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I realized that I was spiraling down that long, dark, (no pun intended) tunnel of depravity on my way to being a slut for Big Black Cock.

I was torn, on one hand, I thoroughly enjoyed sex with Jim, but I knew I was getting out of control, thinking about his thick black tube of flesh in my mouth, spewing its salty load down my throat, pounding my now forever wrecked asshole, now pussy, and secondly, concerned about my family, my wife, even my job. I was constantly thinking about sex with Jim. It was at the point where I thought it might be effecting my job performance.

It took great strength on my part, but I managed to avoid Jim for almost a week. I went to the gym earlier in the day, got my workout in, and showered and left just like all the other guys at the gym. I did the family thing, spending nights at home.

At the gym, seeing other naked guys, both black and white, in the locker room and in the showers, did very little for me. I was glad, because to me, it meant I wasn’t queer, or even bi, apparently my affliction was for Jim, and his cock. As I thought about that, I began to get hard. FUCK, I had to get my mind off him and his cock.

On Friday, my wife told me her mother, who had been sick for several days, was still not feeling too well, and that after the kids got home from school, she was going to take them and visit her mother, and stay for the weekend. Making plans with her, getting the kids off for school, I left for work, forgetting to take my gym stuff. I pulled into the gym parking lot, and started to get out when I found out I’d left everything at home.

To drive back home, get my stuff, return, do my workout, would likely make me late for work. I decided that I’d go after work, early, so that I’d miss Jim.

Work was busy, and I found myself one of the last to leave for the weekend. Driving home, I saw my workout bag in the kitchen as I walked in. I remembered that I’d missed my workout, grabbed my bag, and headed out.

At the gym, it was almost empty, Friday nights not being popular with many guys, I guess because they were heading out to party, get laid, or whatever, and so I began my routine.

I’d almost finished, when I saw Jim walk in. He didn’t appear to notice me, so I continued my workout, I only had one more machine to use, and I could leave. Finishing up my routine, I exited the gym, dropped my gym suit at my locker, grabbed my towel, and went in to shower. Soaping up, I congratulated myself in staying away from Jim, and having self-control. I finished showering, and was drying myself off as I walked toward my locker, and that’s when I saw Jim, standing there, looking at me.

I felt myself start to melt. I was like a school girl gazing at her first crush. Ridiculous. I squared my shoulders, and walked up to him, saying hello as I did so.

“Where have you been?” He said. “I’ve missed our work outs.”

Double entendre?

“Uh…been busy, couldn’t make it at night,” I replied.

I opened my locker, and took my clothes out. Jim moved in by me, standing really close. I could see the outline on his cock through his shorts, it looked like it was firming up.

I tried not to stare, but I couldn’t help it.

Jim inched closer.

I looked around, no one was in the locker room.

I reached out quickly, pulled down his shorts, and took his thickening black cock between my lips.

I began suckling, feeling his cock harden to its full size, pushing my face forward, swallowing the thickening tube down my throat. How I missed his cock. I suddenly felt that I was exactly where I belonged, and all was well in the world. I was such a slut.

Jim pulled back, “Hey buddy, let go, we’re where anyone could see us.”

I reached out, grabbed his hips, and pulled him back into my mouth, without a word. I continued sucking him. I wanted…no NEEDED his cum in my mouth.

Jim pulled away again, took a step to look around the lockers to see if anyone was coming, then grabbed my head, and forced his hard cock back into my mouth, and all the way down my throat, until his balls rested against my chin.

Nothing was said as he kept face fucking me. Holding my head firmly with his hands, Jim kept running that magnificent cock in and out of my throat.

I sat there taking it. Loving it.

My cock was hard.

I could hear myself slurping as he pushed and pulled his cock in my throat.

Finally, all too soon for me, he thrust deep into my throat, and began to unload in my mouth.

He must have saved up his load since we last fucked. I couldn’t swallow fast enough. I tried to pull back, but he wouldn’t let go. I choked, I gagged, and illegal bahis I blew cum out my nose trying to get a breath of air.

He pulled back, sliding the cum, and saliva covered cock from my lips. I got my first breath of air, cum still running out of my nose.

Breathing hard, I looked up at him.

“Thanks, I needed that,” he said.

I was happy to have served him.

“Look, I’m having a small get together at my place tomorrow night, any chance you could come over? Nothing special, low key, just going to watch TV, have a few beers, maybe some entertainment. It’ll be fun.”

I thought for a moment, well the wife and kids were gone, I was free, if there were others there, it wasn’t likely we’d be doing anything sexual, so I replied “Sure, ok I can come over for a little while.”

We made plans, he told me what time, and I got dressed to leave. My cock was still hard.

Saturday evening, I arrived at his place at the appointed time. Jim opened the door and let me in, I was the first one there, I guess.

Closing the door, Jim grabbed me, turned me around, pushed me against the door, moved tight against me, leaned in and threw a lip lock on me that took my breath away. Never having kissed any other guy, and not wanting too, I was taken aback, but the insistent probing of my mouth with his tongue got my interest.

As we dueled with our tongues, I felt his cock pushing against me. Shocked, I realized I was hard also. We ground against each other, both of us enjoying the rubbing of our cocks against each other.

Jim moved back from me.

Looking into his eyes, I dropped in front of him, lowering myself to my knees. Still looking at him, I moved my head forward, until I was able to take his zipper in my teeth. I lowered it down, giving myself access to his manhood, I could feel him behind the briefs that he wore. I moved my tongue on his briefs, searching for the opening that lead to the treasure within. I was still looking him in the eyes when my tongue found the magic opening, immediately, I felt the warm flesh of his cock on my tongue.

Using only my lips and tongue, I rooted around in his shorts, trying to extricate his cock out into the open. It took some doing, but between him getting harder, and my pushing and probing and digging with my tongue, I extracted his cock out into the open.

Still on my knees, looking into his eyes, I swallowed his cock. All the way until my lips were at the base of his cock.

We both moaned.

I was so hot for his black cock.

I began sucking and fucking his cock with my lips and mouth.

I felt his hands on either side of my head, guiding me off and onto that throbbing tube. I applied more suction. I tasted a drop of his precum in my mouth.

I was beginning to throat him quicker, not knowing how much time we had before his other guests arrived. I wanted his cum in my mouth.

He pulled back, all the way out of my mouth. “Come with me” he said, holding out his hand.

I took his hand, he led me toward his bedroom, his thick, hard, black cock leading the way.

Entering his bedroom, I was shocked to see two other black men, both naked, standing inside. I noticed both were firm, but nowhere near fully hard. Both were fairly fit, about the same height as I was.

Jim introduced us, their names were Rob, and John. We shook hands, as one of them said to Jim “This is the party favor, huh?”

I looked at Jim, who made a look at the two guys as in “Quiet, stop talking.”

I was about to ask Jim what was going on, when told me to relax, and enjoy myself, we were going to have fun.

I wasn’t too sure, but Jim’s cock was still sticking strait out, hard as he’d been when I was sucking on him.

Rob and John moved towards me, one on either side. They began touching me, my ass, and my cock. Both of them began to nibble and kiss me on my neck. It felt good, but I looked at Jim questioningly.

“Please just relax, and enjoy what happens. We’re all going to be good friends. These guys are both clean, recently tested negative, we only play with each other. They’re both married, and, I am happy to announce, am now engaged.

Both Rob and John stopped what they were doing to me, and shook Jim’s hand and congratulated him.

They turned back to me, caressing me, as Jim moved forward, and began kissing me again.

As he kissed me, Jim was undoing the buttons on my shirt, then my belt and zipper on my pants.

Rob and John began taking my shirt off, as Jim dropped to his knees, taking my pants down with him, as he went.

On his knees, Jim took my cock into his mouth.

Both guys illegal bahis siteleri continued to caress and kiss me.

With Jim blowing me, Rob began kissing me, John dropped to his knees behind me. I felt him parting my ass cheeks, then a warm wetness as his tongue ran the length of my cleft, stopping briefly to knock at my ass hole.

I have to admit, in spite of my slight concern, and lack of understanding as to what all was happening, I was enjoying myself.

I felt John return to my pucker, and his tongue insistently probed my hole.

Jim rose, and led me to his bed. He whipped off his clothing as he moved behind me. Rob laid on his back in the middle of the bed, his fully erect cock sticking straight up.

Jim guided me onto the bed, Rob taking my head in his hands, lowering my mouth to his cock. “Suck it bitch.”

That shocked me. I started to pull off, but Jim softly said “Shhh. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.”

I felt him rubbing his now rampant cock up my ass crack, as he put me on all fours, my mouth almost on Robs cock.

The bed moved as Jim got behind me, I felt the cool room air on my hole, as Jim put the head of his cock against my hole. “Relax” he said, as he began forcing himself into me.

Without any lube, except the saliva John had left in and on me, it was tight. I wasn’t sure I could take Jim into me, but after some pushing, the head of his cock popped into my ass.

His pushing had driven my mouth over Rob’s cock, it was now on its journey into my mouth, and down my throat.

This was a new experience. I was being, what was it? Spit roasted? A cock in each end?

I began to apply suction onto Rob’s cock, drawing him in deeper into my throat. Jim was pushing in deeper, also. I could feel his balls swinging against mine as he sawed in and out, urging himself deeper into me with each passing thrust.

Finally, he was buried balls deep into my ass. Rob’s cock was in my throat, my lips against the base of his cock.

With his hands on my hips, Jim began the in and out thrusting designed to bring him pleasure. Rob had his hands on my head. As I pulled off Jim, I swallowed Rob. As I pulled back off Rob, I pushed myself onto Jim’s cock.

I glanced between my legs, my cock was pointing strait down, hard as it could be, a long pearlescent white string of cum running from the head of my cock, almost to the bedding below.

Once we got ourselves set, it was pleasurable for me, sucking, getting fucked, my prostate being gently rubbed by Jim’s cock. They enjoyed using me, I was getting pleasure out of being used.

The rate I was being pushed and pulled back and forth seemed to be to draw out and maximize their pleasure. No one was in a rush. My long string of cum had reached the bedding, and was making a growing wet spot beneath me.

Finally, it was time. In spite of our relatively slow pace, we began to slow rise to the peak of our passion. First, I felt Rob pull my head into his groin, and with a loud grunt, he buried his cock in my throat, and what seemed like a huge load of cum flowed into my throat. I began gulping to keep up with the flow, but the sheer volume of cum forced some out of my mouth, to run down his cock.

The taste and excitement of my receiving a tasty load in my mouth set off my own orgasm, resulting in my load being shot out onto the bedding below, and my colon, as usual, contracting rhythmically, milking Jim’s cock, making him grab my hips tightly, as he filled my anal cavity with his seed.

I pulled off Rob’s cock, and without thinking, I turned around, and took Jim’s cock in my mouth, deep throating him, as I cleaned his cock of his cum, and my ass juices.

I looked up to find Rob and John looking on in amazement, as I finished cleaning Jim’s cock.

In unison, they moaned “wow”

I flopped down on the bed, on my back, with my legs hanging off the end.

Wordlessly, John moved between my legs, picked them up, putting them straight upward against his stomach and chest, and moved into me, sliding his hard, thick cock into my freshly used ass.

“Hey, this is good pussy.” John said, as he began to pump my ass.

I was watching John, so I didn’t notice until too late, Rob moving over, spreading his cheeks as he sat on my face, telling me “Eat my ass, bitch.”

I hadn’t ever done this, didn’t have any intention of ever doing this to a guy, but had no choice, as he descended on me, holding my head, resting his weight on me.

My nose rose behind him, so I could breathe, as he began riding my face. “Suck my ass, bitch”

I was getting a bit perturbed about this “bitch” stuff, but canlı bahis siteleri I wasn’t really in any position to argue. I stuck my tongue into his hole, it tasted a bit sweet, and definitely had the flavor of some of his left over cum that had escaped my mouth from his face fucking me.

John continued to fuck my ass, I continued eating Rob’s ass.

It didn’t seem too long, when John announced that he was going to cum.

I felt the short hard jabs normal of many guys when they are imminently going to cum. Then I felt the warmth of his load coating the inside of my asshole.

John finished, and pulled out of me, I could feel his load running out of my ass.

Rob got up off my face. “My turn, bitch. Let’s see how good that pussy really is.”

I began to protest, but with surprising strength, Rob spun me around, pulled me so my knees were on the floor, my stomach and chest on the bed. Without a word, in one fast shove, he was buried in my ass. Between the previous fucking I’d received, and the sperm that had been deposited in my ass, I could just barely feel him riding my ass. That was probably a good thing, as I could feel my ass getting sore, and beginning to burn a little.

All at once, John dropped on the bed in front of me, lifting my head, and sliding under me, pulling my head onto his cock. “Clean me too, bitch.”

He began moving my head up and down on him. I sucked him, tasting his seed, and my ass. It didn’t seem so bad this time.

As they used me, I became aware of a new voice in the room. I didn’t pay too much attention, as I was busy getting fucked and sucking on John.

None too soon, I heard Rob grunt, and say he was cumming. Once again, I felt the warmth in my ass as it was filled with fresh cum.

After a minute or so, John pulled away from my mouth, his cock clean.

“My turn” said the new voice, as I felt Rob being pulled off and out of me.

I turned, and saw the biggest human being I had ever personally seen in my life. He was maybe 6’-8” tall, rock solid muscle, I bet he went 300 pounds. Blacker than the other three guys, and…Oh my Fucking God!!!! He was HUGE.

I mean, his cock was huge. I swear it was about 10” long, which was bad enough. He was so thick, at least the diameter of a beer can.

I tried to jump up “No fucking way, no no!”

John and Rob grabbed me. I looked at Jim. He looked apologetic, but did nothing to help me.

“At least let me give him some lube” Jim offered.

He reached into his night stand, and took out a large tube of lubricant. He uncapped it, and I felt him shove the tube in my gaping hole. The coldness of the lube felt good in my ass.

Jim slathered more lube on the giants cock. All the while, I’d been fruitlessly pulling from Rob and John, but they held me too tightly.

They turned me onto my front side, holding me down on the bed.

“No! No! I can’t take this! Stop!”

I was getting as violent as I could, being held down by two guys.

The giant grabbed my hips. The sheer strength and power of his grip told me I was doomed.

I felt the head of his huge member at my hole.

He began pushing.

I began screaming.

Someone, I don’t know who, jammed a pair of dirty underwear into my mouth to quiet me down.

The pressure and pain of the giant’s cock was excruciating. He began rocking in and out of my ass, trying to get in me. He pulled out, and I thought “thank god he’s giving up”

“More lube” I heard him say. Jim squirted more lube into my abused asshole. He applied more to the ungodly sized cock that they were trying to force me to take.

“That’s all there is”, I heard Jim say.

I felt the giant’s hands grip my hips. He placed the head into my gaping ass hole. He shoved. Hard.

I woke sometime later. I was in serious pain. My whole lower body felt like it was cramped and burning on fire. Pain was coursing through my ass and lower groin in waves. I was in agony.

I looked around, the giant was gone. Rob and John were gone. Only Jim remained. He looked up when he realized that I was awake.

“Oh thank god you’re ok” he said.

“Wha…what happened? I hurt so badly.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t stop them. When you couldn’t take that big black cock, he forced it into you, and you must have passed out from the pain. John and Rob continued to hold you, while Tommy rutted in you. When he finally shot inside of you, I thought you were dead. There was blood all over, your ass hole was stretched so big, I could fit my hand inside. Let me put some salve in you, see if that helps.”

Jim put a whole tube of whatever he had inside of me. I was hurting so bad, that I could only just barely feel him, as he applied salve inside of my ass. He helped me into bed, and covered me up. I was glad I didn’t have to go home like this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32