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Big Dicks

The Osaka Riders of Glorious Youth

by Vincent

Part 2

“Well, look at the two little lover birds.” I rolled over and opened my eyes. Sakura was scowling down at us with arms crossed. I still had mine wrapped around Aiko, spooning her naked body. She was slowly coming around.

“You know you will have to be punished for this,” she continued, “This is a clear violation of rules.”

“Before or after I have my coffee?” I inquired.

“Oh, not you, Romeo. It’s Tinker Bell here who’s in trouble. She knows better than to offer aid and comfort to slaves.”

“I couldn’t help it. He was like a sad puppy dog over here all by himself,” Aiko tried to justify herself, “besides I didn’t touch his cock. I promise.”

“No, she didn’t,” I added, “see.” I raised the blanket to show the chastity devise was still firmly attached. My hormones’ attempt to achieve morning wood filled the cage to capacity.

“None the less, you have to be spanked,” Sakura said, “and lover boy here is going to be the one to do it. And you’d better spank her hard, but you can have your coffee first.”

“It’ll be okay,” Aiko assured me. We stood up and Sakura, much to my relief, released me and my cock from bondage. I had almost forgotten about the butt plug, but when she pulled it out soreness began to set in.

“You did all right Vincent. You passed the first part of the test, you can take a little abuse, but it’s not over. The next part won’t be easy either. Let’s see how you can ride today and later you’re going to meet the rest of the crew. Remember you are still under obligation to please us.”

I was allowed to put on my robe, and Chieko helped me in the kitchen to secure the java juice. No milk, only non-dairy creamer, so I chose to drink it black. I leaned back against the counter and took that first satisfying sip.

“Are you ok this morning?” Chieko asked.

“I don’t imagine there are any lasting psychological scars, but last night was a little tough,” I said.

“Yes, for me, too. You can’t imagine how much I wanted to experience your cock inside me. Girls are nice, but it’s nothing compared a big stiff one in the chute”

“Perhaps I have some idea. Maybe we can do something about it later.” She gave me a friendly kiss on the lips and left the kitchen. I stayed in the kitchen wondering what this day might have in store for me. Despite the mild torture and humiliation last night was really a lot of fun. I decided I liked these people and I thought seriously about joining their club, if they weren’t merely toying with me. I had just poured my second cup when Sakura shouted out to me.

“Vincent, we need you in here.” I walked into the living room coffee cup in hand. Sakura and Chieko were sitting on one sofa in their robes, Aiko was standing naked in the corner of the room, her face to the wall. Her ass looked so cute and vulnerable; I had very mixed feeling about being unpleasant to it. I would much rather kiss it than strike it. “Take a seat,” Sakura continued, gesturing me to the opposite sofa. “Aiko knows she’s been bad and accepts her punishment. Vincent, you have to spank her bare bottom with your hand until she cries.” I instantly changed my mind; I wanted to do that very much. I was already getting hard. “And don’t go easy on her. I want to see her ass turn red.” I took a seat. “Aiko, are you ready?” She turned around looking down, with both hands covering her pussy, like a naughty schoolgirl who’s been sent to the principal’s office. “Come here a bend over Vincent’s lap.”

She complied willingly. She must have seen the concern in my face as she lay across my thighs, she whispered in my ear, “It’s ok, you will probably make me cum,” then bit my ear and settled down across my thighs with her tender white ass fully exposed to me. It was even cuter up close. Her cheeks were small and round and had great muscle tone. I instinctively started rubbing her contours with my hand. Her skin was soft and smooth, like Egyptian cotton sheets. It was intoxicating. I rubbed between her cheeks, tracing around her asshole and pussy with my fingers. I could feel a little wetness. It was going to be a tragedy to tarnish this thing of beauty. I bent forward and kissed her ass as an apology.

“Let’s get on with it,” Sakura said, “we have a lot to get done today.”

I knew I couldn’t get away with just patting, so I drew my hand back and gave her a hard slap on one cheek and then the other. “Harder, please,” Sakura said dryly. I increased my efforts; Aiko’s ass was acquiring a pink glow. “You can’t stop until she cries. Now, let her have it.” I gave her about six more very hard swats before Sakura stopped me. Aiko sat up on my lap and straddled my legs facing me. I could see tears running down her face. She put her arms around my neck and hugged me.

“Can he fuck me now?” Aiko asked without looking back. Sakura answered yes. She untied the belt of my robe and cast it open. My cock was still rock hard. She lifted up on her knees, took my cock in her hand, aimed it right at the opening of her pussy and slowly lowered her body onto my waiting cock. The girl was incredibly wet and the shaft slid inside her pussy effortlessly. She began bouncing up and down, lifting and dropping, slowly, then fast, turning her hips in circles then back to slow. She was playing me for her big orgasm. With all the sexual tension built up from the night before I was worried I wouldn’t last long, but just as I felt I was losing control she started moaning deeply and pounding her hips hard onto my cock. She wrapped her arms around my neck and squeezed. She screamed with pleasure. Her pussy made powerful contractions as her orgasm sent waves of ecstasy through her body. I couldn’t hold back any longer bursa escort and burst inside her pussy for what seemed like a minute. It might have been the biggest orgasm of my life. She went limp but held her position for a while, culling her pleasure; I could feel her pussy still contracting around my shaft, I’m sure it was sending tingles of pleasure through her body. She rolled off me onto the sofa, my semen dripping out of her pussy. The other girls had been watching and fingering their own pussies during the show. After we fell back into the sofa they gave us a little round of applause. My coffee had gone cold.

After a minute Sakura said, “Ok, fun’s over. It’s time to go.”

We put the room back in order, put on our leathers and in fifteen minutes Sakura was putting the padlock back on the door. In the light of day you would never guess this abandoned house contained a secret biker club sex den. It made me curious about all the escapades that had gone on here before and what other adventures I might have here in the future if things worked out.

“You’re going to have to tell me the story of this place sometime,” I said to Chieko as we walked to our bikes.

“This place goes back long before my time,” she told me, “I don’t think there are more than two people alive who know the whole history of this place. Maybe you’ll meet one of them today.”

“Where are we going today?” I asked.

“We are heading up 195 to Koyama and then down 493,” Sakura chimed in, “If you any more than that I’d have to kill you.”

“She’s kidding,” Aiko said, “we’re going to a little inn in Matsuyama to meet everyone else. It should be a fun night. I hope you can hold your liquor.” She gave my face a little pat. She looked fabulously cute in her red leather gear, especially since I had intimate knowledge of what was underneath.

“Yeah, but for now you have to ride, newbie. We have about six hours on the road. Try to keep up, and if you get lost, no more pretty little Aiko poontang,” Sakura warned. Aiko, sitting on her bike, smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

We started up the bikes and headed out. The weather was beautiful and the scenery was amazing, but I hardly looked at it. I was so eager to prove that I could keep up I barely glanced at anything but the road and the bike in front of me. Aiko had the lead today, followed by Chieko, and Sakura was ahead of me. I think she wanted to watch me in her rear view mirror, maybe to watch when I crashed. I got as low and forward on my bike as I could and concentrated on making efficient cornering lines. Pretty soon it got easier and I began to relax. I could see by the way these girls were leaning their bikes into turns they were into thrills anyway they came, and I hoped they wouldn’t be the death of me, anyway it came.

Riding long distances will typically cause fatigue in two areas, one is the neck. Helmets can get heavy and the faster you go the more the helmet buffets the wind, causing a lot of neck strain. The other is the ass, from sitting and constantly shifting weight on the bike. I had had that butt plug up my ass all night, and although the discomfort was bearable at the time, now I was reminded of the soreness every time I had to slide my ass across the seat to lean into a corner, or hit a bump in the road. It only got worse as the day went on.

We stopped a couple of times to drink and rest. Most of the talk was about the best places for touring and trips we had taken. I found out the girls were all a couple of years either side of 30. Aiko was the youngest and the newest member of the club, she joined about 3 years ago. Chieko was the oldest in both respects. She joined 11 years ago. She said her initiation was a big bang. I assumed she meant the “gang” type. Chieko brought Sakura into the club a year after that. They met in a lesbian bar where Sakura worked after her day job as a fitness instructor. Sakura found both places lucrative for scoring pussy. They had dated and even lived together for a while. Time and circumstances took them apart. Chieko had to live in Tokyo for a few years for her job; she was an advertising associate for a big firm. She hated Tokyo and she hated her job. Everybody was way too prudish and formal. She got tired of the black suits and pencil dicks, moved back to Osaka and became a talent agent. That is how she met Aiko.

Aiko was from Kyushu and came to Osaka for college on a swimming scholarship. She had gotten pregnant and married in that order, but the marriage fell apart. Her parents took over raising the child, so she could continue school. Chieko discovered her dancing in a hip hop group and tried to get her into one of those Japanese pop girl groups, but it didn’t work out. Aiko ended up doing a couple of porn movies, then decided it wasn’t her cup of tea. There were too many perverts and scumbags in the industry. I made a mental note to check out her movies when I got home. She took her money and bought Starbucks stock when it first came to Japan and did very well for herself. She bought an apartment and the Cagiva and now just works when she feels like it. All the girls were best friends and I think they really cared about each other. As I got to know them I felt very lucky to be in their good graces for a while, and maybe longer.

The day wound on and we finally managed to stop for a late lunch at a place about an hour outside of Matsuyama. I was starving, as my only nutrition for the day had been caffeine, but I was warned not to eat too much. There would be tons of food at the inn, a big barbeque or something like that. Aiko cornered me in the hall on the way out of the restroom and forced her tongue into my mouth. It was so spontaneous and unexpected I couldn’t help laughing.

“How was my lunch?” was all bursa escort bayan I could say.

“I was dying to do that all day,” she turned and ducked into the ladies room before I could take it any further.

The rest of the ride went quickly. The inn was tucked in among centuries old cedar trees at the end of a narrow forest road off of another seldom used road. Nobody would ever be able to just stumble upon this place. When we arrived there were already six bikes parked in front. The inn was old and almost as overgrown as the house. The main building was in the shape of a square with all the rooms facing inward onto a large Japanese garden in the center. The side opposite the lobby was a single large tatami room for eating. All the walls were wood framed glass to maximize the sense of being in the forest. The guest rooms were down the left and right sides. When we stepped into the lobby there were no signs of other people.

Sakura walked behind the reception counter and took two room keys off the wall. There were eight hooks and four of the keys were already missing. “Here, take this,” she tossed one to me, “put your gear away and let’s go find the others.” We all walked out of the lobby onto the covered portico lining the inner square. “That way,” Sakura pointed to the left. I was disappointed when all three girls turned to the right. My key had a 2 on it, so I went to the room with a 2 on the door and went inside. The room was mostly bare, some low chairs and a table. The futon was piled up neatly in the corner. It was clean, but it must have been quite old. I stripped off my clothes and took advantage of the first hot shower I’d had in two days. After that I put on the yukata I found in the closet and went out to see what the evening had in store.

I walked around the portico, no signs of life. The garden was lovely, but it looked as if it hadn’t been tended to for a while. Nobody in the lobby, I peaked outside and ten bikes were still lined up. I went back to the other end of the square and I found a roofed passageway that led out behind the dining hall. At last I found some people, six, sitting in a large hot tub together, four guys and two girls. They were nude and they all had wine glasses. There were a few empty bottles around them.

I alerted them to my presence with a big “hello” and they returned with several friendly “hellos” of their own.

“Come in,” one of the guys said, “There’s plenty of room. Here, have a glass.” In one continuous move I dropped my yukata, took a wine glass and eased into the hot water.

“I’m Kenta,” he continued, “this is Masa, Takeshi, and Ren,” pointing out the guys, ‘The girls are Sachi and Yumi.” After each name I shook their hand and said “I’m Vincent” and that it was wonderful to meet them. They all seemed very welcoming, but I had that strange nervousness one gets when meeting people you are predetermined to have sex with, as if we are all secretly imagining how we would look in the midst of an orgasm.

“I heard you got kidnapped by Sachi,” Kenta said, filling my glass with wine.

“I think I was a pretty willing prisoner,” I replied.

“Well, I hope she didn’t abuse you too much.”

“There are a couple of sore places,” I said. Everybody laughed.

“Did you have a nice ride today?” Ren asked.

“Yes, a bit long. I think I’m ready for the hot tub and wine.” Just then the three girls came into the clearing in their yukatas and all heads turned towards them.

“Kenta!” Aiko shouted. “Aiko!” he replied. He jumped out of the water, naked and dripping. They ran into each others arms and pressed their lips together as he lifted her off the ground. I realized I must have had a crush on Aiko, because I felt terribly jealous.

“You made it,” she said, “I’m so glad.”

“I came over the Awaji Island Bridge this morning and rode all day. I missed you,” he kissed the other girls hello, put his arm around Aiko and led her back to the hot tub. They dropped their yukatas and got in the warm water. Now it was a little crowded, Aiko sat between me and Kenta and we couldn’t avoid touching thighs. Yumi was on my other side.

“So was Vincent here a good boy last night?” Yumi asked Aiko. She cupped my balls in her hand under the water.

“He makes a decent omelet, and he’s not shy at all about giving Aiko a solid spanking,” Chieko offered, inciting more laughter. The conversation broke down into chit chat among different groups. Finally someone mentioned the barbeque and we might like to take naps as it was bound to be a long night. Slowly we all emerged from the hot tub, wrapped up in our yukatas and headed back to our respective rooms. My heart sank when I saw Aiko and Kenta walking hand in hand back towards the rooms. I thought I was destined for an uneasy sleep in my bare little room, tortured by images of their naked bodies rubbing together to keep me company. But then she looked back at me and held her other hand out for me to take. Kenta turned to look and said, “Sure, come along. We’re a friendly group.” I had a vague idea what was in store, and it had to be better than my lonely fate, so I took her hand and the three of us walked back to Kenta’s room.

Kenta’s room was so much nicer than mine, and from the look of it, I’m sure it had a hundred erotic stories to tell. It was still a tatami room, but it had several sheep skin rugs on the floor. It still had a futon, but it had to be bigger than a king size bed. It was raised 10 centimeters off the floor on a wooden platform, and was covered in blue satin sheets. There were pillows and lamps, low tables, artwork on the walls, and when Kenta flicked a switch cool jazz started playing from unseen speakers.

When Kenta closed the door he took Aiko in his arms and kissed her lips. escort bursa They separated and Aiko used the distance to slide Kenta’s yukata over his shoulders and let it fall to the ground. I could see why Aiko liked him so much. He was quite muscular, not huge, but well defined. He didn’t have a hair on his body from the neck down, and his circumcised cock, standing straight out at attention, was pretty big for a Japanese guy.

“I was hoping to find you this way,” Aiko said, referring to his erection. She got down on her knees and took it in her mouth. She licked all around the shaft, coating it in her saliva, down under his scrotum and back up to the head. Kenta put one hand in her hair and with the other gestured for me to come closer. When I was within range he pulled my yukata off from behind. “Nice,” was all he said, complimenting my own erection. Aiko reached over and took my cock in her other hand, so now she had one in each. She alternated between me and Kenta, licking and sucking, becoming more voracious as her enjoyment of the task grew, finally trying to fit both cocks into her mouth at once. Then she would amuse herself by our cocks together.

My cock had never been in contact with another cock before, but in this situation it didn’t seem too awkward, after all it was being done by a girl, but the next thing did. Kenta put his arm around my shoulder, which I chalked up to camaraderie, just two bros getting blown together, so I put my arm around his shoulder. Then he leaned over and kissed me full on the mouth. Initially I was shocked, but my second thought was that it was nice, and I kissed him back. Aiko looked up and saw us. “It’s nice my two guys are making friends,” she said. Kenta got down on his knees and began to share the task of sucking my cock with Aiko, and he was pretty good at it. They passed my cock back and forth, and kissed each other in between. These two days have had so many new experiences for me that have been both exciting and liberating. Right then I decided I was going to go wherever this adventure led with an open mind and a spirit of sexual discovery.

“Come over here guys. I have a job for you.” Aiko took us by the hands and led us over to the bed. She dropped her robe and lay down on her back. We both starred down, rapt by this beautiful, erotic creature, and I knew I wanted to dedicate my afternoon to giving her the greatest sexual pleasure I possibly could. “Guys, I have some positions that I need you to fill.” I was ready for action, but Kenta beat me to it.

He got down on the bed and began placing soft kisses on her mouth, her neck and breasts. As she was getting lost in the flood of kisses her legs drifted apart to expose her pussy, and I instantly knew what my part was going to be. I lay down on my stomach between her legs, the lower half of my body hanging off the futon. I started with her inner thighs, rolling my lips across the gentle pale flesh. I moved up and my tongue found her opening, my saliva mixing with her natural lubricant. The smell of her pussy was intoxicating. She moaned long and low and I knew I was accomplishing my task. Her legs spread wider giving me easy access to her asshole and I took full advantage. The girl was getting incredibly wet. Kenta and I drifted over her body with our mouths and hands while Aiko writhed in pleasure like a spontaneous dance. She sought out our cocks with her fingers.

“I can’t take this any longer. I want you both inside me,” she moaned. She became the choreographer, “Vincent, lie down on the bed.” I complied. “You are too big for my ass, so that means you get the back door, Kenny.” She straddled my waist and lowered herself into my shaft the same as she had done that morning. She leaned forward, pressing her breasts against my chest and angled her ass upwards. Kenta produced a small bottle of lubricant and set about preparing Aiko’s rectum to be penetrated. He smeared the gel all over her asshole, being sure to push a generous amount deep into the passage with his fingers, finally covering his own cock. He lined up his shaft with her little pink star and gradually pressed his head harder and harder until it gave way and let him slip in. Slowly he eased his shaft into her until our balls were touching. Kenta asked if she was okay, which I thought was very thoughtful of him. The girl let out a long deep moan and began gyrating her hips to feel both cocks stimulating every sensitive place inside her. “This is too good.” was her answer. We both began stroking her slowly, but her orgasm was fast and strong. She started screaming with every contraction and I felt her pussy squeezing hard around my cock. I was fighting a losing battle to maintain control. That’s when I’m guessing Kenta came in her ass because he started gasping and thrusting his dick into her wildly. He pulled her hips flush against his. I could fell the pumping of his orgasm inside her pussy, it was so strong it made me lose my load, too. It was obvious we all had huge orgasms, because we collapsed into a flaccid pile of tangled arms and legs. We started giggling uncontrollably.

“That was fun,” Kenta said. Just as the words left his lips the door to his room slid open, Yumi and Ren peeked inside with big smiles on their faces. When they saw our situation they stepped inside and put their arms around each other.

“It looks like we missed all the fun,” Ren said.

“You guys are so noisy I was going to call the police,” Yumi added, “How was it?”

“Yeah, pretty good,” Aiko said, we all chuckled, “We’re going to go again in 15 minutes as soon as the boys can reload,” emphasizing the word reload.

“Ren is going to need a bit of time, too,” Yumi said, and gave her guy a kiss. Kenta held out his arm for them to join us on the bed. They dropped their yukatas and lay down along side of us. After five minutes of quietly petting each other and stealing kisses we all fell asleep.

End of Part 2

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32