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Big Tits

I sat uncomfortably in the waiting room. I shifted my weight from one side to the next. The beautiful room was filled to capacity with gorgeous woman each studying the latest in high-fashion magazines and catalogs. Finally the woman behind the window called my name for my appointment. I was unsteady in my 4-inch heels and my blouse seemed unusually taut across my breasts. I think I was anxious to get the appointment over with, it had been a week since my last visit.

I followed the nurse back to the office, which is the same one I used the previous week. The exam room was quite unique, with rich papered walls, plush carpet and of course an exam table, right in the center. I was here for no ordinary exam, it was a training session. My high-profile husband was turning 40 and he wanted a special gift from me… backdoor sex. I had squirmed at the thought but I wanted to please him. My best friend told me about this group that specialized in discreet training in the sexual arts. My first 2 visits I was carefully fitted with a plug to enlarge my rectum by another “nurse” and now I was here to be upgraded and trained for my final phase. I can’t say I wasn’t nervous but I really wanted to please my husband. He had been away on business and was returning this evening.

The previous week the nurse had instructed me to bathe before my visit and to come well dressed to please. I was wearing a black pencil skirt, a sheer white silk blouse, stockings with garters, and thong panties. The panties were a challenge since I was still fitted in my second plug. It was difficult to sit at times but I knew it would be over soon.

As we entered the room a handsome “doctor” entered the room behind us. He was well dressed and had a crisp white lab topcoat. He was dark, very muscular and neatly groomed. As he brushed past me, my nostrils were filled with his scent. He took a seat in a plush chair at the head of the exam table and introduced himself as Mark. He said he was there to complete my training. He asked his assistant to help me disrobe. She set my purse to the floor and she went straight for my blouse buttons. Her long nails easily manipulated my buttons. I was self conscious and uneasy having him watch me undress. I could tell his eyes were pouring over me. My brow was moist with excitement and anticipation, although the room was warm and soothing in the dim light. At last the nurse slid my panties over my hips to the floor and I was nude except for my stockings, garters & heels.

He asked me to climb onto the table on my hands and knees and I did so nervously. He did not get up but still watched me from the chair. He told the nurse to remove the plug and she did so, to my great relief. He asked how long I had been in training and I told him 2 weeks. He said today would be my last training session and I would be ready for my husbands return tonight. In a calm voice he said we would taking several steps illegal bahis today to prepare myself including a warm enema, a close shave and an entry session. My head was in such a whirl from the removal of the plug I hardly heard a thing he said. He asked the nurse to start the enema.

My head whirled around as I heard the sound of gloves being snapped into place on her hands. She was liberally applying lube to her fingers and she coolly stepped to my upturned bottom. She said I should lean forward onto my elbows. The next thing I knew a cold sensation slipped into my ass, filling me whole with a cool slick sensation. My body tingled with excitement as my ass filled with her lubed fingers, first one, then two. She removed them swiftly and replaced them with a cold slick tube that I had never felt before. I turned around to see on a tall wheeled pole with a large bottle of milky solution hanging from it. He coolly said it was warm soapy water and I would be accepting the full contents in my virgin ass. The bottle seemed huge and I doubted all that would fit. There was a warm rushing sensation filling my ass and my head exploded with excitement. I had never experienced an enema and having this introduced in front of strangers was exhilarating. The doctor was exceptionally handsome and the nurse was a stunner. She was tall and blonde and also beautifully dressed in form fitting scrubs that pulled tightly across her breasts and hips.

I watched the bottle slowly empty into my ass and felt my belly grow larger. I never thought I could hold that much liquid. I was relieved when the bottle was emptied the nurse lifted the bottle down off the pole and unscrewed the top. To my shock and horror she lifted another bottle and screwed the top on. As soon as she lifted the bottle above the table and onto the pole the contents once again rushed to fill my belly. He spoke to me calmly and said I should not worry and should accept the contents as a part of my training. Finally the second bottle was complete and I felt as though I would burst. The tube was slowly removed from my ass and the sensation was transferred to my pussy. My lips felt engorged and tingly. He told me to resist the temptation to release the contents and roll over onto my back. My head reeled and I concentrated on my every move.

Once on my back the nurse helped me place my heels into the metal stirrups. I could see my full belly and felt the contents slosh about inside me. He said she would be shaving me so that I would be clean. I normally kept my bush neatly trimmed but I knew my husband would enjoy the sensation. The nurse applied clear oil to my bush with fresh tight fitting gloves. When she touched my swollen lips I shivered with excitement. The doctor had now stood up and walked around to view the session. In a calm voice once again asked me to resist the urge to empty my bowels. My mind was spinning with excitement with the new illegal bahis siteleri sensation of the enema, the nurse carefully slathering me with oil and being watched by this handsome professional. My breasts were taut with excitement and my nipples stood firm at attention. The nurse dragged the smooth razor over my bush in even strokes but her long fingers brushed my lips with every pass. At the end she carefully wiped me down with warm compresses to remove the oil and then dusted me with perfumed powder. I could feel his eyes upon me the entire time. I bit my lips in anticipation. She lifted my legs off the stirrups and helped me to my feet. He told me I could go to the bathroom to relieve myself. The adjoining door was close and I hurried in to empty the warm contents. Just as I sat, I released my muscles and a flood of liquid rushed out. My headed exploded in delight as I emptied myself.

I returned to the exam room much relieved but came to find both the nurse and doctor disrobed. I was shocked to find I wore the most clothing in the room. The nurse’s hair was long and thin down her back and the doctor was more handsome than I thought. I was embarrassed but she stepped up to me with warm hands and caressed my body. She lifted her hands behind my head and removed the clip from my hair and it spilled down my back. The doctor said I did a wonderful job but said my husband insisted I be more prepared. I backed up as I tried to comprehend what he just said. Both of his hands encircled my body as he lifted me onto the table. He gently lay me back as his nurse smoothed her hands over my body, paying particular attention to my breasts and hard nipples. She drew careful circles around them, again and again. My head was on fire with excitement and he placed my heels back into the stirrups. The clicking of my heels against the metal stirrups kept my wit sharp. She began to kiss me, first on my soft breasts then working her way to my neck and lips. It seemed foreign but exciting too. I had 2 stranger’s hands all over my body obviously preparing me for a sexual experience beyond my wildest dreams. This was supposed to be my husband’s birthday but I was getting all the gifts.

She continued to kiss me with full wet lips. I enjoyed this woman and all she had to offer and then I felt my body surge as he slid his firm fingers inside my very wet pussy. My head rushed with excitement as she deeply kissed me and he ravished my hot box with his thick fingers. He then traded his fingers with his tongue and my body bucked. I pushed hard against the stirrups with my heels as he dug his tongue deeper and deeper. The sensation crept up calves and through my thighs and I knew I was cumming. No scream could escape my lips as she kissed me deeply. His hands braced my thighs as he swirled his tongue deep inside me. I arched my back to answer his pressure on my raging box.

As my orgasm subsided I could feel canlı bahis siteleri him climbing onto the table between my legs. He smoothly said I had been a good girl but needed more training. I released my heels and pulled him in to me slowly. His prick was bigger that I had ever had and I was hot for it to be buried inside me. He lifted my hips and guided his long pole inside my dripping crevasse. He took long deep strokes against my pussy, again and again. All the while the nurse was dutifully treating my breasts to a warm tongue bath all over. I surely was in heaven.

The doctor mounted me hard, taking deep long strokes and I was only seconds away from another orgasm. As he took his final strokes his nurse took a position at the bottom of the table and slowly inserted a finger into my ass. He told me to relax and press against her finger. It was mind blowing already to have 2 people working me over, but to have her in my ass and he in my dripping cunt was fabulous. He slowed his strokes to slow my progress and then she inserted another finger and then another. I was shuddering all over as I burst into another orgasm. My head was rushing with wild excitement.

I could feel him slowly withdrawing as I came down off my high. He quickly manipulated my hips with his hands and turned me over on my belly. He told me to get on my knees and elbows. He climbed onto the table spat on his hand. He used his spit to lube my ass. I knew this was culmination of my training and I was truly raw with excitement. He inserted his own finger into my ass and said I was ready. He slid the finger out and I could feel the head of his cock against my ass. The nurse told me to relax and to push against him as he entered. It didn’t make sense but I knew they knew what to do. He slipped in the knob of his cock head in to my trained ass and I jerked my head. She cooed in my ear that I could do “this” and urged me to relax again. He waited briefly and he firmly grabbed my hips and started to push. I was in heaven as the thick cock, still slick with my own cunt juices inched its way inside me. I could hear him grunting behind me. Finally I had taken every hard inch and he began to plow me from behind taking short strokes first and then longer ones. I could feel my belly filling with every stroke of his hard cock. His breathing was labored and he gripped my hips harder. I felt his body shudder as he emptied his load inside me. She smoothed my hair from my face and congratulated me. She told me I was ready as he slid his limp cock out of me. I collapsed on the table and thanked them both under my breath.

Before I knew it she was helping me clean up and get dressed. He slipped out and I never saw him again that day. She said to meet her at the desk when I was ready, that she had something for me. I slowly put myself back together and exited the room. When I saw her at the desk she was neat and put together. She handed me a black DVD case and said she thought I would enjoy a taping of our session later. As I got to the door she called another appointment to the desk, another beautiful woman, here for her training session. I knew I would be back for one of my own, no doubt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32