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The Chubby Delight

We then began to develop a good relationship, we became good friends then we used to talk lot about our life and personal desires.

I came to know that she was working as a pa in mnc company. She is unmarried independent woman. She started reading iss from past 2yrs she was very excited to read new stories and used to get horny all the time. She used to masturbate whenever she was free with work.

To tell about her, she was devine bit chubby, plumpy beautiful awwww (I wish to get one in real). Her figure was worth die for. She had a massive body of 36e-28-42. Her boobs were like waiting to pop out and a luscious onion ass, especially when tightly dressed, her curves make me go crazy.
We used to have sex chat all the day from morning to night, we used to make ourselves wet.
We decided to meet and have real fun. I completed my sem exams and was having two weeks holidays. Even she took leave from work and we decided to meet.
It was sunday morning when I visited her home, she opened the door and I was like, awwww mannnn!
She was wearing tight jeans with half sleeve t-shirt not too tight. She welcomed me with a smile and handshake. She asked me to sit and as soon she turned her back to me I was like mind struck her ass was so round like onion booty, stiff n tight, she saw me, smiled and said:

P: don’t lose yourself now, wait for the moment! You’re going to get me. You might not be able to handle!
M: ah! Sorry was lost hee…
She offered me soft drinks and asked would you like to have vodka, I said no, I don’t drink alcohol.
She then started talking and said
P: hey, you wanna join me to the shopping?
M: yeah, sure!

We then went to mall for shopping where she went to shop for buying some hand bags for her, and then she called me to go to textile shop to buy some dresses. She went to buy some t’s and frocks and made me show how she looks in those. I was already lost by seeing her beauty. She then went to check some innerwear. She collected some panties and bra she was about to go in n try, I was checking the shop, she then called me.

P: banner, come here.
M: yeah what happened?
She then pulled me in n closed the door!
M: what you’re doing, what if someone see us?
P: don’t worry no one is there, anyhow I can’t show you inner wear by coming out in bikini – how I look!?.
My eyes were wide open
P: now stand here and tell me how I’m looking.

She started undressing. She removed her t-shirt and I was in front of her, she handed me her t and unclipped her bra as soon as she removed her bra her full size big boobs were in front of my eyes, I was so nervous that my hands started shaking and jaws were wide open. She was seeing me continuously while this entire act. She wore the new bra then she removed her jeans and damn!!!!!!!!!!! Her juicy ass was juggling with her each step and boobs were hanging and dancing with bra.
She looked at me in a seductive way and a slight smile in her face which was so horny that started oozing my precum. She opened her panty slowly looking at me and gave me to hold. She took new one to wear. She was about to wear it, I lost my control, dropped her dress in my hand went behind her turned her facing towards me in a wild way and smooched her after few min,

P: mmm, what took you so long to come out?
M: (while squeezing her belly) wasn’t unable to control.

I started kissing her again planted kiss everywhere. Even she became wild pushed me against the wall and started kissing me wild and biting my earlobes. We were kissing n smooching each other like we were not met for long days and had an uncontrollable, unfulfilled desires, I was pressing her boobs, squeezing it very hard, she was moaning very hard suddenly she closed her mouth whispering and giggling saying – what if someone hear us! Ha ha!! Then she asked me to lick her down…
P: lick me down baby, why don’t we do something here!

I smiled and went down and parted her legs wide n started sucking her legs then thighs slowly sucking each chunk of her thunder thighs then slowly came to her pussy lips, it was white shaved (I have no preference in that) I started licking it slowly and pushing my middle finger in her asshole.

P: oh banner! Yeah, push it hard, do it fast.
I started widening her pussy lips with my tongue and started exploring her inner warm walls kartal escort and she was pushing me in her pussy with hand and was moving her hip front n back.
P: let’s do it, we can’t wait long here, ahh, put it in me banner!

I lifted her one leg and keeping it in my shoulder and started fingering her, first I gave a gentle push with middle finger then slowly I inserted two fingers and was increasing speed simultaneously, meanwhile I licked her wet juice coming out in my hand and was sucking every inch of her sweet pussy. She was so warm that her cumm was hot and was so erotic that I kept on licking her pussy and sucking her pussy lips.

Then I made her lie down on the wooden shelf, made to sit inside the changing room and lifted her two legs upwards, damn that was a view which makes me really hard: two legs straight up showing the massive ass and shiny pussy due to wetness around the pussy, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I just made myself comfortable and started licking her ass and pussy both alternatively, she was so lost that she started folding her legs making her chubby thighs tight and her ass cheeks shrink, I loved the scene and sucked her thighs and all the way to her love holes. She was moving her legs in rhythm and I was parting her ass cheeks and trying to get my tongue in her asshole and licking it like only we two were there in the whole world, not caring about where we are n all…. She was moaning in dim voice : oh babyyyyyyy you’re amazing, just suck my pussy baby, oh yeahhhhh, fuck me you fucker, oh yyyyyyyeeeeeeeh aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, fffffffffuuuuuuuucckkkkk mmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaahhhhhhh ah ah ah yeahhhh… her moans were making me crave more for her.

During all this act my cock was so hard and stiff that it started to pain to come out, as I was not undressed, n I was so lost that I was about to cum. I started to unzip myself so that my dress is not spoiled. She saw me and helped me to do that, as soon she unzipped, my cock with a precum slapped her face n she was like awww oh man yours is really thick, I said I’m about to cum she started giving me blowjob and then I came to know that not only her pussy she was even hot from her mouth too… she just gave 5-6 strokes and I came in her mouth she licked it clean and gave me smooch, we got up and made her to wear dress, she was kissing me in my face and lips frequently while I was clipping her bra standing face to face, then I went for the panty, she lifted her one leg and I was positioning her panty to her leg n she was enjoying it by pressing and stroking my only out cock.

Then we dressed up completely n came out. We were scared as it was longtime that we used a changing room. We saw out only sales people were roaming here n there. We giggled and came out. While walking towards the billing counter she said,
P: that was awesome, I am gonna eat you banner.
M: sure honey. I’m all yours.

While standing in a queue to pay bill I was caressing her silky ass and she was rubbing my cock with her hand in between the bags so that no one see us. We then came to parking lot. After keeping the purchase we got in car locked ourselves in, it was dark as the parking lot was underground, we started kissing she was rubbing my cock in rhythm I was squeezing her boobs hard she was moaning loud mmmmmmmmm ssssshhhhhh ohhhhh I want to be laid down banner…..
P: will you fuck me hard banner?
M: is this a question to ask? You’ll not be able to forget me.

I was smothering myself in her cleavage. We then smooched and took our car to home back, change dour dress. We then prepared food and done lots of naughty things like, squeezing her ass n boobs while work, slapping her ass, fingering her above the cloth and rubbing her pussy hard making her wet. Even she used to spank my ass n grope my cock n squeeze it really hard….

She got so aroused that, she said;
P: fuckkkkkkk banner kill me, come n suck my ass.
She lifted her frock, she didn’t wear any panty, and said me to suck it, and her ass in that half lifted frock was a scene for me to be breathless. I went and smooched her ass cheek and started sucking every inch of her juicy ass then went to her asshole, damn that wet ass I was sucking and inserting my tongue to give her more pleasure, n I was fingering her pussy with my thumb, I was pressing her thighs too hard which made her uncontrollable pendik escort bayan to bear and she squirted hard.

We then had our lunch. And watched movies by fondling and cuddling, at night we went out for dinner, we had our favorite dishes and went for a long drive, in the middle of the road parking the car behind the bushes we had quick car-sex too, that was amazing experience.

We came home around 11 and changed the dress and decided to have wild rough oily sex. She bought oil bottles, we were naked she started applying oil on me. She sprayed oil on my chest n started rubbing gently pressing my chest and pinching my nipples and biting. With one hand she was spraying oil n with other she was massaging.
She pushed me to bed which was covered with thin sloppy sheet, which became sloppier due to oil, she came above me and started applying oil, and gently she started massaging my cock with her ass n pussy by sitting above me like a cowgirl; she first sprayed the oil on my chest and started moving her ass till my chest and massaging it all the way down till my legs, she did it until my front is all oily, the she said me turn back, she did the same by spraying n massaging my back also. She then came to my ass with her pussy and started ramming my ass like she is fucking my ass, her this act was so horny and seducing that to make her feel good I started moaning like her, we both laughed and she fell down on me and lifted my head smooched me by spitting on my lips and we both tasted and enjoyed that erotic kiss. She then applied oil and squeezed my cock hard that I left moan ahhhhgg…….. She smiled and sucked n kissed and started teasing me by kissing the tip of my cock and playing with her tongue. Then she started licking my cock and fingered my ass she sucked my balls and spitted on it and again she was licking it like a pro. I came twice in that act. Later she said,

P: your turn banner, make me yours, be my man honey!
M: sure dear, you released b**st within me.
P: oh! Yeah I need that b**st to tear my pussy put your dark meat in me and ram me like there’s no tomorrow.

I applied oil starting from her neck gently rubbing her neck massaging near her ear lobes, biting then pour oil on her face, damn the oil which started dripping from her forehead to eyes, nose then her side lips……… what a sight it was. I kissed her wet oily lips oohhh it was delicious.

Then I applied oil in her huge milky boobs, her dark nipples were so erect that it was calling me to suck it hard, I started massaging and rubbing it hard, I squeezed her both melons she was moaning hard; “fuck yeeahhhhhh, ummmmmmmmmm mmmmm suck it dear, suck it hard you fucker, ass-fucker, lick my cunt you bastard, oh ahhhhhh!!” she was so lost that she started abusing me n started to talk dirty, which made me precumm and was making my cock hard. I was squeezing her boobs like mad from below to top; she was moving her body like a fish out of the water. Then I sprayed oil on her stomach and started rubbing her belly.

Then I opened the oil bottle and directly poured on her pussy, her pussy was like sucking the oil, the left over oil was going through her asshole it was dripping wet scene, like a wet dream. “oohhhh yyeaaahhh babyyyyy I can’t take it more, fuck me you damn fucker, I’ve been waiting for this so long, fuck me you pervert, make me your wife banner, I would love to get fucked by you all day ahhhhhhh mmmmmmm”

I then, closed her pussy lips with my two fingers and rubbing my middle finger between her wet sloppy pussy, I was teasing her so bad she cummed so hard. I then started licking her, mean while I was fingering her asshole, I put my complete in her pussy licking it deep she was moaning and lifting her hip up-n-down which made me to do tongue fuck to her, I licked her clitoris and was biting it gently. She became so eager n uncontrollable that she sat on her knees and lifted my face n slapped me hard saying;
P: fuck, just fuck me, I can’t take it anymore, make me your c***dren’s mother… just fuck me, banner!!!!!!!!!!!.

She held my cock and came near to me and spit in my mouth while smooching n kept my cock in her pussy and started fucking in front n back rhythm. While this act we were on our knees n fucking slowly by penetrating her pussy gently. I was grabbing her ass and squeezing escort pendik it gently which made the moment so pleasurable! We fucked like that for about 20min.

Then I made her lie down and lifted her legs and kept a cushion under her hips so that her pussy and asshole are visible. I parted her legs n licked the precumm from her pussy and made it clean. Then I inserted my cock in her pussy n started ramming it hard. I fell down on her by kissing her; she was kissing so good n whispered me;

P: fuck me banner, make my pussy red, do whatever you want with me!!
She was rubbing my cock gently above her pussy n said:
P: did that hurt?

M: nope, it made me more horny (with a smile)
P: you women pleaser! By the way you’re good at pleasing women without entering them! N kissed me. I inserted my cock again in her pussy and increased my speed n she started screaming “ahh ahh ahh yeahhh uuuoooohhhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkk mmmmmmmmmm ummmmm oh yeah baby, yes yes do it more hard yeah, ohhhhhhh good oh my god! Yeah…….. Fuck me fuck me, fuck your bitch good banner ”

I pulled her towards me and smooched her. She got exhausted. Then I made her lye side way facing her back towards me. Damn the big onion booty was in front of me. I applied oil on her ass n asshole n rubbed it hard without any mercy she was moaning continuously. I then put my cock in her ass and slowly started pushing it inside, it was making pain to both of us, we kept trying by moving back-n-forth after few minutes it was completely inside n we stayed like that for a min, she was so enjoying that she made that fast n our body was sweating wet n was shining due to oil in dim night light, she was moaning “oh yeehhhhh fuck me u ass fucker, fill my ass with your sweet cumm mmmmmmmmm ohhhhh yyyyyyyyeeeahhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaa fuck me hard”.

Then she made me lie down and came above me n started pounding it slowly. Once the pain was gone we started enjoying the ride. She was bouncing on my cock and later she turned facing me without removing my cock which was inside her ass and came towards my face whispered me to open my mouth, she spit on my mouth her saliva was so erotic to take it in, she quickly came n smooched me with her saliva which was tasted n rolled by our tongue. She was pounding me n I was grabbing her ass n spreading the ass cheek to penetrate more. The whole room was filled with fapp-fapp sound.

I was about to cum she moved her to my face and started smothering me, I was licking her ass clean n she removed my condom n started stroking it hard and I cummed in her she was licking it all, I was fingering her pussy due to which she squirted on my face making me wet. We both were exhausted and lie down on the bed hugging each other, was still massaging and spanking her ass, she was giggling and spanking my ass too…. We slept later, holding each other tight.

Next morning we wake up with a morning sex – she came above me and had face sitting experience and was smothering me with her awesome ass, I loved being smothered by her, I was licking her down making her wet and she was stroking my cock in 69 positions. Then we done doggy style, slapping her ass cheek she orgasm like never before and was exhausted I too came outside her pussy. She was rubbing my cock n I was rubbing her pussy by lying down for a few min then we washed ourselves in shower where we again had quickie then went to roam out had fun eating street foods enjoying to the fullest.

We had lots of fun in this two weeks, sex was must for both of us in a day. We tried all possible positions we satisfied each other, but every new day we both were craving for each other. At last day we had done full day sex by roaming naked in the house and groping cuddling each other. We decided to meet occasionally for fun and had great time these weeks.
Hope you all enjoyed my fantasy.

For women:-
I respect women, , as I know the sufferings and today’s humiliation towards women. You women’s are not ‘week’ nor ‘nothing’ compared to rest, you have to be strong, you have to believe yourself, your decisions, your words… you have the right to keep your opinions and wishes too also try to be strong from inside too, be brave, n feel free to ask or request anything which you like to acquire or interested in (in general I’m saying, about inner desires, it’s all your wish, no one has the right to say about it to you!)

About the story then, my all stories are fantasy just to make readers feel good and they can be satisfying themselves a bit. For suggestion, feedback, to talk or chat please feel free

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