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The Seventh Year – Part 1
by Blue Elder

Julia, she is my ex-wife since she fucked with another guy seven years ago, called me yesterday evening to ask me to come with her to a concert. You must know, her affair with the other man found its end almost a half year ago. I think he was just tired of fucking Julias same hairy pussy over the years and was looking after some new and more curious cunts.

That seems a bit strange to me because Julia is extremely good looking, with her 36 years not the very youngest slut but the more experienced. I never could really accept our separation, or let´s better say Julia ´s body and erotic charisma simply made me crazy every time i saw her. Her proud Spanish looking face with the high cheekbones, beautiful skin, brown shoulder-long hair, not to forget her wide backside.

Julia has got a round and tighten arse that always let me remember my one and only try to lick the taut chink between her fleshy buttocks. It was nearly at the end of our partnership when Julia was lying naked on the bed. She had turned around smoothly to prone position and her shiny white buttocks looked like paradise to me. Julia had been to the tanning salon a several times before where she always kept her tight pants on.

She knew that this kind of white looking backside would paralyse me. All the more I was surprised that Julia did not seem to like me bursa escort licking her arse slit. My tongue had moved slowly through the sweaty channel and was going to lick Julia ´s asshole as well, when Julia suddenly turned around and said straight into my face that she doesn´t like asslicking.

This was a really embarrassing situation for me. I had just given a wrong interpretation to her signs, she only wanted me to make a doggy with her. On the other hand this memory shows a lot of Julia ´s mind and way of thinking. She is a very tough person, always telling you clearly what she´s thinking, and working at a very high job-position.

So I told her that I would go with her to that concert. Why not, I thought. We never fought against each other like so many other split couples do. During the last seven years we became more and more good friends. And deep inside my brain was a small fantasy of taking Julia home with me later that evening.

I went under the shower and realized that I was checking my body for unfavourable parts. My prick was okay, half swollen he hang between my legs, I touched my balls to see if they were enough filled with horny cream, well they were filled up to the roof. Only my belly looked a bit to fat for me. I´m not a fat guy, no, I am a height of head taller than Julia, slim and good looking, only my belly not exactly that kind of washboard like in the catalogues.

But bursa escort bayan then I thought to myself who cares, and tried to stop my dirty fantasies about the upcoming evening with my ex-wife. This did not last. Later in her Mercedes I often had a hidden side glance on Julia whose breasts made shady curves in the half darkness of the cars inner room. She was still wearing her business outfit, a black skirt and jacket, a white blouse, black stockings – which in truth was a pantyhose like I realized later – and her small feet plugged in black polished Heels.

She looked tired when she turned her head to me to ask me a question I cannot remember now. She had been working all day, there was some trouble at the office and after all she had to drive 30 kilometres from her home to my town where the concert took place. But she didn´t seem to be pissed by driving all this way after a hard working day, she talked very softly, telling me how happy she was that I accompanied her to the concert.

Well, we reached the club and were looking for a parking lot. Then another typical situation appeared. I told her where to find a good place for the car, just around the next corner, but Julia steered her Mercedes directly in front of a garage, only because it was on the opposite side of the club what meant to have less steps to walk.

“You are still stubborn, Julia. I tell escort bursa you there is really a fine parking place only 100 metres far.”

“Don´t you think this will work? Look here´s enough room…”

“What shall I do to make you understand? Spank your butt?”

I ´ve really said that. Julia only laughed and navigated the car to the parking zone I was telling her about all the time. I have ever been friendly with her but in this situation i saw myself fucking her hard in the ass pulling her head brutally back by holding the beautiful barrette with which she had arranged her hair so cute this evening.

The concert was great, we met some friends and got amused by their odd views. For them it looked like Julia and me were together again and none of us started to explain how we thought that it really was. Julia often stood close to me but never touched me, nor did i.
But there was a devil inside of me. I stood behind Julia when she moved two steps forward and bent down to reach her small hand pocket which she had put into the panel underneath a table.

There her wonderful round ass was again. I stared at it. For a moment I thought she was moving her backside a bit more into my direction to let me have a better view. Then I realized some other guys who were staring at Julia ´s arse as well. She came back like she did not notice anything, but I knew the slut had shown her wide butt fully controlled by her kinky mind. Or was it just an illusion of mine?

If you like this kind of story, I will give you part two soon. Thanks for reading 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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