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The Dispatcher.

If you live by the sword…

The storm arrived early and was a mite stronger and meaner than anything I had expected. It was also supposed to be arriving around 2am, but the time was 9pm and suddenly the evening was pitch black with a howling wind accompanied by torrential rain.

I was fortunate in that I had a row of spots mounted over the double cab of my pick-up truck, but even with those full on; I almost failed to see the trees blocking the narrow road, because they were immediately behind a bend in the road

Off to my right was a rutted track leading uphill. How convenient thought I as I took the track, and shortly thereafter, I saw a dim light. Heading in the direction of the light I eventually found a house, in a bowl shaped clearing. There was a notice board by the gate with the information that this was ‘Sanctuary House’ and ‘Private’.

I could see a woman on the roof of the house. She was trying to drag a roll of tarpaulin sheet up to the roof and so I presumed that the roof was leaking. What I was certain about was that it was far too heavy and unwieldy for her, and the other woman holding the ladder by which she had reached the roof, was not going to be able to help her.

So, Good Samaritan that I am, I aimed as much light as possible onto the roof, entered their garden, and began the climb to the roof. Once up there I took hold of the rope attached to the roll of the heavy sheet and began the task of getting the thing up to the roof ridge. I believe it was one of the most difficult and hazardous things I have ever done, but I could be mistaken.

Once on the ridge I could see that a chimney pot had come away from the stack and entered the house through the roof.

The woman on the roof with me must have been astoundingly fit and tenacious to be able to have managed to reach this far, but I was certain that she would not have succeeded in getting the tarpaulin over the ridge cap. The wind was gusting and swirling around us as the rain was sheeting down so that the slates were extremely slippery.

Eventually the sheet was in place and secured with timber props, ropes and weights that we had manhandled up the ladder after I had braced and tied the ladder so that it could not slide away.

My problem began on the final journey back to the ground. I slipped on another loose slate and went over the edge of the roof. I remember thinking, as I went over the edge: I don’t slip, I never sli…

When I came to, I was on a bed, in a great deal of pain and naked.

I didn’t mind the bed, the pain was a surprise and something I could do without, but about which I could do nothing. The presence of the two women alongside the bed was, to say the least, interesting. By my estimation, one was around 35yrs old, Short Blonde hair, small and slender; the other was around 50 yrs. old, long dark hair, nicely rounded and tall. They were occupied in dabbing a cotton wool ball soaked in something, which smelt of hospital, on a mass of cuts and scratches, which I must have collected during my descent. The younger of the two had been the one on the roof

What really got my attention, even in my groggy state, was that the dabbing on of antiseptic had travelled down my torso as far south as my groin and I was aware of the attention the women were giving the area around my cock. I was surprised at just how often it needed to be held and swabbed.

Injured and in pain I may be, but the women were indisputably, attractive females, and I was always happy to have my equipment manipulated by strange, attractive, women.

I’ll be honest; I was hoping that it needed more attention than I had been aware of, but all too soon my genitalia’s needs were deemed to have been sufficiently treated and the pair continued their swabbing until eventually they reached my feet and their ministrations ceased.

I noted two things:

They were wrong about my genitalia’s needs, I knew it and I knew that they now knew it, because what they had been at pains to lift and hold up as they swabbed, was now in an upright position and certainly didn’t need any support.

The elder woman brought a towel, laid it across my groin, and with a smile said that an ambulance would be called once the storm had passed and the telephone lines had been repaired.

“We have been unable to ‘phone the emergency service so they don’t know about you and there is no hope of getting a mobile signal around here.”

She said that she would make me a mug of sweet tea, but they wouldn’t give me any food until they were certain that I didn’t have any serious internal injuries and off she went.

I could have told her that there was nothing wrong with my internal organs, but I knew she wouldn’t have listened.

A short time later the younger of the two women brought me a cup of tea and began talking to me.

“What’s your name? I’m Liz, and my partner is Beth.”

I told her my name and said how pleased I was to meet them, especially as they seemed to be proficient in the art of first aid.

Liz smiled and then said:

“We wish to thank you for coming to our assistance in such a timely fashion and we feel so awful about your fall. You were lucky, because you landed on the lean-to shed roof, and inside that was a pile of large terracotta flowerpots. The roof stopped your fall before it collapsed, so you didn’t hit the pots very hard”

The lights went out. Not my lights, the house lights.

“Shit, where’s the dresser, I must put this tea down. I can’t see a bloody thing, oh, sorry love, I wanted to get my torch from my bedside table. Ohh, OOh! I really am so sorry; I really must get a light. Beth, where’s my torch?”

Beth arrived with a torch that was badly in need of fresh batteries. The dim light showed that the covering over my genitalia was no longer in place, but Beth couldn’t know that its displacement was purely due to Liz being unable to see, so it was a bit harsh of her to tell Liz off for groping, and arousing, an injured man, which, unfortunately, she hadn’t done. Not intentionally, at least.

“I did no such thing, ask him.”

Beth didn’t ask me, what she did do was go to one of the two bedside cabinets. She moved to my bedside and before I could resist she handcuffed my right hand to the bed head. I wouldn’t have resisted anyway, but she couldn’t know that.

My left hand was treated in similar fashion and then she turned her attention to the cause of her agitation and grasped my erection.

“It will be a struggle getting that inside me, but I’m going to have a damned good try.”

Turning to face me Beth said that I was just going to have to accept that I was now a sex object and if I made a noise, I would be gagged.

“Beth, what will you do with him after you’ve fucked him silly?”

“I’ll pass him on to the club members; they will love using that monster.”

As she spoke, she was undressing, I watched with interest as her rounded, bouncy breasts were exposed, her soft body came into view and then her fluff covered vulva. There was no way I was going to object to my treatment, I wanted to be inside her just as much as she wanted me to be there.

I was also happy to note that my aches and pains seem to have subsided, probably because my brain was now concentrating on something else.

There was no pre-amble. She climbed onto the bed and straddled me, grabbed my erection and pressed it into her sex. That was a big mistake. She shrieked as I rammed my groin upwards and filled her vagina in one thrust. It was hot in there, and very wet which meant that I slid into her with ease causing her maximum surprise, but no injuries.

I rapidly lifted my legs upwards causing her to collapse forward to squash her soft breasts on my chest as I began to pump my cock into her defenceless body.

It was time to take command of the situation.

I deepened my voice and spoke harshly. “Liz, undo these handcuffs now or she’ll suffer internal damage, then go and sit down.”

Liz did as commanded and then sat in a chair in the corner. I lifted Beth off me and pushed her onto her back, spreading her legs wide apart I lifted them up and got between them. Her legs were now resting on my shoulders and as I leaned forward, her knees were beside her ears and her pussy was in the optimum position to receive my offering.

I slid back into her vagina but this time I was gentler with her than I had been earlier and so commenced the longest fuck that she had ever experienced. Beth’s vagina was running with her juices, so the only sounds in that room was her gasps and grunts, intermingled with the squelching sound of liquid being squeezed from her body.

As always, it was a wonderful feeling to have my erection deep inside a woman’s vagina, I savoured every thrust, and withdrawal as my hands wandered over her buttocks and my fingers probed her anal opening to see how she reacted to the stimulation of her sphincter.

I suppose it must have been around an hour before she asked me to stop. I responded by increasing the power and speed of my thrusting and then she tried to push me off her.

“Liz, get the handcuffs and fasten her to the bed head.”

Liz didn’t move, so once again I deepened my voice.

“If you wish you can change places with Beth.”

Beth was cuffed, and I fucked her harder and faster than she had been previously. She climaxed with a long drawn-out moan, followed by a wailing banshee sound. I kept ramming into her body and eventually she stopped wailing long enough to sob:

“Please stop. Please. I can’t take any more.”

“You wanted to fuck me silly. You wanted to wear me out and when I was a wreck you were going to pass me on to a ‘club’, so why should I listen to you?”

“I can’t take anymore, please stop.”

“I will, but only on the condition that you become the ‘sex slave’ that you had intended me to be. If you refuse, I shall continue doing this; except that it will be faster and harder, until you scream, and then I shall gag you, just as you would have done to me.”

“Do you agree to my condition?”

“YES, I agree. Please stop.

Why are you doing this to me?”

“You are being treated in exactly the same manner that you were about to treat me. It could have been so different, but it was your choice. I came here and helped you, but all you could think of was sex and domination.”

I stopped fucking her, then moved so that she could lower her legs onto the bed. As soon as they were down, I straddled her again, but higher up her body so that I was able to place my cock head against her lips.

“Suck it, suck it and get me all the way to your tonsils. Do it until I tell you to stop or I will turn you over and shove this in your anus and we can carry on enjoying ourselves.”

She sucked it. She did her best to get all of me in her mouth, but had to give up on that idea so she concentrated on trying to finish me. I decided to be kind and let her find out what it would be like if I came in her mouth. I pulled out of her mouth, backed a little way down her body, and then ejected a stream of semen over her face and breasts.

I told Liz to strip and she did as commanded which gave me time to study her properly and what a pleasurable time that was. She stood around 5ft 4ins. tall, slim, but shapely, legs and pert breasts topped by erect nipples.

I also spent some time enjoying myself by massaging Beth’s semen-coated breasts and pulling her nipples until they were swollen to twice the size that they had been before I began. Then I instructed Liz to sit on Beth’s face.

Liz did exactly what she had been told to do and as she lowered her pussy onto Beth’s mouth, I took station behind her. I straddled Beth once again, this time it was in order to wrap my arms around Liz so that I could fondle her pert, up thrust, breasts and pull her hands behind her to grasp my cock. I also noted all the bruises and small scars on her back and buttocks.

All Beth could do was to accept Liz’s offering and so she set about doing her utmost to bring Liz to a climax as quickly as she could possibly manage. Liz, görükle escort in the meantime, was doing a fantastic job of discovering exactly how long, thick and hard my cock was.

“Let her have her fill of your pussy Liz, I’m sure she’s been there enough times to know what excites you and this time you can have as much of her tongue and lips as you want because she won’t get a result.”

“You on the other hand were so interested in my cock that you couldn’t wait to get a good grasp of the subject and now you can handle the subject with ease and learn all about it while your lover devours your pussy. Is it fat enough for you Liz? Is it long enough? Are you looking forward to having it inside you?

Beth will need to rest soon so you and I have all night to get to know each other. I will get to know your body extremely well and you will discover just how much sex you can take in one session. To coin your phrase, I think I am going to fuck you silly and then we can discuss other matters.”

Releasing her breasts, I climbed off Beth and the bed and then dragged Liz off the bed.


She didn’t move.

“Kneel or I will spend the night fucking that enticing tight anus.”

When my cock entered her mouth, I felt a calming peace enveloping me. Her mouth was wet and warm and when she grasped my cock to begin squeezing and pulling, I knew I was going to enjoy the rest of the night’s activities.

Liz knew how to treat an erection and I was treated to the proof of her expertise. I very nearly let my guard down and was about to inject a stream of hot semen into her stomach when I came to my senses, pulled out of her vacuum pump of a mouth, and instead, sprayed her lover’s body. She was asleep so it didn’t upset her.

We un-cuffed her and covered her up and then I took Liz downstairs. I asked her if they had a gas supply so that she could make a hot drink. They had propane gas bottles so a hot drink was no problem but there was no illumination, but then I remembered that I had a couple of storm lanterns in the pick-up and a can of paraffin to go with them.

“Put a coat and some shoes on, we’re going to the pick-up for some lanterns and I’m not silly enough to leave you here whilst I go.”

On our return, I lit one of the lanterns and then removed Liz’s coat and shoes before lifting her onto the table. Spreading her thighs, sitting on the chair I’d placed by the table and applying my mouth to her pussy, I sucked her labia into my mouth and gently chewing those fleshy lips.

Five minutes of that had her squirming, but a finger pressed hard against her sphincter concentrated her mind enough to stop doing that it also caused her to lift her buttocks, which allowed me to pull her labia apart and insert my tongue deep inside her tunnel.

I possess a long, strong, tongue and she enjoyed it for fifteen minutes before she climaxed and I hadn’t been anywhere near her clitoris, yet. I waited until she stopped gasping and shaking and then I settled back down to attending to her sex.

When I rasped my tongue across her little pink bud, she jerked and gasped, after I’d done that for a few minutes it was no longer a little pink bud, it was an angry red protuberance and extremely sensitive.

Her vagina was running with her sex juices and as my fingers entered it, she sighed and once again lifted her buttocks to give me easier access. I stood up and used my other hand to fondle her breasts as I used my fingers to investigate the depths of her vagina.

Removing my fingers from her vagina, I transferred my attention to her anus. I pressed my index finger against her sphincter as I leant forward and sucked on a nipple, Her sphincter opened and my finger was welcomed into her anus.

Having allowed her to feel me inside both of her apertures I decided to give her a little more pleasure so, removing my finger from her body, I climbed onto the table facing her pussy.

With my arms between her legs pulling them back towards her head, my head down between her thighs so that I could eat her sex and a finger once again inserted into her anus I commenced to bring Liz to a series of huge climaxes that I doubt, in fact I was certain, she had never before experienced.

She fainted after her eighth explosive climax. Up until that moment, it had been a very pleasurable experience for both of us because for the duration of our time on the table, she had held, pulled, licked and sucked my cock. Even in the throes of her climaxes she had squeezed and pulled, but not once had she attempted to hurt me.

I made some more tea and then brought her to her senses and allowed her to relax with the hot, sweet, tea. When she had finished her tea, she knelt, unasked, before me, put her mouth around my cock and began to suck my cock into her until it was down her throat.

Liz fondled my balls and a finger found its way to my sphincter and pressed until it had worked its way inside my anal canal. Her sucking became more intense, her hand was pulling my groin towards her face as her finger commenced to fuck my anus.

Twenty minutes later her movements became rapid and jerky, she was about to climax again with my cock down her throat. I grasped her head, held it still and removed my rigid cock from between her teeth.

The moment it was clear of her mouth I pushed her backwards onto the carpet. Liz immediately opened her thighs so that I could lie between them and insert my erection into her body and fuck her as her climax began. When it reached its peak, I felt for, found, and rubbed her clitoris. This drove her into another frenzy of action as she tried her hardest to fuck me from underneath me.

Almost immediately, she began another body-draining climax and so I waited until she had ceased shaking and then continued fucking her until my own bodily function demanded release.

I told her that I was about to cum, she wrapped her arms around my neck, her legs around my waist and thrust herself as close as she could against my groin and told me to go for it.
I went for it and she screamed as I rammed my cock up into vagina and against her cervix. The instant my cock head touched her cervix I flooded her with hot semen and then began to pump through it until it was being forced out of the furnace of her vagina.

After we’d parted from each other’s body, she led me to the shower and we used the last of the hot water to clean ourselves up. She put a bathrobe on and was surprised when I said that I was warm enough. We checked on Beth but she was fast asleep so we went back downstairs.

“Show me round the house.”

I was in a six bedroomed house; one of the interesting parts of the tour was the large room, which held several large sofas with lots of cushions, beanbags and low tables. The cellar was also a very interesting room; it was a prison cell. There were rough wooden bunks with eyebolts in the frames and rings set in the walls to which a person could be chained, it had a toilet in a small cubicle.

There was also a small video camera set in a corner, high against the ceiling. I had to wonder who the intended captives were. Liz knew about it and showed me where the computer was that could be used to monitor the room

Back in the living room, despite being dominated by me Liz was becoming curious about me.” How can you be warm? Its’ only twelve degrees in here.”

“I don’t mind it being cool, it keeps me from overheating.”

“I noticed that you didn’t sweat, even when you were fucking me harder, and more often, than I’ve ever been fucked before. Where do you get the stamina for all that effort? Are you on drugs?”

“I don’t use drugs, I keep fit and let’s face it, and sex is exercise. Did you enjoy being fucked by me?”

“Yes. I thought I would hate it but it was wonderful and anyway I didn’t feel as though I had any choice in what I did or didn’t do.”

“You will get used to it. I won’t inflict domination on you unless I have to. It is obvious that you and Beth are lovers, where does heterosexual activity fit in that scene.”

“We are not ‘lovers’ I’m bi, but the ‘lovers’ part of our relationship is totally wrong. She totally ruined my life and I hate her. I have had to endure her domineering, aggressive, and vindictive attitude. She is definitely anti-social. She really hates men, but she’ll fuck with anyone if she can use that to hurt them in any way.

“Kneel on the sofa and spread those lovely thighs apart.”

“Please no, I really don’t want to have anal sex.”

“You’re not going to have anal sex. Beth is going to have anal sex, frequently. You are going to be fucked, often, in a variety of ways, but I have no intention of hurting you or doing anything that you wouldn’t enjoy. Now do as you’re told and get on your knees on that sofa.”

She complied and placed a cushion on the sofa back to rest her head as I happily parted and lifted her soft buttocks to allow me a clear sight of her open and swollen labia, then I slid my cock into her waiting vagina, which was already wet in anticipation. She thrust herself backwards to help me penetrate her and when my hands grasped her breasts, she placed her hands on mine to show me that she wished me to keep holding them.

I fucked Liz slowly and gently just for the sheer pleasure of possessing her willing body. This was something I hadn’t done for a long time and I began to hope that maybe it could continue.

It had nothing to do with control, domination or some form of punishment. It was sex for our fun and pleasure. Liz was the one who insisted that I should continue after each time that she climaxed. We fucked in that position for over two hours, the smell and sounds of sex permeating the room, but not once did she complain of soreness or tiredness.

This was becoming interesting.

“Would you stop now and allow me to suck you off?”

“I want to fuck you, not play with you.”

“You can fuck me again any time you want and you know that. I can’t suck you any time I want so I have to take any opportunity that comes. My hips and knees are beginning to hurt me, but I still want to feel your cock.

You could sit on the table and I could sit in front of you and fellate you until you cum again.”

We did, I did, and Liz took a semen shower. After that, I placed her on the table and ate her pussy and clitoris until she pushed my face away from her soaking sex.

The sound of clapping informed us that we had Beth as an audience.

“So, she gets treated like a queen and I get roughed up and raped.”

I moved from the table to stand in front of Beth. It was time for my harsh, deep voice, again.

“You were the one to start the raping and you were the one to suggest the sex slavery, so do not complain about your treatment. You use sex as a weapon and now you get to pay the price for your aggressive, and uncaring, attitude. Now I am using sex as a weapon and you are discovering exactly how effective it can be. Be aware that I have taken note of all the bruises and scars on Liz and you will pay for each one of them.

From now on you will address me as ‘Master’. Each time I have to remind you of that, I will take you, roughly and forcibly. Each time you fail to do as you are instructed, I will sodomise you, and no amount of pleading will lessen the duration of each lesson.”

“Do you understand your instructions?”


“Liz, get the handcuffs for me and then take Beth’s bed sheet, pillow and duvet down into the cellar room. After that, go to bed and get some rest.”

Grabbing Beth by her hair, I dragged her to the sofa. She was shoved into the same position that Liz had been in earlier and my erection was forced into the entrance to her vagina. There was little pleasure in this action, I held her hips and eased half an inch of my cock into her sex tunnel and fucked her with very slow strokes. After each forward push, I stopped and waited before retreating to the start point and each complete cycle took a minute. After each dozen cycles, I allowed another half an inch of my erection to enter her.

By the time all of my cock was inside her and had begun to nudge her cervix I needed görükle escort bayan to support her because she had turned into a gibbering, sobbing, jelly. Beth had screeched and wailed herself hoarse after the first thirty minutes until she finally realized that she would receive no compassion from me.

The breakthrough came as I stood with my all my erection buried inside her, then inserted a finger into her anus, and asked her if she would like me to put my cock in there now, or would she prefer to have a short rest first.

“Please Master, please don’t do that, I can’t take any more. I will do whatever you wish, but please don’t make me do anything else.”

“It is almost dawn. I will release you now and let you sleep, but if either Liz or I wish to make use of your body, at any time in the future, you will submit. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

I led her to the secure room, then left the room and locked her in. I went to what was now Liz’s bedroom to lie down beside her. Much to my surprise, I slept.

I woke up on an empty bed but with the faint aroma of coffee and bacon in the air. The aroma became stronger as Liz came into the room carrying a tray with two plates of bacon eggs. We breakfasted on the bed after which she treated me to some very tender massaging and heat treatment for my favourite appendage.

“I gave breakfast to Beth; you didn’t give me any instructions about feeding her, so I hope that was okay.”

“Thank you, I hadn’t thought about food.”

At that moment, the house lights came on and then we realized that the rain was no longer hammering against the windows although the wind was still howling through the trees.

“You slept without any bedding and naked, aren’t you cold?”

“I told you I don’t mind a cool temperature.

I would like you to tell me why you are now treating me as a lover. After the events of last night I wouldn’t have been surprised if you hated me, but then you changed and now seem to actually like me.”

“I do like you. I don’t think your perfect in any way, but you’re only nasty and harsh if you think you need to be, and with Beth I think you did need to be. She is terrified of you now and she told me that she hates me, but she doesn’t know exactly how much I hate her. Why did you say that she had to submit to me?”

“I wanted to completely dominate and humiliate her and I think I’ve succeeded. She seems to have, tortured and bullied you and she should suffer for that alone, but I think she’s guilty of more than that.”

“Tell me about this ‘club’ she was going to pass me on to.”

“It is a group of sex addicts who come here once a month to fuck each other’s wives or girlfriends, but sometimes one or two of them bring girls they’ve picked up and drugged or got them drunk. Beth puts them in the cellar room for a week then the men come back and rape them then they sell them to some other group.

That’s why I was beaten and tortured. I was dragged from my cars one night and brought here. I was supposed to be one of their victims, but Beth decided that she wanted me for herself, especially when she learned that I was bi. I told her to go fuck herself and then spent three days in that room being ‘educated’. Yesterday was the first day in over three months that I have had any outdoor clothes on, she keeps them locked away.”

“Are the wives and girlfriends aware of the ‘extras’?”

“I know the wives are, but I doubt that the girlfriends know anything.”

“So this house belongs to Beth?”

“Yes, she bought it after her husband left her a small fortune when he died.”

“The ‘club’ idea began shortly afterwards. I told her that I thought one or two of her friends had probably made sure that she became a wealthy widow and she starved me for a week along with more beatings. At least she made sure those animals didn’t get to me.

“Do you have any idea where these people live?”

“I know where Beth keeps the contact details, but I can’t open the safe.”

I went down to Beth’s cell and after a little ‘chat’ she told me where the safe key was kept. Because I’d omitted to take any lubrication with me I did promise her that I’d give her some soft cushions to sit on in recompense, but she was crying so loudly that I doubt that she heard me.

I now had all the keys to the house so Liz now had her clothes and after showering, we both dressed because I was about to go and settle some scores for a number of people and Liz was coming with me.

I sorted the ‘membership’ list until I had a list of those who had been involved in the sex slave ring and their residential areas and found that they came from the same small town, which was a mere seven miles from this house. I also had the name and address of the couple who were about to make a club member of their underage daughter.

We ate lunch, fed Beth and then Liz collected the handcuffs and we set off to ruin a few people’s nasty little lives.

Our first call produced a woman who was a few pounds over her ideal weight, big, heavy, breasts, but still shapely.

“Good afternoon madam, Sally isn’t it? I’m Beth’s new partner and I wish to discuss your family’s membership of the ‘Sanctuary Club’. I think we’d be wise to speak in private rather than on the doorstep”

Once we were inside the house she snarled at me:

“I don’t know you, but I know her and she’s not Beth’s partner,”

“Beth unfortunately, suffered some injury since the storm and the house has suffered damage to its roof. Because Liz has done everything she could to cover the hole in the roof and keep her safe, Beth has reconsidered and Liz is no longer a captive. I was contacted and now we are reorganizing the running of the club.”

“Why didn’t you ‘phone?”

“The phone line is still down and I’m sure you know that there is no possibility of getting a mobile signal up there. I merely wished to tell you that there will be a special meeting of the club membership on Saturday to see if the majority of members agree or disagree on several proposed changes to its operation.

I also wish you to confirm that you wish your daughter to become a member and will be an active participant in the sexual activities of the members.”

“Why do wish me to confirm that, Beth already knows that she is having sex with me and her dad and that we’ve asked for her to join with us at the next club meeting.”

She was unprepared for the jab into her solar plexus, or the tape that Liz stuck over mouth. Her blouse ripped with surprising ease and Liz had removed the woman’s bra’ from her large breasts before I had dragged her skirt down. We dragged her upstairs and forced her to kneel on her bed with her head down on the bed. I cuffed her hands behind her and then Liz began smacking her buttocks hard and often until they were glowing.

“That is exactly what she did to me when they dragged me into the sanctuary. Do me a favour and fuck her bottom; I want to know that she is suffering.”

I did. Spreading her legs took a few moments and then I played a little around her sex. I stroked her clitoris, inserted my cock into her vagina and then rammed it into her as far as it would go for a few minutes before we began her inquisition.

Liz was playing with Sally’s pendant breasts as my cock forced its way into a tight sphincter, but I was soon inside her anus, and thence up into her rectum, at which point I stopped moving. Earlier in the day I had seen how painful having my cock travelling up and down an anal passage would be and this woman was going to experience the same pain that Beth suffered, but first I wanted information.

“Liz, remove the tape so that this thing can speak”

“Stop crying, and do not swear at me again or I will show you what pain I am capable of inflicting on you. I want the names of the men who drug girls and take them to Sanctuary house for sex with the club members. My cock stays in your rear passage until I get them and you have ten minutes in which to answer, after that time, I start fucking your anus until your daughter comes home and then she can see what her future holds if she joins that club.”

During the ten minutes that passed, Liz wormed her way underneath Sally’s big breasts and began attacking her cunt. She rubbed, pulled, and nibbled her clitoris and finger fucked her as I waited for the information. Sally was crying and shuddering, but no names were given

I did what I said I would do, I began demonstrating what I could do to her rear passage with my cock and after a further ten minutes, the names were given. I stopped moving until Liz had written everything down and then I began fucking her again.

“Stop, please stop, I gave you the names.”

“I did say what would happen if you waited longer than ten minutes and now you know that I keep my word. Your daughter will be home from school in an hour or so, and then we can demonstrate what being a member of a sex club will be like.”

“Don’t hurt Jean; she hasn’t done anyone any harm.”

“I have no intention of hurting her. I merely want to educate her by showing her what you plan to do to her. Did you force her to have sex with you and your husband?”

“No. She came into our bedroom one night because she thought I was in pain, we were fucking doggy style. She saw Don’s cock and he asked her if she would like to hold it because she could if she took her pyjamas off.

When he asked if she wanted to watch what we did, she said yes. He told me to tell her how nice it felt as he fucked me. She came every night after that and a week later she told him that she wanted him to fuck her. He should have said no, but he’d been salivating about having her before anyone else could.

He took her into our bed and fucked her while I was out shopping. When I got back, he made me undress and get on the bed with her, and then he fucked both of us. Ever since then we’ve been having family sex evenings.”

“Do have relatives living close by?”


“I’m asking the fucking questions, you answer them.”

“I have a sister a couple of streets away.”

“Is she in this club of yours?”

“No. She knows nothing about it.”

I unplugged myself from her anus, led her downstairs into her living room and removed the handcuffs.

“Do as I say or I promise that I will fuck you until Jean comes home and then she can watch you being sodomised. Write a note telling her to go your sister’s, write a note to your sister telling her that you have to go out for a while and ask her to look after Jean, then write another note, to your husband, and tell him to come to the ‘Sanctuary’.”

After she written them I put them in envelopes. One addressed to ‘Don’. One for Jean. That one also held the envelope for Sally’s sister.

“She did as instructed and then Liz searched for and found a coat for Sally. We forced her into the coat, taped her mouth and handcuffed her again. Liz opened the rear doors of my pick-up truck and we rushed her into the rear section of the cab. Liz travelled with her as her guard as we drove back to the house.

Back at the house I took the coat off Sally then dragged her upstairs and handcuffed her to the bed before removing the tape.

“You can scream ant shout as loud as you are able, no one will hear you out here.”

Then I fucked her. I began by pulling her labia apart and chewing her swollen lips and invading her vagina with three of my fingers as I nibbled her clitoris.

That was now an angry red protuberance after having suffered Liz’s treatment. She struggled at first, but Liz came and began slapping her tits very hard. After a while she stood back, I got between Sally’s thighs again, this time I entered her, and spent two hours fucking her into a sobbing, shaking mass of quivering flesh.

I helped Liz turn Sally over and then she spent a therapeutic thirty minutes smacking her soft and now glowing red, buttocks. After that she asked me to wait while she went downstairs to raid the ‘fridge for a cucumber, which she inserted into Sally’s vagina before asking me to fuck her anus again, which I did.

The feeling of fucking Sally’s bottom with escort görükle something hard already inside her, with only a thin membrane between, was enjoyable; I could stand a lot of that, but if the screams and wailing was anything to go by, I doubt that Sally could.

When I stopped fucking Sally, Liz removed the cucumber and we took her down to the cellar room and locked her in with Beth. Liz obtained some sheets and blankets from wherever they were kept and tossed them onto an empty bed, retrieved the duvet, and left them to it.

“Why the duvet?”

“She didn’t give me one when I was locked in there and if you’re thinking of sleeping with me then you’ll have your own duvet.”

“I was thinking of going to bed with you, but I hadn’t thought of sleeping.”

“Well I don’t have your super stamina so I will need to sleep and I suppose that if you get sufficiently bored with messing with me as a I sleep, you may well doze off as well.

We made dinner, fed the two women and then ourselves.

The doorbell rang accompanied by a heavy knocking.

“Liz, go upstairs and stay there until I say you may return.”

“I don’t…”

“I said, go upstairs.”

She went and I opened the door to a very angry man, my size, but older and fatter, demanding to know where the hell his wife was.

“She’s not there yet, come in and I’ll take you to her.”

He came in and I closed the door and then hit him in the solar plexus followed by a jab to his throat. If he regained consciousness he’d do it in the company of his wife and co-conspirator. I called Liz and we carted him down to be with the others captives. I used rope to fasten this one to rings in the walls, removed his shoes and socks followed by his trousers and underpants.

Sally was yelling and screeching obscenities at us, but they didn’t hurt.

I took Liz to bed and showed her what I knew about driving a woman wild with lust and desire without actually inserting my cock into any part of her body.

My tongue did all the damage and I was happy because she tasted so sweet and didn’t seem to weary of having any of her erogenous zones sucked, licked or nibbled.

After she had decided that we had had sufficient sex for one day, she quizzed me.

Where had I come from, why had I come here and what were my intentions regarding the ‘Sanctuary club members’ were some of the questions, but what seemed to be uppermost in her mind was

My age, my marital status, did I have a current girlfriend? How did I learn so many ways about how to turn a woman into a sexual frenzy? How did I manage to dominate people so easily and where did I learn how to do that scary voice.

I retaliated by asking her where she lived, was she attached, if not, did she fancy being attached to me and could she wait until we had dealt with the ‘club’ for answers to most of her questions.

“I admit to being more than merely interested in you, but even though I know why you sexually abuse them I can’t help being worried about your ability to have so much sex and so often.”

“I don’t have a need to treat them the way I have done. I am doing it as a form of punishment and retribution for the pain, misery and in one case, death that they have caused. Believe me when I tell you that when this is over I will not be going around fucking every woman I see. You on the other hand are a different matter to which we will have to attend.”

“That’s twice you’ve said ‘we’. You said ‘we had dealt with the club, and now you’ve said”
‘we will have to attend to’ something.”

“You do rather appear to be on my side and that is classed as ‘aiding and abetting’, so I think that was the correct thing to say. Don’t you wish to be part of ‘we’?”

“I think I do.”

The following morning, having dealt with the nasty, incestuous, sexually deviant scum that we now held downstairs, we started on the sex slavers. I followed the same format as that used on Sally, except that we didn’t waste any time on threats because there was nothing to be gained from that. The round up went smoothly and in one day we had all six women in the room.

At each house I left a note for the husband telling him to go to the sanctuary club where his wife was waiting for him, the women were then cuffed, gagged, covered and shoved into the pick-up.

On arrival at the house, each woman was stripped, un-cuffed, and shoved into the cellar room. We left them to their shouting and rating and continued searching the house for all of Liz’s belongings that she had been carrying when she was abducted. They were finally located in the attic, luckily not under the spot where the chimney pot had entered.

She also found a lot of her belongings that had been in her flat when she was abducted from her car. These scum had used her house keys to steal anything of value from the flat.
One of the folders they had taken had all her documents including banking details and passport. They were actually going to strip her of everything, presumably after she’d been sold to sex slavers.

The menfolk arrived and the first four received exactly the same treatment as Don had experienced. The last two arrived together, but because the shotgun from my pick-up was tied to the wife of one of them, they did as instructed and walked into the cellar room. Then I locked the door with the hostage on myside of it. I untied the gun and gave it to Liz.

“Look after that while I deal with her.”

She didn’t say anything as I grasped the woman’s breasts and shoved her against the door. I cupped her vulva, pressed a finger forcefully against her clitoris and applied strong upward pressure, which lifted her up onto her toes. Sliding three of my fingers deep into her vagina I widened it by spreading my fingers. I was still holding a breast, which I now squeezed until she cried out in pain.

“Spread your legs or you’ll find out what real pain is.”

She opened her thighs and I retracted my fingers in order to grasp, and guide my cock, into her vagina. As I commenced fucking her, I told her husband what I was doing and that I would keep on doing it until all the men had taken turns with Beth, Sally, and the other wives. I began to fuck her with vigour just so that I could watch her breasts bounce.

My hands were now holding two soft and wobbly buttocks to help me hold her as I fucked her. Of course my fingers also pressed against, and penetrated, her sphincter, which forced her to react by thrusting herself forward which enabled me to penetrate even further into her body.

“I’ll fucking kill you.”

“For that, I’m going to take her anally as soon as I’ve filled her cunt with semen. I hear any threats from anyone and she gets to spend the night outside this door with me. My lovely assistant will bring me some bedding down here so we will be comfortable while we fuck”

There was no sound of movement.

“I’m sure you are all aware of the camera in there, my assistant will monitor the activity in there and if you aren’t fucking inside the next two minutes this one suffers. I’m going to tie this bitch to the pipes out here and then I’m going to have a look at the monitor.

If I don’t see Beth with someone’s cock buried in her anus when I get up there, this one gets another load of semen inside her, this time I’ll fill her anus and then go back to her vagina and we’ll start again. I want to see them being fucked, just like normal club night activities, but I want to hear them scream, do not be gentle.”

I went up to Liz and asked her if she could be ready to leave in about five minutes time, she could, and was. She had been surprised, but after being told that the key of the door was on the cellar steps, she had laughed and raced to get her stuff

We were about a mile away from the house when we heard the sound of an explosion and a huge red flash of light lit the horizon behind us. We reached the town from where the club members had come from, I found a petrol station and filled up with fuel then asked the cashier if there was a fast food place close by.

As we sat in the pick-up eating greasy beef burgers and drinking acidic coffee, a small red light lit up on the dash and a voice, similar to the one I learned to use, told me that I had fulfilled my assignment and therefore the terms of our agreement were about to come into force.

“What ‘exactly’ are you giving me as the bonus you promised me, because that wasn’t mentioned in any terms, and was it really necessary for me to fall off the roof?”

“It was necessary to ensure that you gained entry to the house for longer than a cup of tea. Check the glove compartment and remember that now, although you have certain advantages over most men, you are in all other respects, mortal. The female with you is an extra bonus; enjoy her. Goodbye, I will see you again; eventually.

“What are you talking about, and who are you talking to? You’re beginning to worry me and I want to know what I’m mixed up in.”

“Don’t worry, Liz, you’ll soon know everything, and be assured that what we’ve been doing is over.”

“My boss has just made me redundant.”

I checked the glove compartment and found a key with the logo of a large safe deposit vault company. The name on the accompanying paperwork was not mine, but the ID photo was of me.

We had watched several fire engines and police cars rush passed, but I doubted that anything of any use to any investigation would be discovered.

“Liz, I was tasked with bringing retribution to that group of animals. The had ruined many lives and caused at least three girls to commit suicide, which is where my boss entered the scene and promised me that if I could stop them in a way that no-one would question, I would receive a release from his employment and be free to do whatever I wanted.

He didn’t know about you and the last thing he said to me just now was that I should enjoy you. Are you ready and willing to be enjoyed?”

She was. We moved into the rear cab because that had darkened glass. I had never had sex in a public car park before but I wasn’t there for the view so it didn’t detract from the fun.

Even though she was now flushed, breathless and had extremely rumpled clothing, she wasn’t about to let me off easily.

“You were having a conversation with someone, but I couldn’t hear anything, so how does that work?”

“I have a miniature high frequency transceiver, short range, short life inserted in a false tooth. The very short battery life meant that it was only to be used in an emergency situation. I never had an emergency and so the boss used it just now to inform me that he was now my ex-boss. He must have been close by.”

“Did you cause that explosion?”

“No, they caused it. I had some explosives in this, for my cover as a demolition expert going to a farm to remove some tree stumps. I placed the stuff under the staircase; wired the detonator to that pull cord light switch, ran a cord from that to the cell door key. When the key was picked up it put their lights out.”

I told her that she would have to wait for answers to any further questions because we had a long drive ahead of us.

A week later, we read in the paper that the fire brigade found the remains of people in the room; it seems that they had been engaged in a sexual orgy when the explosion was triggered. Why and by whom would never be known.

On our honeymoon my inquisitive bride asked me about the two faint, disc-like scars above my forehead, just inside my hairline.

She was happy to learn that my injuries were caused one bonfire night from a badly sited Roman Candle and it only hurt for a couple of days.

That was twenty five years ago, I can still wear her out, in or out of the bedroom, something she is more than merely pleased about. So is the houseguest that Liz brought her home after a shopping trip one rainy afternoon.

She’d been standing at a kiosk looking at rooms to rent ad’s, she had been wet through and Liz had persuaded her to come and at least get dry as she did her search via our computer. She ended up lodging with us and that was when I was reminded that Liz has Bi-sexual leanings.

Apparently it took Liz two weeks to convince our guest that she also had a liking for Sapphic sex, but it was a month or so before I was to be allowed to join them.

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