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Big Dicks

Damn! The little whore next door was at it again. What was her game? Why did she put on a performance every night? It was dark outside, her light was on, his bedroom was located on the other side of the driveway. She had to know that he was watching her.

Gary’s cock stood to attention as she slipped out of her bra, revealing big tits, firm with the benefit of youth. Next she slipped out of her panties. Her curly, chestnut triangle pointed straight at the hot cave where his cock was aching to be buried. She lay down on her bed and started fingering her pussy. With one hand tugging at her beautiful pink nipple, the other hand started rubbing her young pussy. Soon she was finger fucking herself and he started stroking his cock.

He had to have her. But how could he, a 42-year old divorced man with 18 and 19-year old sons, attract this hot and horny 18-year old girl next door? He shook his head. He couldn’t remember what it was like to fuck a tight and wet teenage pussy. He’d only just divorced his wife of 20 years and Cindy had never been very interested in fucking. Sure, she’d let him fuck her a couple of times a week throughout their marriage, but she’d mostly just laid there, waiting for him to get his release.

Now that she’d decided to end their marriage he thought it was time to start fucking women who were a bit more adventurous and definitely horny. But he didn’t think he was cut out for single life. He hated picking up women in bars and then coming back and having to protect his cock with several layers of rubber. Something was missing.

Two weeks later Gary was watching the show next door again. He was wondering who was buying her the sexy underwear. He knew that she worked as a secretary. Surely she couldn’t afford to keep buying those sexy little things. He stroked his cock imagining the sort of skimpy outfits he’d like to buy her.

Suddenly something happened across the road. She was obviously not done finger fucking herself, but she was disturbed by something. She kicked her underwear under her bed, pulled on a dressing gown and opened her door. Her father stepped into the room. Gary wondered if the father could smell his daughter’s horny pussy juices. But the father was obviously upset about something. He was yelling at his daughter. There was a heated argument and then the girl stormed out of the room, followed by her father.

A short while later the front door opened and was slammed shut. The dad was in his drive and lit a cigarette. Gary’s curiosity got the better of him and he decided to take his trash out. He greeted his neighbour. He couldn’t remember his name. They’d only spoken briefly on the day when Gary moved in. They started small talking. Gary mentioned something about being frustrated with one of his sons. It was a big lie as he was proud of his boys who were both studying architecture at university, but the neighbour didn’t know this.

“Kids!” the neighbour said exasperated. “If I knew then what I know now I would have stopped at three!”

“How many do you have?”

“Four! The oldest three have all gone off to university and my oldest son is now an engineer. But our youngest one…” He sighed again. “She’s the smartest of the four, but she decided that she doesn’t want to study. She decided that she wanted to be a secretary. And then she goes and gets herself fired, not once, but twice!”

“Oh. Why was she fired?”

“I don’t know. She reckons it’s boring. Of course it’s boring for her. She’s too intelligent to be stuck in a typing pool all day!”

“I need a new secretary,” Gary was struck by his audacity. He had a perfectly adequate secretary, but she was middle aged and married. Quite boring really. “My secretary just announced the other day that she’s leaving at the end of this week. I haven’t been able to find a replacement yet. Do you think you’re daughter would be interested? It’s not a typing pool job. It’ll only be me and her in the office. I’m an architect and my secretary needs to type letters, answer the phone, make travel arrangements, take care of clients, run errands… All sorts of things.”

“Hang on a second and I’ll go get Agnes,” his neighbour looked like he couldn’t believe his luck. “I’m sorry, I don’t remember your name?”


“I’m Dane.”

Dane soon came back with a sullen looking Agnes. She’d put on some casual clothes now, but Gary could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. How he longed to pull her into his house and do an in-depth interview. After a quick chat with Agnes and her dad it was decided that she was going to start working for Gary the following Monday. The next day he had to fire his old secretary and she didn’t take the news very well, but Gary didn’t care. He needed to fuck Agnes and this was the only way he could think of to get to her pussy.

Agnes’s first week was frustrating for Gary. His new young secretary came to work in tight and skimpy outfits. He made countless excuses to be near her, standing close to her, getting as much body contact as he could, but she didn’t seem antalya escort to react. In the evenings he was pleased to see that working for him hadn’t reduced her horniness. She was still stripping and finger fucking in the evening.

By the middle of the second week he was increasingly frustrated. He’d had a long afternoon meeting and the clients were driving him insane. Agnes turned to him and smiled.

“What assholes!” she exclaimed. “If it were me I would’ve told them to fuck off!”

“Believe me,” Gary said. “I felt like it and there was only one thing that helped me get my mind off the frustration I felt.”

“What was that?”

“You.” Gary decided that it was time for all or nothing.


“Yeah, you. The only thing frustrating me more than them.”

“How am I frustrating you? Aren’t I doing a good job?”

“Yeah, that’s not the problem.”

“What is the problem?”

“The problem, sweet Agnes, is that I’m dying to feel your tits in my hands, your lips around my cock and fuck your brains out.”

Gary half expected to be slapped by the teenager.

“You want to fuck me!” she sounded surprised. “I guess you’ve enjoyed my night time shows.”

“You know I was watching?”

“Yeah, the guy who lived there before was watching too. It turned me on big time.”

“You ARE a little slut,” Gary smiled. “Nice! Why don’t you put on a live show for me here and now? The sofa in the conference room is a sofa bed…”

“What makes you think I’m going to fuck you?”

“A horny little thing like you? You’re begging for cock!”

“I’m horny and an exhibitionist,” Agnes admitted. “But I’ve never fucked before.”


“You didn’t think your little slut-du-jour was a virgin, did you?” she teased him. “Guess that changes things.”

“It doesn’t change anything. Now help me pull the blinds and then get yourself undressed. Tonight you’re going to learn that a cock is far better than fingers up your virgin cunt.”

“What’s in it for me?” Agnes asked.

“Apart from as many orgasms you want?”


“What do you want? You want to get paid like a dirty whore?”

Agnes bit her lip and looked unsure. “I don’t know.”

“Well, if you become my mistress I’ll be forced to take you to conferences and out of town meetings.”

“I like that…”

“Now, let’s talk about this afterwards. My cock needs pussy.”

Agnes and Gary pulled the blinds in the conference room. He pulled out the sofa bed and relaxed with his hand on his crotch. Agnes pulled off her blouse and quickly stepped out of her skirt. Today she was wearing a lacy shelf bra and satin French knickers. He stroked his hard on. This show was so much better up close. She turned her back to him and unhooked her bra. When it was on the floor she turned around and jiggled her firm tits. Her pink nipples were firm in the cool, air conditioned office. Gary closed his eyes and imagined his cock between those lovely big tits.

She then wiggled out of her knickers and was naked before him. He patted the mattress next to him and she lay down next to him. He wrapped his arms around her and started kissing her. She parted her lips and he didn’t need a written invitation to start exploring her mouth with his tongue. He positioned himself on top of her, placing his knee between her legs. He reached down and cupped her steaming pussy. Her wetness was trickling from her snatch. He rubbed his finger against her lips and they opened willingly. Her pussy was so slippery his finger was soon buried deep inside her hot and wet hole. Two more fingers slipped inside and he was rubbing her engorged nub with the palm of his hand as he finger fucked her.

Soon she cried out and dug her nails into his shirt as she came. He kept kissing her as she caught her breath. He got up on his knees and started unbuttoning his shirt. Agnes reached for his belt and undid his trousers. She pulled them down to his knees, followed by his briefs. She gasped when his cock bounced out of his briefs in its full, thick six-inch glory. But soon her curiosity got the better of her and she started stroking it.

Gary moaned with pleasure as her soft hand wrapped around his thick piece of meat. He lay on his back and quickly threw his clothes on the floor.

“Suck my cock, baby,” Gary told her and she looked at him with wide eyes. “Just do it, as long as you keep your teeth off it, it’ll be great. I promise I won’t cum in your mouth.”

Agnes kneeled next to him and he used one hand to fondle her tits that were hanging like ripe grapefruits from her chest. He watched with pleasure as she wrapped her pink lips around his hard cock. He groaned as she took him as deep as she could. “Wrap your hands around the base, baby.”

Agnes was a natural cock sucker. Her head started bobbing up and down as she sucked and licked him like a lollipop. He wanted nothing more than to shoot his load down her throat, but he’d promised he wouldn’t. It was time to stop her or he wouldn’t be able to stop fethiye escort himself.

“Baby,” he said and pulled her face from his crotch. “It’s time to start fucking.”

He pinned her body under his and forced her legs apart by placing his between them. He kissed, sucked and pinched her nipples and moved his face down to bury himself in her snatch. He licked the length of her pussy and teased her clit with his tongue. Then he moved back up and kissed her deeply, letting her taste her juices on his lips. He kept his hands busy exploring every inch of her and he felt her wiggling underneath him.

“Say it, baby.”

“Please, Gary,” she begged.

“Please what?”

“Please fuck me!”

He didn’t need any more encouragement. He reached down and guided his cock towards her wet hole. She winced as he broke through her barrier, but she quickly wrapped her legs around him, pulling him further inside her tight cunt. Once he was buried balls deep he started grinding his hips, making her feel every inch of him. Then he pulled out, followed by a hard thrust back inside her. He was soon pumping her with fury and she panted along with him kneading her tits with her eyes closed, her face contorted with pleasure.

Then he felt the faint vibrations of her cunt followed by her convulsions as she came with a loud moan. But he wasn’t done yet. Her cunt was far too sweet to stop fucking her so soon. He pulled out and manoeuvred her over on her front. He then made her get on her hands and knees, admiring her battered wet pussy as she kneeled in front of him. He slammed his cock back inside her tight space, it felt even deeper now. He fucked her harder and faster and soon reached for her tits. He cupped them and kneaded them, squeezing them hard as he fucked her like a man possessed.

“Baby,” he panted. “Use your fingers on your clit.”

She reached down for her clit and started rubbing it, occasionally touching his cock fucking her. Then she whimpered and collapsed as she came again. Gary was ready for it and buried himself deep inside her again, relishing the feeling of her tight cunt cumming around him. When she calmed down he pulled out one final time and slammed her deep before letting out a satisfied cry as he shot his load deep inside her cunt.

He collapsed next to her and fell asleep with his hand on her tits. Half an hour later he woke up and realised that the office cleaners would be there within an hour. He woke Agnes up.

“Baby,” he said and kissed her deeply. “Let’s shower.”

They got up and he grabbed her by the hand and dragged her by the hand into the bathroom. The shower wasn’t really big enough for two so they stood in an embrace as the hot water ran down their bodies. It didn’t take Gary to get hard as a rock and he soon lifted Agnes onto his cock and fucked her against the cold tiles. She bucked wildly against his hips as she let another orgasm take hold of her and Gary didn’t take long to shoot the second load of the night up her young cunt.

After their shower they went back to the conference room and got dressed. They left the cleaning crew to tidy up after their fucking before heading for home. Just as they were about to get into their cars Gary looked up and spoke.

“Tell your parents that I need you to come to a conference with me this weekend. We’re leaving Friday morning and coming back Sunday night.”

“I didn’t know about this conference. Where is it?”

“There IS no conference. We’re going to my cabin in the mountains so that I can fuck you to my heart’s content all weekend.”

“Sounds interesting…” her cheeks flushed.

“You don’t need to pack anything. I’ll bring everything you need.”

The next day he left Agnes to take care of the office and went on a shopping spree. He wanted Agnes naked for most of the weekend, but loved seeing her in sexy lingerie and relished the thought of taking it off her. He found some slutty open cup bras and teddies as well as a babydoll with a titty shelf. Some open crotch panties also got his seal of approval, as did vibrating panties with a remote control. A few more purchases later he felt as though he’d maxed out his credit card, but it was going to be worth every penny.

Friday morning he waited for Agnes to join him in his car for what her parents thought was a trip to the airport. He’d lied to her parents about their destination and they seemed happy. As soon as Agnes came out he drove them to his office.

“Why are we stopping here?” Agnes asked curiously.

“You’ll see.”

They went inside and he ordered her to strip. She did as told and was soon naked in front of him.

“Put these on.”

He gave her the panties with the thin dildo that went inside her cunt and she smiled wickedly. She put them on and then he gave her an open cup bra which took his breath away when he saw how beautifully it framed her tits and served them up for him to enjoy. He then gave her a skirt that only just covered her ass and a tight top that was kaş escort sheer enough for the casual observer to make out her nipples.

“I look like a slut,” Agnes stated matter-of-factly when she was dressed.

“I know. I love seeing you like this. It makes me want to fuck you right here. So let’s get moving or we’ll have to spend the weekend in this office.”

As they were leaving, Agnes noticed her overnight bag by the door.

“That’s my bag!”

“I know. You had to bring it for your parents’ sake. But I’ve packed everything you’re going to need in my bag. There’s no need for anything else.”

Agnes looked as though she was about to protest, but one stern look from Gary quietened her. He chuckled to himself. That was another benefit of having a teenage mistress. She didn’t have the bitchy independent streak that women his own age had. She was still so very eager to please.

They got back on the road and once they’d cleared the town limits Gary started relaxing. It was a two hour drive to his cabin and it was time to start enjoying it. He reached into his pocket and flicked a switch. A little yelp from Agnes told him that his surprise had worked. The little dildo in her cunt had just started vibrating. He left it on for several minutes and watched her squirm out of the corner of his eyes. When he thought she might cum he reached back into his pocket and switched it off again.

Agnes moaned with frustration, but didn’t say anything. Twenty minutes later he flicked it on again and got a massive hard on watching her grinding herself against the car seat. Once again he turned it off as she looked ready to cum.

“Gary!” Agnes complained.

“I’ll turn it back on if you give me a blow job,” he teased her.

“Here? In the car? While you’re driving?”

He nodded and she unzipped his trousers and pulled his hard cock out. As she started sucking him he switched on the vibrator again and she moaned into his crotch. By now they were on a lonely country road and he could smell Agnes’s pussy as she came. He was desperate for release. He considered letting her taste his cum, but he wanted more. He pulled over and instructed Agnes to take her panties off and come out of the car.

She did as she was told and as soon as she came up to him he kissed her deeply and yanked her skirt up around her waist. He bent her over the car bonnet and started fucking her from behind. He pulled her tits out of the low cut top and squeezed them tight as he fucked her fast and hard. One truck went past, honking in appreciation of the show. The next truck pulled up in front of them and the driver jumped out to watch. Gary didn’t stop fucking. Agnes was wild with excitement of being watched.

She soon came again and Gary made her turn over, sitting on the bonnet as he slammed his cock inside her cunt again. Another car pulled over and two young guys started watching. Gary squeezed Agnes’s tits and bit her nipples. When she came again he gave in and shot his load inside her. The audience applauded appreciatively as Gary pulled his cock out of his teenage mistress and tucked it back into his trousers. Agnes didn’t bother pulling her skirt down as she went back into the car with Gary’s cum running down the insides of her thighs.

Gary honked the other cars and drove off. When he pulled into the dirt track that led up to his cabin he told Agnes to get naked. She did as she was told. Ten minutes later they pulled up outside the small structure and Gary picked up Agnes’s clothes and then he grabbed his bag. Agnes walked with him, her tits bouncing with her stride.

“Did you enjoy being watched?” Gary asked her as he pulled her naked body into his arms.

“I loved it.”

“I’ll remember that. Are you cold, baby?”

“A little bit.”

“I’ll start a fire and soon we won’t need to wear any clothes. In the meantime, why don’t you give me the pleasure of watching you in this?”

He handed her the babydoll and a pair of crotchless panties. Watching her put on the sexy outfit was as much of a turnon as watching her get undressed. Gary quickly built a fire and before long the cabin started getting nice and warm. Gary got undressed and walked up to where Agnes was checking out his collection of porn DVDs. He rubbed his cock against her ass and kneaded her tits.

“Do you like porn?” he asked as he nibbled her ear.

“I don’t know,” she answered truthfully. “I’ve never watched any. I mean, I’ve seen lots of dirty pictures on the Internet, but that’s it. You have quite a collection.”

“Yeah. When I was married I used to come here a lot to escape my wife and watching these DVDs helped relieve the tension. They’re not all mine though. My sons watch them as well.”

“Will you watch any with me?”

“Maybe some other time, baby. But first I want you to ride me.”

He sat down on the big double bed that dominated the interior of the cabin and motioned for Agnes to straddle him. She had to take him in her mouth for a couple of minutes before he was hard again but then he held his cock in place as she lowered her hips, taking him inside her. He loved being ridden by Agnes. Her tits bounced in his face as she fucked him. After a while he reached down and started stroking her clit. It didn’t take long for her to cum after that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32