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I work in an elderly assistant living facility, A.K.A a home. My official title is the assistant manager, but what I really do is go around to the residents and make sure they are happy and have everything they need. The job is pretty easy, every day I go from room to room asking the residents if they need anything, I listen to complaints, and I fill out paperwork for the rest of the day.

One-day things started to move out of the ordinary. I went to Ms. Gladstone’s room like always to see if she needed anything. I knocked on her door and asked her if I could come in, but there was no answer. I knocked again and put my ear to the door to see if she was there or not. I heard groans and heavy breathing coming from her room. I got scared and thought she was in serious need of a doctor. So I opened the door ready to find her at the brink of death, instead I see her on her bed naked with a vibrator going in and out of her pussy.

I stood there for a minute in shock, not knowing what to do, or how to react. After a while Ms. Gladstone realized I was there watching. She did not react the way I thought she would. She did not act embarrassed or angry she just said to me, “get out or take your pants off.”

I took me another second to process what she said. Then my brain kicked in and I shut the door with me on the outside. I put my ear to it again and could still hear her groaning.

I went back to my office and locked the door. I was surprised and horrified that I had an erection. The thought of her masturbating made me sick, and at the same time excited. I had never thought about fucking an older woman before, let alone one at the home I work at. The more I thought about it the harder my dick got. After I while I stopped doing paper work and started looking up porn on my computer. I went through a few videos of college girls, and teens, but they didn’t excite me like they used to. Then I did a search for older women. For some reason these grannies got my dick rock hard. I jacked off for half an hour to videos of women in there fifties and sixties. Even after I came my dick was still hard and I wanted more.

I realized though that it was time for me to go home. All night all I could think about was Ms. Gladstone. I could see her as her hand was working her toy in and out of her hairy snatch. Her other hand on her tits that were small but winning the fight against gravity. She had some gray hairs and wrinkles but she could easily pass for a woman ten year younger.

The next day I went straight to Gladstone’s room, first thing in the morning. I knocked and asked if I could enter. This time she heard me and welcomed me in. she was sitting on her bed reading a magazine, she was still in her nightgown, with a robe over it.

She smiled when she saw me and told me to sit down. I sat in a chair next to her bed. I did not know what to say. Thankfully she could tell what was on my mind and took the initiative to start the ball rolling. “I’m guessing you want to talk about yesterday.”

“Yes exactly.”
“Well what would you like to know?”
I was not prepared for this, I had no idea what to tell her, “I wanted to know why you were doing, what you were doing.”
“I thought a man would understand, I was horny. Don’t tell me you never masturbate when you’re horny.”
I started to get aroused by her saying she was horny, “oh course I get horny, but I didn’t think a woman of your age…”
“What you think because I’m old I can’t fuck. I was riding cock and giving head before you were born.”
This amount of dirty talk was really getting me hard. I tried to shift my position in the chair to hide my hard on. She must have noticed my fidgeting.
“I’m sorry honey is me talking about sex making you uncomfortable?”
“No, I’m just trying to get comfortable.” I cross my legs hoping that will hide my boner, “well I think I should go now.”

I stood up and went for the door but Gladstone called to me just as I was at the door. “You’re leaving so soon, I’m sorry if I made uncomfortable with what I was saying, please sit down, I just want to talk for a little bit longer.”

I walk back to the chair, trying to hide my hard on. I cross my legs and try to cover my crotch. She looked at me with the sweetest, most innocent look I have ever seen. “To be honest I miss talking to a man who has more to say then what his grandchildren are doing. Please stay a bit longer.” I agreed. “So tell me, do you have a girlfriend?”
“No, not right now.”
“Well that’s too bad a man as handsome as you should have a girlfriend.” I could feel my face get warmer and my heartbeat quicken. “You know you remind me of a man I once knew, I think I have a picture of him in my album. Let me show you.” She got out of bed and went to a set of drawers. She bent down to bottom one to open it and her nightgown fell forward exposing her ass and pussy. My mouth dropped open as I was treated to yet another show. She stood up and pulled her gown down. She turned towards me and saw my expression. “Sorry about that, I think maybe it is time to get dressed.”
“Would you like me to leave?”
“Stay there, you’ve already seen everything I have to show” with that she took off her robe and pulled her gown over her head. She was standing there naked as she put her things away and went to get dressed. She bent down again to get clothes out of her drawer and I couldn’t take anymore. My dick felt like it was going to bust. I stood up and told her I had to go.

She look at me, “I’m sorry is it something I did?”
“I won’t lie to you, yes.” I said as I was moving my hands to cover my erection. She smiled and walked over to me. In a voice I have never heard her use she said, “What’s wrong, things getting too hard for you to handle?” she got very close to me, our bodies inches from touching. I looked into her eyes and I could see the lust in them. “Maybe I can help relieve some of the pressure in your life.” She pressed her body hard into mine, digging her crotch illegal bahis into the bulge in my pants. She slid down the length of my body until she was on her knees. She looked up at me with those same lustful eyes, “I think I see where the pressure has built up.”

She then gave me a little peck of a kiss on my pants. She unzipped my fly and pulled my pants down to the floor. She could clearly see the out line of my dick through my underwear. She licked the entire length of it through the material. And once more pulled it down to the floor. There she was face to face with iron love pole. My dick may not be the longest but it has the girth it needs to stretch a woman out.

She took my entire tool into her mouth. “Oh my god Ms. Gladstone that feels incredible.”
She took my dick out of her mouth, “Call me Helen baby”
“Oh Helen that feel incredible.”

She sucked me down again, I could feel my head hitting against the back of her throat. She blew me for ten minutes, taking me as deep as she could and holding me there until she had to let go to breath. I grabbed her by her graying hair and shoved my dick harder and deeper in her throat. I facefucked her until I could feel my cum boiling in my balls. Then I pulled my dick out. She looked surprised at the sudden lose of her plaything.

I took her by her shoulders and lifted her off the ground. I threw her on the bed and climbed on top of her. We kissed passionately, our tongues massaging and entwining each other. My hands roamed across her body, feeling her soft breasts and hard nipples. Trying to catch her breath she said to me, “Yes John ravish me, take me as your own, I belong to you.”
“Yes you do belong to me. Your tits and this hot pussy are my property to use as I see fit.” I took a hand and started rubbing her pussy. It was very hot and wet she was really enjoying this. I slipped my index finger inside her oven and worked it in and out. She broke out kiss again, “Yes that’s your pussy, make it yours baby make it yours.”
“Oh I’ll make it mine alright.” I removed my hand and spread her legs wide. I put myself in position and with out any hesitation I sunk my entire dick into her excited cunt. She held me tight, digging her nails into my back, as pain mixed with pleasure shot through her body. I stayed completely still, letting her adjust to my width. When her grip loosened I began to pull out only to sink back in. I took slow strokes but I made sure they were strong. I could hear the bed move as I thrust.

She might have been old, but her cunt was just as tight and warm as a twenty year old. And her dirty talk was the hottest thing I ever heard. She wanted to be fucked hard and fast like a common whore, and she told me so. I kept going in strong but I slowly increased my speed, going faster and faster and faster. With in ten minutes my dick looked like a blur going in and out of her cunt. After ten minutes she closed her eyes and bent her head back, she whispered breathlessly, “keep going baby, I’m so close to cumming.” I made sure to thrust even harder and faster and a minute later her nails were digging into my arm as her body went rigid and her mouth was wide open, with no sound coming out. She stayed like that for a minute as I continued to pound away at her convulsing opening. The sight and feel of her orgasm was just the push I needed to cum myself.

I just kept going in and out of her pussy until I felt the sperm erupt out of my dick. I shoved my dick as far inside her as I could manage and painted her womb. I have never cum so hard or so much inside a woman before.

When my balls finally stopped spewing my seed I collapsed on top of Helen. We laid there for a few minutes trying to catch or breath and recover from our mutual mind blowing orgasms. When I had the strength I got up and started putting my clothes on. She didn’t say any thing; she just lay there basking in the after glow. I left her room without saying a word.

For the rest of the day all I could think about was our little adventure. That night at home I wacked off twice that night to thoughts of Helen and all the things I could do to that pussy.

I walked to my office the next day not knowing what to expect. I decided that since I hadn’t done too much work yesterday that before I find Helen and have a repeat of yesterday I get some real work in first. I hurried through my paper work and went around to the residents making sure they were all right. I went in to see Ms. Green before I look for Helen.

She was in her chair reading when I walked in, she saw it was I and seemed very excited. She put down the book and told me to sit down. This was not uncommon; Ms. Green was a bit of a gossip that loved to chat. I sat patiently with a semi hard cock longing to be buried in Helen’s aging cunt. I sat in a chair next to her and she flashed me a huge smile. “Seems like you are having a good day Ms. Green.”
“Well it has been good, with the amount of juicy gossip that I’ve been hearing.”
“oh really it’s that good?”
“Well I heard it yesterday and I have not been able to think of anything else.” She smiled at me again and then she stood up and walked to her door. She turned the lock and then came back to sit next me, still smiling. “Do you want to hear what it is?”
“I was talking to Helen last night during dinner and I noticed that she was uncharacteristically happy. She was smiling, humming, she was the happiest I had ever seen her. So I asked her why she was so happy and do you know what she told me?”
“I bet I can guess.”
“She said she was so happy because earlier you had come to her room and fucked her brains out. She said you fucked her like a wild animal and used her like a cum dumpster.”
“Ms. Green this is ridiculous.”
“You are such a bad liar. I can see it all over your face, you did fuck her didn’t you?”

I was trapped I had no idea what to do this could get me fired. I tried to think up a lie that could get me out of this illegal bahis siteleri but nothing came to mind. She stared me down waiting for me to crack and tell the truth. “Yes I admit it. I fucked her. Please Ms. Green you have to keep this to yourself, if anyone found out I could lose my job. Promise you won’t tell anyone.”
“That depends.”
“On what?”
“On whether or not I get the same treatment as Helen.”

She got up from her chair and then sat on my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck and speaking in almost a whisper. “From what Helen has been telling me you are a stallion that was able to give her an amazing orgasm. Now I want you to fuck me hard and rough, like when I was a young woman.”

I could not believe the words that this woman was saying. “I can’t do that no.”
“Why not? You did it to Helen.”
“That was a mistake. I can’t fuck you.”

She grinded her hips right into my lap, right on top of my dick making it harder by the second. “Sweetie I can feel your cock, I know you want this just as much as I do.” She bent in a kissed me on the lips. When I felt her tongue touch mine I lost control. I stopped being the assistant manager, who was scared to lose his job and couldn’t break any rules. I was now a primal animal in the middle of mating season. I returned her kiss with renewed passion as I wrapped my arms around her pulling her body as close to mine as possible.

As our tongues roamed around each other’s mouth my hands went to take off her clothes. Luckily she was expecting this so she was not wearing a bra or panties. I did not care if she had a few wrinkles she was so hot at that moment. I picked her up like a groom carrying his bride and I threw her on the bed. I stripped off my clothes and within seconds I was kissing her hard as her hand reached down and pumped my dick before pushing my head inside her hole.

I gave that experienced pussy a run for its money as started to pound on it. I threw all my strength and weight on her pelvis threw my dick. She screamed, “shit baby you’re going to break my bones but I don’t care, keep going.” I nailed her to that bed for five minutes before I pulled out. I told her to get up on her hands and knees. She looked delighted to be getting my dick from behind. I fucked her from behind and found that she was pushing back on me in rhythm with my thrusts. I was fucking her and she just fucked me back. She turned her head back over her shoulder and looked at me. She pleaded, “Fuck me up the ass. I love the feel of a hard cock shoved up there.”

No sooner had she said it then I was pulling my dick out of her pussy and shoving into her asshole. Her pussy was tight, but nothing compared to her backdoor. I had to stop half way down because the pressure was getting to me. After a moment I thrust the rest of the way down her rabbit hole. Once I was completely in she grabbed two handfuls of sheet pushed her head in a pillow and screamed as her first orgasm hit her hard. It had been some time since a young buck had invaded her favorite sex hole and just me putting my entire length in there was enough to send her over the edge.

This just spurred me on. I slapped her ass cheek as I went in and out of ass. She screamed again. I pulled her gray hair back and forced her head back up, this time her scream was not muffled. I’m surprised no one rushed in to see who was killing her. Her screams were mostly with out words or meaning but she did manage to say, “Holy fuck you’re fucking me like when I was a twenty whore. Fuck me hard fuck me rough, I can’t stop cumming.”

After a few minutes of hard fucking her ass I was ready to cum myself. I pulled her hair so hard I am surprised it didn’t come out by the roots. I grunted and yelled, “Take my seed you aging old whore.” I shot one long endless rope of sperm that seemed to never end. Feeling the gift I had given her deep inside of her made Ms. Green cum one last time before she collapsed under me. I rolled off and lay next to her, both of us basking in the glorious after glow of intensely great sex.

For minutes we lay there saying nothing. Until she rests her head on my chest and whispers, “I haven’t had sex like that in so long. I was cumming for ten minutes.” With that she passed out. I got dressed and got back to my office. I was exhausted but new that if fucking one gossip had given me a reputation than fucking two would make me a legend.

And it did. The next day every woman in the place was staring at me giving me long longing looks, and some I caught looking at my crotch while licking their lips.

With in a month I was fucking every woman in that facility; that’s thirty horny old women, and all want a porn star like performance as I fuck them into mind-blowing orgasms.

Its not just the women who love me the men see me as a god. They see and hear (like I said some woman are screamers and they don’t care if everyone hears them beg me to fuck them) me fuck several woman every day. They see me do what they lack the strength and stamina to do. I was big man on campus, every woman wanted me, and had me, and ever man wanted to be me.
After two years I was promoted to manager. The people in charge liked my dedication, they saw that I was the first one in and the last one out. Working weekends, holidays, and no vacations they thought I was one of the best workers they had ever seen. What they didn’t know was that even though I was spending 70 hours a week in the home about 40 of those hours I was fucking a resident, 10 was spent telling the men all the dirty details, 10 was spent sleeping and recharging my sex muscle and 10 was spent actually doing paper work and manager duties.

Once I became manager I got my own assistant. She was twenty-five and fresh from school. Her name was Hillary she was a red head with small breasts but a big ass. She was taller than me, thanks to legs that went on forever. Over all she had an athletic body and a pretty face. She was working canlı bahis siteleri at the home to help pay bills.

On her first day she arrived five minutes early and came to my office to see what her first task of the day would be. She walked in thinking she would find me bent over some papers solving a budget crisis. Instead she sees Julia Johnson sitting on my dick as she bounces up and down. Hillary shrieks in horror, “What the hell are you doing?”

I turned to see her, for some reason seeing her in her knee-length skirt and blouse made me even harder. I lifted Julia so I could stand and bent her face down on my desk. Not breaking my rhythm I look at Hillary, “Here we strive to give our residents exactly what the want to make there stay more pleasant. Now Julia here doesn’t want to play bingo or knit, she wants me to shove my hard dick deep inside her wet pussy and make her cum. So that is what I am doing.” I turned back to focus on the woman bent over my desk when I saw through the corner of my eye that Hillary was not leaving. I turned back to her; “You are free to join us if you like.” She stood there not moving. She was struck by what I said.

I kept pounding Julia’s pussy as Hillary came closer. She hesitated but she put a hand on my shoulder and kissed me. This was like no kiss I had ever had; it was full of passion and feeling but soft and sensual at the same time. It was that kiss that made me instantly erupt inside Julia with no warning at all.

I pulled my dick out and Hillary bent down to lick the combined juices off my dick. Her tongue covered every inch of my member and had it throbbing in no time. I held her chin and raised her up to her feet. I moved down her lovely body removing clothing as I went. When she was completely naked I just stood back and stared at her. After fucking old women for the last two years it was strange to see a young woman naked.

At this point Julia was in the room but neither Hillary nor I noticed, there could have been a hundred people there and we would not care.

We kissed some more as I laid her down on the couch by my desk. I kissed her, held her, fondled her and then finally penetrated her. She was the tightest pussy I had ever fucked, even back when I was in high school.

There on my couch we didn’t fuck, we made love. It was the most beautiful and intimate sex I have ever had. We said nothing we either were kissing passionately or looking deep into each other’s eyes. I fucked her soft and slow, nothing like what the women residents like to have. I thrust in until I was completely consumed by her muff and then slowly pulled out. I don’t know how long we kept that pace going but my balls eventually started to tighten and I knew I would blow soon. I whispered to her, “I’m about to cum.”

“Me too. Lets cum together.”

I shot my load inside her mid-stroke which launched her own orgasm making her clamp down on me. This made her already tight pussy even tighter and my orgasm increased. This cycle of mutual orgasm continued until we both ran out of bodily fluids to secrete.

We stayed in that position with my cock still buried deep inside her, still hard as iron. We looked at each other and smiled. She broke the silence, “So this is the five star treatment you give all the ladies. No wonder they all love you.”

After that Hillary and I were a team. I have had several threesomes with the residents but now almost ever time I fuck a resident Hillary came along too. She would suck their nipples while I fucked them or they would eat her out. They would share my dick as they passed it from one mouth to the other. Everyone was happy, the women were getting even better sex than before and I was with the most beautiful women in the world.

A year after Hillary walked in on Julia riding me like a cowgirl we were married. This did not stop us from fucking the residents; in fact it made our all ready full sex life better. Now we could do at home what we were doing at work.

She even got into a little solo work of her own. For Mr. Waters birthday we had a stage party. All the men sat in the common room drinking beer, and telling dirty jokes and recounting our best lays when Hillary comes in seemingly upset. She looks at me and says, “You know they are not allowed to drink alcohol.” All the men look depressed as they sensed the party about to end. She then goes over to the radio and puts in a cd. She turns back to the men and says, “Now if you would like some music that is perfectly fine. The cd starts and it is a club mix that has a good beat, but not something these would ever listen to. She then started to sway her hips with the music. “ And what is music with out dancing.”

The men started to clap, cheer and wolf whistle as her dancing became more and more erotic. She was shaking her ass and bending down to floor and coming up slowly. She looked at Mr. Waters, “So you’re the birthday boy.”

He smiled and shook his head. She went over to where he was sitting and sat on his lap. She moved her hips in circles as she gave the old man a lap dance. She took his hands and slid them up her legs and stomach until resting them on her tits. Like I said she has small tits but her nipples are huge and when she is excited they become diamonds. Mr. Waters was playing with her sensitive nipples making her groan and moan. She turned around to face him. She pulled his face down to rest on her chest as she started to bounce up and down on the old man’s lap. She lifts her skirt a little and undoes his zipper. She sits back down and begins to ride his cock for all its worth. After five minutes he squeezes her ass and bursts his load inside her.

She gets up kisses him on the forehead and says, “Happy birthday, I hope you liked your present.”

Indeed all men liked the show, me included I could not wait to get her home and have her ride me just like she did Mr. Waters. And all the men looked forward to their own birthdays and Hillary’s special birthday present.

Needless to say Hillary, the residents, and I spent the rest of our lives in that old folks home having incredible sex and wild adventures.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32