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Trimming the Hedge Continued.
Jane lathered her body with soap in the luxury bathroom following Dave’s direction as he took photos. The posing in front of the camera, what she did with her fingers to her body were making her wet. Fucking horny.

Knock. Knock. “Room service. I am your butler for the weekend” said a female voice.

“I won’t be a minute. Stay here enjoy the shower” I closed the door. At the door stood Caroline dressed in her office clothes.

“Dave I..” Caroline started.

“Come in Caroline. ” I stepped away from the door our bags had been put away out of site. My dick throbbed as I thought of the sex to come.

“Strip down to your underwear. Then get on your hands and knees.” I ordered. Caroline had been bartering for my services for several years. She was Bi, a bit submissive to males, more dominant of women. It made for good modelling photos.

She had her mouth full of my cock when Jane opened the door. “On your knees and join us”

“Dave?” Jane questioned. Caroline stood walked over and introduced herself inspecting Jane s body and staring at the untrimmed bush.

“Very nice Dave. Now Jane you are here because you owe Dave for mowing lawns and garden maintenance. ”

Jane nodded. Caroline put a hand firmly on Janes plump breast and kissed her.

“You agreed to modelling, sucking and fucking, correct!” Jane nodded.

“Well now you get the sucking part.” Caroline pinched a nipple then both hands on her shoulders pushed her to the floor, grabbed a handful of Janes hair and pulled her head between her legs. “Suck my clit, lick my Pussy Jane.”

I moved to the back of Jane taking photos of her eating Caroline out. Her big ass cheeks and moist pussy. I mounted her doggy style my thumb found her asshole. Seeing this action through a lens and the sensations of a tight pussy milking my dick was very pleasurable. I pulled out saving my self. My dick waved around in a horizontal plane like pointer.

I sat on ümraniye escort bayan the couch watching my sexy sluts move towards me on there hands and knees. They shared my cock and balls Caroline taking the lead and Jane happy to follow.

“Caroline open my bag” I asked I needed to stop.

Caroline opened my bag of pleasure and pain. She saw the usual toys, but I had been to a pet shop and bought some presents. She saw the collars each had a name on. She laughed as she handed one to Jane and started to put hers on.

“Jane select a toy ” Jane tits hung down her nipples grazed the floor as she crawled over. She looked at the selection of toys and restraints. She had hinted at how she wanted to be handcuffed and teased with dildos and vibrators, submit to pleasure. She had fantasised about her one of her teachers punishing her. Jane picked up a large metal device not really knowing what it was.

“Brave girl” Caroline whispered.” That’s a spreader bar for legs or arms”

Caroline found some handcuffs. “Put them on her above her knees. Hands behind her back. Caroline.” My camera recorded it all. Jane was face down, ass in the air, legs spread, hands behind her back.

“Use the black ball gag” Caroline fitted it in most undignified fashion. Pulling Jane back on to her lower legs standing above her, from behind brought the gag over her head so Jane could see how big and round it was, jane opened her mouth wide to accept, the straps went back behind the head and tightened to be slightly uncomfortable. I pointed at Janes ass.

“Get her ready” Caroline loves eating young cunts and eagerly got in to her work I took some more photos. During the next hour of oral pleasure Jane received her body shook and trembled multiple times. Jane was now sopping wet. I mounted her from behind rough and hard, burying my big cock to the hilt, slowed down as I felt my balls tighten, long full strokes. Pull out look at her gaping young ataşehir escort cunt and ram my cock back in hard. Repeat. She whimpered and moaned. Eventually I could take no more and ejaculated my cum on her ass cheeks, asshole and pussy.

“Lap it up Caroline” I held her head she didn’t like sperm. My pleasure. When I pulled her head back her face was covered in my seed. From the bag I found the crop.

“How many ” I held in front of Caroline, her eyes showing a little fear. Usually she would use it on the other girls but Caroline owed me big time and I was most displeased at her reluctance to be more forth coming. Jane watched as I manhandled Caroline across my lap and spanked her skinny ass several times. I used the crop on her puffy pussy lips and tapped it on her engorged clit. She cried, whimpered, moaned, squirmed and came as I administered her punishment.

“Get on the bed. Spread eagle. ” Caroline complied. I tied her wrists and arms to the bed spread eagled face up. I wanted her to enjoy what was coming.

I removed the restraints from Jane and we went to the bathroom to shower. I followed Jane watching her sexy ass sway as she walked. When we were in the shower I made her squat and suck my cock. I turned around and told her to lick my balls and asshole more for humiliation than my pleasure.

“Stand and face Caroline. Hands spread on the glass, ass out. ” she quickly obeyed. “Good girl” I pushed the nob of my cock against her asshole. Teasing her as I imagined the terror on her face, her ass squirmed as she tried to get my cock in her now accommodating cunt. I guided the head to the gaping entrance of her pussy and eased it in slowly. It was a slow comfortable screw up against the glass.

As we fucked a young man entered the room dressed in hotel uniform he saw a mature skinny woman bound gagged with big dark sunglasses on the bed. He had come to collect the dirty plates and glasses. A note said help bostancı escort yourself to what’s on the bed. Jane and I watched as he looked around saw us fucking, removed his pants and climbed on the bed his young cock ready to fuck, he mounted her evasive pussy eventually and fucked her good and proper for atleast 15 minutes. Young men are so enthusiastic. Stamina. Caroline writhed underneath , her muffled protests not heeded, as her step son fucked her to several orgasms. I can be very mean.

Her step son very pleased with his effort looked on at this bound woman with his cum on her specs, face, tits, stomach, and leaking from her cunt on to the sheets. Wipes himself with a napkin , put on his pants and wheeled the tea trolley from the room. Jane had cum several times watching the scene in front of her.

We towelled off and put on the luxurious bathrobes. I handed Jane a toiletry kit.

“Shave he pussy bald. Smooth as a baby” Jane smiled and removed all the tools from the bag. She used the scissors to trim off the excess hair covered in the young mans cum. I handed her a hot flannel to heat up the area to be shaved. The heat of the flannel on Caroline’s moist pussy lips had her wiggling around protesting. Jane held up the old retro steel razor.

“Keep still I wouldn’t want to cut you” She stopped fighting resigned to her fate.

She shaved away the hair as Caroline try to stay still, the pussy was red engorged with blood. Caroline eyes looked down in hope. I looked at the clean shaven mature cunt handing a bottle of aftershave passed the bound ones eyes. Jane my willing accomplice dabbed a little bit on her palm then rubbed around her cunt. The reaction stung of course but the thrashing around was priceless.

As a reward I removed the gag and had Janes cum filled cunt put on Caroline’s face. I have to pace myself I sat in a chair opposite the big bed recovering taking more photos as I watched Jane begin to assert herself. She had one hand tweaking, twisting, pinching and pulling nipples. The other rubbed the woman’s pussy, or probed cum lubed holes.

I watched Janes hairy pubes on her wiggling pelvis thinking of how Caroline could get her own back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32