressed for the ballgame. He was in his car and reaching in his pocket for his cell when it rang. He answered it, noticing the time as six-twenty-five as he did.


“Kira, I’m so sorry but work ran over today. I’ll explain later but I’ll be there in three minutes. Can you guys meet me at the curb to save time?”


“Okay, bye.”

Jason picked up the girls and they were dressed similarly and appropriately for a baseball game. Both had their hair pulled in ponytails through the back of their baseball caps. Tessa’s looked new but Kira’s was an old Yankee’s cap. Kira’s long blonde hair hung down further in the back than Tessa’s brown hair. They each had tight, white tank tops on and Jason’s could make out the outline and darker color of their bras underneath as they climbed into the car. Each had short denim shorts on with hoodies tied around their waists in case the weather got unexpectedly cool. Jason noticed their bodies for it seemed the first time. Both were about five-five but Kira was slightly thinner. Each would be described as slender but Tessa’s breasts were possibly a size bigger, probably between a B and C.

“Hey, you guys,” Jason said hello.

“Hi, Jason,” they echoed in unison as they took their seats, Kira in front and Tessa behind her.

“You look like true baseball fans,” Jason complimented.

“That’s because we are,” Kira replied with a smile.

Jason noticed the pleasing smile and the twinkle of her bright blue eyes. Kira was not gorgeous but at times looked incredibly cute to Jason. Her smile had reminded him of that now.

“Already to go?” he asked turning to address Tessa not to leave her out.

“Absolutely,” Tessa replied.

While Kira said, “We’ve been ready,” hinting at his tardiness.

Jason noticed the softness of Tessa’s brown eyes and was glad she had done away with the glasses for contacts. Her darker complexion was a contrast to Kira’s paler skin. They made a great pair, similar, yet different. Jason smiled at Tessa before turning back. He noticed she had a Met’s cap on. It was possibly an internal rivalry between them which he commented on as they pulled away.

The ride to the game took twenty minutes and they hit a little light traffic getting into the parking lot. The Trenton Thunder was packing the fans in more for the playoffs. The Thunder had lost the first game to the Reddington Redlegs on their home turf. They needed a win today to stay even with them. By the time they reached their seats, the national anthem was playing and the girls removed their caps. Within five minutes of sitting down the first pitch was thrown.

Due to the importance of this game to the Thunder, their ace was on the mound. He had a season ERA of 2.57 and averaged ten strike-outs per game. The leadoff batter for the Redlegs got a single and took second on a bunt by the second batter. The Thunder got the out at first but the Redlegs had a guy in scoring position. The third batter flew out to right but it was deep enough to allow the runner to tag-up and take third. The Redleg’s clean-up batter had been fabulous all year and one of the main reasons they were in the playoffs. He had a 323 batting average and twenty-four homeruns, with 109 RBIs. You could sense the nervousness in the crowd as he came to the plate.

Sean Rogers, the Thunder’s pitcher, seemed to be the only unimpressed person on the field and in the stands. He threw two wicked curves to the Redleg’s batter getting him to swing at the first and barely hold-up on the second which was just outside. Next he got him to chase a high fastball. The next pitch was inside for another ball but moved the batter back from the plate. Sean’s next pitch was a perfect fastball low and over the outside corner. The clean-up batter got nothing but air for strike three and to end the top half of the inning. The crowd erupted and clapped on their feet as the Thunder left the field and came to bat.

Jason ordered everyone a hotdog from one of the vendors and a large soft pretzel. They each had diet sodas too. The Thunder went down one, two, and three in their bottom of the first. The next two innings were scoreless but both teams stranded a man at second. In the top of the fourth, the Redleg’s clean-up batter led off. Sean made a mistake by starting him off with a curve again. This time it hung to long and the clean-up man drove it into the left field bleachers for a homerun. Sean got the other batters out but they were down one. It stayed that way till the bottom of the sixth.

The designated hitter for the Thunder led off the sixth with a double into right-center that ran to the wall. The next batter struck out and the third hit a sky-high pop-up that never made it out of the infield. With two outs it looked like the Thunder might strand another runner in scoring position until the next batter lined a single into left-center. The Redleg’s left fielder did escort ulus a good job to cut the ball off from going to the wall and held the runner at first with a strong throw to second. However, the Thunder runner at second scored on the hit to tie the game and the crowd erupted with approval.

The Thunder’s ninth spot batter came to the plate. The second baseman, though great defensively, was not a good hitter and his average was just 226. He managed to get the pitch count to 3-1 and Jason told the girls he hoped they walked him. The batter fouled the next pitch off to make it 3-2. Jason was all ready for another strike out when the second baseman hit a grounder right down the third base line. The Redleg’s third baseman dove for the ball but missed it. The ump called it fair. With two outs and full count the runner on first had been running on the pitch. The grounder lost steam in the grass of the outfield and the left fielder had to run a long way to get to the ball. The Thunder’s runner from first scored without a throw and the second baseman made it into a double. The crowd went wild with the 2-1 lead.

“God, I don’t believe it!” Jason yelled.

“Great!” Kira screamed to his left.

“Way to go, Will!” Tessa yelled, referring to the second baseman, Will Torrey.

Jason had turned first to see Kira but she was still jumping up and down. He turned then to look at Tessa. She noticed and practically jumped into his arms in an excited hug. Her slender figure felt great to Jason and her firm breasts pressed into his side. When they broke the hug, he turned once again to Kira. She had noticed the hug with Tessa and either not to be outdone or to show her emotion too, gave him a hug followed by a kiss. It was a fast kiss and their first, but still nice.

The Thunder got a walk to have both second and first occupied before the next batter lined out to center to end the inning. Jason and the girls had hoped to keep the rally going and build a lead but they would have to settle for a 2-1 lead.

It was short lived though as Sean got two outs quickly but then gave up three straight singles. The Redlegs had tied the score and now had first and third as well. The Thunder’s coach pulled Sean Rogers and brought in a relief pitcher. After taking warm-up throws the game restarted. Much to the chagrin of the crowd the reliever promptly gave up another single with the runners going first and third again. Now they were down 3-2 and still the Redlegs threatened more. Fortunately, the next batter flew out to center and they got out of the inning just giving up two runs.

The Thunder failed to score in the bottom of the seventh after the stretch. They managed to get the Redlegs out after allowing two more singles in the top of the eighth. The bottom of the Thunder’s batting order was up again for the eighth inning so Jason commented on that to the girls prompting responses.

“Maybe they’ll do it again,” Tessa proposed referring to the sixth inning.

“I hope so,” Kira added.

“Yeah, I hope so too,” Jason agreed.

It didn’t look like it though, as the first batter just ground out on an easy roller to the second baseman. The next batter drew a hard fought walk after fouling off several pitchers. Will Torrey was again up and Jason commented on the possibility of a double play. They had little time to dwell on that thought though as the Thunder’s manager, probably to avoid the same thing, called for the hit and run play. The batter on first took off on the first pitch and Will Torrey did a fantastic job hitting the ball to the right side of the field. The Redleg’s second baseman had broken for second to cover the steal attempt and the first baseman had been holding the runner on. The resulting hole in the right side of the infield allowed Torrey’s ground ball to roll past everyone into right for a single. The other runner ended up on third. The crowd cheered happily.

Now, with first and third and one out, the crowd was on their feet and hoping for at least a tying score. The Thunder’s manager again shocked everyone, including the Redlegs, by calling for a squeeze play on the first pitch. The Thunder’s lead-off man had been 1 for 2 with a walk on the day and everyone expected he would be hitting away. He laid down a perfect bunt down the first baseline. By the time the pitcher got to the ball, it was too late to go home when he looked there, scoring the runner from third, and the speedy lead-off hitter was safe at first, just beating the throw. The crowd loved that too.

With still just one out and runners on first and second, the Redleg’s skipper decided to make his first pitching change. Their closer was another strong part of the Redlegs team and rumors circled about the Big League potential for the hard throwing short reliever. The Redleg’s manager was taking a chance bringing him in this early with the score knotted at three but he wanted to shut down any further scoring this late in the game by the Thunder.

It looked like a good decision when escort yenimahalle the next batter struck out. The count quickly ran to 1-2 on the number three batter, who was 0 for 3 on the day. Of the next four pitches, the Thunder’s first baseman fouled off two and took two for balls to run the count to full. The Redleg’s pitching coach came to the mound for a huddle. Jason and the two girls contemplated the discussion as it was going on.

“He’s probably telling him not to walk this guy if he can help it because John Ward is up next,” Jason said, referring to the Thunder’s clean-up batter, whom had had a good year too.

“I think he’s telling him not to give him anything he can drive for a homer,” Kira astutely said.

“No, he wants a ground ball so they can turn the double-play,” Tessa said, surprising Jason and even Kira with her knowledge of the game.

“Wow, good one, Tessa. You too, Kira. I’d love to know what he is telling him,” Jason said as they watched the huddle break up.

“Me too,” Kira agreed.

The next pitch was ninety-five miles-an-hour and slightly high. The Thunder’s first baseman just managed to clip the bottom of the ball and drive it to the backstop for a foul ball. The next pitch was dead center over the middle of the plate and the first baseman drove the fastball down the right field line. The ball hit fair just before the warning track and ricocheted off the wall. The right fielder gave chase and got to the ball fairly quickly. He didn’t have a very strong arm though and the cut-off man took the throw low. He spun around to fire home but it was too late to catch the speedy lead-off batter. The first baseman ended up with a double.

Two runs scored for the Thunder and they went up 5 to 3. The Thunder’s clean-up batter, John Ward was up next with the first baseman still in scoring position. He took the first two pitches for a ball and a strike. The next pitch was a fastball and he hit it hard to right-center but had not gotten all of it. The Redleg’s centerfielder ran the ball down and made a nice catch on the warning track for the third out.

The Thunder brought in their closer for the top of the ninth. He would have to face the middle of the Redleg’s order which had the fans a little nervous despite the two run lead. The first batter lined out to left bringing the Redleg’s clean-up hitter to the plate. He already had one homer on the day. The crowd grew hushed when the pitcher threw him two straight balls trying to get him to chase bad pitches. He had to come over on the next fastball and the batter drove it a long way but foul down the leftfield line.

The crowd got on their feet for the next pitch and cheered loudly. The next pitch was a little outside and the batter tried to check his swing. The catcher appealed to the first base umpire if the batter had gone around. The ump called it a strike which brought the Redleg’s coach out to argue. The crowd booed the coach and yelled at the batter as the coach’s argument fell on deaf ears and he returned to the dugout much to the delight of the fans.

Still on their feet the crowd watched the next pitch just miss inside to run the count to full. The next pitch was outside but just off the plate and the batter fouled it off. The catcher went out to the mound for a conference with the pitcher before the next pitch. It was an inside fastball this time and the clean-off batter hit it off the handle. The bat shattered but managed to pop the ball over the third baseman’s head for a single.

With the tying run coming to bat the crowd grew a little uneasy but cheered loudly too. The designated hitter for the Redlegs was up and swung at the first pitch. He hit a screamer but right to the third baseman. The third baseman caught the ball and noticed the runner on first had started hard for second but then realize the ball was caught. The Redleg’s clean-up batter slipped and fell trying to change his direction and get back to first. He got to his feet and scrambled to first but the throw from the third baseman doubled him up for the final out. The stands erupted in applause and cheers. The Thunder had won 5 to 3.

Kira, Tessa, and Jason jumped up and down with everyone else and cheered. They hugged and both girls kissed him. They stayed to watch the players on the Thunder all high-five themselves on the field before heading into the dugout. The stands were buzzing as the people shuffled out. It took several minutes to find Jason’s car in the madhouse that was now the parking lot. It was another fifteen minutes before they could get out onto the main road. It was still only ten o’clock though.

“Are we just going back to campus?” Kira asked.

“Where did you want to go?” Jason replied.

“I don’t know? Somewhere. I’m too excited from the game to just want to go back home,” Kira continued.

“Me too,” Tessa said.

“Anyone hungry or thirst?” Jason asked.

“Not really,” Kira commented.

“Me neither,” Tessa added.

“Well, I like to escort eryaman watch the airplanes come into Mercer County Airport,” Jason said, “if that appeals to you.”

“Where do you park?” Kira asked.

“There is a great spot right off the runway on one side,” Jason responded.

“Okay. That sound good to you, Tessa?” Kira said.

“Fine,” Tessa answered.

Jason drove to the airport, about fifteen minutes away, as they continued to talk about the game. The next game was Sunday in Reddington and the next home game was Wednesday. Jason asked and both girls were interested in going to that game too. The final, deciding fifth game, would be in Reddington if it went that far. Each team needed two wins now to clench.

Jason pulled into a spot as far from two other cars as he could at the right end of the parking lot. He killed the engine and they sat back to wait for planes and continued to talk baseball. A couple of small planes, out late at night, arrived but it was fifteen minutes before a good sized corporate jet cruised in. It was fun to watch as the wheels touched down not far from where they were parked. Smoke billowed off the braking tires as the plane slowed down the runway.

“Cool,” Kira commented.

“Wow, I’ve never been this close to a landing plane before,” Tessa stated.

“They’re fun to watch,” Jason agreed.

They watched a plane take-off too and then things got kinda quiet for a while. Jason noticed Kira start fidgeting a bit and began to think they wanted to leave.

“Jason?” Kira said.

“Yeah, you want to go?”

“No … I was just curious … I mean … have you brought other girls here before?” Kira asked a little nervously.

“Sure,” Jason replied.

“Just for watching planes?” Kira questioned, but still looked straight ahead.

“Not always,” Jason answered, realizing where she was headed and turning to her.

“What else then,” Kira asked and glanced his way.

Jason felt a little awkward with Tessa behind Kira listening to this whole thing but what the hell he thought. ‘If Kira wants to ask with Tessa here, I’m game,’ he decided.

“It’s a decent make-out spot,” Jason offered. “In fact, I bet that’s what those other cars are doing right now.”

“Is that why you brought us here?” Kira asked.

“Well, no not totally,” Jason started to say.

“Because it’s okay if you did, right Tessa?” Kira said including Tessa which somewhat shocked Jason.

“Sure,” Jason heard Tessa reply surprisingly.

Jason glanced between Kira and Tessa as he answered, “You girls want to get in the back seat?”

“Okay,” Kira said.

“I don’t have to move,” Tessa stated jokingly.

“Okay, then,” Jason said and opened his door.

Seeing Jason do so, Kira opened hers too, but rushed around to the same side as Jason. He opened the back door and got in followed by Kira. Jason got the distinct impression that the girls had thought this through and planned to put him in the middle of the back seat.

When they were settled, Jason slumped down in the middle with his big frame. His head was still even with Kira’s and Tessa’s on either side but his body was more open and his legs were up and parted to fit better. The next couple seconds were like a huge pregnant pause. No one knew what to do next, so Jason decided to take the bull by the horns. He leaned into Kira and kissed her. He kissed her twice and then shifted to do the same thing with Tessa.

‘Good, god, this is wild,’ Jason thought as he felt his dick react.

The prospect of making out with the two of them at once had his libido racing. He switched back to Kira, for three kisses this time, before returning to Tessa for the same amount, trying to keep everything even. On the last kiss with Tessa, Jason felt Kira’s hand on his upper leg. He returned to Kira and during three more kisses with her, he felt Tessa’s hand on his other thigh.

Jason’s cock was pulsing with life at the prospect of fucking these two virgins. Jason tried to tell himself, ‘Be cool, don’t push it too hard,’ but his general lust was taking over quickly.

Returning to Kira, he teased her lips with his tongue as they kissed, resulted in her opening her mouth to him. He moved in and she moaned into the kiss as their tongues teased. Jason felt Tessa’s hand close around his shorts encased cock as it lengthened down his right pant leg. Her hand squeezed lightly making him groan now into Kira’s kiss. He returned to Tessa to introduce his tongue to her too. She had been watching intently the two of them and accepted his tongue right away. Now Kira’s hand pressed low into the vee of his legs, passing firmly over his trapped testicles.

Jason decided not to be outdone and slid both his hands, which had been at his sides, up the front of the girl’s shirts. He passed over their flat bellies and caressed the clothed bottom of their farthest breasts. Tessa moaned into his last kiss before he switched back to Kira. ‘God, this was going better than I could have dreamt it,’ Jason thought.

He kissed Kira and kneaded her left tit as their tongues did battle inside each other’s mouth. Tessa’s hand was growing bolder as it squeezed his cock in different spots. She found the head and Jason nearly gasped into Kira’s kiss when Tessa squeezed that too.

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