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This is a compilation of works I have started or written an ending for but I’ve never finished. I hope to one day finish or start them but until then here are some chapters in my collection which are sort of just sitting on my iPad. All these stories are fiction but the characters are all people I know. Emma and Rachel have been my best friends and neighbours since I was thirteen and now they are the stars of a porn story I wrote not that they know, Zoe is a girl I met on a uni course two years ago, had a one night stand with her, Issey is a friend from uni and Rosie is Alex’s hot sister who is sizzlin in leather lingerie with stockings. Ivan is based on a guy I know who boxes for our uni and is bloody good too, he’s ripped but not in an un appealing way, I mean he’s got the perfect body of a man who hits people for a living. He’s currently living with me and Alex in our accommodation because he lived in his car before so as payment he gets to be in a porn story as well as staying out when me and Alex are shagging. Enjoy people’s.

1. Issey is undone (Rachel’s bitch series:

Issey lay on the table looking away from her captors, she felt ashamed and embarrassed about what had just happened.

Emma looked down at her friends body, have I really just done this? She thought. Taken her friends virginity like her sister took hers? This wasn’t right, it couldn’t be. “Emma, you know what comes next, go on, get going.” Emma did up her blouse and zipped up her skirt. She removed the dildo and panties from under her skirt and walked out. She thought she knew what was coming, she thought Rachel was going to put Issey under, then tattoo her pussy. She had no idea how wrong she was.

Rachel looked down at her prey, a glint of something new shining in her eye. “Now what?” Issey managed to mutter under her breath. “Well, I got good news and bad news Issey, good news is you’ve been deflowered and that’s the end of your sexual torture, bad news is I didn’t take your virginity.” Issey looked at her captor, worry now filled her thoughts. She gulped back some saliva. “What’s that got to do with anything?” Issey asked cautiously. “Well you’re not mine and I don’t want or need you, so you could go to the cops and tell them all about this. I can’t let that happen.” Issey was terrified now, something was coming and it wasn’t good. She struggled against her bonds but the way she was tied to the table meant she only had millimetres to move.

Rachel reached into her back and clasped her new tool. She slowly drew it from the bag for Issey to see. In Rachel’s hand was a smallish kitchen knife. She gently ran the blade along one of her fingers, closing her eyes and gasping with pleasure as she did so, just resting the knife on her fingertip drew blood and she made sure Issey could see that. Rachel stood and moved to the top of the table where Issey’s wrists were bound. “Now this may sting a little but don’t worry, it’ll all be over soon.”

Issey started sobbing, she didn’t know what Rachel was gonna do but she had a knife and she was crazy. She felt a coolness on her wrist and she looked up as a stinging started. Rachel had run the blade along the underside of her wrist and now she was bleeding direct from her vein.

Rachel brought the knife to Issey’s bound wrist and gently pressed the blade into her flesh. She felt the blade sear through Issey’s arteries. That’s all she wanted. Rachel moved back to her chair to enjoy the show.

Issey didn’t want to die, not while she was young, not after being raped by a rape victim, and certainly not at the hands of a pimp. She looked at the clock. Ten minutes?! Ten minutes had gone since she’d been cut, she couldn’t feel her arm anymore and she was feeling a little sick, she tried kicking and lashing again but to no avail. She looked at the clock again, 5 more?! Time was moving to quickly. Already she could feel the life seeping from her. she felt the temperature dropping rapidly as her breath quickened, she tried screaming but no noise came. She tried moving but her muscles didn’t respond, she tried looking for the clock again, but the world was black, she listened for life and heard Rachel scream in ecstasy…

Rachel watched as her next victim kicked and writhed as they tried to defy destiny. Issey’s blood was now all over the table underneath the girl and all over the floor. She was desperately clinging on to life, she didn’t want to die here, obviously she didn’t want to die full stop. She could see the blood pulsing out of her wrist at quite a quick pace, her hair was soaked in it as was her back. Her back was now arching up in her efforts to escape death, she was gagging and choking on air and still she writhed but it wasn’t working. Issey began a choking sobbing s she realised this was it. Rachel however was extremely turned on by the thought of Issey slowly dyeing in front of her. She must be nearly gone she thought. Rachel orgasmed one last time then stood up, straightened her uniform and walked over to Issey, the poor girl stared lifelessly at her. “Night night” Rachel said as Issey’s eyes glazed over. No one would be in school til Monday so when they find her, her body may be a bit smelly but her parents won’t care. They just lost their daughter. They’ll be looking for some middle aged pervert who raped their daughter in a school. Not two twins who had a submissive and dominant relationship. It’s a good life thought Rachel as she licked her juices off her fingers.

2. Rosie’s rape (new series or knew off…not sure yet):

Breast size: 32C
Height: 5’4
Hair colour: dark blonde
Eye colour: brown

Height: 6’2
Hair colour: ginger
Eye colour: blue
Penis size: 1.5 inch diameter
8 inch long

Rosie walked down the empty street. It was the middle of winter and it was dark for the time of day. Snow had fallen during the day so with every step came a soft crunch as her foot sank into the thick layer of white joy.

She had been out shopping kocaeli escort with her friends the whole day, at different points some splintered off and headed home leaving Rosie all by her lonesome. She thought about one last shop stop at a lingerie store. For fourteen she was well developed and felt it was time to get some new underwear. Maybe something a little revealing. She wasn’t into flashing guys like some girls her age but she was turned on by small thoughts. She once went to school with no panties on beneath her skirt and she was aroused at the mere thought that if she uncrossed her legs anyone would be able to see her pussy, at one point she thought it would be a thrill to get caught.
In the end she ended up going to the girls toilets and masturbated for a little while.

Back to the street now as Rosie walks along under the amber glow of the street lights, each one painting the brilliant white ground a sunset orange. Rosie pulled her leather jacket closed as a cold breeze started up.

‘Thump’ there was a slight noise and Rosie lifted her head to look around. No one was in the street. She continued on. ‘Thump’ there it was again, she was sure she heard a noise. She looked around once more at the street and saw nothing, nothing except a small hole in the snow. She trudged over to it every step delivering a satisfying crunch. She reached the small hole in the snow and looked down. Something small was at the base. She crouched down and reached out her hand.

Ivan stood in the alleyway, he’d been standing there all day. He watched as the world passed by never noticing, never taking a second glance. Ivan never saw the world full of people though, he only saw targets, hits, contracts. The three terms of his occupation. He was a hitman, plain and simple, he was hired to kill and so he killed. But like all men Ivan had the urge he couldn’t fight, the one war men lose, he had the urge to stick his prick in some pretty thing and then disappear.

He was done for the day surveying the area for his next hit, some bloke in his forties was standing in the way of another corporate bloke in his forties and so his life has to be cut short a few years so they need a middle man. Ivan. But as said, Ivan was done surveying and was off to find a hooker, before he left however he noticed the first person he’d seen in over an hour.

There she was a little stunner, a girl, age probably fifteen to sixteen, height approximately five foot four inches, hair colour dark blonde almost brunette above shoulder length looks to be based on a 1920’s hairstyle, eye colour unknown, breast size excluding outer layers at least 34c. Clothing wise, short skirt red in colour, black tights, black leather boots, black leather jacket, red jumper, most likely a t-shirt underneath, underwear unknown.

This was going to be easy, Ivan planned out in his head what he was going to do. What took him a blink of an eye took government agencies hours to calculate. First identify targets field of view. Looking low avoiding the breeze and possibly any shady characters in the area, hunched shoulders restrict reaction time to look around. Moving briskly so head movements will be swift and indecisive. Speed, moving at a brisk speed, easy to match with a fast walk, she’s taking high steps to walk through the snow. Movement will be limited if she slows down or speeds up. Upright posture excluding hunched shoulders to support balance. Distance, approximately twenty metres, solution provide distraction, halve distance, stop the targets movement, restrict vision and then silence.

Ivan picked up two stones, a natural human reaction shows that at first glance a human would move on rather than investigate, if a situation repeats however a human will investigate. Ivan could prove this theory a thousand ways but all he needed to do was throw. He threw the first stone and it landed five metres from the girl. She quickly turned to look then moved on in less than a second. Ivan raised his arm and threw the second stone ten metres from himself and it landed perfectly between him and the girl.

She looked over once more, she saw the hole the stone made and she moved towards it. Her back was towards him now.

Ivan moved. He moved quickly and silently. He crossed five metre easy when his job got easier. She crouched down to pick up the stone. Ivan pulled out a rubber ball and a piece of string from his pockets. He tied the string in a loop around the ball leaving about half a metre of string on either side of the ball. He crossed the last five metres and made his move.

Rosie crouched down to reach for the pebble. She sat on her haunches, just as her hand came into contact with the snow however she felt a jab in her ribs. She opened her mouth to cry out with annoyance over pain but something rounded was forced into her mouth and pulled back pulling her head with it. Her back collided with a strong surface and she felt a string being tied around her head sealing the ball in her mouth. She reached up to grab it but her reactions were slower. She was in shock. Two larger hands grabbed hers and pulled them above her head. She felt something cold clamp around one of her wrists and then a similar sensation happened to the other.

Ivan jabbed out with two fingers and poked the girl in the ribs. He then dropped the ball in front of her face and using the string pulled it into her gaping mouth. He pulled back and slammed her back into his chest. He quickly tied the string around her head and then grabbed her hands as they reached for the makeshift ball gag. Ivan yanked her arms up above them both and slipped some cuffs onto her wrists. “Careful now this is going to hurt.”

Rosie heard the man behind her speak, her mind was racing trying to catch up with reality when suddenly all thought was cut off, her arms were yanked behind her and the was a loud pop as both her arms were dislocated from their sockets. She tried to scream in pain as it tore through her like a fire but the rubber ball in her mouth halted all noise.

Ivan kocaeli escort bayan wanted this done quick so he pulled her arms back and dislocated them, he heard a pop as he did this. He quickly pulled them all the way round and then grabbed both arms at the top. He pulled back and up and there was another pop.

Rosie continued to scream into the ball as her arms were pulled behind her further, suddenly her muted screams stopped as she heard another pop and a sudden sensation of relief ran through her as her arms popped back into place and her pain ceased. The man proceeded to pick Rosie up from behind and carried her by her waist into the alley. Rosie was panicking now as her situation grabbed her by her metaphorical balls. She was gagged and her hands were cuffed behind her and she was being carried by a man considerably stronger and undoubtedly older into an alley. Two scenarios popped into her head, both bad. He was either going to kill her or rape her, she tries to push third scenario of him raping her then killing her out of her mind.

Ivan carried the girl to the alleyway. “Listen to me,” he said “shh, shh, don’t be scared I’m here to help,” he lied. He could see the fear in the girls eyes, in his mind he smile a perverted smile. The girls breathing was fast and heavy. Ivan pulled out his penknife and showed it to her, her breathing heightened again as her eyes widened at the site of a knife. “Shh, shh, now child, I’m not going to use this unless you force me too, am I understood?” She nodded quickly. “Ok I’m going to take your gag off in a second and I’m going to ask you some questions, you are not going to scream, you are not going to shout, in will use this knife in such a manner that no one will hear your screams if you try, am I understood?” The girl nodded again. Ivan undid her gag and eased the ball out gently. “Now let’s start, my names Ivan, what’s yours?” The girls eyes darted between Ivans and his knife but she responded slowly. “R-Rosie,” Ivan nodded slowly. “That’s a beautiful name for a beautiful girl,” Ivan said and he genuinely meant it. She was indeed beautiful. “How old are you Rosie?” Rosie again was reluctant to comply but she responded again, “fourteen” Ivan looked stunned and mouthed fourteen in a shocked expression. “My, my, you do not have the body of a fourteen year old miss Rosie, you have the body of a goddess if I may be so bold.”

Rosie shed a single tear as she knew this was all preparation, a mental mind game for what was to come. Ivan saw this tear and said “what’s wrong?” Rosie spoke with a shivering voice and had to take a couple of shaky breaths. “You’re going to rape me aren’t you?” Rosie was dreading the answer. “Well I’m afraid in my profession there isn’t a lot of time for indulgences so I have to make time and you managed to make my schedule.” Rosie wanted to cry badly but at the same time didn’t want to show her fear. “Now this is a scenario with two ways to go, one you struggle I rape you in the most violent fashion, kill you quickly and bury you in the snow for some perverted tramp to come along or option two, I gently undress you, I’ll have my fun whilst trying to make this beneficial to you to, I’ll dress you and then you’ll be free to go. Now I don’t know about you but option two sounds like the better option here, what do you think?” Rosie thought quickly in her brain, there was no escaping this guy, she was backed against a wall if she tried anything he’d stab her. She slowly resided herself to a simple nod. “There we go that wasn’t so hard was it?”

Ivan got down on his knees in front of the girl and reached his hands out. He got a firm grip on her muscular and toned thighs. She must be athletic, he slowly moved his hands up her thighs and into her skirt. He felt Rosie tense up as she knew this was the invasion she had been waiting for. Slowly his hands met her hips and he moved them towards each other until they covered the sweet spot of Ivans dreams. He reached up again to her hips and latched onto the top of her tights, he slowly put his fingertips inside and lightly dragged them down revealing her bare legs. He heard the girl shiver as her legs became exposed to her rapist. When they reached the tops of her boots he drew his knife and slowly and carefully cut them from her ankles. Once this was done he discarded them to the side of the scene unfolding. His hands moved up again underneath Rosie’s skirt and he found the sides of her panties waiting for him, like the tights he repeated the process of gently lowering them and then cutting them from her body.

Rosie felt a cool breeze travel up her skirt and touch her bare pussy. She closed her eyes and let out a silent tear knowing it was close now. She felt Ivan lift the front of her skirt up and his head travelled under it. She could feel his warm breath on her sensitive flesh and it triggered something inside of her. She could feel a primal urge raging within her body. “No” she thought “this cannot be happening,” she felt it though, she could feel her muscles contract and she could feel fluid slowly seeping into her netheregions.

Ivan dipped his head under the girls skirt and gazed upon the most glorious sight he’d ever seen. A virgin pussy ready for the taking. He could see the girls hips quivering and was going to ask her what was wrong when he smelt it, the unmistakeable stench of arousal. Was this girl horny? Did she want to be fucked? Impossible she was crying, she didn’t want this. Ah fuck it if she’s wet, she’s wet. Ivan lifted a finger to her damp pussy and slowly but surely pushed it inside of the young girl. At this Ivan heard a most delectable sound, a whimper of a young girl freshly out of innocence. Ivan got to the first knuckle when he felt some resistance. “Brace yourself” he said and he pushed forward, he prepared for a scream or even a protest but was met with neither. What he thought was her hymen was in reality her muscles clamping down on the intrusion and when he pushed through he heard a loud, clear moaning.

What am I doing?! izmit escort Thought Rosie as she moaned out load as Mickey pushed his finger into her gaping snatch, little did he realise that Rosie had taken a hairbrush to her hymen two years ago. Although a virgin Rosie was far from innocent in sexual practices. Mickey slowly pulled out and Rosie heard herself gasping for breath as he did so. “Turn around” Rosie heard from below. Rosie did as instructed and faced the wall. She felt firm hands on her waist as she was pushed forward into the wall mashing her breasts into her chest. She felt Mickey place his hands on the insides of her thighs and he pushed gently allowing her to spread her legs. Once he was done she felt what she didn’t want to feel that night. She felt a finger pressed against her back door. Oh no, she thought, please don’t do it, please don’t do it. She felt the finger pull back slightly, but only for a second, after that second she felt the tip push against her sphincter and it parted letting him in by only half a centimetre but already Rosie was in pain.

3. Rosie’s rape (possible endings):

Ending 1

Rosie gasped as she came down from her high. God she’d never felt so good in her entire life. She felt Mickey slowly withdraw from her anus and then the felt the cold air rush in as she was left open and exposed to the cold air. It sent brilliant shivers up her spine. “Well done Rosie, you are one amazing woman,” Rosie smiled and was about to stand but Mickey put a hand on the small of her back keeping her down, Rosie was confused for a second,

Mickey looked down at his beautiful prize, he looked over her beautiful back, her shapely legs, her firm bottom, her pert breasts, her toned body and most of all that beautiful face. He held her in place with one hand and regretted what he was going to do before it even happened. She could’ve been more but now she knows my face, now she knows my name.

Rosie heard him speak again, “Rosie my dear, would you lay flat on your stomach, I have a special surprise,” Rosie not thinking any different complied and laid herself down. She felt mickeys presence leaning over her, she felt his cool fingers tracing her spine and she smiled contently. Suddenly she felt a sharp sting but she couldn’t pinpoint where on her body the sting had come from. She tried to push up but her arms didn’t so much as flinch, she tried looking around but her head wouldn’t move and inch, she tried moving her eyes but they didn’t respond. She felt a weariness overcome her and then the world went dark as Rosie fell asleep.

Mickey traced her spine until he found the spot, right at the base of the column, he drew his knife silently, he carefully placed the tip over the spot and then he sank the knife in slowly. As it slipped in he felt a definite click as he separated her brain from her body by cutting her spinal cord. He moved quickly. He covered her mouth and nose with a rag. She wouldn’t even know it was there she couldn’t feel a thing or move. Her body moved slightly as it tried to get oxygen in, her movements became more frantic but eventually they slowed and Rosie’s eyes glazed over.

“Good night Rosie,” Mickey stood, pulled his trousers up and left the naked girl in the alley.

Ending 2

Rosie gasped as she came down from her high. God she’d never felt so good in her entire life. She felt Mickey slowly withdraw from her anus and then the felt the cold air rush in as she was left open and exposed to the cold air. It sent brilliant shivers up her spine. “Well done Rosie, you are one amazing woman,” Rosie smiled and was about to stand but Mickey put a hand on the small of her back keeping her down, Rosie was confused for a second,

Mickey looked down at his beautiful prize, he looked over her beautiful back, her shapely legs, her firm bottom, her pert breasts, her toned body and most of all that beautiful face. He thought hard about what to do with her, she was the most beautiful and youthful looking girl he’d met that he’d wanted to keep. He made his decision.

Rosie heard him speak again, “Rosie my dear, would you lay flat on your stomach, I have a special surprise,” Rosie not thinking any different complied and laid herself down. She felt mickeys presence leaning over her, she felt his cool fingers tracing her spine and she smiled contently. Suddenly she felt a large object enter her anus, she turned her head and saw Mickey for whatever reason had some nunchucks, he was easing one of the wooden poles into her anus and she opened her mouth and moaned in ecstasy. Slowly it sank in and she could feel her anus debating whether or not it would swallow the foreign object or eject it. Whilst this was happening Mickey was putting the other pole into her pussy and she gasped at the sudden full sensation. As the end hit her cervix she climaxed again clamping down on both ends of the nunchuck, each hole pulling in the respective pole and rubbing the chain across the sensitive skin in between. Rosie slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep with a look of sheer happiness on her face.

Mickey finished putting the nunchucks in place and watched as Rosie climaxed herself to sleep. Once she was asleep Mickey quickly dressed her in her jumper, her jacket and her boots, threw her skirt over her waist and binned her bra, panties and tights. He quickly made his way back to his hotel where he laid Rosie down and watched her. This is it he thought. I would end my career for this girl.

6 weeks later

Rosie sat up, she was still exhausted from the endless fucking she and Mickey did but she stood up and went for a shower. Slowly she rinsed herself of all the sex and turned on the tv. The evening news was on and the main headline “girl of fourteen goes missing in Colchester” if only they knew Rosie thought. “What’s that?” she heard Mickey say, “I’m on tv again, they say they found some tramp with my panties,” Mickey smiled and Rosie leaned closer to him. “How’s my little anal slut today?” Rosie smiled “Well I thought we could hire an escort tonight and show her a real good time” Mickey laughed “Is my little slut bi by chance?”
Rosie smiled “If only you knew”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32