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Daniel followed M.J. through the sliding doors of the CIC and walked down the floor beside her. SFS Lalande was devised as a Flagship for task force operations, like all her sister ships of the Krüger 60-class. M.J’s “ready room” would normally have belonged to the commanding Admiral aboard. A place to host receptions and diner parties or impress foreign guests. The dimensions were luxurious for a warship, especially for a cruiser, and wasted the one thing which you never had enough of in outer space: space. But since the Lalande operated solo for their current assignment there was no need for a flag officer aboard and thus it was Min-Jeongs personal queendom to rule.

On the bulkhead across the room hung a large picture in an elaborate frame of Lalandes namesake Star. If Daniel remembered it correctly it was in fact the first picture taken of Lalande 21185 by humans on a flyby maneuver inside the red dwarf’s gravity well. That must have been somewhere around 2200, shortly after Savko Guerlaine had developed his Dark Matter Sails and had given humanity access to Hyperspace. Next to that were two smaller oil paintings of starships who also bore the Name Lalande in the past.

To the left was the RLFP ship, which had gone missing on the exploration journey to Polaris somewhere around 2260 and to the right was the light Cruiser SFS Lalande which had been commissioned and had fought during the Neyja War more than 50 years ago. She was depicted in a stylized orbit around Earth with the city lights and coastlines of continental Europe below her.

He suddenly felt a firm hand behind the back of his head and got pulled down into a long and intense kiss by his one head shorter lover.

“Why are you still dressed, Commander ?” M.J. seldom seemed to lose her authoritarian tone, although the steel in her eyes had been replaced by a lustful twinkle.

“I love you M.J, and, Chérie, I missed you.”

“That is all very romantic, Danny,” she said teasingly as she began to quickly strip out off her Captains uniform, “but you need to get that ass naked right now. I want to fuck with you for as long as we can, you never know when the next crisis hits or some Ensign feels the intense bursa escort need for baby sitting. Let’s talk if we have time afterwards, okay ?”

Same like in combat his woman never seemed to lose any time. While he was occupied with unbuttoning his uniform jacket, M.J was already naked and on her knees, pulling down his trousers and pants. He sighed with relief as he felt the half-Koreans lips closing tightly around his cock, deepthroating him down balls deep while massaging his hard prick with her skillful tongue.

She went on blowing him for some time like a space port hooker while he affectionately freed her beautiful hair from the imprisonment of it’s scrunchies holding it in the strict bun of her Captains persona.

Daniel heard her gagging as she had her hands clawing at his ass cheeks, impaling her head on his now rock hard cock and extending her tongue to start licking his balls. As his breathing an moaning intensified she abruptly stopped, got up with the swift motion of the gymnast she was and pulled him into a long and ardent kiss

“Your turn, Commander.” She whispered in his left ear as she gave his earlobe a teasing bite. “Or do you want to try and force me to keep sucking?” she added innocently.

“Non, non, no.” he chuckled defensively while lying down on the naked metal floor. “I yield and will leave all the sparring fun to Captain Augustin.”

“Pity,” she sighed in acted disappointment as she gave his shaft a little squeeze “I hate it when my men give up that easily.”

Daniel had always boasted about his talent when it came to hand-to-hand combat classes, which he had taken during the officer training program back at the Jupiter dockyards. He had felt quite confident about sparring against M.J. when she had proposed this to him some years back. Several painful and humiliating duels later she had confessed to him that she actually was a black-belted Taekwondo fighter. She had jokingly told him that she had held back during their matches so she didn’t kill him, but after this experience he never doubted that she could indeed do just that.

He now admired her profile above him, which was the embodiment of an ancient warrior godess. There was not bursa escort bayan one ounce of excess fat on her body. You could see that she worked out daily, but she had the flexible tonicity of a fighter rather than the sculptured muscles of a body builder. Everything about her was nimble and flexible and she could use her body in any way she wanted.

And at the moment she wanted to smother him with her crotch pressed against his face and lips. There were days and nights when she wanted to make him really embrace her superiority and dominate him, but today she kept it rather playful, balancing her weight carefully to not apply too much pressure to his skull.

He obediently proceeded lapping and sucking at her labia and clit and enjoyed the taste of her enticing juices. As she continued riding his face she bent back a little and started stroking his cock in a slow manner with exactly the right amount of pressure between lust and pain.

“Finger” M.J. moaned as she turned around and got her pussy above his face in a 69 position. As soon as Daniel started to fingerfuck her wet hole while keeping up the stimulation of her hardened clit with the tip of his tongue he was rewarded with the sensation of her expert blowjob skills.

They played with each other. He would increase the speed of his penetration and vibrated his trained tongue over her lust spot, only to slow down and release her clit when he felt her approaching an orgasm. She repaid this in the same manner and they were both slowly going mad from excitement.

M.J. finally stopped it decisively as she came up from his lower body half and kissed him again lovingly. “Danny, please fuck my ass, I want to feel you as deep inside as possible. I want you to take me hard.”

“At your service Ma’am.” he mocked her, knowing how much she detested to be addressed like that, always preferring to be referred to as ‘Sir’ by her subordinates. They got up and she took his hand leading him over to her worktable. It was an antique from Earth and no cheap copy at that, but in fact made of German oak wood.

M.J. propped herself up on her forearms, her firm tits getting tightly pressed against the hard wood as she spread her legs escort bursa wide. Daniel knelt down to part her butt cheeks and started licking her tight hole. It turned him on as he felt the opening resisting the advances of his hard pressing tongue and he started wanking his dick with his right hand while he was at it.

After he was satisfied with the lubrication of her asshole he slowly started to penetrate his lovers opening with one and then two fingers. He felt her tight hole relax more and more and M.J greedily worked her bottom back and forth grinding herself against his plodding hand.

She let out an an animalistic scream as he positioned himself standing between her and slowly started to push his cock through her resisting anal barrier. The half-Korean was unbelievably tight around him and Daniel knew from experience, that he would not be able to hold back for long while fucking her fast in this position.

M.J had one hand between her legs now, working furiously at her clit while her XO kept fucking her at a steady pace. Daniel felt her tensing up, shortly before she came screaming, impaled on his cock.

She collapsed on the table and as she turned her head he recognized that lost to the world smile on her lips that she only ever allowed herself when they were together. It completely pushed the uptightness and discipline aside, which she emanated when she was the Captain. He absolutely adored it when she could just be his Min-Jeong.

“Seems like we are not finished,” she purred ,”how do you want to cum ?”

“Like that, Chérie. I won’t need long now. Just keep looking at me like that.”

And she did, as he put his hand carefully around her strong and slender neck. She held his gaze with her beautiful almond eyes as he increased the pace of his thrusts. He saw her biting her lip as he ground deeper into her tight and still resisting orifice until he couldn’t control his sexual agitation any longer and literally exploded inside her.

As Daniel retreated his softening shaft he saw his cum pouring out of her stretched hole, some of it running down her athletic legs and soiling the shining floor, before M.J managed to turn around and stop the flow with her right hand behind her back.

She winked at him and as he leaned down to kiss her she whispered: “I’ll be sure to mention today in your next performance review, Commander.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32