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Another Friday night, home alone, sad and still missing my lover of the past three years, so many misgivings, i had always been so submissive and relied so much on her to be my mistress, lover, and best friend. devastated by her decision to leave me for her former boyfriend, i had withdrawn into myself wallowing in self-pity, and resorting to online chat sites. My new friends i had made were so easy to unload on, all my secrets and desires, we were just anonymous people sharing secrets, no harm done, The things we talked about and deep desires,we shared felt normal, to discuss what i wanted and was prepared to do, seemed so harmless yet daring as i shared my fetishes and the things i so wished i could do, how i ached to find a new mistress who would force me to do things i hadn’t even dreamt off. Two of the people i had become very intimate with, both seemed to share my desires, and we had even shared emails, even though we had no idea what each of us looked like we felt connected enough to discuss anything personal, the relationship was blooming and the ability to discuss personal feelings with each other and the confidence in the security of our feelings never being revealed, gave me the courage to divulge things i would never tell anyone else. I sometimes told the both of them if we ever met, i would be willing to be their slave, no limits i wrote. they laughed with me and assured me if we were to meet one day, they would most definitely accommodate my desires. How about i seduce you and make you my personal slave suggested Tania, i will share you around with strangers and let them find your new limits. maybe sell your sexy ass to the highest bidder. All jokes and smutty chat.

Tonight was a little different, i had checked my emails, and amongst the usual clutter was a free voucher for a club, which was close by to my neighbourhood, it had an address that was out of the ordinary for a club, but it also claimed to be an exclusive club and had a very high membership fee, but this one time offer to a selected few, would grant me one year free access to the new section they were opening, with the option to purchase a membership into the Vip section after one year, Chatting to my friends online and being a bit down, it didn’t take Tania long to convince me to pop out and see what it was all about,,, Hey she wrote what have you got to lose,,, Andrew, on the other hand, quizzed me about how they had got my email,, suggesting maybe i should be carefull with my online purchacing, But hey go and check it out he said, if it looks odd don,t stay, you never know he said, it just might lead to something good, Hey he said who knows, maybe you will meet some one new.

Deciding to quickly check out the club, i printed off the voucher, now it sounds quite classy, so best dress a little classy, with the new dress that my Ex had brought me, the one with the split up the side, [ apparently for easy access she had joked, and made me promise to never wear panties with it, wink wink ] well i just might do that, i decided, you never know it may bring me luck. looking in the mirror, i was impressed myself, low cut just as i like, my nipples showing slightly through the material, the splits up each side showing my long tanned legs and giving the hint of my near nakedness underneath, I shook out my long blonde hair, and admired my seductive look, mmmm I thought i would definitely check me out..

Arriving at the address, I was surprised by the layout, it didn’t even look like a normal club from the outside, more like a warehouse, but the front door had a sign over it that was just like the one on the voucher, and two well-dressed people stood outside, letting a steady flow of customers in. walking up to the door the woman politely asked for my membership card.

Ohhh i am sorry I only have this voucher I received, I stuttered, Glancing at it she smiled and i noticed for the first time how gorgeous she looked, i felt her take the voucher and say my name, softly Well Sara, welcome, follow me and i will explain how it all works, gently taking my hand she escorted me inside where I was shocked at the exquisite set up, everything so plush and invite, she guided me into a private booth, and signaled me to sit. no sooner i was sitting a waitress in the most beautiful semi-revealing costume appeared, with a glass of my favourite red wine, i didn’t know where to look, totally overwhelmed by how beautiful everything was, stunned that they knew I would even like red wine, Sara , My name is Tania,, i am part owner here, and i would like to offer you free membership for a year in our club, you will also get the option to join our VIP section at a later date for a reduced fee, if you wish, each time you arrive you will be offered 4 free complimentary drinks, either red wine of your choice or vodka if you prefer, handing me a card which i was a little surprised to se had already been printed with my name on it, my look must have been noticed, as she pulled out a handfull of prepared cards, Ohh Sorry she said, we sent out free vouchers to the people we had selected from the wine mail order list and took a guess, most people would accept.

Ahhh i managed to say, before I felt her hand brush mine, then felt her eyes lock onto mine, the look she gave me sent a shiver of pleasure rushing through me, my heart skipped and I felt my face start to glow, Now you just enjoy yourself, Sara, i will introduce you to the other owner later , he is gorgeous and i am sure he will be quite taken with you,, with a seductive wink she walked away. my mind racing and slightly excited, Fancy meeting someone with the same name as my online fantasy girlfriend, dismissing it as coincidence.

Mesmerized by the surroundings and by the way the staff seemed to be paying special attention to me, my glass never seemed to be empty, all the customers seemed to be paying attention to me as well , everyone was so friendly, introducing themselves and many of the reasonably wealthy looking customers sitting and chatting, buying me drinks and complimenting my attire, one very attractive and rich looking lady seemed to be very interested in my life ,As i had begun to relax and feel so much at home here ,i answered her fairly honestly, maybe a little confused by her seemingly innocent but personal questions. the question regards my recent split with my partner was strange, she seemed to guess i was Lesbian, and that made her more forward regards my personal life and the close friends i had, Flirting with me possibly, or maybe just wanting to form a one-night thing perhaps. She was certainly attractive and i was beginning to show a little interest in her advances i guessed her to be around her 40’s and very sexy. also very dominating in the way she presented herself.

As the night wore on, i noticed the door that a lot of the VIP customers had been coming and going from had a new sign, which read to the effect that a new star attraction was coming, pre-inspections and applications for the upcoming auction were welcome from tonight. just then i spotted Tania approaching with one of the hottest guy’s i had seen for some time, he was wearing a casual sports jacket that highlighted his wide athletic chest, his casual slacks were tight in all the right places., I noted a large bulge down the right side of his slacks, his walk was sexy and casual, his eyes looked directly at me and the smile sent an electric shock deep into me, both of them side by side, was the picture of beauty, my mind went into overdrive, my inner lust started to boil, i could feel the sexual urges start to flow through me, just the thought of both these gorgeous creatures, had my inner demons forming images in my mind,.HI Sara. This is Andrew, As i promised earlier, i do hope you have had a good evening. Andrew extended his hands and gently took mine, drawing it to his mouth and placing a kiss on the back, still holding it, he locked his gaze on my eyes, the attraction was instant, i felt like a school girl, but confused , i have only had female lovers for many years and never felt so attracted to a man before, quickly looking at Tania, i saw the lust deep in her eyes, but unsure if it was for me or him. stunned and unsure what to say, could only mutter I have had a great night, i feel so special here. Once again the name threw me, how spinny ,, both names of my online playmates. Both as hot and sexy, as i imagined my anonymous friends to be.

Well then Andrew continued, we hope to see a whole lot more of you in the coming days, feel free to come as often as you like, mmmmmm some of our VIP customers seem to like your presence, but please be wary some of them are,,, How do i say !!! very much used to having everything they want, spoilt maybe, and perhaps would eat you alive if they could, Laughing and gently releasing my hands, looking at Tania his voice low, I caught the few words, he spoke, Tan she is everything we thought, continue to groom her, and then walked away. my eyes lingered on him as he walked, or swaggered, wicked thoughts forming in my mind.

The waitress appeared again, this time with two drinks, Tania sat next to me and started to chat about how the club ran, and how the VIP room was the exclusive room for the very rich patrons, her voice drifted by me like seductive music, my self-control was at its limit, i tried not to look at her perfect mouth ,or her perfect breasts, which seemed more exposed than i remembered earlier, her short dress seemed to be higher, exposing her delicious legs, i could feel myself becoming horny and my desires for her rising rapidly, every now and then she would brush my hand with her’s my breath would suck in and i stumbled for words, I wasn’t sure if my imagination was running wild or she was flirting with me, the number of drinks i had consumed, started to show, red wine had always loosend my inhibitions and made me horny, Vodka was definetly my weak point, it seemed to not only loosen my control over my legs but my tongue as well, I carefully let my hand drift towards her, and as we talked, i pretended to not hear as well so moved closer, accidently placing my hand on her thigh, to steady myself.

Ohhh i am so sorry, I stuttered, blushing and moving to remove my hand, only to realize her hand now rested on top of mine, Sara,, can i be so bold as to ask, do you like me?… I think you are so hot, honey,,,

I was stuck for words,, she removed her hand and took mine, still looking me in the eyes, with her beautiful green eyes, my heart skipped, my tongue felt swollen and i was shaking in delight,, YYYYeess i managed, i think you are beautiful, aare you ….ahhh …

Yes, Sara,, I am Bi and you interest me very much,, would you like if we got to know each other better.

But you and Andrew,, are you. before i could ask more she lent over and kissed me on the lips, her tongue flicked over my lips then plunged deep into my mouth, sheer bliss erupted through my body i felt the moisture start to develop between my legs, my heart raced and the feeling of lightheadedness flowed through me, And no Andrew and I are just business partners, but we do share quite a bit if you understand. I nodded, all my dreams seeming to fall together.

As the customers all drifted out of the VIP room, most stopped at our table and made small talk, by now all my mind was focussing on was Tania, and the prospect of getting to know her better, her hands had become quite adventurous through the night, my nipples were so hard they hurt and i was so wet between my legs I was afraid i would leave a puddle on the floor below me.I so hoped that no one could smell my sex , but pretty sure it was evident, the women who sat down all eyed me with strange looks then whispered soft words to Tania, smiling seductively at me then winking at her, each strongly agreeing the new coming attraction was going to be something special, my final drink was one i shouldn’t have had, i seemed to go from happily aroused to suddenly sleepy, i acknowledged Andrew sitting next to me and Tania, talking about a contract, somehow i was agreeing to anything they said, then i recall signing a few forms, which i assumed was membership forms to join the VIP club. Tania’s hands were quite busy under the table as Andrew read out a few lines on each form, as i would go to sign on the lines indicated, her hands and fingers seemed to move further up my thighs and the gentle touches made me shudder and close my eyes as i quickly scribbled my signature, then moved to the next page, the wetness on the seat beneath me was growing and my heart was singing for joy, The final page was a blurr,, Andrew leaned over and as he did so he brushed my erect nipples accidentally, just as Tania slipped her fingers deeper into my receptive cavity, i clenched my thighs tight, and gave an uncontrolled moan, then shuddered with a huge orgasm as i tried to sign the final page, hand streaking across the page.

I recall Tania and Andrew assisting me to stand and walking me towards the VIP lounge doorway, then the feeling of gentle hands washing and rubbing my body, the soft music and gentle hands, my body reacting to the touches, the kocaeli escort feeling of my hands being softly pulled outwards, the soft touches around my ankles and wrists, even the soft touch around my neck, then the sensation of my nipples being touched and pulled, the small sting as my piercings were removed and replaced, the sensation below on my clit as i felt the piercings there removed and the sting as they were replaced, then more stings as if my labia was being pierced, and then nothing but peaceful sleep. and the image of Tania, Naked kneeling over me.

Slowly i felt myself awake, my eyes still closed, the cool breeze wafting over my naked body, the sensation of something heavy but feathery on my breasts, nipples slightly sore, my lower region strangly sore and something softly brushing my inner thighs, as i went to stretch my hands i find they won’t move, my legs feel strange i try to move them but once again i am unable, i try to sit up, but my neck is pulled to one side and the feeling of a firm band around my neck brings my eyes wide open, in horror i look up at a mirror, there i see myself spread eagal on a bench in the middle of an unfamiliar room, my mind reels and starts to unscramble events, I recall fragments of the night, Tania, Andrew, WTF have they done to me, I stare at the mirror, my hands and feet are restained my nipples have huge rings with feathery tassels as well as my clit which now has a large ring, and small rings down each side of my labia,

Horror streaks through me, as the realization hits home, my mouth is dry I cant cry out, fear has consumed my entire body and without control, my bladder opens, my tears are flowing and i start to become hysterical.

Sara,, Honey calm down, settle you are just going to make yourself sick,, remember you wanted this sweetie, now CALM THE FUCK DOWN YOU DIRTY SLUT OR ELSE…. Still struggling it took a few seconds to place the voice, then I started to remember the wording on the forms I was signing last night , ohhh nooo please i didn’t know what i was doing.. To Late Sara you belong to the club now, for a year, best you start getting used to it honey.. we have a lot to get ready and being the star attraction you wouldn’t want to not look good would you, all the guests have their hearts set on you and mmm well it wouldn’t do to disappoint them now.

The voice over the intercom boomed through, i recognised Andrew as he demanded i be made ready for the morning exhibition, my eyes widened in terror, my body shook in fear, as Tania unclipped my hands and feet, taking the lead attached to the collar around my neck and roughly pulling me off the bench .

Come, Sara, let’s make you a member of the VIP lounge, with a small sexy laugh and a seductive smile she quietly said how lucky for you, free membership and all you have to do is do what you always talk about, let’s see if you have been all talk honey,

I looked at her in horror, wwhat do mean,, i mumbled by that,, Oh She smiled,, who do you think you have been chatting to online you little slut, love to be a slave do you, mmm and oh so many other niceties, well lets just see if you are as kinky as you say ,, you are my slave now and you better damn well behave like one ,, And dear slutty Sara, i do so hope you like getting that sexy ass of yours slapped honey. and i think you just might be sort after in the auction tonight.

trembling in fear and uncertainty i let myself be led into a room ,Tania draped a see threw gown over me then cuffed my hands behind my back, kicking my feet apart i felt her attach a spreader bar between my feet keeping my legs spread, and just to add insult, she reached behind her and produced a large plug with a furry tail, I shook my head and the tears flowed,, stand still slave or else. I think the crowd will love you with this in your ass, just make sure you wag it a few times. A giggle, and that sexy smile again. slowly Tania pushed the pointy end against my resisting anal hole, a sudden sharp slap across my face and she forced it into me, I gasped and tried to pull away but another slap this time across my ass, the sting and shock bringing me to tears. the feeling of the heavy plug deep inside my ass felt uncomfortable the tickling sensation of the tail touching my inner thighs and the dangling feeling of my new jewelry hanging from my nipples and clit, somehow started to make me slightly aroused, the fear and adrenaline that was starting to course through me had the unnatural effect of making me as horny as red wine did, my body started to let me down . as i was led towards the VIP lounge i looked around and saw what looked like cells and cages, some had girls in them, some I recognized as the waitresses from the previous night. Tania saw my eyes, and she smiled at me if you’re a good slave Sara. you can sleep in my room, or that’s yours in the corner, Your choice slut, now come. ohh my, your education is just about to start slut.

As i was led into the room, everything went quiet, the door we came through was just of from a stage, that i was pulled up onto, the lights were blinding all i could make out was shapes of people in the audience and the hushed whisper of female voices, some making dirty remarks and some whistles and catcalls. Tania smiled again and quietly said your first day just happens to be ladies only day, how lucky are you, no cock yet just lots of hands and tongues, ohhh Sara you did mention once you like a little fisting, for your sake i do hope you do, with that she lowered a rope from the roof and clipped it to my cuffed hands. raising it and left me standing in the center.

Trying to look out over the room was difficult. the glare from the bright lights temporarily blinding me, all i could make out was shapes, and voices of women , the comments seemed to be aimed at me, some claiming i was going to be the best treat they had seen for a while, others making suggestions regarding what they were going to make me do, my fear was rising , my bladder felt full and the urge to urinate was growing stronger, i couldn’t get my legs together enough to clamp my vagina due to that damn spreader bar.

Slowly the noise subsided. Ladies and others i heard a voice shout out… Ladies,, this is the wonderful Sara we have been promising you,,, now please take your time to inspect her delicious menu that is on each of your tables… Yes, ladies by her own admission. Her own words these are the treats she freely offers to whoever bids the most for a chance to make her dreams come true. well as free as she can be. Laughter rang out. then quiet again. now i am sure by now most of you have had the chance to inspect rather closely our new exhibition, while she was on show in the club. and i am sure you watched how easily her legs are opened with the slightest touch by our delectable Tania,, marvels of the technology of hidden cameras and wide screens..

My eyes focused and now as the lights dimmed a little i stared in horror at the far wall .. a wide screen playing images of myself. sitting at the table with Tania the previous night. My eyes glazed, in happy delirious smiles, my legs wide my bare thighs and Tania’s gentle hands caressing me, fucking me under the table, while i thought she was discreet, the whole world was watching. My body heaved my bladder opened and i vomited uncontrollably.

My tears flow and my body shook in shame, never before had i done anything so vulgar,, Tania wiped my eyes and wiped away the mess on my face, smiling sweetly. My anger started to flow as i regained my composure, I glared at Tania… Bitch, you can’t do this to me,,, my work will miss me,,, My landlord will miss me .. you will have to let me go… NOW ppplease. OHHH Sara, Sara, Sara. Her hands grasped my chin and turned my face towards the centre of the room.

It took a few seconds to adjust my eyes, just seconds.. stunned, shocked and totally lost for words. There sat my Boss from the office i worked in,, Smiling seductively at me, a naked slave girl between her legs, her fingers pointing at me and indicating towards the girl between her legs while winking and licking her lips. MMMMMMMMMM Don’t think work will be missing you anytime soon honey,,, and as far as your landlord, rents paid, mails redirected, bills sorted and ,, You did agree freely to work for us ,, ohhh don’t you remember the contracts you signed Sara. my stomach erupted again, then i felt myself being led away.

As we left the room, all i could hear was excited voices, words about the auction and starts at 8 sharp, don’t miss out , no limits for this one and yes the full works. giggling and shouts then my mind went numb.

Two pretty half-naked girls appeared next to me , i blindly let them lead me into a large bathroom, I was groomed and washed, my hair washed and platted, a fresh flower placed behind both my ears, my already bald vagina scrubbed and waxed, then the indignity of being subjected to the most though enema i had ever endured. flushed so many times i thought i felt my entire insides had been washed out. and again the humiliation of having an even bigger plug forced deep into my anal cavity, tears flowed silently, I had resigned myself to my fate, The true terror of what was about to happen to sink in, my body shivering and shaking uncontrollably. Both the girls grooming me smiled and gently tried to calm me, one leaned in and kissed me on the cheek, saying i would be fine,, Tania likes you, and she will never let you get hurt, but don’t upset her or Andrew, nooo must never do that Sara she said. she will think nothing of punishing you , and Andrew has wicked ways to break a new girl, so be careful.

Leaving me in a small room with my hands and feet cuffed to the bench i was laying on. my mind drifted to all the conversations i had had with Tania online, Omg how much had i told her about my fantasies, some of them i had just blabbed about without any real meaning, but the parts about fear and pain causing me to orgasm were partly true, oh shit how far will they go,, the shit i wrote about wanting to be humiliated was true, but only with a lover not a whole fucking audience, why did i tell her i wanted to know how it felt to be fisted analy, oh fuck surely no one does that … do they.. Why the enema. and this damn thing in my bum how humiliating and uncomfortable. then my mind drifted to the conversation i had about wanting to have someone pee in my face,, that was just talk and sounded kinky enough at the time,..shudder then i heard Tania walk in.

I looked at her with pleading eyes, but all i got in return was a saucy smile and her hands gently wandering over my naked body, drawing small circles on my inner thighs then plucking at my nipple rings, she removed the tassels and replaced them with small bells. the same on my clit ring, slowly sinking between my legs and licking between my labia, over my clit while tweaking my nipples, slowly rising, she shook off her silky dress, her body was perfect, breasts firm and pert large hard nipples with studs through them, her perfectly bald pussy shining and obviously wet, her fingers slipped into herself, removing them she pushed them into my mouth, i closed my eyes and sucked at them hungrily, the taste of her womanly juice, fresh and heady, next i felt her slither over me. positioning her face between my open legs, Her moist pussy moving deliciously close to my nose and mouth, ever so gently she lowered herself onto my face, my hands cuffed beside me, my legs spread and secured, Just like my dreams. Lick me Sara . Taste my Cunt,,, then she flicked her tongue deep into my now very wet lips. instantly my mouth engulfed her wet pussy my tongue diving in and out , hungry and horny, the wetness on my face and tongue the smell of her driving me into a sexual frenzy, her magical mouth bringing me to the edge of a massive orgasm within seconds. the fear and terror subsiding, all i felt was submission and pleasure. with my eyes closed, her scent like the perfume the wet fluid slipping down my face and cheeks as she came hard on my face. pure bliss not a care in the world, Then i felt a presence, and a masculine smell, with her face between my legs, my orgasm building yet again, the wet sticky drips that seemed to be falling on my cheeks and the tang of something sweet and salty on my lips. opening my eyes, i gasped as i saw a massive cock, above my face, directly over Tania’s ass cheeks. the dripping pre-cum slowly forming and trickling down between her ass over her puckered hole over and around her wet swollen cunt lips and into my mouth.

The sheer size of him brought a gasp to me, i inhaled and the mixture of both Tania and Andrew seemingly combined and trickled into my now open mouth, i tilted back my head the dripps of his sticky pre cum continued to form and fall , then i watched in awe as he slowly rubbed his wet cock over her pulsing ass hole, ever so slowly he entere her in and out a little then deeper, each thrust, her face buried into my wet cunt, her tongue like a machine, orgasm after orgasm shuddering through me, as his thrusts, mesmerizing me and turning me on so much more, her juices flowed, kocaeli escort bayan my face saturated, then i watched in amazement as his huge hard cock pulsed and surged the waves of semen pouring into her tight hole, the dribbles of whitish fluid dripping out around his huge pulsing cock, mixxing with her juices and dribbling into my now very hungry mouth, lapping at the strange flavours combined, the sticky sweet taste pleasant, then the colour started to change to a yellowish, stain, the thought flew threw my head that it wasn’t just cum, but try as i could my face was locked, i closed my mouth and eyes, trying to turn away, as he with drew, the amount of cum that erupted from her anal cavity was unbelievable, still trying to avoid it, then her hips rottated and i felt her grind her ass down lower. Don’t you Dare Sara you slut she snarled,, open your fucking mouth,, i shook my head.. OPEN Now. i felt Andrew grip my face and squeeze, then my lips parted, in horror, i watched as the cum inside her ass dribbled out and dripped onto my face then mouth. Lick it up slut its good for you ,,, mmmmm i closed my eyes and slowly lapped at her, the taste sweet and sickly but not unpleasant, with no option i shuddered , but her face buried between my legs again, the pleasure was intense , unconsciously i lapped and buried my tongue deep into her ass hole, her muscle control incredible, almost like her hole was trying to swallow my tongue . the amount of cum that flowed out of her was massive, never before had i seen a single guy produce so much, as i fucked her tight hole with my tongue eager to please her as she was pleasing me, i felt her final orgasm and the gush that erupted from her cunt flooded my face , unsure if she hadn’t peed on me but the feeling was so great i didn’t care anymore.

It took me by surprise as i felt Andrew tilt my head back over the edge of the bench . It didn’t register what he was doing untill he pushed my head down and slipped his rapidly hardening cock between my lips, the shock and sudden intrusion in my mouth made me try to resist, all that did was make me gulp for air as his manhood filled my mouth then slid to the back of my tongue .the steady force he used gave me no choice but to relax my throat or choke, deeper he slid, . trying not to gag, , the effect of my throat muscles pulsing seemingly massaging his by now monster cock , wanking him uncontrollably with each suppressed gag reflex. swallowing reflex trying to stop the choking feeling his gentle motion back and forth, my mouth and neck in line his pulsing cock started to erupt with a massive flood of sticky cum, injected straight down my throat. He slid from my full mouth, smiled at me and demanded Tania to clean me up and ready me yet again.

As Tania slithered off me, totally exhausted and satisfied, i looked at her, and the realization that i now belonged to her, i was her toy, her plaything and nothing else mattered anymore, i knew then i was going to have to do everything she wanted me to do and then some,

Sara . You are one horny slut, best get you ready for tonight, I just looked at her and smiled. Ohhh Sara. ! That was piss, get used to it.. the next time you are going to drink it for me. Understand,, I just nodded my head, Yes Miss.

Washed and scrubbed yet again, another larger plug forced into my now less resisting ass hole, the feeling still uncomfortable but more bearable than before. I was led to the cages with about eight other girls, all in various states of nakedness, i wondered why i was the only one completely naked, save for the tail and piercings. Tania slipped a silky gown over my head, it draped over me, the sensation of the material sticking to me in places as i moved sent shivers through me, but did little to hide my bare body, i was chained to the other girls then silently led down the passage to the Vip room.

Entering the now familiar room, i was unchained and placed in a cage now in the center of the stage, the other girls were lined along the edge of the stage.

I watched as the women from the lounge walked slowly around the girls, prodding them and feeling places they shouldn’t, getting them to bend and open their private parts, , allowing the women to insert fingers into them , feeling their breasts,and pinching them on the nipples, before nodding approval and returning to there seats. It was then i finally realized they were going to be auctioned off, like slaves, i watched as each girl was sold, the new owner step up on stage .place a lead on their collar and walk to the selection of sex toys that were arranged around the stage, i watched as each new owner selected whips chains, dildo’s and various tools i had never seen. then leading the new slave off stage back to a table, I watched the pretty girl who had earlier washed and groomed me then kiss my cheek, be led to the selection by her new owner, her face wincing and her eyes showing discomfort in her new owner, it was then i saw the woman who had been so friendly to me in the bar . she smiled at me as she led her new slave to the selection of toys, her hands caressing over the largest dildo’s i had ever seen while her eyes never left me, the selection of whips, and cuffs along with clamps and dildo’s she selected, sent a shiver through me and i felt so sorry for the girl she had just purchased, when she left the stage with slave in tow, i watched as she walked to the table with my old boss, just the two of them smiling up at me like i was something delicious to eat, i felt the fear reenter my soul.

The voice boomed out for quiet. everything went deathly quiet… Now the moment you have all been waiting for….The voice continued.. The final bidding tonight will start, It has been requested by many of you that we use the new equipment, As this is a special request from some of our long-standing members, we have decided that if we break our previous record tonight. Not only will we allow the onstage dungeon equipment to be trialed, but the lucky buyer will get to take home the slave for one night as well..

The cheering and whistles were deafening, Suddenly, the bidding started,, my sudden urge to pee was so bad i whispered to Tania,, she just smiled and shook her head,,, maybe later Sara.was all she said.. the bidding climbed higher and higher, i caught the number four thousand then six thousand, I watched in shock as the frenzy climbed in the crowd, some shouting some holding up chalkboards,, i looked at the table where Eve and my ex-boss sat,.. horror as i thought i saw the figure of eight thousand.. things went quiet, most of the women sat back , just a few still bid,, How much money do these women have i thought . as Tania muttered and smiled. Rich and bored ladies. Wow. Is that Ten grand,,, Fuck she wants your ass Sara, mmmmmmm a night out with her giggle giggle,, you wont be walking to straight tomorrow honey,, oh yeah be careful sweetie,, heard a few stories about her special kinks and her pets. Frowning she looked into my petrified eyes,, and that sexy smile split her mouth,, Ohhh dear you did joke about a curiosity didn’t you.. hope for your sake she never finds out .

Sold. Sold to our very own special member miss Eve,,, congratulations .. you have exceeded any previous bid,, Please step up and take possession of your new slave.

I was mortified as she slowly walked up the stage , heading straight for me smiling and eyeing me over as if i was a prize animal she had just brought. At this moment i certainly felt like one. as she got closer she motioned me to step towards her, my desier to ee increased, trying to hold my legs together was difficult, i didn’t move.. her eyes shot up and the smile turned into a snarl, Dont disobey me slut.. move when you are told… I, I, I can’t i need to pee I spluttered. ohhh we need to piss do we, very well, turning to her table she yelled at her other slave, bring me my glass.. The girl grabbed her glass and ran up to the stage. handing it over , quickly Eve drank the wine, and handed me the glass… go ahead pee.. my mouth fell open my eyes wide in disbelief.. a small trickle of urine escaped between my clenched thighs. i went the color of beetroot, my face and ears burning. My eyes glancing towards the ladies room..

Now … if its so pressing piss in the glass.. now slut DO IT… silence from the room.. my heart beating was all i could hear.. tears welled in my eyes and slowly i took the glass.. so embarrassed,,, i closed my eyes and held the glass between my legs the trickle of urine into the glass seemingly louder than i thought possible, as i felt it overflow i tried to stop the flow but to late.. a puddle gathered under me, Now look what you have done you filthy slut Eve shouted … I managed to stop the flow, enough pressure relieved. Then i couldn’t believe her next words,,, NOW DRINK IT ! !

I shook my head, defiance flaring through me. NO. You drink it. i screamed in tears at her. shaking and spilling the glass. her calm reaction surprised me… all she did was a nod at the other girl, point and say, if she won’t drink it. YOU drink it. the girl slowly reached for it her face distorted, but obediently she took the glass and raised it to her lips. shaking my head, i couldn’t make her do it, slowly i said Okayyy I,I,I will.. she quickly looked at her misstress for permission.

Eve eyed both of us. then smiling ..No, I don’t think so … go ahead and drink this bitches piss.. Sara, i think you need to help this young lady to pee . i watched

in horror, as she gulped my warm urine down then handed me the glass again, Fill it again Sara, two more times and both times she drank it, .

Reaching for me her hands grasped the sheer gown i had on .in one swift motion it was torn from me. On you knees. now, i was ordered, trembling i lowered to the floor.. walking to the girl, taking the now empty glass, and casually tossing it to Tania. she slipped the loose dress over the girls shoulders and let it fall to the ground, now as naked as myself, i looked up as she stepped forward, spread her legs, reached down and with her nimble fingers, pulled her clit up and spread her labia.. instantly i knew what i was to do.. I had tried this before with a girlfriend, but in private not in front of an audience,,, red faced i resigned myself to the indignity of a public display.. closing my eyes i leaned into her open pussy and placed my tongue on the bridge between her ass hole and pussy my mouth engulfing her sweet sexy lips.

As if she was used to doing this, her small squirts were controlled and short trickles dribbled onto my tongue gathering and running into my mouth, i shuddered at the first bitter salty taste, then as it ran over the back of my tongue the taste was almost pleasant, almost sweet and sour. not sure what else to do i swallowed all she trickled into my mouth, trying hard not to gag or throw up, strange sensations ran through me, i started to feel so horny, kneeling on the floor being ordered to drink piss from a sexy girls pussy in front of everyone, i actualy felt the stirrings of an orgasm deep inside.

Mesmerized and feeling horny, but scared, and confused, I heard noises around me, when i opened my eyes i stared at the mobile platform, a set of stocks, a bench like you see in gynecologists examination room, a rack with an assortment of whips and chains, and the dreaded enema set up that had been used on me so many times.

My hair was pulled until i was standing. embarrassed and dribbles of warm urine dribbling down my chin and over my now erect nipples, the feeling of being dominated and humiliated starting to make me feel very horny and aroused as it always has, Eve slid her finger through my large nipple ring, giving both the small bells a jinggle and chuckling to her self. pulling me to the platform, i had no choice but to follow, one hand with her finger hooked through my nipple ring the other holding a small riding crop,, which she seemed intent on using on my bare ass and legs. placing my neck and hands through the stocks i was now helpless.. her other slave assisting her, and also continue running her small delicate hands over my now sensitive body, suddenly i felt the sting across my ass and legs,, i screamed , but told to stop or it will be worse i gritted my teeth.. the sting brought tears to my eyes, and i felt the sexual pleasure i so often got from being whipped start to uncontrollable build, my self-control slipping and the moisture seeping from between my legs, almost begging for her to hit me harder. glancing around once again a little shocked to see all the screens in the room filled with me from different angles. the hushed whispers.. of Fuck she is enjoying that,, then oh my god is she going to put that in her,, i strained to look around, .. There it was the monster dragon dildo i had seen on display earlier… the feeling of the But plug being pulled out of me had me squeal and try to pull away. then the feeling of my stretched sphincter muscles twitching and trembling like an open hungry mouth, the sensation of it being so gaped and the gentle cool breeze felt like it was blowing straight into izmit escort me.

At first the touches around my butt cheeks and the feathery touches between my legs seemed rather pleasant the muscles on my anal hole still feeling wide open the warm sensation soon became obvious that it was copious amounts of lube being forced into my open anus, then the fingers slipping in and out, then what felt like a large dildo being pushed inside me , until i head the gasps from the tables i scanned the screens i could see,, at the same time i realised i t wasn’t a dildo but a whole hand sliding deep into my body through my ass hole, i sucked in my breath and pushed back the feeling so good i wanted more,, i soon realised the girl had one hand in my ass and the other running up and down my now dripping wet thighs, .the feeling of more fingers probing around my now full ass brought another harsh intake of breath i felt my muscle around my sphincter relax and give in as the second hand forced its way into me. on the screen i could see my stomach bulging as if i had a living thing inside me making shapes in my flat belly,, i could contain myself no longer i cum in a rush,, my whole body spasming and wiggling in pleasure. my screams of pure pleasure echoed around the now silent room,, shivering and shaking like a woman possessed, i hadn’t orgasmed so hard for so long but now the floodgates were open and my body strained to push back harder and fuck there hands for all i was worth,, i didn’t care anymore it was just me and pleasure.

I lost track of the night, the amount of times i was fucked by the massive dragon, and the welts on my back and ass, i felt sore and pleasured, my legs could barely support me, i face was covered in the wet juices of so many women, one after the other they had fucked me, with everything and anything, ate me and buried my face deep between there legs, i had even been taken to the ladies several times and made drink there piss directly from the horny wet cunts..

Now the night was over, I was covered in a sheer see-thru dress and escorted to Eves flash Mercedes, My ex-boss also with us, I now had an even larger plug inserted deep in my anus, a cute fluffy tail hanging down between my legs. tired, smelling of so much sex, .my legs gave out and as i was sitting between the two women speeding to her house, all I could hear was how i was going to be in for a surprise and do you think she will enjoy it as much as the rest,, my mind drifted i felt my eyes closed and the chatter faded away. just the fingers between my legs and the gentle tweaking of my nipples kept me almost conscious. As we pulled into the garage, I heard the sound of a large dog barking,, and the whispers of i think he knows what you are bringing home…. But that isn’t what you had planed is it ? A small Giggle followed by , you planning for her to star in the new Vid, ehh… Wow i hope she likes equine adventures, ,, mmmm… thats what the big anal plugs have been about..

My mind started to register some of the inuendues, i frowned and looked from one to the other. The doors opened and out stepped an absolutly gourgous girl dressed in a silky see thru dress, next to her stood an enormous dog. Her eyes brightened as they roved over me, i watched as she drank me in then turned to my new mistress, she is very pretty Misstress, Did you find her at the club. Will she in the new movie, ? or is she just staying for the night. I can get the spare room ready,,, orrr is there oher arrangements Miss.

Begining to feel uncomfortable with every one talking as if i didn’t exist, i spun around and stared at Eve and Peta… what exactly is happeninig here ,,why are you talking like i am yours to do as you like… the look on Eve’s face and the smirk on Peta’s face stopped me short, as i sence the implications of what they had been talking about.. This isn’t just an overnight stay is it, i stuttered, Both shook their heads and smiled..

Sara. Sara .. do you think i would pay ten grand for a bit of pussy for the night .. No,, i do actualy own you now honey .And you will be smart to start obeying me.. You are my new star honey, Do you ride Sara…Now lets show you around shall we,, your new role is quite simple,, you just have to do a little horse riding then perhaps, help out with the breeding program i have planed for Tiny there. Pointing at her large dog. Oh !! and this is Sue,, she will show you the ropes on handling Tiny,, with a wink, she is seriously good at it.

A new wave of terror raced through my veins,, I had once been talked into having a dog mount me by my previous girlfriend, but it had been arkward and clumsy, the actual experience had been exciting until the dog knotted in me and i had to wait to be released, but it was not anywere as big or ferousious looking as this one,,, i stared at the animal, shaking my head.. No No way… and the horse thing … Forget it i shouted.

I never saw the hand untill it held my hair in a tight grip. Sue !!! get the clamps. Now girl.. Eve’s face was in my face the anger and cruelity now evident.. You cost me ten Grand slut, and if i say you are going to ride a horse for me. you fucking will.. as a matter af fact we can start right now,,

I felt the world crash around me as i was dragged by the hair out through the garage into the yard, i stumbled and fought to no avail, dragged into a large room, stalls around the walls,, each stall contained a horse,, all looked large and well groomed. in the center of the room was light stands. a table assy with a headrest, a cussioned pad part way down and straps that looked suspisiously like the were to restrain legs. My legs…. confusse i shook my head, Sue pushed the bench assy towards me,, i had no choice as i was shoved and pushed into position over the bench.. i twisted my head ,,t o see the damn dog eyeing me… as my hands were clamped to the contraption and my legs tucked under the bench , and clamped. Sue released the dog.

Striding around me, swiping his long wet tongue between my legs, i could do nothing but shiver and wait for the enevitable. my bare ass presented to him, the only saving grac i thought was that fucking tail. it just might stop him entering me.. as i thought that , Sue gently extracted the tail and plug, leaving my gaping hole exposed to him… i closed my eyes and tried to ignore the humiliation as he mounted me and buried himself deep inside my open ass hole,, no mercy as he humped with every bit of aggression he could muster, as the knot formed and his seal filled my hole i felt the flood of dog sperm inject directly into my cavity,, so full and so hot. 10 minutes, 20 minutes i lost track of time, the sound of cameras and flashes , seeming to go on forever. the comentary and the sounds of music drifting around me.. At last he slipped from my back. relieved ,ashamed and in tears i prayed that this would be the last for the night.

Well now, Are you ready to start behaving , Sara… how did that feel,, we got some pretty good shots for your introduction, Now for the money shot honey, Sue stepped forward with a harness . It resembled a leather body suit ,made up of straps and buckles. i stood on shaking legs, cum dripping from my swollen ass hole.. running down my legs and dripping to the floor. still in disbelief at what they were making me do, but in a starnge way feeling so horny and sexualy aroused.. standing still resigned to whatever they had in mind, i let Sue fit the strange harness on me. still puzzeld, i let her lead me to the corner stall. when the gate opened i knew what was about to happen, i struggled and tried to turn and run, the stallion was led out into the centre, he was massive , the three women ulled me screaming and kicking towards him .. my legs turned to jelly and my stomach wanted to erupt, . forced over a trolly face down, i was held tightly by straps over me, i felt the movement as i was positioned under the massive stallion, the staps on the harness i was wearing were secured then i felt myself being raised up towards his belly, the stiff hair on his belly brushing my bare back, secured in position i swung gently under him, strangly comfortable gently swinging back and forth with his movements,… the sensation of his hair touching my bare skin sending shivers and pleasant feelings through my whole body.. i felt the gentle rubbing between my legs , each leg pulled wide and secured to his flanks, my hands strapped to his front legs, the rubbing increased, the wetness from the dog cum, easing the huge flared head of this monsters cock slip between my labia , exciting my clit, part of my mind screaming for him to fuck me and the other part repulsed with myself for liking the sensation.

As the cock started to firm up i felt the movements increase, i heard Eve giving instructions, Sue agreeing, then the sensation changed as i felt the firm flaring cock brushing over my still swollen and gaping ass hole,, NNNnhhhoooo i yelled, but as the pressure increased i was pushed back hard, i felt the remaining muscle control on my spinkter, relax and the stars erupted in my head, pain ,pleasure and fear. the stallion felt it to as he rocke forward making me swing back and forth, each movement driving him deeper, my whole body screaming in a mixed up combination of fear and pleasure, i gulped in deep breaths at each thrust, trying to pull my self forward and off his cock, but involentryly pushing myself back, my eyes screwed tightly closed, gasping for breath, feeling so full and aruosed,, i didn’t realize the stallion was beeing lead around the room at first, as i opend my eyes i saw us moving the motion driving me hardr on his firm cock that now felt as if it was growing bigger inside my ass hole,, the suction noise as i was being fucked in my once tight hole.. my enjoyment rising , the building orgasm sending shivers and tremors through me,, push back harder crying out in pleasure,, my first climax flooding from me in a torrent,, the sounds , of voices shouting ,,fuck look at her cum. the first shot of the stallions massive burst of cum felt like a fire hose filling my insides, the sensations shooting through me,, the pressure building inside as he filled me completely,, the wet spurts as excess cum shot out around his engourged cock and flared end increasing my pleasure. i didn’t care if he split me in half, the feelings of pleasure and lust mixed with the guilty slutty feelings rushing through me, I screamed and shouted ,, Fuck me ,, harder, harder make him fuck me harder ppppleeeeasse. the last burst of his sperm hit me just as i shuddered into another enourmous orgasm, then my mind and body collapsed into a satisfied semi coma…

Waking up i still shook in the memory of the sensational orgasm’s that had ripped through my body,, the harness was gone,, i lay face down on the bench from earlier when i had been breed by the dog. smiling silently to myself and thinking this wasnt so bad.. Sue standing beside me, smiling and whispering, how great i was, and just one more thing for the night, .. Eve standing with her back to me, doing something with a gas tourch,, i could hear the hiss of flames and smell some thing hot. trying to move i found my hands and feet secured tightly to the bench,, i turned my head just as Eve turned ,holding a small long oject, that looked hot and red, the fear returned, as i looked the symble was the letter C with an E & P inside the larger C.. confused yet again…Eve smiled,, Sara my dear little Filly Star,, i brand all my livestock, especialy my best breeders.. You do belong to me now honey, and you will wear this with pride. Sue lifted her dress showing me her neat brand on the cheek of her perfect ass, then held out a thick rubber hose pushing it between my teeth. Tears in my eyes and the hose between my gritted teeth, waited for the brand to touch my skin, I clenched and sreamed through my gritted teeth, the pain was short and sharp.. The cooling effect of the cream smoothed over my new brand instantly relieved the sting., The gentle voice of my new owner softly whispering in my ears, welcome to the family . You are now the official property of Canine & Equine Productions. Sue. take care of her, we start the next shoot early in the morning,, Wash her up and put her in Tania’s bed, she will be here soon. feel free to join them. her eyes lifting in a suggestive manner, I can see how you hunger for a taste of the new filly.

With no energy and so tired i allowed myself to be washed and once again, the dreaded enema, washing away the remenants of dog and horse cum from deep inside my sore body, leading me to a room filled with plush furniture and a bed so large, at least four people could fit comfortably, i allowed Sue to fit the cuffs and restraints to my hands and ankles, then as i lay on the bed she drew my hands above my head and seured them to the head board,, fastening my ankles to either side of the bed base, she then hungrily buried her face between my spread legs, using her tongue to drive me towards yet another orgasm…. drifting to sleep in so much pleasure. all my dreams and fantasies having been brought to life in such a short time… smiling and content my mind continued into another world.. images of more unspoken desires forming in my dreams…

To be continued …..

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