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Warnings – it contains a little bit of foul language and a couple of not so gentle ideas, but other than that, it’s a nice masturbation story.


They were in their regular chat room, which emptied long after he started in on her. Everyone listening kept quiet and enjoyed how he tormented her. He teased her for hours, moaning in her ear, saying all those things he knew she loved, making her desire for him increase to a point she could barely handle. He didn’t own her yet, not in the sense that she wore his collar, but she knew he had control. She could have left the chat room long before she got too frustrated, but she didn’t. When he was done, he ordered her to go masturbate once and once only and then write him an email about her thoughts about what had happened. He laughed, and to her it was as evil sounding as she had ever heard in her life. Before she could respond, he said goodnight and then signed off.

The next afternoon when he got online, he opened her email and read:


Let me just say how much I fucking hate you Corr! What you did last night was mean mean mean! If you had been here…I would have slapped you….and done anything to get you to stop that kind of torture.

You see….I can take pain, even when it’s so hard that I cry and beg for it to stop, but to be tormented in that pleasurable way is excruciating. I am messed up…this I know. You were right about me liking it, but I also hated it. I can never stop that kind of thing, not even when I’m shaking from the torment, when my whole body is one big erogenous zone waiting to be touched. The only way I could have stopped you from doing it was to leave the voice chat, but I couldn’t make myself do that, which you knew and counted on.

You knew I wanted to give in to your request to come for all those in the voice chat, but I couldn’t. I’m stubborn even when I don’t want to be. Part of me thinks that aside from the stubbornness issue, I didn’t because I’d be just another girl you’ve made do something online, and I hate that Corr. I hate being so weak to where I’d play for any man who said and/or did the things you’ve said and done to me, in the way you’ve said and done them. I illegal bahis hate it! I hate that I don’t have self-control when it comes to hearing your voice and what you say to me. It pisses me off to no end that with just a small amount of time, you could affect me that much to want to play for you. And although you didn’t hear me, I did play for you last night.

After getting ready for bed and getting some necessary play items, I played.

I laid down on a folded towel on my bed, with thoughts of you tormenting me running through my head. My legs parted, and my right hand was resting on my thigh, slowly caressing it. I knew that if I touched my clit right then, it would be over. I had to wait. Time passed, and I thought about the pain you would inflict upon me. That thought excited me, but at the same time, it let my body refocus on that instead of coming. I reached over on my nightstand and grabbed two white, plastic clothespins (which is the only kind of clothespins I currently have). I took one and placed it over my left nipple…just holding it there. I winced and bit my lip as I let it go. Then, I did the same thing with the other. I moaned slightly behind closed lips. As I lay there, I thought about you watching me and talking to me. I could hear you say, “Play with them. Twist them.”

And I did. Both hands flicked and twisted them. I moaned and arched my back. They hurt. My nipples are so sensitive all the time so when I’m extremely aroused, as I was last night, the smallest amount of pain is hard to handle. But I did handle it. My breathing became a little ragged. Then, I caressed my breasts, traced around them, and kneaded them. My eyes closed, partly from the effect my ministrations were causing and partly to picture you sitting next to me, watching me.

I reached over to my nightstand and grabbed an ice cube from my water glass. I leaned back and traced it around my lips, every now and then licking and sucking it into my mouth. I pictured you watching me, watching it slip into my mouth, watching my lips suck it in. I could hear you moan then, which only excited me more. My eyes closed as I moved the ice cube down my neck and across my collarbone. I shivered illegal bahis siteleri slightly as I slid it over the tops of my breasts. Leisurely, I traced it around each clothespined nipple. Beads of water trickled down the sides of my breasts, creating goose bumps all over my exposed flesh. After a while, I snaked it down my stomach to the top of my shaved mound. I was already really wet, and the water from the melting ice dripped down my pussy and mixed with my fluids on the towel.

Then, I took another ice cube and slipped it between my pussy lips. I gasped as the cold shocked my warm center. I circled my clit while I moaned and shifted on the bed. When I pushed it inside of me, I squealed and pulled a pillow over my head to lesson the noise. The ice melted all too soon, and I thought about slipping in another one but decided against it. I began manipulating my clit with my fingers, stopping only to slip one or two into my drenched pussy. Each time I removed my fingers, I brought them to my lips and suckled them. I could see your eyes darken as you watched me then, and it spurred me on. I continued my teasing of my clit and added more pressure, and before I knew what was happening, I came.

As my body quivered from the orgasm, I thought about your command to only cum once. My clit throbbed, and I was breathing hard like I had just run a race. But, as my body cooled and the pain in my nipples returned, I knew I was going to break your rule. I knew that I would probably hate it later, but in the moment, I couldn’t control myself.

So, I grabbed my vibrator, which is purple and white and has a little dolphin attached near the base of it to stimulate the clit. I leaned back and teased my pussy with it, sliding just the tip in and out. My eyes closed as I lost myself in the feeling. I moaned your name then as I pictured you above me, teasing my cunt with your cock.

As my need heightened, I thrust it in hard, grunting, before I turned both the shaft and the dolphin on to the medium setting. My pussy, ass, and thighs vibrated. I left it there for a few minutes and enjoyed the vibrations in my pussy and on my clit. My cunt walls tightened around the vibrator, which canlı bahis siteleri caused more sensation to my g-spot. I grabbed the pillow again and moaned into it, relishing the feel of it inside me. I could hear you telling me what a bad girl I was being, and I closed my eyes tightly and whimpered.

As I lay there with the vibrator deep inside me, teasing my clit and my g-spot, I played with the clothespins. I flicked them and twisted them so much I was sweating and breathing hard. My back arched, and if you had said something to me at that point, I would have cum. Had you been there, above me and with your hand around my throat as you moaned, I would have gushed. I would have lost it then. But, you weren’t, and I held on for a few more minutes.

I worked it in and out of my pussy hard, imagining you behind me with one hand pulling my hair and the other holding on to my hip, pulling me back on to you forcefully. You were taking me, and I loved it. I gasped as it slammed in and out of my cunt. It hit my cervix a few times, and I bit my lip trying not to yelp. As I fucked the vibrator hard, my breasts bounced, which only reminded me of my tortured nipples. And when I thought about you pinning me to the bed with one hand around my throat and the other completely in my pussy, I came violently. I screamed into the pillow, arched my back up off the bed, pulled off one clothespin then the other, shuddered uncontrollably, and collapsed back on the bed. I lay for a while quivering and trying to catch my breath before I put away the vibrator and threw the towel into a laundry basket. Then, I slept.

I do fucking hate you for that Corr. If you were here, it would be the grudge, angry type of fucking. I would bite and claw you so much that no matter what position we would do it in, our sweat would make those wounds burn so much. I’d bite your neck, shoulder, nipples, etc, every time you thrust into me. With every thrust, you’d receive ten new claw marks across your back, arms, and ass. I’d spit cuss words at you like I was a drunken sailor. It would be intense, but it certainly would not be pretty Corr.

I’ll await whatever punishment you deal out.

Truly yours,



As he finished reading the email, he grinned. He had expected her to come more than once and disobey him, but he had underestimated her potential for return torment. While he sat, rereading her email, he planned her punishment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32